Lampard: “You’re JUST fans”

Thanks to Jon Colney for pointing out this quote from Big Fat Frankie in the Daily Star. Pay particular note to the last sentence…

“The England thing is not important to me at the moment. What is important is playing well for Chelsea. “When you’re playing well and on top of your game, you’ve got a feeling of confidence. Then there are times during the season when you feel like you can’t put a pass straight. I’ve dropped below the standards I want to set in the past. What player doesn’t. I have nothing to prove. The more experience you get in football, the more you realise that you don’t take notice of what someone wants to say about you isn’t involved in football or is just a fan.”

I’m just about holding myself back from commenting. Oh, sod it. I have always been one of the few to applaud Lampard when he comes back to Upton Park. But he’s shown himself to be a bigger whinger than Roeder. He’s a hugely talented player, and on his day he is a world beater. What a shame he fails to recognise West Ham’s part in his development.


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  1. Rob says:

    Funny you should say that.

    I interviewed Lampard for a website a few years ago and asked him exactly that question. Did he still look for WHU results? How did he feel about them?

    I think it’s fair to say that he recognises the role the club played in his development. He also recognises the way the fans treat him now, the way the club treated his father, and he (rightly) wants nothing more to do with the Irons. Except score against you, of course.

    If only you boys had a player like that now, you might not be languishing mid-table, eh?

  2. new york says:

    this excatly the point. ON HIS DAY , he may be a worldbeater. but how often does that day come ,especially in an england shirt? not terribly often does it? about as reliable as the C2C train service.

    and perhaps most importantly, the FAILURE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE POSITIVE ROLE WESTHAM PLAYED IN HIS DEVELOPMENT,despite the stick he endured at upton park. his time at west ham put him in a position to be earning well over 100 k per week.

    contrast that to joe cole. who has ALWAYS readily acknowledged the huge role west ham played in his becoming an outstanding footballer.

  3. Robbie Moore says:

    Please!!! It was in the Daily Star so he MUST of said it. Have you supporters never worked out why all the decent players leave your club asap and you end up with Dyer, Bellamy, Parker and all the other attitudinal rubbish that no one else wants?

  4. Damien says:

    Isnt it funny, you sit there and talk about a ‘fan’… well arent fans fickle and prone to swings in emotion? you cant listen to exactly what ya mate says cos he will change his mind later, so i make Frank right.

    Also, fans always jeered him when he played for Wet Spam… so please, puit yourself in his shoes and ask if you would be all praise about the fans and club if that were you…?

    As far as I am concerned, the lad needed support, and look what happened when he got it…

    Unlucky Wet Spam… 11m was a price that became priceless.

  5. new york says:

    we re not languishing rob. and we do have players like that . mark noble. julien faubert.

    if u did your homework ,you d take note that we have 13 players injured,any one of which would normally be in contention for a startting place. so mid-table ,compared to a relegation scrap of last season is nothing to be ashamed of.

    contrast that to chelsea ,who despite spending 500 million pounds cumulatively in recent seasons,YES COUNT THEM, 500 MILLION BIG ONES,now look also rans in the “elite” group. not a great return for all that investment. even with the goals comng from lamapard,languishing would seem to be the apt way of describing your performance against the might leicester,at stamford bridge no less.

    west ham fans treat him as they do because he lacks manners, and because he conducts himself in a rude and arrogant manner on and off the pitch.

    again, contrast that to joe cole, who is always well recieved by west ham supporters ,beacuse he conducts himself like a gentleman.

    most of us don t dispute lampard s ability. what we take exception to is his attitude on and off the pitch, at club and international level, and his inconsistency.

    we dont miss him. in any way ,shape or form

  6. Stan says:

    The trouble is that everyone pores over their words like they are some kind of god. Its not surprising they sometimes say stupid things after all he is just a footballer!

    Taken in its context I assume it to mean that comments from fans are often not too objective therefore to be worried about such comments would be silly.

  7. COSTAHAMMER says:

    Rob…what you are missing is the fact Lampard plays with World class players around him at Chelsea.

    If he came back to West Ham would show how average he actually is!!

    The guy can’t tackle or Head the ball still!!…

    He gets put into great positions by his team mates,who also make great runs off the ball which helps him look better with the ball & passing.

    If u put Noble in his position at Chelsea with all those players around him..he’d look World class as well..

    He’s a good player yes!…but World class he’s not!!

  8. ikickass says:

    New York – we all agree that Lampard’s performances for England haven’t been good over the last 18months. However, he’s not the only one: Gerrard, Rooney, Ferdinand, Robinson to name but a few haven’t played consistently well at international level for 18months but it’s just Frank that gets booed for his performances. People forget that he was the fans choice for ‘England player of the season’ two years running just a short time ago. Give the bloke some credit. He has always said how West Ham asisted his development, but he was treated as badly by the club as as he treated you.

  9. Mr Moon says:

    Big Fat Frank may claim to hate West Ham, but he started this ‘feud’ with West Hams.

    He came out and wrote his book, taking every opportunity to slag the club off, maybe he was speaking the truth as he saw it but he’s not the first player to get booed by his own club and he won’t be the last.

    He goes on about how we all cheered when he broke his leg but know one in the stands knew it was broken. He just loves to feel that everyone hates him.

