Interview with Barry Davies

I normally only do political interviews but today I had the pleasure of talking to veteran football commentator Barry Davies for half an hour on my BROUGHT TO BOOK show. Click HERE to watch it.

And if you enjoyed that, you may like another 30 minute interview I did a week or two ago with former FA Executive Director David Davies. Click HERE.


15 Responses to Interview with Barry Davies

  1. soul brother says:

    in future,van you please edit out the comments of “supporters” of other clubs who post not with the intent of saying anything contructive ,but who post purely to hurl insults.
    just because the post doesn t contain swear words etc, doesn t make it fit for posting. if it s going to irritate west ham supporters ,leave these arsenanine comments out. if opposing clubs supporters have nothing better with their time than to insult west ham,let them do that on their own sites. why allow them to do it here.

  2. Phil says:

    Very interesting – see you got in a plug for you’re West Ham blog

  3. Hammerithome says:

    Yes,I agree with the comment from Soul Brother. I was really upset the other day by some of the comments from so called Arsnic fans,so I somewhat out of character replied to them but not in a nice way(if you get my drift)
    I found that my reply had not been accepted and so therefore could not give an answer that I felt was right at the time.
    Looking back I’m glad now that the reply was not printed as it would have been seen that I was lowering myself to their standards,and let’s face it most of them are only kids so who gives a toss?
    Keep the foul mouthed yobs off our fans site Ian,PLEASE.

  4. Brooking knows best says:

    Your a real mug Mr Dale! That is surly a very large plumb you have in your mouth. Did you go to school with your mate Mr Cameron? Oh dear, you sound like a idiot

  5. Turncoat Terry says:

    Barry Davies.. David Davies.. Do I sense a pattern developing here ??

  6. Rooster says:

    Great interview Iain, Try and get an interview with Bjorg or Eggert

  7. i jail hooligans for a living says:

    brooking,don t soil trevor s good name.

    if u don t like the site ,find another one.

    and if u insist on bring class warfare or politics into play, it isn t the color of skin,religion ,or type of schooling that matters.

    some of us are interested in results ,on and off the pitch. we re not interested in dumb sterootypes ,or pre-judging someone based on color,race,political affiliation or school background. neither so -called silverspoons or working class people own the monopoly on moronic behavior or productive,wortwhile behavior.

    grow up and support west ham properly instead of wasting people s time.

  8. i jail hooligans for a living says:

    i can thoroughly understand why u reacted as you did. have evry right to object to opening up this site and being inundated by offensive ,inappropriate comments from so -called arsenal supporters. which is why it is imperative that the moderator keep fans of other clubs off the site,unless they conduct themselves sensibly

  9. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Iain, would there be any value for us to expand on why England fans were booing Fat Frank Lumplard on Saturday? We should perhaps avoid corroding our national team spirit, etc – but it tickles me that he is now qualified to sulk because the national fan-base (for what REAL reason?) has evidently developed a pattern of having a pop at him. Any ideas?

  10. Hammered says:

    It’s ths shame the BBC didn’t get rid of that annoying has-been Motson and kept Barry Davies on instead. Davies may be even older than Motson but he still has all his marbles upstairs and knows what he’s going on about. I miss that bloke on MOTD.

    I remember the days when Wimbledon (now obviously MK Dons) used to give us the whole stand along the touchline where coincidently Davies used to sit on a wooden plank above our heads with the camera crew.

    We used to sing “there’s only one Barry Davies” every year and he’d always laugh and wave back to us!

    Top bloke that Davies.

  11. Rooster says:

    Re Aylesbury. perhaps the fan base at Wembley that day were a majority of West Ham supporters!!
    To be honest, i was surprised too, he didnt take it too well, but then, who would?
    Maybe he should learn like beckham did, to take it in his stride.
    Life sux when yur on £200k a week, dont you thik?

  12. Rooster says:


  13. Rooster says:

    Keeping other teams fans off the site would be wrong, everybody is entitled to their comment, even if it is abbuse, the headline was the 1st abussive line on the post, and targeted at Arsenal!!. I too would make a comment on the Gooners sites and they know that. Anyway its all bollox made up for attention.. Im sure you knew that anyway.

  14. death penalty for murderers says:

    wrong misttra know-it all. NOBODY is entitled to their comment , if it s abusive.
    the headline wasn t meant for arsenal fans consumption ,as it s not an arsenal site.

    maybe u wud waste your time making a a comment on a gooner site. that s your choice, not ours.

  15. sun visor says:

    wrong again. anyone has a right to comment,provided it isn t abusive . those feeling the urge to spew abuse can do so on other sites and on other people s time.

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