Where are they Now? Tim Breacker

I used to sit in the East Stand Upper and one of the best things about sitting there was being able to observe Tim Breacker bursting down the right wing. He was a great player for the Hammers in the early to mid 1990s and I was sorry to see him leave for QPR. Anyone have memories of him they’d like to share, or know what he is up to nowadays?


37 Responses to Where are they Now? Tim Breacker

  1. Alan Miles says:

    I believe Tim is now assistant manger at Plymouth working with Ian Holloway.

  2. Tim Breaker is Assistant Manager at Plymouth Argyle, so you can welcome him back for the Carling Cup tie to Upton Park.

  3. Simon goddard says:

    Assistant manager at Plymouth – recently took charge of the 1st team when Ian Holloway was whisked off to hospital. You’ll be able to see him at Upton Park on 26 September (but probably not bursting down the right wing)

  4. Sam D says:

    He is part of the backroom staff at Plymouth so should be returning to Upton Park in the Cup. Good old Tim..

  5. frank says:

    yeah, he was not a bad player, perhaps you could start an ‘unsung hero’ theme on here as we have had some great players who always get the ‘mentions’, Geoff Pike was one of the best players we have had but you never hear him mentioned

  6. hammertime says:

    he grew up in my home town of st.neots, cambs. i knew his nephew.

  7. Jason Rose says:

    If I remember correctly he scored the first top flight goal of the 90’s, a rare header in an even rarer 1-0 vistory at Goodison Park.

  8. Gee says:

    I just remember him head down steam rolling down the right side.

    Always looked abit out of his depth technically, but once he got going you couldn’t stop him.

  9. manhattan island says:

    few bits of trivia ,to which i know not the answer- can someone pls provide the footballing wherabouts of these blasts from the past ,tho rleatively recent?

    rufus brevett
    luke chadwick
    eilliot ward

    and that old chestnut don “i never realized my potential ” hutchison

  10. Pete Nic says:

    I think he’s working down my local wood yard. He’s a nice enough bloke but wont give any discounts though…not to sure about getting up and down the wing but everytime I see him he’s got a bag of spicy chicken wings on him.

  11. CHELs says:

    I believe Tim too…

  12. Brooking knows best says:

    Yeah, Tim was a consistant kind of player, never made many mistakes. He was a bit of a head down kind of player who looked a bit clumsy technically at times. I wish him well down at Plymouth. He certainly is not the worst right back we have ever had!

  13. Keith Holland says:

    As previously noted Tim grew up in St Neots. I lived and worked there for some years and got to know him (slightly) through a workmate who knew Tim well. I was thrilled when he became Bill Bonds first signing. He was a very good servant to the club imo.

    Reputed to be the fittest player at the club, which I guess would have appealed to Bonzo.

  14. RML says:

    Iain, here is another where are they now for you?? i just been told by my cousin that Keith Rowland is about to start working for the Royal Mail in Essex next week!!

  15. Da Don says:

    TB (only just reallised he has the same initials as ‘Sir’ Trevor) was the best crosser at the club during his time in C&B. He also had a stinger of a shot on him. Uncompromising and direct, he made up for in commitment what he lacked in technique and was good value for his place until the very end of his West Ham career, when his pace and his form faded very quickly. He probably stayed with us for a little too long, but hats of to a fine servant of the club.

  16. Hammerithome says:

    Good one Ian. Tim was a brilliant right wing back and as you say used to bomb down the right wing and leave the opposition in his wake.
    One goal sticks in my mind. Tim done his usual run down the right and after beating the full back put in an unbelievable cross right on the head of John Hartson who curled his header into the roof of the net for a brilliant goal.
    It was all down to the magic of Breaker’s run and cross and will live in the memory for a long time.
    What about doing a where are they now theme Ian? I’m sure it will prove popular.
    Over to you.

  17. phil says:

    Frank, I can’t share your’e opinion of Geoff Pike. Didn’t rate him much and anyone could look good playing in midfield alongside brooking and Devonshire.

