I really must apologise to those of you who have become regular reasons over the summer. Work commitments have prevented me from doing my normal daily posts in the last couple of weeks. However, normal service will be resumed later this week once I have left the hell-hole that calls itself Blackpool…


19 Responses to Apology

  1. Brooking knows best says:

    Hmm, the old work reasons excuse! Not that you have not had much time with all the night life and delights in Blackpool, that you can’t spend ten minutes to write a post here. Ian, your excuse don’t cut it. At least your with your blue nose Tory friends!

  2. Rooster says:

    Welcome Back Iain, did you get me some rock?

  3. headmaster1 says:

    We were wondering, Iain. You are duly forgiven, sir!

  4. frank says:

    take your’e time and get yourself sorted bruv, it will be worth the wait I’m sure, are you up there renewing all the light bulbs?

  5. As a an exiled cockney living in wigan am surrounded by latics fans so bought a holiday home near blackpool to escape. as long as you stay away from front blackpool area ia great, good food, good pubs, great natural beauty and in fleetwood a very cheap designer outlet mall. oof course if you want booze, fights and bad food there is always the golden mile, kind of like after a visit to spurs

  6. Ian the Hammer says:

    Are you sure that you should be calling the Tory Conference a hell hole!

  7. FPB says:

    hi iain

    although that’s my home town (well nearby poulton-le-fylde is) i know what you mean. still the football team are doing well in the Championship. which is a cause for pride.

    kinda like the rants and maybe you could check out mine sometime back at the blog


  8. Plaistow54 says:

    I wondered where you was. I kept checking in & saw nuffink. I thought nah ! he wouldn’t have gone back to Man U. All is forgiven. Rock on.

  9. DamerHammer says:

    Come on Blackpool, beat the yidders, did u get us all some rock Iain? Not sticks of rock, lumps of ‘rock’? IIIRRROONNNSSS!!

  10. jon l.colney says:

    whats the gossip then ian?

    tevez to return from loan,ronaldo falls out with fergie and calls curbs for a job?

    joe cole transfere request goes in and talks open with egg n co?

  11. Moore Claret says:

    Where’s the note from your Mum?

  12. raincoaster says:

    Wow, proximity to Boris Johnson has really rubbed off on you! Next thing you know you’ll be apologizing to all of the Balkan nations or something.

  13. Jim says:

    Working in Blackpool?….. Didnt think they done the old work thing in blackpool.

  14. Plaistow54 says:

    Moi,again. by the way, watched game on foxsports. Better 2nd half. We’ll do o.k. Would like Bellamy back but. Saw a word on another site Orthosomething. Asked my missus long time RN. She says he must wear arch supports in boots & they changed them. Different muscles used may have caused groin injury. Hope he comes back soon. Reo Coker this weekend. Hope he plays.

  15. Rapidhammer says:

    Hi, Iain, hope you liked Blackpool more than you can disclose on this blog. On Monday I was at a meeting of the Austrian conservative party (Österreichische Volkspartei) in the VIP-Club of the Vienna football gound Ernst Happel-Stadium. They presented their “Perspectives2010”. (In 2010 the next elections are going to take place in Austria.) But as I haven’t been bashed for supporting the Tories on my blog yet (as you have been by some readers recently) I dared to post a report about this political event on my blog: http://rapidhammer.blogspot.com/. No abusive comments so far…

  16. Blackpool is a shit hole. In fact, down at Molineux we sang those exact words after stealing a win with two late goals. What a day that was.

  17. Rooster says:

    I aint missing yu Iain!! My blog gets more hits now your working away!! take your time, aome back next year mate.. lol.


  18. Dave King says:

    Terrible life being a politician eh Iain? All those freebies, telling loads of porkies, Sex and scandals, massive wage increases, free holidays. I couldnt do it. 😉

  19. Swedenhammer says:

    Welcome back! Iain

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