Feeding Frank

I was on the Richard Bacon Show on 5 Live last night for 90 minutes. Most of the time was spent on a phone in about whether players’ salaries should be capped. Richard Bacon said he was in an Italian restaurant in Soho the othernight and Big fat Frankie Lampard was at the next table. “Eating a lot, was he?” I asked.


14 Responses to Feeding Frank

  1. jon l.colney says:


    did you see his comments on playing for england the other day?

    how to win friends and influence people or what!!!!

    big head
    big gut
    big time charlie
    big fat useless 2 timing fat tubby lard arse

  2. crazyhorse says:

    I know this is not about Frankie Lamplard,but does anyone know if Cole will be up front on his own against Bolton or is Camara out there aswell

  3. jimwhu says:

    i hate big fat frank as much as anyone else but the sad thing is his dad was alltime great for our club the son is to big for his boots and proberly his clothes aswell hes another ince were will he be in ten years time licking arses to get amanagers job in league two or even lower i for one would love to see his dad able to want to come back and want to watch westham bonzo is back at last but i suppose you cant blame him as theres so stick towards his son wouldnt it have been nice to have seen john lyall welcomed back to westham before he died so maybe its time to get off the fat ones back

  4. Hammerithome says:

    I’m not sure on this one. I know most peolple hate him and as I’ve said before on here we are all entitled to our oppinions.The only thing is though,he is quite good in his position and does get a lot of goals for a midfielder.
    The England thing is different altogether,and most people don’t like him playing with Gerrard as the two are quite alike. As I see it that is down to a management thing and not the fault of Lampard.
    I am not for one moment on Frank’s side but I think to not like someone,you have to give reason’s for and against as it is too easy just to jump on the old bandwagon and say along with others that you just don’t like him.
    The other thing is,to really hate someone,you have to get to know them properly,and how many people can honestly put their hands up and say they truly know Frank Lampard? Not many I guess?
    No,as a footballer I admire him,but as a person I’m not sure if I like him or not,so for this reason I will have to sit on the fence for once.

  5. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Nice comment, Iain – but uttered only moments after the dough-boy kept chelski in the Carling Cup with two from behind in the dying minutes against Leicester. As for his managerial ambition as jimwhu suggests …discuss?

  6. new york says:

    i believe camara is still not recovered from the groin or whatever issue it was keeping him on the sidelines,so yes ,it looks like carlton alone up top again for bolton.

  7. Plaistow54 says:

    Ah yes, the illustrious Frank Lampard Jnr. The only player in the national squad to go to a private school. He came to our academy as a youth because of what his father & uncle did for our club. He left for the big money after Ferdinand, his father & uncle went. He slagged us saying ” When i play against my former club, i have no feelings for them whatsoever “. Well thanks for that Frank. He is overweight, he is overpaid, he is over-ego-ed & he is over. And thats being totally frank.

  8. The Headmaster says:

    Jon – I missed those. What did the conceited tossrag say about wearing the 3 Lions on his shirt then??

  9. mojitomovies says:

    Hammerithome; you raise a good set of points, but i think the aveage fans objections are based on seeing a porcine loud mouthed mercenary prick jiggling around the pitch pretending he is the best thing sinced sliced bread, the fact that he can score the odd goal or two as well makes it even more galling.

  10. tcv says:

    He’s playing well because he’s putting himself in the shop window prior to contract negotiations.

    If any European teams don’t see through this then they deserve him. If Abramovich bumps his wages up to parity with Terry and Sheva then he will get what he deserves as well – back to sulking in a month or 2.

  11. new york says:

    i ll provide you with another angle on lampard. and it is not complimentary. on september 11,2000 ,when the terrorist attacks occurred , he was spotted in an airport, visibly drunk, making crass jokes about the tragedy that has just occurred. for that ,i will never forgive him, and i will never let him live it down. it is the ultimate disgrace for a footballer, especially a highly paid one. he could score 1000 goals for england and i d never let him off the hook. booze or no booze,there is no excuse for laughing at a tragedy,and particularly a tragedy of that school. he may have had private school education, but he didn t learn a thing about manners,proper values or humanity. i hold the man in contempt and i make no apologies for that . As for his time at west ham, one makes one s own luck. you don t see carlton cole maoning about the stick he s taken- you see him getting on with it. unlike lampard, who saw fit to lay the blame squarely with the supporters. the fact that lampard took stick from some west ham supporters was no excuse for the way he carried on ,while at west ham and afterwards. a true professional rises above it. he didn t rise above it ,and nor will he,whether he scores 100.200 or 300 goals for chelsea. you can take the boy out of private school, but you can t take the spoiled brat attitude out of the boy.

  12. jon l.colney says:

    Lampard told the Daily Star: “The England thing is not important to me at the moment. What is important is playing well for Chelsea.

    “When you’re playing well and on top of your game, you’ve got a feeling of confidence. Then there are times during the season when you feel like you can’t put a pass straight.

    “I’ve dropped below the standards I want to set in the past. What player doesn’t.

    “I have nothing to prove. The more experience you get in football, the more you realise that you don’t take notice of what someone wants to say about you isn’t involved in football or is just a fan.”

  13. jon l.colney says:

    Nice lad,dont you just love him!!!!!

  14. new york says:

    the daily star comments show exactly why the guy has struggled in recent months. he should be fully focused on his game, not squandering his time ,fueling and prolonging confrontations with supporters. not to mention, his comments will have only succeeded in further alienating him from fans throughout the counntry. he s spent all his bullets and has nowhere to go but further down the fall from the pedestal. what is amazing is that neither the player himself,nor his PR advisor or agent ,have the sense to get him to ,for once, just once, keep quiet.keep his head down ,and MOVE ON.

    that is why despite having a lot of talent, he will never ,ever, be looked at ,years down the road .as one of the true greats for england or in the premier league. he will be viewed as a player of considerable skill,but who never really maximized what he had either for country or club.in that order.

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