West Ham Spend £10k on Labour Fundraiser

As you may know, I don’t do politics on this blog, but as this post on the Dizzy Thinks blog relates to West Ham, I thought it worth mentioning here. Apparently the Hammers spent more than £10k on a table for a Labour fundraiser at Wembley and paid £1,000 for local MP Stephen Timms to join them at their table. Perhaps I’d better put in a request too! Or should I burn my season ticket in protest!?

Some people may remember back in July, just after Brown took over in Downing Street, he held his first big event at Wembley which was all about “celebrating 10 years of sport under Labour”. Richard Caborn, the sports minister at the time, said to the Times that it would be “one of the biggest ever Labour fundraising events.” I bring this up because I’ve just seen the latest published Register of Members’ Interests.

Apparently, Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, formerly at the Treasury under Brown and now Minister of State for Competitiveness at the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform attended the event. Nothing wrong with that of course, a fairly senior and ministerial Labour figure attending a Labour fundraiser should hardly raise an eyebrow.

Yet apparently, he attended as a guest of West Ham United PLC. So he didn’t even pay for his own ticket to a fundraiser for his own party, he got West Ham (or should I say season ticket holders?) to pay for him instead. Bit tight to blag your way into an event that’s raising money for your own cause isn’t it?


50 Responses to West Ham Spend £10k on Labour Fundraiser

  1. statue of liberty says:

    magnusson doesn t do anything without a purpose. perhaps this is one of a number of steps involved in the process of moving the club to a a bigger site… at first glance , i found it a bit odd ,and almost irritating,but he s a clever businessman so undoubtedly there is a reason for it.

  2. AlfieG says:

    As you said… Don’t do politics on this blog. You will lose credibility.’West Ham’ obviously thought it would benefit them by doing this. Time will tell won’t it?
    Please move on and stop sh*t stirring……

  3. Josh says:

    Season Ticket Holder != Share Holder, so season ticket holders didnt pay for squat.

    Are you trying to suggest that West Ham should have no political dealings? Good luck on getting that new Stadium ready this side of 2012.

  4. Swiss Hammer says:

    Maybe this has something to do with securing the new staduim site. I remember when it first came up the site was promised to a housing consortium to build affordable housing.
    I think a “Swap deal” has been done with the boleyn site now being converted to a housing estate.

  5. Richard Knox says:

    Surley a seasoned political commentator such as yourself understands the mechanics of getting our new stadium, wherever that might be? I would suggest the process is the same whoever is in power, however as a lifelong card carrying member of the Labour party I do hope that the party of your political preferrence stays in its well earned obscurity for the rest of my lifetime!!

  6. halfhappyhammer says:

    keep to the football, its better suited to this site !

  7. Sirtrev says:

    First of all I agree with AlfieG that politics are best left out of West Ham matters and sites such as this. But as you have raised it (and with critical undertones) I would say: 1. It’s probably a sensible political move given the proposed ground move and that we will need to oil the wheels; and 2. Good for them – it’s a good cause and if you burn your season ticket in protest, I’m going to buy an extra one in support!!

  8. Brian says:

    He should be talking to the Tory’s after all they will be in office by the time the Olympics are over!

  9. terrible two s says:

    if it has to do with the club potentialy getting a new stadium ,then it has EVRYTHING to do with football. wake the funk up .

    josh- isn t it past your bedtime? still fulham 3- toff-en-ham snob-spur 3 josh
    3-1 and u mucked it up again, silver spooner

  10. terrible two s says:

    alfie g- either post something constructive or funk the hell off to your bedsit and saty there. like you would know anything about credibility. crud is more your speed

  11. sick of it all says:

    to the bright sparks who are suggesting that politics shouldn t be on this sight,GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR REAR . If politics has a role in whether the club stays at upton park ,or moves elsewhere, and if politics affects when the move happens ,and where we move it to,then it certainly is relevant and newsworthy. narrowminded nabobs.

  12. unlimited rage says:

    when it s internatiional week , and there s not a lot of news about ,its perfectly reasonable for the owner of this site to post something on politics that affects the club. stop bloomin moaning and start contributing , inatead of whinging about a genuine attempt to put something on here that IS of interest to many west ham supporters.

