Bellamy on Song (Again)

I am on a much needed holiday on Lake Como this week and next so I haven’t seen yesterday’s international games or goals. Shame the BBC online reports have such small screens you can’t actually see the ball.

What I have gathered is that Craig Bellamy again had an outstanding game for Wales. It bodes well for Saturday. Let’s hope his groin strain doesn’t flair up again.

Dean Ashton and Scott Parker came through a behind closed doors game against Colchester the other night so I imagine he may make the bench on Saturday. Sadly, I shall still be sunning myself here… Now, where’s that suncream?


13 Responses to Bellamy on Song (Again)

  1. west ham johnny says:

    i saw the wales game and i’ve never seen one man have such a influential game, everytime he had the ball he was a threat so it can only benifit us on saturday, hopefuly ashton is gettin alot sharper with every game he plays and if we’re winning saturday it would be nice to see parker come on for some match fitness. with players comin back from injury and others hitting form things are lookin good lets just hope we can start winning some home games which i’m sure we can start doing this weekend.


  2. Welsh_Tory_Referee says:

    He was outstanding. Could he turn out to be one of the signings of the season?

    Some people thought it was downhill for Bellamy when he left Newcastle but after a season with Blackburn, Liverpool wanted him. Who knows, maybe Man Utd, Arsenal or Chelsea may want him next season?

    As for this week, he took both goals brilliantly. Apart from the Scottish result, the Welsh had the result of the week.

  3. hammermolder says:

    blimmey Iain,have you been doing the uphill paper round,your picture has changed somewhat,enjoy your holiday mate,stay out of the current bun!!lol

  4. E1 says:


  5. mug killer says:

    keith gillespie is a sheffield disunited bakewell tart who cudn t find his way from from belfast to birmingham if his life depended on it.

    another one of mccab e s losers.

    get funked gillespie. you re going down to league one woth or without your sheffiled fruitcakes.

    and u still can t box.


  6. Rooster says:

    England, Bellamy, Noble. What a week for all 3. Well done.
    Tell Lampard, Beckham there services are no longer required.
    Noble could be in the next selection next month, lets hope so!

    West Hams Probable new Stadium site –>

  7. E1 says:

    Nice to see bellamy playing well and come through unhurt, however I really don’t think if we are honest that as englishmen we really want to see wales or scotland do well. Not many if any of them would be overjoyed after our result. So lets cut the do do and agree that when bellamy wear’s the claret and blue we all want him to perform, but when his wearing the red of wales who cares!!!!!

  8. headmaster1 says:

    Lake Como, eh? He’s got some brass this boy!
    Still, come tomorrow at 3pm I reckon there is only one place our Iain would want to be…………

  9. Hammerithome says:

    Have a nice holiday Ian. The weather here has been really good for a week now so I’m not jealous!
    The England game was great,and as for Bellamy with the Welsh,his goals were just brilliant.
    A good week all round with the Scotts winning as well,so things are looking up.
    Hope Bellamy plays well for us this weekend,and I would love to see him score and get the fans chanting his name.

  10. wickfordriver says:

    iane… lucky lucky……..listen ..we’re all lucky….we support a team that means something…only we would would understand……i must admit to having many reservations before the season started..a sceptic,…a naysayer…now i believe….come on you irons, by the way whatever happened to alan beasley?….and go easy on the welsh…my mum was welsh….

  11. permanent sheffield abuser says:

    1. sue mc cabe for evrything he s got
    2. don t purchase the daily mail.
    3. keith gillespie is a mug with no future and destined for prison.

  12. Welsh_Tory_Referee says:

    I am pleased that no Hammer has associated themselves with the comment of E1. For the record, I wish the England team all the best and believe that most Hammers want their three Welsh players to do well both for West Ham and Wales.

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