Where’s Nobes?

The team for Villa has just been announced. No place for Mark Noble! WTF!? Mullins and Bowyer in the centre. I don’t know the subs yet. The only explanation can be he has picked up a knock. Surely there’s no way Curbishley would drop him? He’s been our star player in more or less every game so far.


12 Responses to Where’s Nobes?

  1. warren says:

    L.Boa Morte

  2. wickfordriver says:

    ON THE BENCH?……unbelievable!

  3. Kim says:

    Mybe Curbs wanted to take some pressure off the lad after all the whinging by Wenger and the potential for flare up with Coker

  4. new york says:

    Curbishley s selections for the second game running are looking questionable. Noble provides creativity in midfield ,which we especially need while we are missing strikers due to injuries.
    Why was Etherington omitted completely last week? Why did Ferdinand and Upson start vs Arsenal after the pair looked below par at Newcastle? The manager seems to recently be tinkering in places he shouldn t ,while being stubborn about the one thing that needs changing, which is the back four. It s only due to Ferdinand s injury that Gabbidon will have started ,not because the manager finally accepted that Ferdinand simply hasn t been good enough. Somebody has a bit of thinking to do over the international break.

  5. Mac says:

    If we’re going to push for top 7 we simply have to pick up points at places like St James and Villa Park. By all accounts we were extremely poor first half and marginally better in the second.

    We seem to be reverting to the West Ham of old; win some, lose some, especially north of the Watford gap.

  6. Hammerithome says:

    ETHERINGTON did not play last week because he had a virus.
    NOBLE has played in every game and needed a rest as was a little jaded(apparently)
    FERDINAND has been playing with an injury for some time and not been 100% fit.
    Now of course we have an injury crisis on our hands;
    Faubert,Ashton,Bellamy,Parker,Dyer,Ferdinand,Zamora and Camara to name but a few!!
    Oh well,a fight against relegation looks more likely now,rather than a top 6 finish.
    Only at West Ham.

  7. carlos says:

    so that scott Parker does not play? memory it not to have seen in any of previous them game…

    1 greeting from Mexico

  8. headmaster1 says:

    Disappointing – let’s hope that the break allows the return of some key players, by which I particularly mean Bellars and the Z man.

    Gabbs should keep his place, for me. I agree with NY that Anton has become somewhat unreliable of late. I believe that we need a run of four or five games with a settled back four too.

  9. Swedenhammer says:

    Mullins and Bowyer??? Noble on the bench?????

    Over and out?

  10. Evisu says:

    I dislike his playing style. I agree with the drop – it needed to be done.

  11. jon l.colney says:

    i have that sinking feeling again.not good,

    please help lift this dark cloud . villa away has got to be a 3 point banker.we have seriously got to start thinking about survival and not europe.

    may i just poke everyone in the eye that didnt want bellend at the club.how we have missed him or what?

  12. DamerHammer says:

    i think hes got the system wrong again, said against arsenal we should have packed the middle of the park and left deano up the front, now especailly if your playing away you want too keep it tight? M.E, M.N, F.L (pusing forward) H.M, L.B! That would give a balence of attacking wingers and siting midfielders, Would it not…?

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