Arsenal Can **** Right Off

The Sun reports this morning that Arsenal want to sign Robert Green and will offer £6 million. They allege that Green is unsettled because he has failed to get back into the England squad and that he thinks a move to a top 4 club would secure that place. I can see why Arsenal need a new goalkeeper, but they can keep their thieving hands off. Mind you, their need is not as great as that of Spurs….


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  1. th14 says:

    haha dont think he can even make it the spurs starting 11.

  2. Badcock says:

    Hardly theft is it – realistically if the Arse were to come calling, you can pretty much bet your house on him leaving…

  3. Harry Barracuda says:

    You can’t blame him for wanting to move to a big club, but you can be sure that the Irons will be well compensated.

    Hey, you could even get Mad Jens out of it, you’d love him!

  4. rellends says:

    it’s only the red tops saying that mate so don’t get your knickers in a twist just yet.

  5. Soop says:

    Assuming Green WANTS to come to Arsenal, there’s not much West Sham can do about it, is there…? That’s also assuming that Arsenal WANT Green, which at the moment sounds like pure paper-talk.

    As for Arsenla needing a new keeper, please have a look at the league table and see which defence has conceded more goals…


  6. Clock End Gooner says:

    Calm down, you little Iron!

    That Fabianski, is coming along nicely! He’ll prob. be number 1, come next season!
    So no need to get your knickers in a twist!

  7. thug killer says:

    we took 6 points from u last year , FARCENAL
    we took 4 off you the year before that .

    we were the last team to kick your ARSE at Higbury. And the first team to

  8. Nick says:

    Arsenal being interested in green is most prolly just another of thos rumors started by some news site. So please use your brilliant brain before barking.

  9. nwoke, morphy says:

    Arsenal badly needs a high caliber goalkeeper and Green has shown he can stand the best of keepers in the world. Alumuna is quite unconvincing, drops harmless balls when not under trhreat. His lackluster performance does not instil fear on the opposition. One must acknowlegde the fact that he has not lost any match since he took over from equally below par Lehman, but the fact remains that he is noot very
    good at top level.

  10. SamHam says:

    I hope Greeny isn’t tempted to move to the Emirates. He is a key player for us and was
    pivotal in our fight to stay in the premiership. The England manager needs his head tested if he thinks Greeny’s not good enough for the squad. Robinson is overrated and James is past his best. I dont think the fact that West Ham are not top four comes into it as he was ready to give Deano a spot in the team. It more likely comes down to his misplaced faith in Robinson to turn his form around.

  11. thug killer says:

    to take 3 points off you at the Emirates.

    what hav eyou won lately, despite spending tens of millions of pounds?
    yes, that s right you ve won FA ,because as soon as another club, like chelsea ,spends as much or more than you, you can t compete, can you?

    Insecure ,north london muppets with nothing better to do than show yourselves up on other people s blogs.

    you ve got no hope of finishing in front of man utd. they will eat you like beans on toast, because you re arrogant and you re not english.

    you limp to a 1-0 win at upton park because the referee failed to allow a goal that was perfectly onside. crude excuse for european wannabees

    as for green ,why would he want to be a part-timer at your club. he s smart enough to not waste his time sitting on the bench

    6 million- are you ignorant.,or just plain stupid

    i m 9 million bid pinprick- how u left now??

    10 million -11.5 small top.

    u don t like it? then hit my 10 bid ,pinprick

  12. potter says:

    Green don’t get picked in the England squad, his agent knows that Wenger looked at him before he left Norwich but didn’t take it further. He regurgitates the story to try to raise his profile.

  13. farce collector says:

    forget staying in front of man utd. at this rate you ll be lucky to stay in front of man city. enjoy it while it lasts. because by xmas you won t even have a sniff at the top spot. you were found out by us at upton park ,and only scraped by due to an appallling referee decision. and u were found out by the mighty sunderland.

    who are you? arrogant ,underachieving,overspending wasters with too much time on your hands .

  14. immigration man says:

    contributed any players to the england side lately have you FARSE,with your hundreds of millions of expenditure over the last 5 years?

    if you want to be in france then move there and use the euro. not the great british pound

  15. JanjaWeed says:

    Thug Killer

    So, what did you do while all your class mates were practicing their writing and spelling?

    What the f*ck are you on about? Was it some one on here that printed the article and the supposed price tag? Nope, so chill out and get a life you tit. As for Arsenal spending tens of millions, I thought they were the only club to be IN PROFIT this close season. Whereas your beloved Hammers spunked a shed load of that Dodgy icelander’s ill gotten gains.

    Calm down, fella.

  16. Christiwn says:

    I believe this is pure speculation, the press are adding 2 + 2 and making 5. Arsenal seem to be a complete side minus a decent goalkeeper, green is one of the best performing keeps in the premiership at the moment.. epsecially against arsenal, green was also interviewed about not making the england squad at which he said he was bemused, but not unsettled and in need of a bigger club, and finally Wenger was once noted saying how he admired the keeper so theres enough ammunition there for a media feeding frenzy. however I think its high unlikely they will come in with a bid, Almunia hasn’t done a bad job at the moment and Fabianksi looks a great prospect. West Ham wont accept anything under £10mill for him because quite frankly he is one of our best players, Arsenal are considered rivals and we don’t need the money… and considering the Craig Gordon to Sunderland deal and wont accept anything less then what he went for. It’s not arsenal we should be telling to **** off its the press and their stupid rumour mill.

  17. d gardner says:

    thug killer or more like arsewipe what is it with idjuts like you got no job? nothing better to do (prob) y not get a life and stop being so horrible

  18. immigration man says:

    tottenham hotspur- those great north london misfits, who d like to be arrogant ,but have nothing to be arrogant about.

