Roeder Comes Up Smelling of Canaries

I can scarcely believe that Norwich City have been stupid enough to appoint Glen Roeder as their new manager. In all the managerial jobs he has had he has failed – Watford, Gillingham, West Ham, Newcastle. Can any one explain to me why he, and Gary Megson for that matter, seem to constantly come up smelling of roses? They must give bloody good interviews, is all I can say.

I shall never forgive Roeder for his insulting behaviour towards West Ham fans when he was at Upton Park last year with Newcastle. His hand gestures towards us were a disgrace and he nearly caused a riot. And we were the ones who were at one with him over his illness. What a way to repay our loyalty.

Having spent many years of my life in Norwich and Norfolk I feel so sorry for the Canaries. I have spent many a happy hour at Carrow Road. However, I can do my little bit to puncture Roeder’s balloon as I have a fortnightly column in the Eastern Daily Press, in which I often write about football as well as politics.

Norwich City know not what they have done.

UPDATE: Apparently my comments above have upset a few people in Norfolk. Indeed, one person has written to the editor of the EDP claiming I have a vendetta against Glen Roeder and urging him to suitable edit my comments about Norwich’s new manager, should I write about him. In more than a year, not a word of my column has been edited out. That’s not what writing a column is about. A columnist is employed to write (sometimes) provocatively. I write as I find. If I think a politician is crap I’ll say so. Why should it be any different for football managers. Sadly my next column isn’t until Saturday week. Let me make it clear. I have no vendetta against Roeder. But I do think he behaved badly at Upton Park and that he wasn’t a very good manager. And I shall feel free to say so in my column.


45 Responses to Roeder Comes Up Smelling of Canaries

  1. Ian the Hammer says:

    Norwich City R.I.P.

  2. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Blimey, Iain …calm down – he’s holding the reins of a bloody fine West Ham feeder club. Let’s not soil our own strawberry patch because of a hand gesture. Meanwhile, how about we explore upon how some of our more challenged ‘supporters’ put his house windows through when he was having his brains scooped-out. Let’s get some perspective here, mate. COYI.

  3. Roy says:

    It is staggering to see this pair given these jobs. More so Bolton who I’m sure could have attracted a far better and proven manager. I can only assume they’ve come very, very cheap with the promise of a big bonus if the keep the clubs up. Nothing else makes any sence.

  4. Daniel Russell says:

    While I appreciate your comments and concerns, it would be much more helpful to the Canary cause if you did not do your “little bit to punture Roeder’s balloon”. I, like many other fans are right behind the manager until he has had the time to prove himself a success or failure; so I think you will find that undermining the manager will be poorly received.

    Daniel Russell

  5. Hammerithome says:

    I can see both sides here. Ian makes some very good points as do Aylesbury and Daniel.
    Roeder seems to be a jammy old sod to say the least,but truth will come out in the end and the board at Norwich will soon have the @rse ache and give him the boot.
    I have always loved going to Norwich and have had many a good weekend there. I think the football stadium is good as are the facilities,plus I have only ever seen a decent game played there,although I don’t go that often I must admit as I am a season ticket holder at Upton Park.
    In essence,I feel sorry for the Norwich fans who are in general decent people,but I do not feel sorry for the stupid idiot board members who gave Mr Roeder the job in the first place. All I can say is he must have been cheap!! Better luck next time Norwich fans,you certainlt deserve some luck now.

  6. Philip says:

    Leave it out, Iain. We don’t need you sticking your nose in. We’ve got enough to be getting on with…it’s not as if we had that many options left after our 1st XI was stripped of two of its finest assets by your happy lot. You leave Norwich to the Norwich fans; your energies will be better served reminding Steve McClaren of the continuing good form of ‘our’ Robert Green…

  7. jimwhu says:

    ian he must be the luckiest manager of all time or maybe second to graham taylor after his cock up fo england he went on to manage wolves when theywere splashing the cash like blacburn atthe time then he gets the villa job after he skints wolves then back to watford in roeders defence he was good with young players defoe johnson he did say to brown before 02 3 season that he needed two more strikers but the generous one brown wouldnt cough up that came from paul goddard i know he wasted fat franks money on repka and hutch but i rate roeder as a good coach but a crap manager he was infact six choice and i always thought he was quite honnest unlike billy bullshitter redknap so good luuck to roeder lets hopo its seventh time lucky

  8. Mike Rouse says:

    Looks like you’ve rattled some cages here.