  13. dR jOnEs says:

    and ur point here is…..????Maybe cause everytime the conservatives are in power hey make a complete mess of it??or is that just me 😮

  14. anyotherbiznizx says:

    If Eggy was looking to buy influence over the site along with the lunch he ashould ahve taken Ken Livingstone as his LDA owns the site and the Mayor will be able to take over the planning apl;lication if he wants. And whatever you may want Mr Dale I don’t think your lovely BoJo has a chance next May. But one thingt you can say abut Ken Livingstone, love hom or hate him, is that he’s not to be bought. So perhaps Eggy should be buying me that lunch as a season ticket holder. Pie and Mash on Green Street would do for me.

  15. nasty muthafunka says:

    liek i said, bankrupt mccabe and strip him of every shred of humanity in the process

  16. johnboy says:

    Er, he’s the local mp. If he was tory, along with the flying pigs, no doubt he he would have been invited just the same. Hopefully your conservative colleagues will remain as blind to the blindingly obvious as you seem to be and can stick to sniping from the inconsequential sidelines. As you seem to be.

  17. Rooster says:

    I hear what your saying Iain, but its a mixture of sour grapes on your part, there will be labour voters amongst our supporters as the same for Tories, I dare say it was money well invested and helpfull to the club in years to come, Bjorg & Eggy wouldnt give 50p away unless it had potential earnings coming back to the club.
    Bad article Iain, lets stick solely to footy, yur site is ace, and gives me inspiration in what i want my blog to be http://ironworker.wordpress.com at least people leave comments in yours lol 🙂

  18. mean nasty human being says:

    to the waste of space poster of 7.57 pm, GET STUFFED ,punkwit

    the one who s on the sidelines is you tosspot.

    what the funk have you done lately for westham united JOHNBOY???

    unsweet FA- then shut the funk up

  19. davidgold4eltham says:

    It;s worth noting, as an Evertonian, I was in fact taking the piss out of your dear host and the fact he might be helping line the pockets of the other side. Incidentally MIllwall forver!

    *runs away and hides*

  20. AlfieG says:

    Terrible two s…(Is that your IQ?)

    Ian’s ‘friend’ are you? Why don’t you get a life and when you have, post something constructive?

  21. The Headmaster says:

    Too many more posts like this one Rooster old son and they’ll all be switching to the Ironworker in their droves!
    Only kidding, Iain – like it as we may, you cant ever ignore politics. There is always a reason behind these things. I guess that where most of the contributors take some issue is in the false indignation you express, as though somehow this sort of shinnanigan would be beneath a tory! Some of us are long in the tooth enough to remember different, mate………………….

  22. David says:

    So? As for putting in a request Iain, you’re not an MP……..yet.

  23. headmaster1 says:

    Too many more posts like this Rooster, my old chap, and they’ll all be flying over to the ironworker site in their droves!
    Only kidding, Iain……

    Bottom line, you can never take politics out of any situation – ‘twould be naive to think otherwise. Where I think most of the contributors to date take some issue is the false indignation that appears to come through in your original post – as though the Tories would never entertain the idea of wining and dining a someone who just might be able to scratch their back too in the future!

    Remember pre 97 anyone…….??????

  24. aussie hammer says:

    Mr. Dale, just because you have tory leanings you assume this is a bad thing. In fact didn’t I read on this crud site that you were handing out tory leaflets last week when the Irons were dusting up a recent opponent? Get your priorities right Ian! It’s obvious they are with your conservative leanings. How the hell would any serious Iron fan hand out tory leaflets on game day? Let alone at game time? Living on the other side of this planet in football starved Australia, I am mystified that a genuine Irons fan would put politics instead of the team. We get to see about 1 in 4 West Ham matches over here. (and they’re on at Midnight!), and you wouldn’t catch me dead handing out political propaganda at game time. And correct me if I’m wrong, I’d be inclined to say that the majority of Hammers fans in London/England would be Labour voters due to the distinct working-class origins of our team. So Mr. Dale, keep talking about Tory politics on this site. You’ll only alienate many Irons fans from ever coming here again. As for me, well, this site really only rehashes days-old news anyway, so it’s pretty much irrelevant on two fronts.