    16 the or 17th place. having played a game more than half the league.
    great return on your 50 million pound silver spoon investment

    outsiders in society

  19. postal room clerk says:

    oh really babcock. how much u want to bet on it then billbigbap?

  20. laughing gooner says:

    thug killer lol thats a joke, more like morley/bishop queer kisser have you just got out of nursery or is there nothing between your ears, you west spam queer boys always go on about the passsed, your crap face it your going down and we re have your keeper just to put in the reserves and the same old thing you bring manure and chelskip into it cos you support west spam and havnt got a shits chance of winning anything, when do you here a arsenal fan say “well sheffiled wednesday are better than you” but that dosnt matter cos you cheat your way out of it

    so shut up u irons( funny that hows its slang for queer)

  21. jon l.colney says:

    greeny does have a contract as do all so why worry!

    as for arse wanting him why did they not buy him after that superb display at the new library????

  22. Why so angry? says:

    It seems a bit presumtious to think that some two-bit media story of Arsenal wanting your semi-decent goalkeeper is true.

    We have plenty keepers, and to publish a page with 6 or 7 lines of how Arsenal can keep their ”thieving” hands off – when have Arsenal, or any team for that matter, ever ”thieved”, I was under the impression transfers went through in agreement with all parties – is absolutely ridiculous, and downright bullshit blogging.

    Spend some time commenting on proper stories.

  23. RobboAFC says:

    Thugkiller you pratt. You harp on about that offside goal…. who scored it? Freddie Ljunberg. Is he English you no brain moron. I wish id have given you a slap at your box of a ground. Pillac

  24. HighburyJD says:

    ‘thug killer’ u mug “despite sepnding millions of pounds….?
    connect to reality – we’ve even been consistently outspent by tiny little joke outfits like spuds and the hammers
    this close season your biscuit baron boss has spent like a drunken sailor on some of the league biggest wankers (and Freddy)
    we’ve run a net profit on transfer deals

  25. postal room clerk says:

    same old illiterate farcenal . always moaning, always cheating. always too stupid to face reality

    janja weed- one of the ultimate morons in life who are responsible for football fans having a poor reputation. we net spent less than 6 million in the transfer market ,
    naffbag. or is that too complex for your marijuana brain to understand

    keep on using that “ill-gotten ” money from uzbekistan.

    same old farsenal. supporters with no dignity,no manners,no job prospects.

  26. Gareth Belsham says:

    Well if it is true, we’re about to find out how much we’ve evolved from a selling club and how well we can convince our better players to hang on in with us when the “big boys” come calling.

    I would hope that Green would have a bit of loyalty to the fans at least. His England time will come…….

    If he does go, he’s a Judas!


  27. You are a Liar says:

    Thug Killer,

    We have never spent even half as much as chelsea have spent. Not even in the past. We have been consistently been out spent by Tottenham, Newcastle and they have won FA while we have won a lot. So your excuse that because we have money we win is bogus.

    Even you have spent more than us this season. So have man city, Spuds, manure, chelsea e.t.c.

    And when I hear a west spam fan crying about a disallowed goal it really makes me laugh. If you hadnt got that dodgy goal against blackburn last year you wouldnt even be in the position to moan about the disallowed goal against us cause youd be in the championship!

  28. postal room clerk says:

    janja weed,you appear to be the one in need of calming. clearly all that legal stuff you inhale isn t really having a calming effect. seems to be bringing out your manic depressiveness. stick to your day job, whil elu have one

  29. short memory says:

    what an ignorant failure. “laughing gooner”

    try 17 months ago ,being within seconds of winning an FA cup final . but u didn t get there ,did you. yet again.

    the “cheaters” are the players who choose to dive consistently , and to pretend to be injured for life when they ve taken a small knock. but that s what farcenal do. play “pretty” football, and dive . always have done,always will.

    your success depends only on your chequebook, as is the case with any of the clubs monopolizing the top spots in recent years.

    keep spewing your abuse. you re a very easy lot to wind up FARSE. go on, keep risking your job. your bonus (if u have a rat s of getting one) . you re doing so well at enhancing your career prospects. funny how those ISP numbers aren t confidential .
    can be hacked into by just about anyone. even you

  30. short memory says:

    oh and who paid for your stadium then?

    really nice ,generous people from the middle east ,who gain their money totally legitimately ,selling oil ay? and from a country whose government does so much to share its oil wealth its population. passing judgement on our icelandic owners then?
    go ahead- stones boomerang nicely when cast.

    get an education. and learn some manners. and get some dignity before your time on the planet expires

  31. cocknee' says:

    there’s only one thing stopping the Arse ends from signing Rob green, he’s ENGLISH.
    has there ever been a more mix up team, oh yes liverpool oh and bolton oh mancu both manc clubs oh yes chelski have 3 british players etc etc etc

  32. anti-european union says:

    yeah, like robert green would be stchoopid enuf to waste away on the bench anywhere in north london. to do what? hang about til Whinger finds his next plaything.

    you wanted coker. you didn t get him. u failed.

    you have about as much chance of signing robert green as i do of replacing gordon brown by jan 31 ,2008.

    15 millio won t buy u any joy. whether it comes from dubia,uzbekistan.or any other non-english dodgy outpost

  33. lexx says:

    i have to laugh at most of the comments made by OTHER fans of SH*t clubs
    if you can call yourself fans answer one question for me plz WHY THE f*%k r you all whinging about west ham on a west ham blog havent your clubs got any blogs or are they just that sh*t that you have to post sh*tty comments about your clubs

  34. Plaistow54 says:

    Green will not be going anywhere. He has been with us for a year & he has seen the problems being resolved & the club rebuilding, albeit slowly. If he wants to be top four he just has to stay where he is & wait two or three years. He is only 27. He ain’t going nowhere.

