We are 4th!

By my reckoning our emphatic victory this afternoon has put as at fourth in the table, behind Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool. Our goal difference of +5 is the third best in the league and we are one of only two clubs still to concede an away goal. And even better than that – if we win our game in hand by two clear goals we’d go top. The downside is that the game in hand is against Liverpool – away.

I suspect most of us would have settled for three wins, one draw and one defeat from the first five games. It didn’t look like that after the Man City game though, did it?

I wasn’t at the game this afternoon so i will wait to see the reports, but surely the scoreline speaks for itself.

What a blow, though, for Craig Bellamy to have to be subbed. From the BBC live ticker it seemed as though Carlton Cole did reasonably well, and had a hand in two of the goals. And isn’t it great to dee Dean Ashton get off the mark?

All in all, I shall be able to enjoy may pasta tonight, now!


60 Responses to We are 4th!

  1. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    Looks like a hamstring for Bellamy from the way he pulled up. Cole was just Ok. He got into a little a the end but sometimes his first touch really lets him down and he looks clumsy. Having said that he set up two of the goals. It seems as though competition for places has really helped some of the fringe players on.
    I really like having Collins at the back. He looks solid. Neill was a bit out of sorts today after his long haul trip. Good goal from Bowyer but still not sure he really has it any more. Thought Deano, Green and Noble were outstanding. Mullins was also getting stuck in.
    Overall great win. No complaints.

  2. Hodge says:

    This could be a big season for Bowyer if he can stay fit and motivated, He’s not always looked as though he’s ‘at the races’ as such but as far as I’m concerned it’s now or never for him this season

  3. MadHammer says:

    Great win. Anyone know where I can see the highlights before MOTD?

  4. Brooking knows best says:

    Etherington was my Man Of The Match. I thought he was a waste of space last season but he is back to his best and playing the best football of his career. Well done Ethers!
    If Bowyer gets into double numbers in the goal scoring charts this year, like he once used to. He will be the best midfielder we have had in a long while! I thought we as a team looked a bit sloppy at the back and if Boro had finished some of their chances in the 1st half the result could have been alot different. 4th spot will do though, even if it is short lived. COYI!

  5. ny hammer says:

    i was wondering where the goals were going to come from at the break ,especially with bellamy out ,but we looked sharper immediately from the restart. the scoreline is a bit misleading , as they missed absolute sitters, but us taking the 3 points was certainly fair . Cole actually did respectably, even if his passes at times cud have been better. he had the right idea most of the time when he passed ,and occassionally was let down by a still step too slow ashton. cole looked sluggish initially,like harewood did last year, but once he got into it, he did contribute.
    3 points, a win at home finally, boost to our goal difference ,and we showed reslience despite losing bellamy early- plenty to be happy about.

  6. headmaster1 says:

    NY has it spot on, for me. I would have called you a right nutter if you’d put any money on 3-0 at half time. The half time conversation around me was all about how we are well equipped to do it on the counter, away from home , but perhaps we will have more than the odd frustrating afternoon at the Boleyn. I hope that proves to be wrong since I don’t really get to go away much!
    Curbs must have said something to Cole at HT because his endeavour after the break was first class and made up for his inept first half display


    well done to the hammers, was at the game, great result great atmosphere. Fans was on top form too…up the hammers!

  8. Swedenhammer says:

    Great win!!! Ethers is back !
    Im forever blowing bubbles…………………………

  9. GPiron says:

    Iain I was at the game today and the first half was not great.

    An early goal in the second half settled us and we then started to play abit.

    Great result and Deano is back.

    Also I had a tenner on us to win 3 0 so happy days


  10. hammer says:

    A great result but abit worrying at the back. To be fair to the defence, it was Neill not stepping up that caught them flat footed but that can be put down to his long trip. Curbs will have to sort something though, if we were playing against better strikers it could have cost us dear. Still, going forward we looked good with lots of ideas and as H.H. said compertition for places is bring players on, even Cole! 5th happy days, let’s hope it keeps going.

