Where are they now? John McDowell

John McDowell is possibly best known for his frizzy haircut, but he was a classy fullback who played nearly 300 games for the Hammers between 1970 and 1979. Anyone know what he is up to now?


16 Responses to Where are they now? John McDowell

  1. Jon says:

    I think you will find he has moved to Cyprus, lucky boke

  2. sean says:

    Yes, he is now living in Tenerife. Iam hoping to meet up with him shortly to get him to come down our west ham bar in puerto colon with the tenerife hammers.
    go to http://www.tenerifehammers.com

  3. Roy says:

    I knew he had a small publishing company, certainly up to c’95 and had suffered a lot with his joints (hips) and found it hard to get about. May well have moved to sunnier climes to ease the pain.

  4. Hammerithome says:

    Always gave everything he had for the team.Maybe not the best at times but at least he had a go and I have some good memories of his running and battling performances in a team which included the likes of Bonds,Brooking and Robson.

  5. What no mention of us beating the hammers??? ok so it was a feeble match but three points is three points and we got um.

  6. Gareth Belsham says:

    Hello Iain

    He used to run a pub in Braintree Essex (The Queens Head I think) back in the early to mid 1980’s. I met him at a football function at the Braintree Barn.

    Nice bloke.

  7. ray says:

    The last i heard he was coaching at Norwich City.

  8. Tim Beckwith says:

    he owned a bar on the Veronicas strip, Teneriffe, which his son works at now. He now owns supermarkets in Playe de Las Americas.

    I saw him when we beat Reading 3 – 0 this season. He apparently regularly keeps in touch with Harry, Lampardd Snr etc

  9. Delboyz says:

    Fuzzy haired John McDowell and Lampard senior at the back, what a great combination back in the good old days. When Billy Bonds could get stuck in and the game would play on. Now he would be sent off every game. When footballers where footballers.


  10. Rooster says:

    what bar in veronicas, ??

  11. Barry says:

    Ian, do you or anyone else know if a player with the second name of Gazely ever played for West Ham? I used to have this fascist of a teacher with that name who claimed so.

  12. SS-Irma says:

    I like frizzy haircut

  13. Simon goddard says:

    John McDowell made his West Ham debut the same time I did (although I was in the North Bank and he was on the pitch!), We beat Blackpool on 30th October 1971 with goals from Jimmy Greaves and Peter Eustace. Tony Green opened the scoring for the visitors. As you’ll have gathered I’m a pretty interesting bloke to know this off the top of my head. If you’re ever in the Wellington by Waterloo station on match days I’m the one surrounded by sleeping punters…

  14. Jon says:

    Gazely never played for the first team that is a certainty.

  15. Colin Gray says:


    It’s another right back, Keith Coleman, who now lives in Cyprus

  16. At last the Hammers have a full-back who does justice to the memory of McDowell and Lampard.

    How quickly the old Hammers would turn defence into attack with a quick throw to either of them.

    I like George McCartney’s style, and he continues to develop a good understanding with Etherington.

    But the memory of that golden team led by Bonds will linger forever. ;o)

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