  35. anti-european union says:

    “in profit close season” FARSE?

    is that before or after the multi million pound debt on your stadium.?
    timnewaster extraordinaire

  36. lamb doner says:

    janja- go back to playing with ur dreads mup…

    you re sounding like spike lee re-runs. bitter and twisted.

  37. west ham johnny says:

    what a bunch of arsenal mugs at the end of the day greens just signed a new deal and with our money backers y would we need to sell him. and if sunderland pay what was it £9 million for a scottish keeper u can bet greens gonna cost alot more than £6 million. as for laughin gooner ur fans are shit u dont sing and u all leave about 10 minutes b4 the end at home games like theres been a bomb scare or something. u may be a better side a bigger club but i’d always rather support a club with tredition, history and banter we’ve got the best supporters in the land win lose or draw we always support our club and have a laugh.
    arsenal fans always remember this LAST TEAM AT HIGHBURY… 1ST TEAM AT EMIRATES

  38. lexx says:

    the reason why the green to arsenal has been brought up is the papers have nothing to say at the mo because of the england game this weekend and that paul robinson will prob be starting again dont know why he would be better joining the circus as a clown trying to catch balls
    the whole story about green is just rubbish arsenal where interested but that was years ago

  39. lamb doner says:

    funny that . our players don t aspire to rot in the reserves or sit on the bench in north london. because they prefer to play first team football rather than watching their “teammates” maybe win silverware,maybe not. thankfully rob green isn t a deluded gloryhunter ,content to watch other people get the job done, like benayoun.

    sure sign its international week. all the soup kitchen stirrers arrived

  40. Erik says:

    You moron,

    First of all, how does paying £6m for Green make us thieves?

    And most realistically of all… when was the last time that Arsenal went out and bought a player being talked and rumoured by the press?

    If one of your players gets linked with Arsenal you should feel at ease because its extremely unlikely he’d be signed!

  41. weed arrester says:

    last 5 fixtures between the 2 clubs

    west ham – 3 wins

    arsenal – 1 win

    1 draw

    we don t live in the past . we re quite happy with the present.

    stick your arrogance,ignorance and ill manners with your red flag

  42. Gary Singh says:

    We shld get at least £12 million min for him!

    Think of it this way, if R Green was somewhere else and we wanted him, we wld pay 12 mill for him as ppl wld want to milk west ham, like charlton did for bent and newc for dyer

  43. hater of weed users says:

    if you re really hard enough farse, why have we taken 10 out of 15 points from you in the last 5 meetings between the 2 clubs? the numbers don t lie.

    little over-sensitive are we farse? calma calma

  44. gooner till i die says:

    you wanna talk about being foreign, your owned by foreigners Eggert Magnuson proper english name that compared with Peter Hill-Wood who has been an arsenal fan since he was a kid. Arsenal has been in the hill wood family for donkeys, yes we have got some foreigners interested in buyin us, but who wouldn’t want the richest club in the uk in there portfolio. We’re also known as the bank of england club. There may only be a few english players in the first team squald atm but look at the under 17 world cup where we provided 5 out of the first 11. look at our academy where only middlesborough have more english kids in there ranks (arsenal having 15 out 19 students).

    My last bit will be on winning things! wtf have you won recently sweet F.A

  45. ozzie gooner says:

    thug killer or what ever arrogant wanky name you call yourself you’re a complete moron.

    I have nothing at all against West Ham as a club or their supporters in fact I respect the way they’ve performed against Arsenal, but the fact that Robert Green may be tempted to move to Arsenal shouldn’t surprise any one with half a brain. Whether Arsenal win the title or not is irrelevant, they compete in a totally higher class than West Ham and given that a keeper of Green’s quality wants to enhance his career Arsenal is a obvious choice especially given their own keeper problems. Green would almost definately get a regular 1st team place. As for the “tens of millions of pounds” we’ve been spending you are clearly more clueless than you sound, in the last three or so season Arsenal’s net spending on players has been far less than West Ham, Tottenham, Aston Villa etc probably many more, remember we sell as many top class players as we buy e.g Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg, Reyes etc.

  46. hater of weed users says:

    thats class farse.

    swearing,insulting ,taking a pop at gays .

    for all your brawn and billybigbap tripe what do u have to show for it?

    4 points from 15 in the last 5 matches between the 2 clubs.

    nice return on your petroleum financed 400 million quid investment on a stadium and players

    if u had a semblance of pride, dignity or manners we cud consider respecting you.
    but u have none of those things ,which means you don t warrant respect even if u do manage to cop silverware at some point.

    you and huff and u puff ,and u just scrape by against west ham and sunderland.

    how the deluded “mighty” have fallen

  47. hater of weed users says:

    go back to school mup.


    plural. muppety mup

  48. hammerology says:

    what chance is there of Whinger buying rob green?


    he doesn t play ,or purchase english players if he can avoid it.

  49. Sue says:

    Killer thug are you retarded as your command of the English language is really piss poor?

    You sound like a plank that needs to go back to school. It’s really not up to you to decide where a player wants to ply his trade. Personally I would love to make do with the goalies we have; in two years time Manuel Almunia can apply for British Citizenship anyway….then we will have Englands Number 1 back again lmfao.

    Judging by the list of comments on this site I really cant believe there are that many illiterate Hammers fans out there , I gave you more sense after all you did win the World Cup single handedly in 1966. lol

    I think you would be better employed in trying to get your team to win the league sunshine insread of slagging off a great side!

  50. desert island says:

    is that the best you can do north london?

    use tired phrases like “get a life.” seems like u lot need to get a vocabulary. and referring to people as part of a female s chest? that s clever. they teach u that in your north london comprehensives?

    if yoor going to hurl insults ,because you have nothing better to do ,and remain bitter and twisted about 1980, at least show a semblance of brains .

