Advert: Jonny Wilkinson Limited Edition Caricatures

wilkinson-copy.jpgNow you know that I am not a rugby fan, but even I watched the game on Saturday night – ok, ok, it was on in the background over dinner. Anyway, Jonny and the England rugby team certainly did the country proud at the weekend. Although it may be early to think of Xmas pressies just now, England rugby fans could do worse than visit where personally signed Jonny Wilkinson limited edition prints are still available. The images are by the caricaturist John Ireland and all the official prints come with a photo of Jonny signing his prints. HERE’S a direct link to the Jonny print.


16 Responses to Advert: Jonny Wilkinson Limited Edition Caricatures

  1. Colin Gray says:

    Just to nit pick a bit Jonny Wilkinson kicks with his left

  2. They did indeed do the country proud, well said.

  3. Andy says:

    Sorry mate, doesn’t look anything like him.

  4. Kiwi Hammer says:

    Since we’re on the subject can you please explain to me how the English media can laud the English rugby players for their effort in the final but then lambast the All Blacks after losing a tight one against France?

    Yes I’m still bitter but at least the Hammers are doing ok.

  5. Greezy Pimp says:

    I think Kiwi the key word is Final. Not preceded by quarter.

  6. The Academy says:

    Kiwi Hammer, mainly because New Zealand had publically “prepared” for four years to be at their best at the World Cup. Beaten everyone in the process and were clear favourites. England were hopeless, no direction, no preparation and a shambles (as the 36-0 defeat showed). Then NZ lose their only competitive match in the world cup… sorry Scotland, but you fielded a reserve team. One game, one defeat. Enough said. England responded to their critics and reached the final. Albeit in an unpretty way, showed spirit. Our spirit and your style, World Champions…. oh, thats South Africa!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jonny can kick with both feet, though I agree that his place kicks are with the left. I think you’ll even find that the wining drop goal in the ’03 final was with his right.

  8. hammered says:

    hi ian. what happened to the promise of more frequent posts? i love rugby but i would rather hear about your views on recent west ham related news. i visit your page almost every day and have been a little disapointed lately.

  9. Colin Gray says:

    Good point Anonymous – if the kit is the ’03 version that’s good enough for me

  10. death don t have no mercy says:

    the blog needs to be updated more frequently. please get that sorted. thank you.

  11. hammer time says:

    hi ian, what happened to the increased frequency of posts that you promised?

  12. sentence murderers to life says:

    consistency in updates required. common sense

  13. hacked off says:

    any chance of a portsmouth commentary??

  14. roll the dice says:

    all gone quiet over here

    what s the EXCUSE this time

  15. chef ramsay says:

    if u don t want your midriff to get stuck in the custard,then stay out of the kitchen.

  16. jon l.colney says:

    where u gone ian?

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