If Mourinho Needs Advice…

A friend of mine (a Spurs supporter) has just phoned me from inside Stamford Bridge. He’s there for a non football related business meeting. Hilariously, Job Centre Plus are holding a seminar at Stamford Bridge this morning too. I wonder if the ‘special one’ will show up.


36 Responses to If Mourinho Needs Advice…

  1. BAC says:

    I wonder how many top club managers at home and abroad will be just a little worried to wake up this morning to the realisation that the ‘special one’ is suddenly available?

    And how many club chairmen will be reaching for their wallets?

  2. ny hammer says:

    mcclaren s fortunate we beat russia 3-0. under the circumstances now, it wouldn t have been difficult to find a replacement

  3. Col says:

    Xpert Eleven

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  4. ny hammer says:

    i know his comments and antics irritated people at times ,but he was a helluva lot more interesting to listen to and observe than steve “small club syndrome bruce” and big fat bungin sam amongst others. he added a bit of spice to what has is becoming a less and less interesting league

  5. Frenchie says:

    Everyone keeps going on about the special one but after all the money that has been spent on that team to bassically win the champions league it didn’t happened.
    Surprised he lasted so long.
    Not the special one if you ask me. The only good thing he did in my eyes was have a go at Alex Fergurson and the other “I didn’t see it” manager.

  6. Kenny G says:

    The public bullying of Shevchenko was clearly the last straw.

  7. cocknee' says:

    to BAC. i dont think mr. special was that special, i could have won the prem if i had 500 sqillion to play with. Someone like curbs who had no money at charlton and done well, and now had a decent budget at the hammers will be the acid test, which i think i he will pass with flying colours.

    lets beat chelski at least once this season for fcuks sake.

  8. ny hammer says:

    that s a good point about shevchenko- not only was he critical ,but in a very public way . not the cleverest way to foster gud relations with one s employer. i guess he had a right to be unhappy with shevchenkos performance ,but he cud have been a bit more sensible in how he handled it.

  9. ChrisG says:

    How about him for Upton Park??? I am half Portuguese and half English, living in Portugal, so it would be very neat. And with the changes now afoot in the boardroom at UP it could all dovetail very neatly and really make possible what both fans and owner want!

  10. redkipper says:

    Could be Curbs repalcement!! This is why EGGY was moved aside?

  11. alan says:

    I have a degree of sympathy for the special one. It is hardly his fault that despite Roman’s billions they are still stuck with two bob support. It is hardly a new thing for Stamford bridge to be half empty for a champions league match. Perhaps the chairman needs to put his hand back in his pocket to try and buy some loyal fans. Or maybe he should sack the advisors that told him Chelsea were a sound investment with the potential to be a big club.

  12. jon l.colney says:

    i run a recruitment agency and i have a vacancy for a bog cleaner.pass on my details to the wingin one.

  13. antonotulakowski says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that other ‘massive’ London club, the Spuds, have a go for him.

  14. Rooster says:

    Spuds? Massive? lol I think youll find Mourinho is up for the England job.

  15. ny hammer says:

    altho he didn t win as much as one might have expected given the biggest budget ever in the history of football , he didn t do too badly. you get the feeling he was often umdermined ,and that he didn t have much control over what players were bought etc.
    he had the financial backing in theory, but was the money used the way he wanted ,or was the money spent simply as the owner saw fit? i don t mean to make excuses for him, but i get the feeling that whomever abramovich employs will struggle ,because th e owner allows the manager less freedom than meets the eye. the bloke who mentioned what curbishley has achieved on a relatively modest budget ,by comparison , at west ham makes a good point . it shows that it isn t as simple as merely buying 11 or 22 theoretically world class players. i m not sure if abramovich had spent a billion pounds on players ,that he wud have won all the trophies he saught.

  16. ny hammer says:

    every thing that s going on in football at the moment must make curbishley a bit nervous despite our good start. he says jol under fire at a rival london club after 5 matches. he sees mourinho leave another london rival ,perhaps open to another job in london, even if that job is unlikely to be west ham. and he sees magnusson s role changed, and not a whole lot of clarity about excatly what eggert s new role will be. on top of which is the weight of expectation following the money invested in players since janauary ,and the supporters feeling that we “deserve better” after last year s nitemare . he must feel like one false move, and he cud be on his way. we all accept that a certain amount of pressure must come with the job, and that s what he s getting paid for , but curbishley must feel a lot more than the “normal ” amount of pressure that comes with the territory. i don t envy the guy and have a degree of empathy for him .despite the fact that in his first couple months here i thought we d made a big mistake. whether you like him or not , nobody can accuse him of not being able to take the heat in the kitchen- which he deserves credit for.

  17. desrt island says:

    it s got to be tempting for the FA to consider hiring him, despite the last 2 england results.he seems to get on well with players overall, some of whom are in the england setup already anyway. he may not be a native, but he d certainly add a bit of spark.

  18. Rooster says:

    Its rubbish to say Chelsea have 2 bob support, and Mourinho produced boring games, the guy is a class manager, i could live with boredom if the Hammers have the success that Chelsea have had under Mourinho.
    I hope Mourinho never leaves England, he is every clubs dream manager.
    I would definitley love it, if he became Hammers manager, not likely to happen tho.

  19. jon l.colney says:

    chelsea have launched a new after shave called ‘THE SPECIAL ONE’ made by U GO BOSS!!!

  20. desrt island says:

    pretty gud that one colney , i must say ….