  51. censor the pratts says:

    do have nothing better to do , especially the “ozzie gooner”

    yes, so much class halfwit- that you ve only beaten us once in the last 2 and half years. stick to what u do best ,no -hoper,moaning about ur rugby failure

    your support ,farse ,is absolute excrement. because your “suport” consists of coming onto other club s blogs to engage in quarter wit slanging matches.

    what a hopeless ,pathetic bunch of complainers the majority of the arsenal “contributors” to this thread are.

    but thats what u do. you dive. you fake injury . you forget about all the money you spent despite what you receieved for henry and others. and you re dumb enough to fail to take on board that we net spent very little in the last transfer window.

    arrogance is as arrogance does. 6 feet under.

  52. censor the pratts says:

    oh and do tell us oh wise one. what have u won lately Farse? spend on ,insult on ,delude on .

    home grown ? get real. your list of “foreign investors” is a mile long.

    freddy ljungberg, not english? so what ,numbnut. one or two out of ten aint bad.

    if you were that good you woudn t be wasting time arguing the toss on another club s site. but ,insecure muppets that u are, u succumb . because u are so easy to wind.

    mug of the thread? AFC , who thinks he s actually scaring someone by threatening violence . what a total embarrassment . put the idiot in jail where he belongs

  53. matmos says:

    Greens not good enough for Arsenal nor are any of West Hams players so dont get your claret & blue knickers in a twist

  54. censor the pratts says:

    sue- the quality of your colleague s contributions , gramatically speaking ,stinks
    go back to school. or tutor your your “supporters”. insulting ,low-life miserable excuse for a human being

  55. Goblin King says:

    What have you hammers been taking an can I have some. Spent vast quantuities on cash and only at the top because we have bought our way there? If spending 500K on Clichy and 120k on Toure is blowing the bank then the 0k fee for Fabregas (EPL best midfielder) must be the sort of business you hammers do every day.
    You can claim a lot of things but Arsenal buying there way to the top, i think not. a net profit on transfers season upon season. Come back when you CAN compete on the same budget. Tw@ts

  56. indigo blues says:

    did it ever occur to u sue, that nobody really gives a toss what u think? not arsenal supporters or west ham supporters, because your contribution is subpar?

    it s “really not up to you” to be making inane,unsubstantiated claims about what robert green does or does not want to do with his career.
    so until you have a command of the facts , shut up and shove it up.

  57. indigo blues says:

    great language “goblin ” . great example .

    do your sums over the last ten years, even the last 5 years .

    keep dreaming . you try to buy love, and by the looks of it, you ve been struggling,altho maybe, just maybe ,your luck cud turn this year. until the injuries hit of course.

    don t lie. don t distort the facts. yes, nobody can deny that arsenal play “good football2
    that is a lot better watch than what s offered by your west london neighbors.

    but to pretend that over the medium to long run you don t spend more than 80-85 percent of the league is diving is dishonest. and like pretending you r e injured , when u aren t .

  58. tom tom club says:

    if you re so bothered Farse, then be on your way back to your own blog. nobody asked you for yourtwo penneth . if you don t like the point of view that s put forth here that s just too bad then, isn t it? you can moan all you like ,about points of view ,about grammar(good old sad -sack “sue” ,who clearly doesn t have a demanding job) , about all the injustice in the world against arsenal ,on your own blogs. nobody sought you out. you came , because you re bored, and you re so easy to wind up

  59. new york says:

    west ham sit in 11th place,with a game in hand ,depite injuries to ashton, bellamy,parker,dyer,faubert,zamora and others . green is having an excellent season . it s reasonable to assume that if that injury list was a bit shorter, west ham wud be further up the table ,probably 8th, maybe 5th or 6th if the injury list was much shorter.
    so with a reasonably fit side ,as is not the case now, green probably wud be getting more attention internationally . as an outsider, or someone who hasn t held the shirt ,its obviously going to be harder for him to win teh shirt if his club is in the bottom half. its different for robinson, because he laready HAS the shirt. if green takes the long view , h e ll probably see he can achieve quite a lot at west ham . this is a highly unusual set of circumstances at the moment, to have 5 or more first team players all out at the same time, and won t remain this way indefinitely. as players start to come back , starting with bellamy,the club s results will improve , as will green s chances of forcing his way into the england set-up. alumnia and lehmann ,whther the latter stays or goes, are very good keepers ,so it wud be very difficult for him to get into an arsenal side. i m sure green is flattered by the rumored interest , but i don t think it s likely that he leaves west ham. an example of what can happen if you go elsewhere ,with it being in doubt as to whether you make the first team or not, is Defoe . his career has stalled and i don t think green wud want to risk it by potentially sitting on the bench at arsenal.

  60. better manners says:

    funny how of all the people connected to arsenal, the manager seems to be the one who hasn t forgotten that it s very early days. to be giving it the big one ,after 9 games is just daft. Even Wenger is smart enough to accept that altho his club have started the season well ,they haven t achieved anything this season yet. the table cud look very different come january 1 . credit to him for not bellowing from the rooftops ,in contrast to some of the rude,chicken counters supportinh his team who posted on this site. there aren t many teams who have done the double over arsenal in recent years- west ham are one of the few. that s a fact, one that a few foul mouthed arsenal supporters can t escape from ,no matter how insulting or abusive their posts.

  61. crazyhorse says:

    sue go back to playing basketball and do the ironing

  62. "ozzy" says:

    ozzy gooner- go back to sleep and put your rugby nitemare behind you. don t export your frustrations ,conjugal or otherwise, to other continents.

  63. "ozzy" says:

    goblin king

    come back when u can spell,write, think , and most importantly do maths

    forgotten about your cheap little brazilan ,african ,eastern european and french imports, have you?

    another pathetic example of the 21 st century “rude as u like” football “supporter.”

    get the facts right and do your sums next time, “clever and creative one”

  64. truth hurts says:

    if you re that good arsenal, you wouldn t be trying to brag about it. you wouldn t be getting into mindless spats with supporters of other clubs. you d let your results do the talking,instead of arguing the toss with people you don t even know, and wasting your employer s time. but you do seem to have a lot of time to waste, and despite your belief to the contrary , your grammar ,vocabulary and spelling are not top drawer.
    sorry sue.