  11. Antb says:

    We have had a very decent start to the season, i was a little concerned after city but the boys have put that behind them and look really good. Players from our first season success have started to find there form again and we missed Deano a hell of a lot last season. But even within this silver linning there is 1 thing that bugs me and that is Match of the day on BBC. West Ham are sitting in 5th after a 3-0 win, biggest of the weekend and all they show is a 2 minute clip of the game. liverpool 0- 0 pompy yet this was one off the feature games….. why??? do BBC have something against the ‘Mighty Irons’ and are we still being victimised for the Tevez affair. maybe is me ranting but i find myself watchin both MOTD and football first to see just how the game went….. not just the goals, and that dont put a smile on the misses face…. well not much does if i am honest. Rant over

  12. ny hammer says:

    glad u mentioned it Antb- considering the scoreline and the chances boro had ,you d have thought the bbc wud have devoted a bit more time to our match. gazzy vinegar ,the child obesity crisp promoter,does seem to have seem an anti-west ham agenda. MOTD can never simply say “well done ,west ham.”. instead ,they open with the “west ham were still looking for their first home win.” meanwhile , we had won 7 from 12 available points before kick-off.

    agree on the post referring to us living dangerously at the back- we will have to step it up a gear against better strikers. Collins did well overall ,as did mccartney . Neill and Upson were ok, they just cud have been a bit better . in fairness ,there are a few “excuses ” if u want to call them that – Neill had to be knackered from the flight back from Australia. Ferdinand ws out, and even though i actually prefer Collins to Anton, it still meant we had a changed back four. Finally ,with the midweek internationals , there wasn t much time for the defense to prepare. But we do need to deal with the issue properly before Newcastle as Martins and Owen will punish us if we re careless at times next week. We should be able to sort it out in time ,though.

  13. bubblez says:

    GARY LINKER IS A * * * * * * * * * * * LOL!!!!

  14. The Headmaster says:

    Every week in the prem, i say to my co season ticket holder ‘big game today, Pete’. Actually, come to think of it, I used to say that every week in the CCC too.
    To an extent, as a fan, every game is a big game, isn’t it?
    Having said that, I really do feel that next Sunday might just tell us a thing or two. Saving last year’s 2-2 draw (a game that we should have won, of course) the Irons don’t have a great tradition of plundering in the north east. Add to that a resurgent Newcastle (particularly Owen) and we have what I think is likely to be our stiffest test since Citeh on August 11th. Avoiding defeat will do very nicely indeed, thank you!

  15. E1 says:

    Shakey performance but great result as they say it’s the sign of a good team that can play badly and still win. we still have to work to do to find our best team and injuries play their part but when you watch the other games outside of the big 4 we have a chance against anyone. Of course we may even pick up some points against The 4 we did ok last year. We are looking better and if we can keep up consistantly grinding out results and keeping clean sheets we could be more atractive come the Jan transfere window opening we still need a few more to boost the squad.
    COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!!!!!!

  16. ny hammer says:

    agree on newcussle being the real acid test for where we are , as in facing what looks to be a back to form owen ,paired with martins, we ll be up against a team that can make us pay if we get sloppy. we also have not had the best record against big fat bungin sam ,especially away from home , so an away point here wud be a very good result . Having said that , to date we ve played well on the road , and there are a number of current hammers who will have something to prove . i can imagine bowyer in particular wud like nothing better than to score at st james’ , so maybe we have reason to be a bit more optimistic. i have no concerns about our attack- like everyone, i just hope whoever plays, whether it s collins or ferdinand ,that we re better organized than vs boro. wouldn t it be so west ham for us to be all worried about leaking goals up there , and end up keeping a clean sheet , but being unable to get a shot on target ourselves? still, i wouldn t say i d be disappointed with a 0-0 , as unlikely as that looks now

  17. Rapidhammer says:

    Times Online wrote about West Ham’s 3-0 victory against Middlesbrough:
    “Gareth Southgate must be wondering if West Ham also use the services of a witch doctor. His team made a mockery of the home side’s offside trap but failed to take their chances…”
    On the other hand the injury jinx has struck West Ham again with Craig Bellamy limping off after just 26 minutes. We’ve got £20m worth of players out and have another one out with Bellamy now – that’s like a hex put on the club (beginning last season when our new signings got injured in their first games).
    Let’s hope West Ham’s “magician” will beat the jinx put on his club (by a revengeful witch from Sheffield maybe?). It might be a duel like Merlin battling it out with mean old Madame Mim in Disney’s “Sword in the Stone”.
    Curbishley said to West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson in the summer “I want a nice solid season this year. I think a top ten-finish would be fine.”
    But Eggert said “Yeah, let’s get into Europe.”
    Come on, Curbs, you can’t take a back seat with West Ham, you have to challenge mean old Madame Mim! And all credit to you for doin’ so well up to now despite the long injury list!

