Eggert to Take a Back Seat

So what do we make of the announcement in the last hour that Eggert Magnussen is to take a back seat and become non executive chairman? The club’s owner, Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson will now be taking a more executive, hands on role.

We could of course take the club’s statement at face value, but I have to say that in my experience there is usually more to things like this than meet the eye. I hope there hasn’t been a falling out as Eggert Magnussen has really become a fans’ favourite in a very short time. And there aren’t many chairmen that can say that. Indeed, maybe that’s the problem. Maybe he has become too popular for the owner’s liking. We’ll see.

UPDATE: This is on an Icelandic website from Eggert M…

“When we took over the club last year, it was never my intention to take care of the daily running of the club, 24 hours a day. However, I took that on to begin with. A lot has been going on in recent months but we thought this was the right time for us to make these changes. In fact I needed some time to breathe. I have been very busy and now I can concentrate on other things relating to the future vision of the club.”


21 Responses to Eggert to Take a Back Seat

  1. Stephen says:

    I think its really important the Bjorn Gudmunsen and Eggy (if he indeed has any say anymore) clarify the situation as the average fan will probably not understand this kind of business structure. We don’t want the same unrest that last years buyout caused. The egg is really well liked any I think us fans see him as a bit different to other chairman, someone who really cares and someone with football in his heart. Eggy’s done more in half a season then Brown managed to do in his entire time as chairman.

  2. BUCKS HAMMER says:

    I hope this has nothing to do with the alleged re-signing of Tevez in January that according to eggy never took place ?. Sorry maybe i’m being pessimistic but I’ve supported the Irons for 31 years and can’t help it!

  3. antonotulakowski says:

    Very strange and perhaps a worrying development. I hope the spectre of Tevez isn’t going to raise its head again. It seems nonsensical that he be moved aside in this manner.

  4. The Headmaster says:

    I echo the sentiments expressed so far – majorly worried by this announcement. The Egg can try to dress it up in Managementspeak all he likes (or has been told to do) but, frankly this has come as a complete bolt from the blue. Did any of you see this one on the horizon?
    The fear for many of us now is going to be an increase in the facelessness of the club’s hierarchy, a further distancing of the already remote decision-making body, a further step away from us (the supporters). An increase in the kind of philosophy that has seen a removal of Gary Firmager’s previous access to the players, for example.
    I have a bed feeling about this news – typical West Ham – just when everything appeared to be heading in the right direction for once!!

  5. my hammer says:

    “The club’s de facto owner, Bjorn Gudmunsen..”

    Who he ?

    How can you be a ‘de facto’ owner ??

    Do you mean ‘beneficial owner’ ?

  6. ny hammer says:

    a lot of good points raised in th eoriginal post and in teh responses. For a start , i agree that magnusson has shown he genuinely cares about the club ,and in his short at the helm has done more than the previous owner (mis)managed to do in a decade plus. he has developed a rapport with supporters . the lack of clarity in terms of what this really means is disturbing , and is not really what supporters want to see given the circus last year and over the summer. on the pitch , we ve gotten off to a good start ,despite injuries to key players , which is the first step to putting last season well and truly behind us. the last thing fans want to see is any further “unrest” at the ownership level- the club needs stability and time to heal, not ongoing turbulence.

    i think the site owner s comment that these things tend to be more complicated than they seem , and have more to them than meets the eye is spot on. it s hard to take the announcement at face value , without being concerned about some potentially negative implications. has there been some sort of disagreement between magnusson
    and gudmunsen? we can only guess. the timing is a bit odd as well- one wud have thought this wud have been done before august 11. i hadn t thought of it until a couple responders here mentioned it, but is there a legal angle to this? meaning because of the way the tevez situation panned out ,is the club protecting itself or eggert in some way by doing this. ?

    finally, we seemed to be making some progress on th epitch , an deven in marketing/merchandising where we seem to be finally be taking some small steps in the right directio. i can t help but think ,”if it ain t broke ,don t fix it.” i m a natural born
    pessimist ,but even i m a bit unnerved by this.

  7. Brooking knows best says:

    When I 1st read the news on Ceefax, I was also very concerned. I have since read the statement on and feel slightly less so.
    Eggy himself has said he is still going to be involved but he is going to take a little less hands on role.
    The club is changing, hopefully into a top European team, It is going to need expert management. Getting a site, planning permission and overseeing building of a new stadium is going to be more then one full time role.
    Who can blame Gudmunsen for wanting to be in charge of his investment, it is he who is stumping up the millions after all.
    Mr Gudmunsen, of who we know little, is not going to do anything to harm the building of the club into a top four team.
    We have a right to be worried, but over all. The future of West Ham has never looked brighter! Could you imagine where we would be now if it was still run by the clot Brown?

