Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

…I’m back. There hasn’t been an awful lot to get Hammers’ juices flowing lately. Since I last posted properly we beat Plymouth in one of the most stultifyingly boring games I have seen, and then failed to get our just desserts from the Arsenal game. Some of the one touch football we played in that game was superb and boded well for the future. Robert Green is in simply awesome form. How he is not in the England team simply baggars belief. Paul Robinson’s credibility is shot to pieces. How many more stupid goals does he have to let in before McClaren sees what the rest of us see?

I’m delighted for Dean Ashton that he is back in the England fold. It surely can’t be too long before Mark Noble joins him there.

Anyway, after my hectic last three weeks I can promise you much more regualr posting from now on. I’m back. With a vengeance.


One Response to Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

  1. Chris (Irons till I lie dead in the ground) says:

    good to have ya back Iain, you write a good post. i second the noble statement, a kid with his talent and work ethic can only soon break the boundaries that is to be an international footballer. Go on Marky, stuff 1 for reo-choker today! KERM ON YOU IIIIIIIIRROONS!!

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