Ashton Out Until Late November

Dean Ashton will be out of action for six weeks with knee ligament damage, according to reports today. However, there is better news on the Craig Bellamy front. He is back in training after a groin operation and may play for Wales next Wednesday. I doubt whether Alan Curbishley will be very pleased about that.


8 Responses to Ashton Out Until Late November

  1. kenningtonhammer says:

    can our luck get any worse? carlton cole our only fit striker?? it doesn’t bear thinking about. get hogan ephraim back from qpr and give him a game

  2. Can’t curbs just stop him taking the chance?

  3. crazyhorse says:

    What concerns me is how on gods green earth have we managed to accumulate so many injuries in such a short space of time.Is there something wrong with the training methods,or are the medical staff not up to scratch.Surely it can’t be just bad luck,something is wrong somewhere.Why isn’t Solano being played yet,why doesn’t Curbishley play the very efficient Collins as much as he should.These issues need answers.We can only hope that Bellamy is fit enough for the Sunderland game,he is a major influence on our team getting points.

  4. west ham johnny says:

    i just cant beleive our luck this and last season could it be our training is to much or not enough, injurys seem to keep happening in game’s so is it the warm up to the games because it has to be something like that as most of our players are pulling or tearing muscles during the games, it was the same last season. its happening to much now just for bad luck so its got to be something surely.

  5. headmaster1 says:

    I tend to share Johnny’s and Crazy horse’s incredulity. The sense of frustration / anger even is now just overwhelming and, inevitably, questions have to be asked about training methods / warm up routines / cool downs /
    This just cannot be coincidence now, can it?

  6. new york says:

    i think crazy horse makes a great point. the number of injuries in a short period of time does not reflect well on our training methodology nor on the quality of our medical staff.
    this is not just coincidence. it s been going on for a number of years ,including last season. this is not purely down to bad luck. and it also may have something to do with why we struggle to attract additional top quality players. the board needs to make this a priority ,otherwise we are simply not going to progress. with a very fit side ,i genuinely believed we had a shot at top 7. with a moderately fit side i felt we cud edge top 10 , or worst 12th. with an unfit side ,i think we ll avoid the drop , but i can t see us finishing above 14th. i agree with the post that ,whatever we thought of bellamy before his arrival, he is what may keep us clear of another relegation scrap.

    the other issue is that it was never likely that we wud go even half a season without either ,or both of bellamy and ashton getting injured. which is why we shud have made getting another quality striker a priority, weeks before the window closed. it wasn t bad business getting camara at the death, in emergency circumstances, but we all know that was not the proper answer. this can t be blamed on a lack of funds either, as we sold a lot of talent in the window, and were in a position to spend money on one more striker. i m painfully aware of how disliked cole is, but i have a sneaking suspicion this situation cud be the making of him. he has been getting into scoring position over and over again. yes i know his finishing is excruciatingly annoying at times,but i get the sense if the guy gets one in the back of the net soon, there will be a lot more where that comes from. the guy shows a desire harewood never demonstrated ,so i m not that pessimistic about him and bellamy as pairing. cole will want to use this chance to shut his critics up . i can t see him squandering it the way harewood did last year. of course it s no substitute for a proper partnership of ashton and bellamy, but i don t think it needs to be a disaster. this is also where other people have to step up big time ,like ljunberg.

  7. NunheadHammer says:

    Bellamy has been passed fit for the Wales team – and possible plus or minus?

  8. new york says:

    really tough call. if he plays perhaps he gets some match fitness. but if he a
    ggravates the injury we are up the creek without a paddle. if he plays,i hope toshack
    doesn t play him for the whole 90. the more information we get , the later it seems ashton s return is going to be. unpopular as they are, i like zamora and cole , but even i admit that if we lost bellamy due to re-injury in wales, we cud be right back in a relegation scrap again. shocking , considering the amount of talent in teh side when people are fit.

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