  18. ny hammer says:

    yes , when bellamy came off , i ha dthat sinking feeling that we may miss him for a few games. what ashame as he sbeen on fire and ashton is gradually recovering, and we ve got some difficult fixtures coming up. this is why it was clever to get camara at the last minute , as we may need his pace the next coupple matches. people love to fault carlton cole, and i freely admit he tests my patience at times, but he s showing signs recently of being a real player again. we re going to need to him to step up to the plate big style , and not pull a harewood on us.

  19. soul sacrifice says:

    does anyone know the status of zamora ? was he not on the subs bench owing to the knee injury?

    also, does anyone know if we loaned kyle reid out again (i beleive we did ) and to whom?

    also, did we loan pantsil to panathanikos in the end , or not?

    finally, ages ago, didn t ljungberg in his younger days occassionally play up front , and boa morte as well? i.e. in an emrgency, if bellamy is out for awhile and zamora is still out , cud one of these two play up front, even as a substitute?

  20. MARIO says:

    west ham is my favourite team in premiership.
    Regards from Croatia

  21. soul sacrifice says:

    cheers mario

  22. Ian says:

    “does anyone know the status of Zamora?”

    Run-of-the-mill Championship player. Hope this helps.

  23. mug exterminator says:

    do not allow mccabe even a shred of dignity. heap misery upon him .

    do not purchase teh daily fail, which is published and owned by third -rate vermin.

  24. to the daily mail says:

    still talking tripe?

    keep going morons, because we chew you up and we spit you out.

    we re going to keep shoving it down your orifice continuously ,until A and E get tired of rescuing your tired rears.

    you re going down FAIL, witha mighty thud. your publication is raw sewage,and you will go out of business. because you re pony and have no cajones.

  25. soul sacrifice says:

    that s real witty , 3.32 p.m.- they teach u that at bin-lining school.

    good luck avoiding terminal illness. hope this helps

  26. deathtrap says:

    run of the mill response from a run of the mill mug with a run of the mill brain.

  27. tom tom club says:

    1-0 and u mucked it up
    “run of the mill ” toff -en ham snotspur

    can always sniff a fottenham snotspur from miles away

  28. tom tom club 2 says:

    fottenham 1- arsenal 3


    get funked

  29. pardew says:

    go support charlton then 3.32 if you re the expert on the championship. sounds like that s in your budget. hope our money saving tip ….helps.

  30. martin jol says:

    status of 3.32?

    17 th place. very run of the mill. enjoying it? glad to hear it,as you ll be there or thereabouts for awhile.

  31. levy says:

    minor point sfailure on the northern line , 3.32? or is pints failure?
    oh right , it s just failure full stop. hope that helps

  32. ian RIGHT says:

    like darren bent then, 3.32?

    16 million pounds ? he s not worth 16 candles. except for north london mugs

  33. ian RIGHT says:

    does anyone know the status of supporters like 3.32?

    yep. mugs. hope it helps with your hemmorroids 332

  34. SWP says:

    which makes u what then ,3.32?

    southern conference?

  35. MILL RUNNER says:


    how mant premiership goals have you scored then?
    oh that many? so about 20 less than zamora.

    who are ya? you re a run of the mill armchair dinosaur who eats run of the mill pancake rolls from run of the mill chinese takeaways , who is your run of the mill stone and a half overweight .destined to end up with your run of the mill diabtetes in the run of the mill NHS

    stick your run of the mill with blue flag, gobwipe

  36. desert island says:

    saracastic susans always get found out. including morons who take cheap shots at zamora and other squad players. you re not as anonymous as u think. nowhere near as anonymous.
    hope that helps u sleep soundly tonite.

  37. headmaster1 says:

    Jesus – how sad are you lot, who come on here, changing your identity every time you post a comment (it’s bloody obvious it the same people to those of us who’ve read the same old drivel for the past few months). If you are intent on banging on about McCabe / the Daily fail / tottscum or whatever, at least have the honesty to retain one identity.
    I thank you.