  65. truth hurts says:

    if green would definitely get a place in the arsenal side, why didn t wenger buy him in the window? it isn t as if he didn t know the limitations before the season started of the existing arsenal goalkeepers. if it s so obvious ,”aussie pseudo-know-it-all” that green would “benefit” from playing at arsenal , then why hasn t he asked for a transfer?

    why? because he might benefit from a move to arsenal, and then again he might not. his wallet may be thicker, but he may find its not so easy for him to get into the side. if it WAS so easy, wenger would have bought the player in teh summer , at a price above the 9 million sunderland paid for their keeper.

    do u have nothing better to do with your time “aussie” than refer to total strangers as morons, as 2 oclock in the morning australia time? beyond sad. beyond pathetic.

  66. halloween says:

    a lot closer to winning the 2006 FA cup final than you did to winning the
    “carlton cup”

  67. halloween says:

    hey matmos-

    10 points from 15 ,including at highbury and emirates

    put that in your “knickers” when you do your wash tonite. on teh assumption you do wash.

    great command of the english language your colleague showed in his post ,sue.
    class act. that north london “private school education” did him and a few of your colleagues a world of good.

    keep teaching the year threes sue

  68. goblin eater says:

    fabregas – best midfielder in england? right. that s why his goal production was so prolific last year. very good player ,without doubt. best midfielder? PROVE IT .

    as for what arsenal spend, did you ever take into account that just because ,for one season ,you had relatively low transfer window fees, that does not discard the fact that you had , and continue to have one of the highest wage bills in the league. to deny that economics has had a vital role in your “success” (without winning trophies of late) is just plain dishonest. you want to deceieve yourself ? go ahead. the whole country knows the score with respect to arsenal s spending , over many many years. yes you have good players and good results consistently- as well you should given what you spend. it may not be what chelsea spends,but it s plenty

  69. goblin eater says:

    arsenal vs wigan last term at emirates.
    the whole country saw it on tv- you effectively lost, but the referee handed you 3 points .

    blacburn vs west ham. yes, we were gifted one,if not 3 points .

    fulham vs west ham and the return, west ham vs fulham . 4 points stolen from referees decisons.

    newcastle vs west ham . 2 points stolen by teh ref allowing a newcastle goal that was the most blatant offside of the season.

    so don t go moaning about our luck at blacburn , when in 3 matches , at a minimum officials botched decisions , which we paid the price for.

    don t talk tripe. talk fact

  70. 6 MILLION?!??! That guy isnt worth half of it.

  71. new york says:

    it s only natural that west ham fans would not be exactly jumping for joy at this “news”
    , even if it s just gossip or a rumor. no different to when reading fans began to tire of west ham being linked constantly with shorey. nobody wants to lose one of their best players ,especially at a position like a goalkeeper.

    one of the most intelligent posts on this thread was the mention of this being the acid test for whether west ham has stopped being a “selling club”, letting go of future england internationals , at seemingly high prices, but then being stuck in the netherlands of mid table or worse. the new owners of west ham are different to the previous ones, and smart enough to realize that taking the ” easy option” and selling green for 10 to 15 million pounds would be a step back for the club. as for whether it would be right for green himself, that s very debatable. there s not only the issue of getting into the side, but even if he got into the side, staying there. if he had a bad two or three games in an arsenal shirt ,he might find Wenger a lot less sympathetic than curbishley, given the demands for success placed upon wenger. assuming the grass is always greener can be a big mistake, as it seems to have been for defoe. nobody can say with certainty that green would start at arsenal. if that was teh case, he d already be wearing the england shirt now. the difference between green being in the england sqaud at least , and not is very simple. ASTON VILLA. they sit in fifth place.
    you can t keep david james out ,given his experience. and much as i think robinson shud no longer be first choice ,it s clear mclaren won t drop him. which leaves the third slot. with a bit more luck on the injury front, west ham would be not far behind villa , and then green might have bene included in place of carson. but without having bothj ashton and bellamy fit at the same time , we will not overtake villa , which unoftunately keeps green out of the frame. it cud be very different come november then , when with ashton and bellamy both in the side ,west ham cud be sitting between 7th and 9th , rather than between 11th and 13th,

  72. jon l.colney says:

    where did all these north london fonies come from?

    ian,get rid

    you hear more from them on here than at there library!!!!!

  73. Yardie says:

    Iron hoofs, face the facts, If the Mighty Arsenal want Green, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. So carry on beating up your gums!!

  74. Evisu says:

    Not many worth 6 million

  75. satellite of love says:

    no. you don t spend money arsenal, nota penny do u?

    then how d u happen to get that new 250 million quid stadium? just fall out of the sky from the tooth fairy ,or santa claus?

    and the wages you pay your players, (tho not enuf to hold onto old cashley cole) ,they re just peanuts right?

    you are where you are ,whether u wish to admit or not, due to finances. beginning ,middle and end.

    except in recent years you re finding it a bit harder to “compete” because of your siberian neighbor.

    and now that man city ,villa and other clubs are receiving investment , and daresay even ourselves west ham united, your little cartel has been evaporating . which explains your dearth of silverware recently. funny how that hasn t really been a problem for your other “cartel ” members.

    you don t like having to compete on an even playing field?

    then lump it. and take your foul language, your incorrect grammar, your pseudo hard -nuts who think they can pick fights physically,on a web site ,your arrogance,your sore temper, your diving ,your pretending to be injured , your ability to get so easily wound up (like your manager ) and
    shut up and shove it up

    you did get one thing right, amazingly enough. for all you have spent since the premier league was formed ,and earlier, you haven t underachieved to the degree of your beloved north london neighbors

  76. Totti says:

    I am not suprised to see most of the west ham supporters are from underclass with no education and no class. guy who claims himself clerk says arsenal fans have no job prospects? what!!!!! so that makes him a proffesional being a post room clerk. Muppet. arsenal spend very little on wages than any clubs because they pay the kids .