  21. ny hammer says:

    be interesting to see ,who ,if any ,seek a move from chelsea in the next window now

  22. Dave says:

    Oh God help us – all these people wanting him to come to West Ham. Quite simply the guy has failed. He has failed to be become the best team in Europe, he has failed to become the best team in Britain, he has failed to become the best team in England – and right now with the way Arsenal are playing you could even argue he has failed to become the best team in London.

    All this despite spending a quite ridiculous amount of money – last time we played them I think they had 3 players on the bench EACH ONE of which cost more than our starting 11! Give the guy all this money, see him fail to achieve and still people think he’s a good manager? What would he to do to convince you he’s crap?

  23. rangersfc says:

    Ok, so we don’t get the TV money that the EPL clubs get, and David Murray does not dip into his wallet like the Chelsea owner, but we are getting Ronaldhino and Henry coming to Ibrox in a few weeks.

    I don’t that that there will be a place for the ‘special one’ in Glasgow.

  24. my hammer says:

    Is it ridiculous to suggest that Spurs could consider taking him on, given their current ‘Dire Straits’ ?? Jose is expensive, but so is ending up in the bottom half of the Premiership without a sniff at European football for several seasons ?


  25. manhattan island says:

    mourinho may not have won the champions league, but winning the premiership twice ,fa cup once ,and the carling cup twice does not constitute failure. given what the club spent, yes it s fair to say perhaps they cud have achieved a bit more. but how much of the “underachieving” is down to abramovich himself, rather than mourinho? the ownership of chelsea, and the way it conducts business ,like bringing in overpriced players who the manager didn t want ,also have a lot to answer for.

  26. BAC says:

    Yes, Cocknee, it may have been somewhat arrogant of Mourinho to describe himself as ‘the special one’ when he arrived in London, but he had just managed a small Portuguese club to Champion’s League success, so it’s maybe understandable if he perhaps felt the same way about his talents as the late Brian Clough did about his (“I wouldn’t describe myself as the greatest manager, but I’m on a shortlist of one”) after his European successes with Forest.

    And Chelsea did do a little bit better under his management than they had been faring with Abramovich’s money under the Tinkerman. In his three years there, they won a couple of league titles and several cups, and if that’s a failure, it’s hardly an abject one.

    I expect you’re right, though, in feeling that his taking the lion’s share of the credit for Chelsea’s successes led to his downfall, since Abramovich probably felt he should have received more of the plaudits. I suspect our own owner may have had similar feelings about the public perception of Eggie as the main man at West Ham, whereas in reality he was very much a minority shareholder, and the other guy owns 90%.

    Yes, let’s beat Chelsea at least once this season. Should be easier without Mourinho and Co.

  27. Rooster says:

    Dave, where have you been the last 3 years, calling Morinho a failure.? I bet your a referee in real life. 🙂

  28. Rooster says:

    Rangersfc: Rangers are the only scots club i like.. but put them in the EPL.. they will be where Derby and Spuds are. !!

  29. E1 says:

    Get the cheque book out I have a shopping list
    Joe Cole
    Ashley Cole
    Thanks that will do nicely.
    One mans misfortune is another mans gain.
    APPY DAYS !!!
    COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. E1 says:

    anyway is Bellamey fit and will parker play ? my selection as follows
    Pantsil (Neil)
    ferdinand (neil)
    Bellamey (Kammara)

  31. redkipper says:

    Ian I saw you on late night Sky papers news review together with James Sherwood and when disscussing Jose leaving the blues I was pleased when you confirmed that your a WH supporter, also equaly pleased when James owned up to being an Iron man!!

    Much of the review was around the media speculation about Brown calling an Autumn election or not, you pushed the point that Brown should confirm this one way or another so that he had the peoples mandate – fair enough – but would it not have been honest of you to let the viewers know you political predjudice by confirming that you support the Tory party?

  32. Iain Dale says:

    Redkipper, I was introduced twice as a Conservative Blogger! I never hide my political affiliations, so people know exactly where I am coming from.

  33. redkipper says:

    Sorry Ian must of missed that bit!
    Changing the subject I think Curbs is naive to think Eggs change of status does not effect him as manager; I think it will, so unless WH are in a very good position at year end Curbs will be blown away by the real boss just as Jose was.
    What do you think?

  34. ny hammer says:

    regarding curbishley , i m sure he is looking over his shoulder a bit. not because mourinho wud ever be remotely interested in his job,but because it shows the frame of mind of today s owners of footbsll clubs,especially those from outside the uk. i agree that a finish below top 8 cud see him lose his job- not that this wud be fair- quite the opposite. but one gets the sense that the owner of west ham is in a hurry and will not tolerate anything less than what he feels is the right level of success. which is why i was shocked to see curbishley quoted in the friday nite papers as objecting to foreign ownership of premiership clubs. to be stating this openly in the media can t have done him any favors with our icelandic owners. pretty bold ,but he s certainly putting added pressure on himself now.

  35. Rooster says:

    I did write about Elite Managers about a month ago, it seems that what i wrote seems to be coming true, but even elite managers now are finding it hard to keep their jobs, Mourinho -Gone! Martin Jol – on the verge! Benitez – on the firing line, so if these guys are in trouble, then what chance has other managers got? Sven is safe and so is Wenger. Its a strange season to be sure, but exciting!!

  36. Rooster says:

    As for Mourinho going to Spuds.. lol .. dream on………………………. just like they thought they would be in 3rd ot 4th place this season

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