A Hat-trick for Heskey?!

I am sure I am not alone in desperately wanting England to win today and on Wednesday, but on the other hand wanting rid of the muppet that calls himself the England Manager. It is unbelievable that he has kept faith with Paul Robinson, who must be among the worst England goalkeepers ever. And to recall Emile Heskey just defies rational thought. Watch him get a hat-trick now that I have written that!

It looks like we Hammers had better support Wales this afternoon. Their line-up is likely to include three Hammers (Gabbidon, Bellamy and Collins) and also Carl Fletcher. Anyone know how he is going at Palace?

Oh, and by the way, yes, I have changed the blog picture. The other one was taken in 2004, so you can see what three years’ blogging has done to me!


13 Responses to A Hat-trick for Heskey?!

  1. Bodger says:

    About time you changed that picture. Having seen you on Sky News doing the papers, I knew that hair wasn’t right!!!

    Yep, I am more interested in the Wales match. Can’t watch it, as I am working once again on a Saturday. Should be able to get some radio commentary somewhere. Still, it won’t be long before Noble is in the squad, once McClown goes.

    Nice blog, Iain.

    From one Saffron Walden Hammer to another!

  2. BAC says:

    I will count it as a successful international break if none of the Hammers involved join the injury list. I think I read something about McCartney being injured in training, and also the Germans threatening to kick Bellamy six feet in the air (sorry, that should read, impose themselves physically and remove his threat from the game) which is a little worrying …

  3. Tom says:

    Some of the rubbish you write makes me laugh, Heskey is the only English centre forward playing regular first team football. He has had a good start to the season and in the absence of Rooney is a good, albeit a brave choice. Owen starting is a must, as Johnson isn’t an out and out proven top draw goal scorer. Bent and Defoe have only kept Totcums bench warm. If Ashton was fully fit he would be starting up front … so come on tell me who else did you have in mind playing instead of Heskey. What are you thoughts on West Ham becomming the alternative option come January, we have the money to go and get Defoe, Cole or Couch and offer them week in week out football unlike the huge sqads assembled at their clubs. The future looks bright for the Irons … just keep patient …

  4. ny hammer says:

    too right on the injury issue- we can t afford anymore ,so if we can get through this next week without any that wud be a result.

    i went to the match at wembley, and heske actually did ok- he certainly created chances. the mate i went with had the same reaction, which was ,if ashton was fully fit ,would he have been given the chance to play and how wud he have got on? of course we re biased ,but we both fit that altho heske had a good match, a fully fit ashton would have done better ,and england would have scored more than 3. as for the comment on the january window, it s an interesting thought. how much talent is going to waste sitting on the bench at “big” clubs. crouch and cole look set to spend a lot of time on the bench at their clubs , so perhaps west ham ought to consider making a real attempt to get one of them- neither of them can be happy now.

  5. headmaster1 says:

    Great posts there from Tom and NY, for my money. I am delighted to say that I got it hopelessly wrong about England today and McClaren has earned at least a stay of execution.
    I further hope that we don’t see the usual follow up from England and a hopeless performance in the next match!
    Further proof today that Gerrard operates much better without Lampard?
    A left sided midfielder seemed to help too. We were balanced and relaxed, albeit against a woeful Israel side on today’s evidence. Or was it just that we didnt let them play?

  6. ny hammer says:

    cheers mate.

    i hope that mcClaren has the courage to keep lampard out of the side, in that we seem to perform better if he and gerrard are not on the pitch at the same time. considering how much pressure israel were under ,they didn t defend all that badly ,as they cud have conceded 10. where of course they were woeful was going forward- not one legitimate shot on goal. if hargreaves is fit, i d rather he play than lampard. on saturdays eveidence, even vs weak opposition, i d prefer barry to lampard. the real test of mcclaren s ability will be whether has the mettle to keep one or 2 high profile players out of the starting line-up, in the interest of making sure we qualify. the objective shudn t be for mcclaren to be well liked by the players, or well likes by the biggest name stars- the mission should be to get required results,even if that means offending one,two, or more big reputations. ericsson lacked the guts to do that- if mcclaren lacks the guts,then he too will lose his job. it s that simple.

  7. kev says:

    thank god for that iain i thought id drunk too much last night

  8. Ian the Hammer says:

    Come on people, Heskey didn’t have a good game, England did. The chances he missed he may very well not get against better opposition, remember it was Israel we played & just because we’ve been totally poo doesn’t mean we would be on Sat. Personally I felt SWP had a good game, as did Barry & (J) Cole. He did fewer tricks that came to nothing & actually had some decent final balls. We looked much better without Lumplard the invisible, sorry I forgot, he doesn’t have to do anything in a game but score, even if we then lose due to having no midfield to help the back/front lines & as for Robinson, is James really that much better? I thought he should have started as he wouldn’t have a lot to do & so wouldn’t muck up. If we lose Robinson totally due to confidence the we are in shit if James is the only other option, remember he’s been there, seen it & ballsed it up before. As for poor old Mclaren, like all the previous managers of England that we slaughter, when are we all going to wake up & realise the players just aren’t that good. Some are, most not – Lumplard for instance, because he scores loads people/media all think he’s world class, fu8king waster when he was with us & the same for Chelsea but in a better team, scores more goals, still fails to show for big games & how can anybody at that level go 2 years without getting injured, tired or suspended. 5 yellows equals a ban, not even 5 yellows! Sounds like someone who doesn’t get involved in much of the game to me.

  9. Welsh_Tory_Referee says:

    Thanks to all the Hammers who took an interest in the Welsh game. Gabbs and Collins were ok but not at their very best. Both picked up silly cautions. One for a silly tackle from behind and the other for dissent.

    The Welsh were poor and totally outclassed. I was at the game and they showed the Germans too much respect. Whilst we missed Bellamy big time (he takes pride in playing for his country), it would not have changed the result.

    I hear that Bellamy, his wife and daughter are being discharged from hospital today. This is good news and I will them all the best. This comes first, was before football, indeed concerns over the health of a child put football into perspective. There is a chance he will make the Slovakia game. We will know today.

    Lets hope Hammers fans will get behind Gabbs (can be class) and Collins (had some blinders for West Ham) and urge that they are selected regularly by Alan Curbishley.

    Finally on Wales, Toshack has a tough job and he is thinking long-term. Welsh Football does have a future.

  10. Rooster says:

    I love to slag off England because there are no West Ham players in the team, but i could never support any other team, i made this quite clear in my blog.
    England/West Ham my teams forever, the rest are shite 🙂

  11. ny hammer says:

    i wish collins was given more of a chance. if we don t stgart to make more use of him, i think we risk losing him in january.

  12. Welsh_Tory_Referee says:

    I thought that you would be interested in the following:

    I am surprised that Collins is not given a run in view of some of his brilliant performance for the Hammers, which I recall once acknowledged by your goodself, Iain.

    Get behind the three Welsh boys [Bellamy, Gabbs & Collins] today as they play in Solvakia. Surely, the big game today.

  13. Welsh_Tory_Referee says:

    No comment about Bellamy’s amazing performance?

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