  77. fabregas! says:

    Blah Blah Blah, top of the league, only boro have more english players on their books, spent less than the rest of the title contenders by a long way, dont buy the racist scumbag bowyer, the sicknote dyer and sell all of your good english players. Enjoy your mid table mediocrity chaps, you will be there for quite a while!

  78. Hornchurch Gooner says:

    Green is number 3 or 4 behind Robinson and James therefore this has to be a made up story on a no news day. Wenger wouldn’t give Robinson or James a second look so Green is a dreamer if he thinks he is wanted at the Emirates.

  79. devo says:

    these arsenal internet fans seem nothing better to do than look at a west ham site must be boring on they own site

  80. marcus says:

    Wow, I never knew West Ham fans were so bitter and resentful — where’s all this bile and vitriol coming from? Did Wenger kill your children or something? Sorry, but your spleen venting says a lot more about YOU and YOUR own personal neuroses and insecurities than anything about Arsenal.

    Oh and any idiot who believes in rumours repeated by the Sun deserves any abuse he gets. I’ve lost count how many times the media (esp. the Sun) have linked Arsenal with some player or other and it was always just fodder for losers who’ve got nothing better to do than read a tabloid published for morons.

  81. marcus says:

    And to the idiots who think keep going on about Arsenal’s difficulties in the games against West Ham and Sunderland….last season Man United LOST TWICE to Arsenal and DREW TWICE against Chelsea. That didn’t stop them from winning the league.

  82. afc4ever says:

    where have you got your information from on the wage bill. Every one gets a bit of luck but you had a lot of luck last season could easily of been deducted points and gone down. so stop talking tripe and talk facts. and i bet manure, chavski, the mickeys and the barcodes have all got bigger wage bills than us oh and the spuds yeah we probably have got a high wage bill that goes with success and we have had that over the past decade. SPAMMERS V SHEF UTD you certainly cheated them big time

  83. jeffers says:

    hello spammers..seems to me that it’s you boys getting all irate on this blog. just check out the title. glad you are so proud of your recent points haul against the arse, shame you seem to have no ability in most of the other games. whilst it was a remarkable achievement for wham to make the cup final i do recall the arse making a final that year too. must be because of that team of galacticos we assembled that year. looking forward to seeing a good cup run from you boys this year.

  84. Danish Gooner says:

    Remember it is in the Sun……The same rag that told us in an Exclusive that Arsenal would be signing Rodrigo Palacios…………………

  85. wheeler dealer says:

    u want him? at 16 million we sell.

    we don t want to see him go, assuming he would even want to leave . which is a very big assumption.

    but at 16 million, you can have him

  86. wishful thinking says:

    arsenal s exemplary youth set-up?

    then why is it your impressive youth never play unless it s in the carling cup?

    how many arsenal players are in the england set-up ? one,maybe two in the under 21 s,nobody in the senior side .

  87. been there done that says:

    what have we done lately?

    beaten you home and away and done the same to man utd

    when s the last time u did the double on man utd?

  88. enki says:

    why is arsenal being insulted for a made up media stories.surely most of you are intelligent enough to realized that this story was made up by the red top. come on people grow up. name calling on a blog. it not big nor is it clever

  89. enki says:

    i would say that based on his goals and assist fabregas is the best midfeilder in england right now. maybe the question should be who is better and why?

  90. Dude, as a huge Arsenal fan I can say the probability of us investing in an English player from a Premiership is 50/1. I bet you my left toe we won’t buy Green. Trust me.

  91. Gunner Rob says:

    Decent keeper, no better or worse than what we’ve already got.
    Do people still read The Sun and believe any of the crap they come out with?
    Not happening.

  92. OzzyD says:

    Iain, can i make a suggestion?

    next time you post about arsenal, dont include the word “arsenal” in the meta tag. arsenal are second only to spurs in the list of “biggest wankers on the internet”. keep them off our sites.

  93. headmaster1 says:

    Good Godfathers, I assume old Daley turned off the moderation monitor for a day there then!?

    A few ruffled feathers I note.
    For me, it’s pretty simple:
    WENGER = Anglophobe
    result: no sale

    In all seriousness tho, a real test of Curbs credibility for me this one. Some of us have already questioned the guy’s pulling power in terms of the international transfer market especially. We are hoping that a season of consolidation and continued ambition by the owners in terms of speculative bids will yield a return in the close season.
    Green’s departure would symbolise a kind of vote of no confidence for me, albeit that the arse is an attractive destination for an ambitious player.

    Let’s hope its just a slow news week and the press are having some fun. 😉

  94. Boris Godunov says:

    As a fan of Arsenal FC I must say that it’s the “big four” clubs’ duty to get the best players out of lower teams to stay competitive. Small fish might not like it, but it’s the sad truth of reality. It’s been happening for decades now and it’s not going to change in our lifetime. At the end of the day it will benefit the player’s career, his self-esteem, and his new club. If you’re not happy with the way your club’s managed – stop supporting it! Wearing a “F**k You” hat will not change a thing. I’d personally prefer Jaaskelainen, but if Green is good enough – why the hell not?

  95. Simmzy says:

    I never knew West Ham fans were this delusional, but the proof lies within the comments.

  96. Rooster says:

    Now Now children, i have to agree with some of the arse comments, WTF would they want green for? But saying that, ATM he is better than Robinson and should be in the England squad. Anyway its all paper talk to sell papers, and the same thing that pulls loadsa punters to your website, lol.. Soz Iain!!