  38. roadrage says:

    to the pinprick who posted at 3.32 on sept 17,with the sally slag-off comment on zamora-

    you don t seem to have made many friends. then again you probably didn t have any friends growing up. and you won t when you die. non-existent funeral . what a pity

  39. claret army says:

    useful fact number 685 about mugs who take cheap shots ,”anonymously” at zamora,mullins or mccartney

    a. they have small julians

    b. they can t pull because they re boring.

    c. they go through life earning not much more than the minimum wage

    d. they don ta ttend matches because they re too cheap to take their finger out

    e. they couldn t hit a cow s rear with a banjo in a month of sundays in a senior league

    f. they tend to get prostrate by the age of 57


    “hope it helps” you digest that fatty acid,butter drenched bacon buttie you insist on eating like a slob every morning.

    run of the mill micktaker with a run of the mill small julian

  40. bristol who? says:

    that about sums up football supporters today. bristol rovers “supporters” saw fit to boo kieron dyer after he d broken his leg. real class that . that s up there in the league of sheffield utd, toffenham snobspur and the morons from liverpool who threw bottles at alan smith s ambulance when he broke his leg. will somebody just shoot these morons please?

  41. Megalosaurus says:

    ‘get funked’………… How hilarious.

    Top line….. Back to the brains trust for you 6.01!

  42. AntonOtulakowski says:

    3.32, I’m assuming that your remark about Zamora was meant as some flippant throwaway but I’m amazed at the negative reaction it has received.

    Putting aside the boorish jibes, I for one, as a fervent season ticket holder of 32 years believe that Bobby IS something of an underachiever and I’m not sure whether he will ever go on to achieve his full potential.

    However, he has sparkled on occasion, don’t forget it’s largely down to him that we escaped from the purgatory of the fizzy pop league and for that I will always be grateful. He never gives less than 100% and for this I believe we are able to overlook his shortcomings.

    He is far more than an average Championship pl;ayer but I live in hope he can go on to be more than just an ordinary Premiership player, which is where I think he is now.

    It’s an exciting time to be a West Ham supporter and every member of the squad has an important part to play.

    COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. dci libel says:

    keep the pressure on mccabe ,gillespie and their plane brawling team of ragamuffin muppets. ensure that mccabe is bankrupted to the point where he can t even afford flood insurance. strip sheffiled united of their humanity bexause they have none – they are ghetto animals and that is the fate they will suffer.

  44. no sympathy for the devil says:

    toffenham in turmoil.

    boo hoo…
    couldn t happen to a nicer ,more obese bunch of self-deluded trustafarians now could it. decent guy jol- too bad he picked a team with weak breasted supporters ,players and owners.

    stick the blue flag wannabees

  45. soul sacrifice says:

    if you don t liek it headmaster 1 , LEAVE

    or go support sheffield united, the daily mail ,or fottenham


  46. pious monk says:

    headmaster 1- save the sermons for your own blog, please


  47. 6.01 says:

    sounds about your level megalosaurus

  48. soul sacrifice says:

    good shout boycotting the daily mail. it s a third rate ragsheet that does nothing but print “drivel” for “months on end” about west ham , and which distorts the facts and hurts the reputation of the club. excrement publication that doens t deserve the support of west ham fans

  49. Hammerithome says:

    AntonOtulakowski has it spot on for me. It is the most sensible thing I’ve read in a long time.
    Well done!

  50. ny hammer says:

    that s a great rebuttal to zamora s critics, anton. you touched upon all the angles there,in that the guy has come through for us in a number of key situations , and we do owe him gratitude for that. in his time with the club, included in the premiership he s had periods where he s been excellent. World class he isn t – nobody who likes him ever claimed that , but he s proved he s got ability ,at the top level ,and when he gets it right ,adds a lot to West Ham. Unfortunately ,he s had a less than ideal start to this season, but perhaps coming off the bench, and/or being paired with a fit Ashton will help him play more to his potential. One thing that can t be disputed is his work rate ,which carlton cole, though improving, wud do well to take note of. It s also fair to say that it wasn t just tevez s goals that kept us. Zamora s goal at teh Emirates and at home to Everton were the only goals we scored in those fixtures , and won us 6 vital points. So what s pathetic, and sad, is for a few mildred micktakers , and johnny wizenheimers to rubbish the guy , when on the whole the guy has done a lot for the club. we re 5 games into this season, one of which he s missed, so i wouldn t be casting too many stones in his direction yet. we cud be seeing quite a bit of him if bellamy s return is delayed ,or anyone else gets hurt. The people who badmouth him, as well as those who badmouth mullins and mccartney aren t genuine west ham fans.
    they re parasites . if you don t think our sqaud players are good enough, you re entitled to your opinion. but having your opinion is different to slagging off or dissing these guys which is counterproductive. the most important thing anton said was that ll these squad players have a role to play – to get anywhere in the league and in the cups means we need 20 odd guys capable of doing a job, not all of whom need to be “world class.” If Zamora didn t deserve to be in the Premiership ,David Moyes would not have made enquiries about him twice.