  9. Paul Anderson says:


    Whilst I share your opinion of Roeder’s quality as a manager I did not begrudge him the opportunity the celebrate Newcastle’s victory. I was at the said game and I found some of the comments directed at Glen Roeder to be unacceptable. However passionate supporters are about supporting their club its really beneath contempt to refer to someone as “tumour boy” as some supporters did.

    My view is that West Ham opted for what they thought was a safe option – someone who would tow the board line and not keep pressing for more transfer funds. What they overlooked was the importance of maintaining Premiership status, which necessitates winning as many games as you lose, preferably more – and the almost catastrophic consequences of relegation.

    If his past track record is anything to go by he will get off to a reasonable start, and then things will start to deteriorate. My suspicion is that he is a reasoanble coach but is unable to make tough decisions. A sort of poor man’s Steve McLaren – if such a thing is possible.

  10. new york says:

    i agree with the blog owner s sentiment that the way roeder behaved when he returned to upton park as newcastle manager was appalling , and i don t think many west ham fans will forgive or forget that . particularly since roeder himself had a huge part to play in our relegation in 2003. his inability to sort out differences of opinion with Di Canio for example, cost us big time. i can understand that norwich fans want to see some progress , and quickly , because when u look at players in recent years who have made it in teh premiership, norwich should be much further up the table. some very good footballers have come through norwich, apart from robert green. for a start i confess i wish curbishley had bought earnshaw rather than let derby do that .

    a note to norwich fans- for teh reasons explained here it is hard for west ham supporters, myself included to make a rational assessment of roeder. but trying to look at it objectively, i think either peter taylor, despite his problems recently at palace, or better still, stuart pearce ,would have been better choices. in expressing my opinion that roeder is not the right man for teh norwich job, i m not wishing norwich ill will- it s my honest opinion having lived through roeder first hand. if he surprises and helps norwich make progress and proves me wrong, then good luck to you

  11. Big Pete says:

    Mr Dale should know all about failure. His own election result in losing by 10,500 votes in what should be a safe Norfolk Tory seat shows it. He was a truly awful candidate in the constituency in which I live. His intention of using our local paper here in Norwich to undermine our manager and therefore our club is ill judged, petty and mean spirited and frankly not his business. I sincerely hope that the editor of our local paper will stop this nonsense. I voted for Mr Dales opponent in the last election and now feel totally vindicated. May he stay in East London and stay out of our county. As I understood it Mr Roeder very courageously survived life threatening surgery whilst at West Ham and did his very best for your club. Football fans can be very cruel. Now he is our manager I wish him well. We are a decent club in a mess and don’t need Mr Dale to twist the knife.

  12. icundell says:

    Stop beating about the bush and say what you really think.

  13. jon l.colney says:

    give the man a break,ie across the bridge ov his nose!!!

    glen roeder is a joke.

    he has no personality,no idea how to comunictate,no idea how to comand respect and a proven track record of quite simply ‘failure’

    some people and i can name a few should accept that they are just not cut out for management.

    and also being as its norwich were all carping on about they do have a chairwoman who makes cakes!!!!!!

    leave the carrot crunchers to get on with there succesfull relegation attempt and let everyone see how glenda is such a great manager that needs ANOTHER CHANCE in management!

    ps sheff utd in the next round please?

  14. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes Iain, i can understand how you feel, as him coming to your area is sort of digging up the dirt. Personally i had almost forgotten him. Tumultuous times for us those were. Brooking almost saved us & we were dead unlucky to go down on what was it, 41 pts. As NY says it is hard for any Hammers supporter to be truly objective about Roeder. I doubt that he will be good for Norwich long term as i am sure his previous employers would attest to. Pity, as most Hamsters would have a soft spot for Norwich. I wish Norwich well & hope they sort it out & move forward. Good to see Carlton going well. I knew he would, we sure need him.

  15. Kim says:

    Well done Iain for having the guts to say what actually took place regarding Roeder. I don’t see why he should be held up as a saint just because he had a brain tumour. He was more than happy to draw his huge wages even though he clearly wasn’t up to the job. No other club would have tolerated him as long as West Ham did yet we are portrayed as the bad guys.

  16. Supernumbersix says:

    Yeah appalling behaviour at Upton Park by him and a small section of WHU fans.
    Generally seems a nice bloke, crap manager, like, big time.
    Sorry Norwich fans but I remember us warning the barcodes about him when he was appointed.

