Tommy Repka Lashes Out

This is what happened immediately after Tomas Repka was sent off playing for Sparta Prague at the weekend. He doesn’t change, does he?!


13 Responses to Tommy Repka Lashes Out

  1. Hammerithome says:

    It’s funny,but I was only talking about Tomas last night with some friends.
    You are right of course Ian. Nothing changes. Oh well.

  2. GPiron says:

    No change there then,

    Good player who could blunder from time to time but his aggression lets him down to much.

  3. jon l.colney says:

    miss him loads.super tommy!!!

  4. ny hammer says:

    by the time he left, i had grown to appreciate him .despite that needless sending off vs preston at home . i felt he gave us a little fortitude at the back- he was our sort of “tough nut” who made it clear we wouldn t be pushed around. of course we paid a bit of price for that ,with the periodic indiscipline, but by the time we were back in the prem ,he seemed to have got the discipline under control. well, at least he seemed to have it more in control towrds the end with us ,than now at sparta. i also felt that in his own way , he was able to get forward and cause problems for defences ,even if he himself was never going to score. i think the first real mistake pardew made ,was in not sorting out that position properly after the FA cup final. repka had something to do with us getting off to a good start on our return to the top flight. and scaloni, though not the ideal solution, did at least adequately after repka left. i didn t understand at the time why pardew didn t renew scaloni s loan the following season, as the player wanted to carry on at the club. whether he nade a mistake in the FA cup final or not, scaloni still wud have been decent cover until we got someone better , as we eventually did ,in lucas neill. scaloni wud have been a better option than mears , who lacked the experience, and a better option than paintsil , who belatedly , based on pre-season matches ,seems better in midfield than right back. much as i like spector s work rate and tenacity , and much as i believe he ll improve as he s only 21 , i wud have preferred scaloni to spector . repka was a big piece in the puzzle, and in some ways , even before the tevez mess, the failure to truly replace him may have ultimately been the beginning of the end for pardew. strange that a player with as unpredictable a temperment as repka cud have had an impact on pardew s ultimate fate at west ham.

  5. redkipper says:

    I liked him! Honest but refs went for him where other players got away with bad tackles by being crafty. I well remeber him outplaying Sherringham then with the spuds and the crowd singing ‘Repka for England’ !!!

  6. The Headmaster says:

    For me, he only really started to play properly for us when he was nearing the end of what had been a reasonably lucrative (by all accounts) contract.
    I feel that there were lots of bad times with super tom and we shouldnt view him with rose coloured specs on!
    Nonetheless, I too miss something about him; perhaps it is that steely aggression and the feeling that you were never too far away from the excitement of a red card incident.
    Undoubtedly, there was an element of the refs having it in for him because of his previous. But reputations are earned; very few unjustifiably.
    Wish him well and thank him for (most of) the memories.

  7. DamerHammer says:

    Gone, but neva’ forgotten, ‘Supa, Supa Tom, Supa Tomas Repka’!
    And as for Sunday, i’ve heard Bella is out with his groin, so is it two biggins up the front, in C.C and Deano, or does he use Freddie as the second striker, as we are away. Or there’s Bobby Z, crap so far this season, or Henri Camara on loan from Wigan scored 2 goals for the reserves last night. What do we think?? MW XXX

  8. Ian the Hammer says:

    Super, super Tom, super, super Tom super…………… I thought he was the nuts despite the problems we/he had. Can’t remember another player (certainly not since ’80s) who showed the emotion he did at his last game against Fulham. Top man Tomas!

  9. desert island says:

    couldn t help but be taken back by this when i read it in this evenings papers- apparently there were 20,000 empty seats at chelsea s match v rosenborg. i cud understand if we were talking about the carling cup , but this is the most prestigious tournament in the world, in theory anyway . even if it s only the first match of the competition,against in theory ,somewhat soft opposition, i d have thought the turnout wud have been a bit better . the champions league is meant to be the holy grail – 20,000 empty seats? can t get my head round it

  10. headmaster1 says:

    DamerHammer – I never thought I’d see myself type these words into a pc but, after last week’s second half performance and given that we’re away from home and presumably will play on the counter, I think I’d start with Deano and CC up front! There, I said it. Can I bring myself to click on submit comment……….. should I retract and go for BZ if he’s fit (more pace). Dunno. No, I’m gonna press submit comment……………………………………………………………………………………………..

  11. ny hammer says:

    amazing how things can change so quickly. 3 months ago etherington wud have been a dead cert to be sold in the window. now he s an integral part of the side. similarly, over the summer you d have thought cole wud have been sold, or else loaned out as the window closed. now, deservedly so, after two good appearances off the bench, he s in the frame to start saturday. Flip side of the coin,is knee injury aside ,i wudn t have imagined zamora having such an indifferent start to the season ,but it looks like his contribution will have to be made coming on from the bench . With camara doing well in the recent reserve match it potentially pushes zamora further down the pecking order .
    And if it really became necesary even ljungberg cud play up front. what a difference from 2002-03 ,when key injuries left the side decimated. Now with Dyer and Faubert out long term, and Parker and Bellamy out short term , we still look like we can compete. Points to the necesity of having a big squad to choose from . that right there marks a huge difference between the current owners and the previous lot, with the present ones having a more realistic understand of what it takes to survive , and eventually, thrive. As disappointing as it is for Bellamy to be out, I still think we can get a result up there.whether owen is really fit or not.

  12. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Repka is a bigheaded stupid w..nke. He returned back to Czech land, but unlike in WHU where he was just one of the bunch, he behaves as if he was the best player ever now. He thinks he is a star and his arrogance is unbelievable these days.
    He still can be a good fotballer if he manages to controll his temper, but as a man he will never get my respect. He says that he is a strong man, but he is crying after every single game. He was talking rubbish to newspapers before CHL game between Sparta and Arsenal, saing it will be a paintful game for London team and after he had to be subbed because of collision with Fabregas, he was crying to papers how agressive the Arse players were. Two weeks later his team lost in league and he blames referees, fans and punched cameraman as all of them were gilty in his eys.

    Look what Ludo said to Czech papers about him:
    “I do not want to speak too much about him. Anytime I made some comments about him to newspapers I got strange phone calls from his people. For me it is claused and I do not want to speak about him.
    …..but then he added……
    He had not too many problems under Pardew, but it was mainly because he still does not understand English. Also other players knew his mentality and tried to keep him out of conflicts.

    As I told you, he is a prototype of no brain big money football “star”. I have no sentiments about him and I am glad he does not wear claret and blue shirt anymore. We have better players now and even though we tend to like “strangers” in WHU, Repka is one of players I will never respect and I will always be like to get rid of.

    Rant over.

  13. ny hammer says:

    it s ashame its turned out this way. upon leaving west ham ,he looked like perhaps he d laid a few demons to rest finally. evidently not . unfortunately it just lends credence to the “leopards” don t change their spots ” theory. let s hope that theory does not apply to a couple of our recent signings….altho so far we haven t been given anything to complain about on that score

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