  97. irony's says:

    west ham 3 wins arsenal 1 what a joke win some trophies as arsenal have in the last 20 years not yo yo up and down the league like a whores knickers in your shit stadium and shit area of london, pathetic shed club piss off

  98. Sydney Gooner says:

    The Hammers make me laugh…..

    You’ve got nothing. who cares if you got a couple of results against us over the past couple of years – a religation battle is all you have to look forward to every year.

    Some ridiculous claims from some Hammers supporters.

    Play your own game and try and stay up legally this time.

  99. jamsprint says:

    gunners for life!

    “Adebayor has it… he turns.. Goal!!!”

  100. hand goon control says:

    do u really have so little going in your lives, arsenal, that you spend your free time trawling other clubs blogs ,seeking mindless arguments with people you don t even know? pretty empty life, that …

  101. club owner says:

    green may go to arsenal . but i can personally guarantee one thing. if he goes there ,it will be for a lot more than 6 million pounds. i personally will be bidding 10 million for him. you heard it here first

  102. loyal says:

    we support west ham. which means we have neither the interest nor the time to go onto the blogs of other clubs hurling insults. we re busy enough supporting our club properly,not spending time making childish,immature comments .

  103. pious monk says:

    if you feel the need to show your anger to the world ,embrassing yourself and arsenal in the process,by coming onto a west ham site to make,inane,offensive comments, then you are in need of psychiatric help. or counseling at a minimum. you are precisely the type of people who require the help that the NHS is going to be reciving an extra 700 million pounds for from the government.

  104. csi london says:

    not the best career move ,for 2 arsenal supporters who chose to bring their bile here yesterday. the internet is a wonderful thing. so wonderful that i managed to get the name.address and place of employment of these two. their employers and their families will learn over the next 24 hours about what they get up to in their spare time and on their employer s dime. best shorten that xmas list then.

  105. irony says:

    been there done that asks “when was the last time you did the double on Manu?” last season numbnuts just like you but we qualified for the champs league for the 11th time in a row, you nearly got relegated if it was not for some dodgy refereeing, we also win trophies on a regular basis not once a millienium,

    and this is a terrible site the only reason i am on it is because its on arsenal’s newsnow,
    do one hammers

  106. I doubt Arsenal will go for Green. After buying Richard Wright we’re a bit shy of English keepers, and Wenger’s not great at spotting developing ones so he’s more likely to buy a fully formed keeper like Lehmann.

  107. Also, as was mentioned, Arsenal’s not big on buying players they’re linked to in the press. Unlike Madrid, Barcelona or Man U, we don’t start a media offensive before buying someone. If Arsenal is after a player they like to do it quickly and quietly with a minimum amount of fuss.

  108. east london says:

    are you that much of a sore loser arsenal, that from all corners of the globe, you seek out phantom arguments with anonymous “enemies.”

    what have you gained from it? has it not dawned on you how juvenile you look?

  109. east london says:

    none of the the supporters of the other 91 clubs in the football league care about your trophies of yesteryear. nor are they impressed by the fact that you create chances,but hit the crossbar and the post time and again, as the game is football ,not horseshoes.

    what people do care about is your poor attitude,lack of manners ,foul language, and arrogance despite having very little to justify being arrogant about ,especially in recent years.

    if you had 1000 trophies, the other 91 clubs would not respect you. because you lack dignity ,grace and manners.

  110. oz says:

    You can bet your knickers this is all a smoke screen so as nobody knows where they (Arsenal) are really looking. As for Green he is good. But man if his luck ran out (and it will) he`ll be a normal Robinson goalie.

  111. gazzap says:

    we wont buy Green. we have other keepers who are better coming through. Green is far better than any other English keeper but not as good as Fabianski.
    The press make these things up – yesterday they said we are after Micah Richards, a load of crap as well.

    It makes me laugh when a west ham fan has a go at us for spending our way to success! did you not notice all your spending in the summer that is now in your physio room? in the meantime Arsenal yet again made a net profit from transfers. AW’s net spending per year since he joined Arsenal in 1996 is less than £4m per year. far less than the majority of premiership clubs.

  112. sore loser from bondi beach says:

    1. does the player want to go?

    2. if so, what ,if any buyout clause exists in his contract?

    given that an SPL keeper was purchased by a premier league club this summer for 9 million quid ,the clause if it exists ,is likely to be double digit millions.

    which makes “club Owner” right. the bidding, if it were to start, would be well north of the figure quoted by that bastion of credibility ,the yellow rag

  113. acid test says:

    precisely the point gazzap. even though u pay wages of 75-125 k a week to players you haven t much in recent years because your net transfer spend has moderated from its evelated levels of years gone by. but when you pay 6 fig salaries to players on a weekly basis is doesn t leave much for teh transfer kitty .

    as for the physio room, we offloaded in excess of 20 million of players in teh window so our net transfer spend was very low compared to most clubs who did any meaningful business over the summer.

  114. acid test says:

    regular basis ?
    when s the last time u won a trophy then “wiesenheimer” arsenal?

  115. tell the truth says:

    don t make excuses arsenal,9.04 a.m.

    u came on this site because

    a. u have nothing better to do

    b. you have poor control of your anger ,and can t resist getting into petty arguments.

    c. you don t have many friends, and probably didn t from as early as your schooldays.
    so you take out your frustrations by going onto another club s blog and and making
    inflammatory comments.

    great use of your time, your employer s time, and everyone else s time.

  116. tell the truth says:

    12.17 a.m. – go practice your rugby – your country needs you. and when your finished
    seek counselling for your anger management problem

    nothing like a sore aussie loser

  117. indigo blues says:

    teh west ham supporter who mentioned that , by and large , the only two sets of supporters that put obnoxious comments on this site are from the 2 north london clubs, has it spot on. generally ,contributions from supporters of other clubs are reasonable and well-mannered enough, without the gratuitous rude remarks etc.