  18. lk24 says:

    rufess brevett just signed 4 camberley twn donny hutchinson is at luton chadwick is at norwich and elliott ward i think is at coventry

  19. Clive says:

    I remember that Tim goal at Goodison that Jason mentions. I had a seat in the director’s box, courtesy of the then Everton sponsor. Got dirty looks from Terrance Brown & Peter Storey when I leaped up shouting when we scored – I guess it wasnt the done thing in the posh seats!

  20. Jaime says:

    I only found out from my Dad a few days ago he was at Plymouth. I used to enjoy watching him get up and down that wing.

  21. joefootball says:

    “Tim Breacker (born July 2, 1965, Bicester, England) is currently on the first team squad coaching staff at Plymouth Argyle.

    Tim started his career as an apprentice at Luton Town. He eventually graduated to the first team where he had a long and successful spell accumulating in 210 appearances. From Luton he transferred to West Ham for £600,000. He spent nine years at Upton Park and was the first choice right-back for most of the 1990’s again playing over 200 league games. Breacker finished his long playing career with two seasons at Queens Park Rangers”.

  22. manhattan island says:

    thanks ik24

    hard to beleive hutchison is now playing league one….i d havbe thought he was still gud enuf to cut it in the championship

  23. Ken says:

    Timbo was a good, reliable, steady full back.If you want another unsung hero look at Stevie Potts. I agree with Phil on Pikey – used to run around a lot but didn’t achieve much !!

  24. Mac says:

    Good call on Stevie Potts. Saw him play alongside Rowland, Pike, Keen, Galey, McAvennie etc for the West Ham 86 team v Chelsea a couple of weeks ago down at Tooting & Mitcham. Good game. We won 6-5. McAvennie hat-trick. West Ham by far the slimmer team. Goal of the day went to David Lee who chipped our keeper from a good 10 yards inside his own half.

    As for Geoff Pike, who can forget his outside the box headed goal at Old Trafford when we won 2-0 up there in an FA cup replay. More sand on the pitch that day than at Camber Sands.

  25. Rooster says:

    What ever happened to Clyde Best?, last i heard he got an MBE in 2006

  26. not legends says:

    couple more trivia requests

    1-where has 10k newton ended up

    2- have loaned out kyle reid again?

    3- is fletcher still captain at palace?

    on the subject of “fletcher” , does anyone think darren on man utd wud be a worthy player to pursue in janaury,given that he s not likely to see much action with the mancs unless injuries occur?

  27. Rooster says:

    Fantastic article about how Vieira says West Ham academy is best in England.


  28. Baslidon Peter Nico says:

    I used to be best mates with Tim for years, nd then 1 day, my bird nicked his doo-da.
    He was furious and wont spe to eak to me anymore.
    It was so embarressing, she keeps doing it you know. Gonna have keep an eye on her.

  29. Old looking Pete says:

    I injured my lower back a few years ago and tim came round and installed my stairlift, he was a lovely fella and signed a few of my old programmes.

    Wherever he is I wish him well.

  30. ny hammer says:

    thx for that rooster. nice for the club to geta bit of positive press. and a reminder about what the club has contributed to the league and national side ,despite the whole circus surrounding tevez s time at the club

  31. ny hammer says:

    rooster, i emailed u ,but today,several days later ,have gotten a notification of
    “undeliverable email”

  32. Pete with the Rich Dad says:

    I played with Tim for my Dads team Brenthill Wanderers, Tim was a decent player but like other members of the team he was not happy when I won player of the year 5 years running.

    (He probably was a better player though)

  33. Dave the Rave says:

    I was at the same school as Timmy we fell out over something as trivial as a pair of brown shoes.

    We met up the other day and resolved our differences.

    Im going to see Ian Brown soon with him (he got me on the guestlist)

    He still has a lot of time for hammers fans and wishes you all well.

  34. Gail Tilsley says:

    I recently played in a golf charity match with Tim then we went back to the Rovers for a swift half…he’s very nice and never once mentioned that my chin is smaller than a dingo’s eye patch.

  35. Pete Nic says:

    I don’t know Mr. Breaker but I do look like Beaker from ther Muppets.

  36. Pete Nic says:

    I have a lot of time for Dale…NOT Iain Dale but Dale Winton…he can supermarket sweep me off my feet anytime!

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