West Ham All Stars Tonight!

Tonight West Ham United face Reading as the First Round of the Premier League All Stars tournament continues at the All Stars Arena in North Greenwich. Premier League All Stars is a star-studded pro-celebrity charity event screened live on Sky One every night this week. The event is endorsed by all 20 clubs in the top division and is a part of the Premier League’s Creating Chances charity initiative. The prize fund of £300,000 will be distributed among the clubs’ nominated charities.

Each All Stars squad is made up Legends, Celebrities and fans. Ex-players representing West Ham tonight in a very strong side are Tony Cottee, Frank McAvennie, John Moncur and Allen McKnight. Also playing in Claret and Blue are a trio of Brit hardman actors – Danny Dyer, Geoff Bell and Tamer Hassan, while the fans lucky enough to be playing for their club are Julian Hilaire, civil servant and brother of ex- Palace winger Vince, Matthew Crook, an account manager for a publishing company and student Chris Whitelock.

Free tickets are still available for tonight’s game and throughout the rest of the tournament which reaches its climax on Sunday with the Grand Finals night. Details are available from skyone.co.uk/allstars or from the ticket hotline 0871 987 1234.

Tickets subject to availability.


15 Responses to West Ham All Stars Tonight!

  1. Hammerithome says:

    Two goals in the final minute to double our score to four,what a finish!
    The final minute is Power Play time and when you score in that time you double your score so one goal becomes two,it’s great,try to see it if you can.
    My lad’s hooked already.

  2. Paul says:

    How good was it to see frank and tony wearing the new hammers strips, great viewing and very entertaining! Took me back a few years!!!

  3. Keir says:

    Please, please, please, don’t let what I witnessed last night become the future of football.

    Drawn to the show because of the Hammers name, I settled down to watch. It did not make good viewing. If this is the ‘vision’ that TV execs have for football, they can stick it.

    Ian Wright screaming hyperbole at the camera is not what I call football, or entertainment for that matter. The gimmicks and rule changes did not enhance the sporting nature of the competition, they merely detracted from it.

    Aside from the gimmicky rule changes, the productions values of the show itself were truely abismal. I can only presume that the production team have completely zero experience of televising a football match, as they seemed to miss every single contentious or interesting bit of play by focusing on crowd shots or innane and pointless interviews in the ‘cooler’. God, I actually feel sick thinking about it. That is was so poor was surprising, given the considerable expertese that sky undoubtedly have within their ranks when it comes to putting football on TV. One can only assume that the live game producers gave the thing a wide swerve, and that the team responsible for the equally woefull ‘Braniac’ were the only ones left to take the task on.

    I’d always rated Helen Chamberlain as a true footy fan, loyal to the grass roots and sweat and sawdust type of football supporting passion. I think I saw her cringe at one point last night. I hope so, because I certainly was.

  4. Lee says:


    Its only a bit of a giggle mate, bit of banter and fundraising for charities! no one said it was the future of football, I think you have blown the whole thing out of proportion. Do you honestly think the ‘gimmicky’ rule changes are going to be introduced to a full blown 11 a side premiership match? this is not seen as the vision of football mate, just a laugh! ‘proper’ football will be 11 on 11 on a grass pitch with a leather ball for all of our lifetimes! we will never have power plays or balls dropping from the sky to restart the game… take another watch and get into the spirit of things i say!!

  5. Nails says:

    Its not ment to be Premier League football Keir, they keep the goog stuff for the weekend mate, chill out!

    Im pretty cetrain that this never meant to be the FUTURE OF FOOTBALL? Just a spin off bit like 20/20 cricket.

    Easy tiger

  6. jon l.colney says:

    fully understand keir where your coming from . ian wright should stear well clear of presenting anything on tv.hes a clown and has no idea what hes harping on about.
    as for the positives i thaught the idea was good,however the gimmicks went usa style and totaly turned the show in to throw up !
    as for helen(oh my, i wish !) chamberlin she will do anything for a bit of cash.

    any news on parker starting tomorrow night?

  7. West Ham Tommo says:

    Mate it’s for charity, i believe giving supporter the chance to play with their heroes is a fantastic. and dont say for one minute u would have turned down the chance to play with cottee and mcevenie

  8. west ham johnny says:

    to mr/mrs keir

    its a charity event and if u didnt like it turn it over, but how can u not wanna see the likes of cottee, mcavennie and moncs playin alongside the likes of danny dyer and co???

    well i thought it was a good old night and all them hammers there did too so mr/mrs keir this aint the future of football its just a event to raise money for charitys and for most people to watch there old heros still play so serious if u really dont like it just use ur control and turn on eastenders or emmerdale if thats more ur thing.

    1 mcavennie there’s only 1 mcavennie 1 mcavennie

  9. Ian the Hammer says:

    What a laugh, even the misses enjoyed it. As for the Dyer interview when he was in the cooler, TV gold!
    PS west ham johnny
    1 macavennieeeee, there’s only 1 macavennieeeee, 1 macavennieeeee
    Sweet memories

  10. Keir says:

    It’s Mr Keir.

    Hey, I’m all for good intentions and actually think the premise of three ex pros, three celeb fans, and three ordinary punters is actually quite good.

    What I’m fearful of is that this is what happens when tv execs are allowed a totally free reign in football.

    Thankfully, and I’m sure I never thought I’d say this, we currently have FIFA, UEFA, the FA and the Premier League to ensure that our precious game is not mucked about with too much. The TV show just shows what could happen if the TV guys were to get everything their own way.

    Like it or loath it, TV has changed football, and will continue to do so. 3pm Saturday was once sacred, but no longer. The players once had much in common with those in the stands, but no longer.

    What All Stars showed me was an insight into some visionary utopian dream of a TV exec. It might not work out that way in the end, but you can bet your bottom dollar that football would evolve into something like it were they all to get their own way.

    And the production values still stink. I sincerely doubt the guy in the control room calling the shots had ever produced a football match of any description before this series.

    Right, I’m off to search the internet for a supply of big foam hands and chilli dogs. Judging by the responses from some of you, I’d make a killing selling them outside the ground. I might even through in some face paint and jester hats. Perhaps I can find out where you all park for your tailgate bar-be-ques beforehand.

  11. soul sacrifice says:

    only one mark noble. still

  12. indigo blues says:

    start treating carlton cole with respect. now.

  13. Rooster says:

    Rumour in the mill that we are after Brazilian superkid, check it out on http://ironworker.wordpress.com/

  14. Rooster says:

    Keir i bet you whinged when the automobile was invented too, good job charities wont be depending on you for a donation.
    In the next 10 years there will be massive changes in football, so you better get used to it or go back to listening to the radio.

  15. jon l.colney says:

    bellend can play for wales and not us?


    ian,back from holiday yet?

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