  118. uzbek says:

    boris,times have changed. teh world no longer revolves around your club or the “cartel of 4.” you had it good for decades as you said. now your club is going to have to learn to compete on a more level playing field, although with your 60,000 seat stadium and the revenue that produces that probably won t be too big a burden to shoulder. nobody has a god-given right to trophies, as you are beginning to find out.

    a little less pomposity and a bit more manners go a long way ,if that s something north london can grasp.

  119. under my thumb says:

    you didn t learn from viera who led the league in red cards. you didn t learn from your present manager, who “managed” to nearly get himself into a fistfight with another premiership manager in the midst of a match. and now you go repeating history by enbarrassing yourselves ,on the worlwide web, getting into verbals . do yourselves a favor and take anger management classes .

    nobody really cares all that much about what goes on at a football ground in north london. the wrold has bigger fish to fry. your just not that important.

  120. crazyhorse says:

    Thank God sense has prevailed and other supporters have seen through the stupidity of North Lodondon clubs getting to big for their boots and thank the almighty and hope we don’t have to have these illiterate donkeys invading a West Ham website for much longer.I’m all for banter and good digs at each other for a laugh,but it’s them lot that don’t know their place and where they belong.Lets just remember though that for every north london club ego,there is some round there with sense

  121. moderate "this" says:

    so what have you accomplished by coming onto another club s site and making schoolboy insults?

    have you won any more points for arsenal ,or improved arsenal s chances of “winning that trophy” ?

    all you ve done is show that you re in low-paying , dead end jobs with nothing left to look forward to than useless confrontations.

  122. soul brother says:

    low-paying , dead end jobs. the last bastion for those who visit other clubs blogs for no contructive purpose whatsoever.

  123. Rooster says:

    Iain, Great article and story, nothing better than on a boring International week of football then to think of something to get the blood boiling.
    As for Arsenal!! or should i say Asenalski (Soon Russian ownership, come march 2008) they are welcome to put a bid in for Green, if Green wants to spend the rest of his career on a bench, which i am sure will not do his international career any good.
    Any sensible player would want to stay with West Ham and its future plans to be the 1 of the Best and richest football clubs in the world. check for details.
    Arsenal are now a top club, but will they be in the 5 years time?

  124. i jail hooligans for a living says:

    oxford dictionary definition of a hellhole: north london,not blackpool

    north london s contribution to the united kingdom? houses of “religious worship” that encourage unstable individuals to engage in acts of suicide bombing.

  125. i jail hooligans for a living says:

    a day without putting a north london criminal in jail is like a day without sunshine. and i on t excactly look pale-faced. nice to get satisfaction from one s job.

  126. merchant of venice says:

    it s a game ,gooners that s all it is .

    have you found the cure for cancer or aids?
    have you done anything to reduce world poverty or hunger ?

    then who the funk are ya? shut the funk up and start putting things in perspective .

  127. FAR SWIPE says:

    u like living in the past ,dont u farce-wipe.

    mugs of the month: numbnuts with monikers YARDIE and JANJA WEED

    what a surprise ,that s what FARCE aspires to.

    putrid north london

  128. Hammered says:

    Arsenal are as boring as f*@!… Why would anyone wanna join them? Their fans have about as much passion as a dead fish.

    True they play good football nowadays… But they never used to. And even still, they are still boring…


  129. death penalty for murderers says:

    terrorists. violent criminals,especially those who belong to teenage gangs. drug called football supporters who abuse other clubs sites. all cut from the same cloth. all the dregs of society.

    throw them in jail for life and put them in solitary where they belong. they re unfit for purpose

  130. honest opinion says:

    north london is the most disgusting part of the UK full stop. it s dirty, it smells,the food stinks and it harbors sick individuals who think that life is about blowing up bombs and murdering innocent civilians. north london is hell on earth- an embarrassment to the UK and to the 21 st century

  131. media profile says:

    still giving it large are we north london?

    you let a pedestrian looking man utd make you look ordinary on your own turf.

    learn some manners and to treat people with respect.

    don t show up football supporters in general and the entire football league
    with your neverending abuse towards an oposing manager who s had the better of you in recent years. support your own team for once, instead of arguing the toss with the opposition. any part of that you don t understand?

  132. indigo says:

    does north london have anything of value to add ?

    or is their contribution to england, obnoxious football “supporters” and preachers who encourage teenagers and young adults to engage in terrorism?

  133. shut the funk up says:

    take your foreign legion to the eurozone where they belong ,north london dross.
    you don t support an english side. you support a foreign manager and a squad 98 pct comprised of immigrants. go funk off across teh channel where you belong with the weak-willed french

  134. funk rock says:

    fabregas and his “pretty football” are seeing that title already start to ebb away , and the trimmings haven t even gone on up yet, no less come down.

    prove it with your feet,motormouth. you haven t won a thing yet pretty boy

  135. tripe monger says:

    stop maoning cesc and get on with it

  136. farce wipe says:

    counting chickens already, farce? then u can blame yourselves when u get birdflu.

  137. population survey says:

    biggest hellhole in the uk?

    north london – home of silver spoons and terrorist sympathizers. dodgiest combination in england

  138. population survey says:

    6 million wu dnever be enough. what part of economics do u not understand ?

    are u that economically illiterate ,north london? then take economics 101.
    or in the case of that tramp SUE,home economics 101. crumb of the earth.

  139. CSI islington says:

    take your foreign legion and funk off to the continent with your overpriced imports .

  140. i detest north london says:

    and farce wipe s contribution to england s efforts to qualify?

    not one player. not a single arsenal player in the english side, not even on the subs bench. funk off to souther europe where u belong, you illiterate north london comquats.

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