  8. dave says:

    For gods sake stop worrying all the,it seems west ham only have to slip on a banana skin and everyone gets worried.The finance is in place,eggy is now a non executive chairman and the owner is a good friend of his

  9. ny hammer says:

    good point brooking , about thre being some “big issues” that are going to require ongoing and fulltime attention. i.e. the stadium move and all that entails from start to finish. when u take into account the size of investment required to make this move happen , i think you re right to say ” who can blame him for wanting to be in charge of his investment.” also agree with brooking s comment that the issue of moving grounds is a “good” type of headache , that represents the kind of progress we d have never ever seen under brown.

    thx for the update. perhaps as more information becomes available ,supporters will become more comfortable with it. i can t say i m comfortable with it yet, but i m less freaked out by it than i was initially. the way the club s ownership deals with communicating what this all means to the fans in the next few weeks may be its stiffest public relations test yet.

  10. west ham johnny says:

    well i’m very suprised to say the least we all love eggy at west ham.

    is it because now we’re playin well mr gudmunsen wants to have more of a say as he is the money behind the club, i hope he dont start changing things to much. does he no his football aswel as eggy.

    i hope eggy stays on though as he does no his football and has contacts in the game after workin with uefa, and hope mr gudmensen dont get carried away and try to change things to much.

  11. headmaster1 says:

    OK – now the news is starting to sink in, like any time when you hear such dramatic news, the initial reaction abates somewhat and i am now – like others – prepared to sit back and see what develops without too much pre-judgement or natural pessimism.

    Perhaps Dave has it right; the worrying is unnecessary and unwarranted. Just didn’t see it coming.

    Incidentally, headmaster1 and The Headmaster are one and the same (no….., surely not?). It has to do with different log-ons on different pc’s and nothing to do with deception. Apologies – that comment is addressed to someone who made a daft comment on a previous thread.

  12. soul sacrifice says:

    did it ever occur to you that nobody is particularly bothered about your name? if we were interested in crime scene investigations we d turn on channel 5. keep your personal feuds on another site. thank you.

  13. hammer says:

    Personally i’m not to worried (yet.) As i see it E.M. was put in charge at a very difficult time for the club. His experiance and knowledge of football and it’s legalities were priceless in getting us through that minefield. Now that job has been done and we are looking stable on and off the field E.M. is going to take a well earned rest, don’t forget he is not a young man, i know he has great enthusiasum but that type of pressure must take it’s toll. B.G. will now step into his public spot as owner and i do not know, but i assume E.M. will be working behind the scenes on the new stadiam etc. with the added bonus of being able to watch the irons with a little less pressure on his shoulders. (I know, I live in a dream world, but i’ve just woken up and the implications and despaire of being a W.H.U. supporter have not sunk in yet. 🙂

  14. hammer says:

    Personally i’m not that worried (yet.) As i see it E.M. was put in charge of the club at a very difficult time. His knowledge and understanding of football and it’s legalities got us through that minefield and he did a very good job. Don’t forget though, he is not a young man and that amount of pressure would take it’s toll on anybody. Now that the club is stable on and off the pitch and B.G. has more knowledge of football politics, no doubt they feel the time is right that he steps into the public eye as the owner of the club. I don’t know but feel sure E.M. will be working hard behind the scenes on the new stadium etc but with the added bonus of watching the irons with a little less pressure on his shoulders. (I know, I live in a dream world, but i’ve just woken up and the reality and despair of being a W.H.U. supporter has not sunk in yet. 🙂

  15. hammer says:

    Sorry, don’t know what happened their, as i said i’ve just woken up.

  16. Hammerithome says:

    Some good points made here and of course we the fans feel a little disappointed that Eggy is taking a back seat now.
    I sort of agree that it’s silly to worry until there is something to worry about,but hey,THIS IS WEST HAM,and we know what that usually means don’t we?
    We are not always as lucky as some,but I’m prepared to give everyone a chance to prove themselves so we shall just have to wait I suppose.
    Let’s be positive lads and say that this is not going to stop us having a hell of a season and a possilble place in Europe.

  17. pious monk says:

    stop arguing the toss, and go elsewhere to resolve/expound upon personal vendettas

  18. jon l.colney says:


    am i right in thinking egg now becomes just a share holder and has relinquished his salaryed role within the club?

    If this is the case then thats a total step back and means he will have nothing more to do and the gun will be doing all the pr and head shaking in the directors box!!!

  19. desert island says:

    i agree with the last post – this is the type of detail that requires clarification, as it wud imply a lot one way or the other. from the point of view of supporters ,magnusson appeared to be trying to look after the club s interest from a PR point of view ,and seemed to have some skill in that . To have him not participate in the PR effort ,or much less so, wud be unfortunate

  20. Rooster says:

    I love the way everybody jumps the gun that there is problems in the boardroom.
    Bjorg is bringing in Mike Lee OBE of Vero Communications Ltd who is an Advisor in the world of communications and sport (UEFA -Premier League – and Olympics 2012) and this is in turn will develop the club to its next stage (New Stadium – Hotel – Casino – Conference Centre etc.Mike Lee was the communications force behind Egg and Bjorg buying West Ham. Eggert will now move to a job more in line with his proffesional talents.
    So lets not worry too much guys, its called Evolution and leads on to bigger and better things.
    If this dosnt ease yur minds then your obviously a worrier anyway. enuf said

  21. ny hammer says:

    nice to hear someone with a degree of optimism. let s hope you re rite

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