  51. bourne identity says:

    the “honest ” headmaster.. or is head master. or is HEADMASTER ONE. or is headmaster 1, or THE HEADMASTER this week?

    yes ,you re honest. and tony blair s a saint.

  52. jon l.colney says:

    whats with the changes at the top then?

    am i being stupid but what has changed and what does the big egg want to do now little egg has ‘stepped down’?


  53. hammerology says:

    do u not have something better to do headmaster,headmistress ,dick tracy or whoever you are , than arguing the toss at midnite with people you don t even know?


  54. The Headmaster says:

    Cheers for the advice, people (or is it person?).

    Seemed to touch a nerve tho, eh what??

    No, go on, keep on banging on about SU and all that old game. Some of us have consined it to the dustbin of history and want to concentrate on the now and the future.

  55. hammerology says:

    consigned to the dustbin? so you ll pay the bill then will you if the courts award mccabe compensation , then “grandmaster”. better focus on your day job a bit more than ,flash. and when you re finished taking your lie detector test ,get back to us.
    if you you have something contructive to add. big IF

    it isn t over til it s over, comquat. let s hope it is , but we re not 100 percent financially in the clear yet. as and when we are, THEN it can consigned to history.

    and stop defending publications that rubbish and misrepresent west ham. any part of that you can t grasp?

  56. hammerology says:

    good question colney- what does it really mean in actual practice?

  57. The Headmaster says:

    ooooohhhhh. Hammerology; incisive contribution.
    3 things:

    1. If SU get awarded compo, then of course no one is going to be happy about it. I am simply putting the case for ceasing the meaningless and vitriolic rantings of some who appera, to me at any rate, to be keeping this whole thing so much more alive than is justified.
    2. What exactly is a ‘comquat’?
    3. If by defending publications that misrepresent west ham you mean the Mail, I didn’t. I simply believe that by continuing to bang on about it, you give ever greater credence to the nonsense they print.

  58. hammerology says:

    what gives LESS credence to the tripe the daily mail prints is if fewer people buy it,especially when it s cyrstal clear they have an anti-westham agenda

    you may choose to have a short memory about sheffield united. some of “us” don t have a short memory about it, and want to see mcccabe pay a steep penalty for spreading out and lies, for grossly distorting the facts , and for wasting a lot of west ham s time and money on arbitration after arbitration.

    the club, quite rightly ,has already indicated it will consider taking legal action against mccabe.
    why? because he s done reputational damage to the west ham “brand” well above and beyond the 5.5 million quid fine. and because in damaging the club s reputation further and subjecting us to quadruple jeopardy ,mccabe made it very difficult for us to bring in new players . which of course leads some disgruntled fans to then fault curbishley, when it is nt curbishley s fault.

    so sheffield united is very much in the “now” and in the ‘near future”, because as even the club s owners have acknowledged mccabe should be made to pay . the “vitriol” and the “rantings” are derived frolm mccabe. you might not find meaning in it , and thats your business. but many of us would find meaning in mccabe being made to pay a price for hus libelous actions.

    not that complicated, really.

    look it up in a dictionary

  59. headmaster1 says:

    fair post – with some really good points, if I may say so.

    Not quite sure what I’m supposed to look up in a dictionary. I guess this is the part of the response that returns to the rant mode. You see, no one is claiming it is complicated. It’s just that our opinions differ.

    Get over it. Move on; I know I have 🙂

  60. pious monk says:

    then stop commenting on it, if you ve gotten over it. it s boring

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