  17. The Headmaster says:

    The decency of the WHU posts on this post impresses me. Believe me, any Norwich readers, beneath the well chosen words of the above contributors lurks a deep contempt for a manager who managed (forgive the pun) to drag a superb squad of players down to division 1 as was. But for the valliant efforts of Sir Trev we’d have been relegated by EASTER had old rat-features remained well.
    Anyone listening to his press conferences can see that the man isnt going to inspire any group of footballers; he is a charisma bypass.
    I too wish the canaries well but do, I have to say, fear for you.

  18. new york says:

    agreed plaistow on carlton cole. he s giving 110 percent and he s getting his rewards.
    i had a feeling he wud take this opportunity and do something with it. very good to see it happen.

  19. Footblogger says:

    100% agree with you Iain. I was never a fan of Roeder’s managerial skills, but he always struck me as a decent bloke until the Newcastle match.

  20. jon l.colney says:

    ian , an american mate ov mine went on 3 counties radio last sunday and said the american gun culture in the usa is not the reason why this country has a growing culture the same.he had more complaints than the station had ever had in its life!!!

    they want him back next week!!!

    saying what you believe in is what a democratic country is all about surely?
    freedom of speech and all that?
    i persoanly feel mullins should be captain and play for england !!!!

  21. ROEDER’S behaviour was appalling? Waving to Newcastle supporters who were chanting his name? I guess he deserved those tumour boy chants then. As for Roeder the manager, he’ll probably do a decent job for Norwich. He was unlucky last year: I don’t think many people could have survived that injury list. Not the greatest manager in the world, but he’ll do fine in the Championship.

  22. new york says:

    well stated footblogger

    mr hudson- for the record ,we all agree that the tumor boy chants were out of order.

    but what was totally out of order, as well, was roeder,not once, not twice, but on 5 different occassions waving in a very cynical , sarcastic manner to newcastle fans at upton park. and then equally cynically going on sky sports afterwards banging on about newcastle fans being the greatest in the world. these were roeder s childish,immature ,unmanagerial ways of coping with a situation he couldn t handle.
    the tumor chants were unacceptable ,but roeder s behavior made the situation worse ,and his behavior was a disgrace. despite feeling that those chants were wrong, at the same time ,i have not one iota of sympathy for him. i didn t that day , and i still dont. it may sound harsh, but sometimes you make your bed and you lie in it- i m not referring to the illness of course, but to how he conducted himself that day.

  23. nr2iron says:

    I live in Norwich and cannot believe they have fallen for his charm at the interview and they are certanties for relegation, i was also dissapointed at his hand gestures last season knowing that West ham are “his team “

  24. new york says:

    agree on the update.

    nobody disputes that the illness roeder suffered was horrible.

    but that doesn t take away from the fact that he performed poorly as a manager at west ham and at other clubs. nor does it take away from the fact that on his return to upton park as newcastle manager , he behaved unprofessionally and rudely,on the pitch , and in the post match interview on sky.

    he made his bad with his rudeness,similarly to lampard, and now he can lie in it , as can lamaprd.

    people who proactively seek confrontation in life, and who insist on insulting their opponenents or competitors ,open themselves up to being treated badly in return.
    and do not deserve sympathy ,or respect. i don t justify or approve of the taunting of roeder ,but nor do i have an ounce of sympathy for him ,or for lampard.

  25. UScanary says:

    LOL Nice to see you were 100% wrong.

    How about a column where you eat humble pie and point to how you got it wrong with your opinion.

  26. NCFC Forever says:

    Opps. 11 games unbeaten and Norwich moving on up. Bet you feel a bit of an idiot now don’t you…

  27. Kev says:

    So, 11 games unbeaten, 29 points out of a possible 48 (since GR took charge), and turning around the worst Norwich team I have seen in 35 years of supporting the club. Yep, he is a truely appalling manager.

  28. Songwriter says:

    So, how’s it gone for Mr Roeder…..Well!

    Unbeaten in 11. Closer to the play-off’s than relegation zone after being 6 points ADRIFT at the bottom. Not bad for a team who hadn’t scored in 4,0569 hours of football including training. We had shop loads of banjo, back sides and barn doors airlifted in…for pete’s sake.

    Not only has he been publicly admired by managers like Sven and Wegner, he adored by the real people who matter, us, Norwich City fans. I’d stick my fingers up to West Ham fans if I could.

    You, my friend and most of the comment monkeys, were wrong. Wholeheartedly wrong.

    On the Ball City.

  29. Me says:

    Iain Dale – A bit of an idiot. Don’t know why anyone would emply you, as you’ve made several amateurish mistakes in this article, and thrown your toys out of the pram.