  25. free speech says:

    alfie g, you get the award for one of the most moronic posts ever on this site.
    absolute and total drivel. what a complete waste of space.

    you don t have an IQ comquat. what s constructive is the owner of the blog posting information pertaining to the club moving away from upton park. if u call that “stiring the excrement” ,then your your head is full of excrement.

    stick to your day job alfie, if you have one. and keep your two penneth at home

  26. refuser to suffer fools says:

    to the idiot alfie who posted at 10.32 on sept 10, if you call a post on informtion pertaining to the club finding a new stadium “politics” or unsuitable for this site, then your iq is negative.
    wake the funk up, quarter -wit

  27. surf city says:

    fairly spicey set of responses to a controversial topic- to be expected. one response out of the lot strikes me as incredibly naive and ignorant. this ponce ALFIE G . is this geezer that thick and ignorant as not undertsand the impact that politics has on the club? much as we all like upton park, we do need an increased revenue stream to be able to attract more top name players. and thats only going to come about by putting more bums in more seats,i.e. moving to a bigger stadium. which is not going to happen without the involvement of the political establishment . so instead of talking tripe, this mug ALFIE should get into the 21st century (sometime before his life ends),rather tahn being a dinosaur who can t cope with reality . the reality being that there is a connection between football and politics.

  28. Rapidhammer says:

    Don’t worry, Iain. I think this one was an interesting post. Football doesn’t exist in vacua, there are relations to politics, society, arts, philosophy and even religion. You should resist applying Rule 4 of the FIFA Laws of the Game to your blog!
    (This Rule bans “political, religious or personal slogans or statements” from the equipment of players [not from footy blogs!] – cf my post on http://rapidhammer.blogspot.com/2007/09/red-card-for-saint-mary.html)

  29. AlfieG says:

    As you may know, I don’t do politics on this blog, but as this post on the Dizzy Thinks blog relates to West Ham, I thought it worth mentioning here.

    Like said… Sh*t stirring. As others have pointed out very eloquently Iain’s gripe is because the club dared to spend this money with Labour politicians. Aaw diddums.

    It is precisely because the club does understand how to motivate and manage people that they have done this. As I said originally.

    ’West Ham’ obviously thought it would benefit them by doing this. Time will tell won’t it?

    Now can the poster who keeps ranting using different name (FFS!) go back to the village. They are missing you.

  30. Jimmy Harris says:

    Iain despite declaring that you don’t do politics this is the second time this month you have mentioned your allegiance to the Tories. Best to avoid politics, but if you can’t please appreciate that many Hammers, including myself, are also Labour supporters.

    On a separate and more important note, we are going to thump Middlesbrough on Saturday.

    Come on you Irons!

  31. Rooster says:

    Well said Jimmy Harris!
    Have a nice break Iain on your holiday to Lake Como, I understand you are leaving today, it would have been nice if you told us aswell as your political blog, i get the feeling you dont love us as much 😦 and BTW, i hope WHUFC didnt pay for the holiday!! JK.

  32. redkipper says:

    I agree with Jimmy, so please Ian keep your anti Labour comments to your self and your Eaton mob.

    What is the latest on the new ground?

  33. hammerology says:

    well stated. rapidhammer. football doesn t exist in a vacuum. especially when the hosue of commons is now informally discussing issues like the number of foreign players in the premiership , and salary caps for clubs as exists in the U.S.

    i m not really bothered by the issue of which party the table was affiliated with. what WAS useful was simply the fact that we were provided information ,on this site, that the club owners are thinking ahead ,and dealing with the “politics” of movung stadiums ,regardless of which political party is in power. it shouldn t be rocket science, but for soem narrowminded chestnut brains like this “alfie” geezer it obviously. wud u just go back into your hole alfie , or your nursing home , and stay there? or do something usefulk with your life

  34. "time will tell" says:

    if you need a non-political blog go to the club web site, or kumb or something.
    stop moaning and getting hot and bothered over “tory vs labor.”