    Sack Roeder! We haven’t won since Saturday!


  30. Andy J Rymarz says:

    As a Norwich fan…………..I write this on the the 3rd of Feb 2008, we now stand 7 points off the playoffs, unbeaten in 12 games. Shame on that GR for getting us into such a position, useless man. Sorry if this sounds childish ( no more than your blog ), but in your face Iain, IN YOUR FACE……….Whoever you are.

  31. Inj roeder we trust says:

    Yeah, Glen done SUCH a bad job at Newcastle!? Do your homework before you write such a stupid article. Considering he wasn’t given a penny he done rather well wouldn’t you say? I think you’ll find that in the two years at West Sham he managed to gain more points than Curbishly, Fat Sam and Mclaren. Do your homework pal. Also – if you get a tumour lets see how you react when you get called ‘tumour boy’… TW@T!!!

  32. colincanary says:

    Perhaps you need a reality check. Roeder only reacted when your supporters started to insult him “tumour boy” etc. I notice your antipathy towards Norwich City doesn’t stop you from earning money writing in the EDP. i am sure there are local writers who could do just as good a job, and also know someting about the area.

  33. Iain Dale says:

    Thansk for all your kind comments. May I point you to a more recent piece I have just written?!

  34. colincanary says:

    Stick to commenting on your own club , you know the one who ilegally stayed up last year ? Was your flirting with relegation last year Roeder’s fault then ? I urge all Norwich fans to write to the editor of the EDP urging him to drop your column/blog.

  35. crabbycanary says:

    Mr Dale I think one of the main points was lambasting Glenn Roeder about his hand gestures after being subjected to a torrent of abuse about his illness (something he had no control over) and his subsequent reaction. Tell me what would you do if YOU were stood in front of a load of foul mouthed morons shouting at you about being gay. (Something you have no control over)?

  36. colincanary says:

    I am so mad about this – I could stamp my feet and scream.

  37. tommy2010 says:

    Hey Iain- while a Canary fan I am not about to slate your atricle and I fully aprreciate and agree with your right to write what you like!- and hindisght is a wonderful thing- I’m sure even many Norwich fans felt the same as you at the time but would not admit it now..

    The one gripe I do have is the fairly sweeping statement that GR was a failure at Waford, Gillingham, West Ham and Newcastle…

    He finished 8th in his second season at Watford- not great but not bad…

    As one of Hoddles coaches at the World Cup 98 most would agree England were unlucky to be knocked out on pens and due to Beckhams ‘savage’ foul that earned him the red card!

    He finished 7th with The Hammers in his first season in charge- er.. where are they now?! Yes they’ve had one decent season since when they got into Europe again… but GR’s first season has hardly been bettered…

    He took Newcastle from the foot of the table to 7th in the Pemiership- er.. again where are they now?! I think it has now become apparent that their problems lie deeper than the manager…

    YES he has had some bad seasons as well- so he is hardly consistent- but a more considered opinion would hardly deem his managerial/ coaching career until now a ‘complete failure’!- Perhaps why some think you are a little bitter and were waging a vendetta in the above article!

  38. Edward Jacobs says:

    Admittedly I have the benefit of hindsight but Roeder is a top class manager who has turned around the worst Norwich side I have ever seen into a side capable of promotion. Not exactly appalling. You never gave him a chance he finished 7th with you the season before that remember. He kept Gillingham up and finsihed 7th at Newcastle with little money. Thats not bad in my book! You were not at “one” with him as illustrated by the appalling tumour boy chants. I feel you have skated over his record to suit your own opinions!

    In Glen We Trust he is a legend!

    On the Ball City

  39. Tony_Munky_Canary says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Eaten that humble pie yet Iain?

    And I’m sorry but no, that pathetic retraction article of yours doesn’t wash with me I’m afraid. You’re just another idiot journalist with idiotic journalistic opinions. I’ve only found your page through a link on a Norwich forum, and I hope that I lose it just as instantly as my life is far too short to read any more of your tosh.

    12 games unbeaten and counting! We love you Glenn, play-offs here we come!!

    The EDP should be ashamed of itself. (By the way your article should have been edited, I spotted at least one spelling mistake in there. Amateur!).

  40. Sussex Canary says:

    5 Points adrift at the bottom of the table. 11 Games without a win, very rarely producing goals. Carrow Road would always guarantee the opposition three points. Players losing any sort of desire to play for the game, losing time after time. The majority of Norwich fans thought relegation was inevitable, the amount of points we had to produce seemed impossible based on the teams form. Peter Grant couldn’t do a thing. Doom seem assured towards the end of his reign.