  35. sick of it all says:

    can the various juvenile ,sore losers who keep being over-sensitive about various political parties simply shut up and shove it up?

    focus on the issue of how the politics affects the club we support instead of defending or criticizing a particular political party.

    do u want european football or not? then stick the mindless complaining with the blue flag

  36. jon l.colney says:

    has no one ever heard of a back hander in politics ?
    why should we be any diferent? forgive me here but ANYTHING to do with west ham should be discussed on these sort of sites,thats what there here for isnt it?
    and if you dont want to discuss it then dont bloody read it!!!!

  37. manhattan island says:

    spot on colney-

    if it has to do with the club, whether it s on or off the pitch, then it certainly shud be on here ,and is well worthy of discussion. as this issue pertains to the club moving stadiums at some point ,it affects everyone who supports the club,and who use the site. on top of which, i don t think the intent of the post was to provoke a tory/labor
    slagfest . banter perhaps, but the intent would have been simply to make us all aware that the club is not sitting back waiting with respect to moving from upton park. ignoring the specifics of which political party was involved here, as i don t think it matters, in that it wud have been whoever was incumbent at the time, it makes very clear exactly what the intent of the club s owners is. that wil please some and upset others ,but better we know it now, sooner ,rather than later. it s one thing for magnusson to talk about moving-it s another to take concrete steps to do that , and this clearly is one very small step in that direction

  38. manhattan island says:

    slitely off topic, but a bit of good news in parker set to play in a reserve match. litltle by little our strentgh in depth will return.

  39. tc says:

    Can’t personally stand the odious Mr Timms, but he is a Brownite and this is about oiling the wheels. Lets hope there’s a stadium at the end of it…

  40. johnboy says:

    dear mean nasty human being
    i am a lifelong hammer and prefer to keep my politics away from my football, however when they are brought in, no problem mate i’ll vent my spleen. as for what have i done for whufc do feck off pal. i’ll see you at the boro match saturday, i presume? and away matches? doubt it.

  41. Brooking knows best says:

    I believe you was delivering Tory propaganda in Chatham when west ham last played away, so there is little to guess where your loyalties lie politicaly. I think Ian, it’s better to stick with the footie if your going to be crictical in you very biased view point!

  42. andy says:

    Leave it out guv.

  43. refuser to suffer fools says:

    oh , and like you re going to be an MP anytime soon , david ,aka POMPOUS KING?
    get funked

  44. refuser to suffer fools says:

    well put colney. absolutely spot on

  45. E1 says:

    Sport and politics DON’T Go. So I suggest it best that you keep your politics away from your sport.

  46. nasty muthafunka says:

    johnboy i don t give a toss if you were born yesterday or not. you cud go to 1000 matches ,and you d still be ignorant, naive and plain dumb enough to fail to grasp that politics affects the sport and west ham united.

    want a medal for attending your away matches?
    get the funk back in your hole, squirrel face

  47. hammerama says:

    pretty bloody simple, really

    when politics directly affects the future of the club ,a sin whether the club moves ,and to where , then football and politics do mix.

    unless you want to be mired in the bottom six indefinitely, because the club doesn t have the revenue base to attract the best players. because we re getting 35,000 to matches when we cud be getting 50-60 thousand to matches and begin to compete on a more level playing field financially with other clubs, including the arrogant toffs from north london.

  48. rabid hammer says:

    you either want european football or you don t .

    it s not going to happen without an element of politics . not by 2010 or not by 2050.
    the facts are we need to increase our revenue base- there is no getting away from that.
    forget about champions league – we ll struggle to get a uefa slot,if we don t start producing the revenues required to match the way the “middle of the roaders” are spending(citeh,villa,newcussle,snotspur).

    we need bums in seats . more than 35,000 . which unfortunately means we need to move. which isn t going to happen without politics.

  49. soul sacrifice says:

    if u have issue with anger management,johnboy, seek counseling. don t burden us. it s
    really boring

  50. jon l.colney says:

    come on ian, more politics needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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