    Glenn Roeder came in.

    A few bad results came in. He immediately noticed, and dealt with the problems at hand with minimal timing. The defence looked strong, and no longer awkward, relying on a 38 year old striker to clear up their mess. The midfield went from a side that only ever watched the ball pass over their heads, while we played route 1 football, to an engine, providing and scoring goals. We are now on an 11 game unbeaten run now, from the most out of form to the form team of the division, not gaining a win in 11. And he did all this, provided with little funds from our stubborn board (damn “prudence and ambition” Doomcaster). He’s molded a team pulling out performances that seemed unthinkable at the start of the season (if you have been to Carrow Road this season Ian, surely you’d have to be struck blind, def and dumb not to notice the up in the teams performance, and their new found spirit).

    Now i understand Roeder was harsh to your fans, but at his time there did you ever notice he ever gets a little caught up in the moment? Hell, he’s only been here over 3 months and everyone who follows the yellow and green already notices that. The incident where he booted the bag in the derby and broke a toe? Or how about almost every time we score he runs to celebrate with the fans? Over this i think he can be excused if you are willing to show any mercy, it’s what roeder is like, i mean the man suffered from a brain tumour for Christ sake. You lot seem very heartless over in London.

    Overall what he’s done here has been nothing short of a miracle. The fans love him, he loves us, and he’s achieved what i personally think no other manager could of possibly done in the championship, hell even England. So Ian Dale, you are clearly not worth the time if all you are going to do is moan about him being bastard. Surely that can’t limit his managing capabilities? I’d like to see if Alan Curbishley can take you as high up as Roeder did in the Premier League with a Brain Tumour.

    All your column has done Ian, is just lower the respect any fans in Norfolk have for West Ham fans. At the moment your coming across as a moaning bunch of C..ts to be honest.

  41. What a Roeder tosh says:

    You are an exceptionally poor journalist with bad judgement and weak grammar and spelling. You have poor grasp of how to employ irony to convey humour. (See apology thread) However, the funniest thing I find about you is your total lack of credibility. I will be joining the growing band of Canaries stating my disapproval at the EDP’s choice to employ you. Not because you write a load of misinformed conjecture but just because you are an utterly dire read. Sadly a wasted two minutes of my life I will never be able to get back.

    Now here’s the real irony Iain, mate! You write about Roeder’s failings in his career. This from a failed politician and someone who is increasingly providing evidence of his failings a journalist too.

    The ridiculous thing is, I bet you absolutely love this attention. You have never seen so many people comment on something you have written before. Right? Well, enjoy it while it lasts. You 15 minutes of infamy is close to its end. I imagine you loyal band of Hammers readers will soon realise you write a load of crap too!

    Good night, xx

    Oh and by the way, if you wish to claw back any respect as a ‘journalist’

  42. What a Roeder tosh says:

    continued from post before… (it wouldn’t let me finish!)

    Oh and by the way, if you wish to claw back any respect as a ‘journalist’ I suggest you proof-read the posts you leave on your own site. I mean it’s just good houskeeping for a journalist right? To spell correctly. On his own site. A journalist, yeah? I’m talking about the post informing us you have tried to write a funny apology.

  43. Robin says:

    Having read this I can say only one thing, THANK GOD FOR NORMAN LAMB!!!

  44. Me - Canaryjimbob says:

    I still can’t see how you can belittle someone’s achievment when your own success is so limited!

    A Tory losing an election in NORFOLK – possibly the most Conservative area of England – is far worse than a manager with a potentially fatal illness relegating a team who’s players gave up a few weeks into the season.

    They may have been good, but Defoe, Carrick and co. all knew they could do much, much better than West Ham, and this showed on the pitch.

    Also, you slate Roeder for finishing in a decent position before being relegated the following season…why not Alan Pardew, who did his best to match Roeder’s record, and probably would have done had it not been for an ex-Norwich goalkeeper…

    There are winners and losers in life. You are the latter – just ask Mr Smyth…he even has results to prove it!

    Oh, and when you write an actual apology rather than a sarcastic, arrogant attempt at covering up your mistakes with shockingly un-funny humour, then maybe people will start taking you seriously, and stop writing posts questioning your ability?

    Until then…

  45. MrNorwich says:

    Oh how funny is this article…..

    Must be feeling pretty stupid now, Ey’ Mr.’Journalist’? 😉

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