    I always thought he earned his shirt at West Ham and was sorry to see him go, but like Rob says; he had no choice.

    But you have to move on. He needs to grow up and get a grip.

  10. ikickass says:

    Costahammer – rubbish. Look at Steve Sidwell. Above average at Reading. Terrible at Chelsea. The players around him show him to be as inept as he is, wheras Lampard has grown into the leader of the world class players that Chelsea have.

  11. London_Lad says:

    So when Lamps scores another 20 odd goals this season then he’ll still be average? In the last few season’s he’s outscored most permiership strikers.

    He has the perfect set-up at chelsea that allows him to get forward.

    By the way he scored a header against Leciester…so he can head! ;p

    I don’t think you can even mention Mark Noble in the same breath as Lampard yet. The abuse he gets for England is completely moronic. The same fans that voted him Englands bext player 2 years on the trot are now booing him and why? He’s not been Englands worst player, look at some of the blunders by Robinson ffs!

  12. Rooster says:

    I went to all the matches, when lampard snr was playing, he was and still is a Hammers Hero, every player gets scorned when they F*ck up, and the lampards are no different.
    Of course franky realises it was hammers who made him a good player up to 2006, but even he realises his head needs to come out of his ass, his glory days with mourinho are over, that fantasy team of excellence under mourinho only happens once in a lifetime, now Lampard must come to his senses & the real world and move on knowing he is hated by the minority of hammers, but not all.
    personally “I cant stand the whinging bitch”

  13. Mark says:

    It’s jealousy, that’s all it is. West Ham are jealous because he’s developed into one of the best midfielders in the world and they no longer have him. It’s been downhill for West Ham ever since he, his father and his uncle left. He was sold for 11 million which at the time was the deal of the century for the Irons. Considering the amount of goals and minutes played on the pitch, I can’t think of a player in history that has given a better return on investment. He’s now also one of the highest paid players in the world too. He’s not whinging. He’s laughing… Laughing his head off!

  14. king s road toff says:

    players go to chelsea for one reason only. for money,which comes from siberian oil.
    players go the so called “top four” simply because the so-called top four can afford to consistently pay over the odds for top players. or in the case of shevchenko and ballack ,less than top players.

    i ll take bellamy and faubert all day long over the overpriced ,underachieving shevchenko and ballack.

    leave the insults in silver spoon land. where they belong.

    you insult, because as an individual,you don t achieve.
    never learn do you? birds of a feather. you and lampard

  15. SamHam says:

    Frank Lampost is a fat, overated, arrogant twat. I am prouder to have any member of the current squad than him. Plus I think we are doing OK so far, compared to last year considering how many injuries we have. Chelsea even with all their so called tallent bore the tits off me.

  16. Jaime says:

    Lampard??? Give me Mark Noble any day of the week.

  17. Gaurav says:


    If you are saying any player will shine around World-Class players, then you are definitely wrong.

    Look at Steve Sidwell. Best example. Sidwell > Noble, yet he is struggling.

    Lampard cannot head the ball? Hope you saw his last ditch goal against Lecister. Also, you fail to notice the number of balls he heads away from the near post while defending corners for Chelsea.

    Doesn’t matter if you think he cannot tackle, because that is not something we want him to focus on. He is great going forward and that is what he should be doing.

    West Ham fans have NEVER supported Lampard, even when he first came through the ranks. Everyone thought it was Harry giving his nephew a partial advantage, but nobody failed to see how talented he was. You have to understand that Lampard is not a player you can find in just any team. He is one of a kind, not just technically, but also mentally.

    England fans never supported him, so don’t whine about it. Over the last few years Lampard has done enough for England. He has been reliable and consistent in his performances. But he was always compared to Gerrard, who in my opinion is more into showboating than playing for his team.

    Lampard has come to England’s rescue more times than Gerrard, yet somehow people seem to see the him a negative player for England.

    My final word on this is, do not hold a grudge against a player unless you have a personal problem with him, or else every once in a while there will be players such as Lampard coming out to prove everyone wrong.

  18. Bernie says:

    ‘Rob’ – You clearly have no idea of the history behind the Lampard thing so I would advise you to save your comments for Chelski web sites in future.
    When Lampard left West Ham I think most fans understood his decision as his father had been sacked along with his uncle ‘Arry, fair play he felt angry towards the club for what he saw as unfair treatment of them. Also, most fans that I knew were sorry to see him go, including myself. At that point if he’d just kept his mouth shut everything would have been ok. Or even if he’d slagged off the club and the fans that booed him, but thanked the fans that didn’t he would have been in order. But what did he do? He ranted to the tabloids for weeks slagging off West Ham fans, the club and everything associated with it. He never once thought to seperate (much less thank) the minority of fans who booed him for never being droppped, from the majority who cheered him on every week since he was a little fat lad!! AND THAT IS HOW HE ALIENATED AND ANGERED ALL WEST HAM FANS. And he’s been a regular in the tabloids ever since, STILL moaning about WHU! He’s not right in the head !

  19. supernumbersix says:

    I was NEVER one of Franks detractors and his dad was a boyhood hero of mine. It was a minority of fans that gave him stick, but d’you know what ‘Rob’? i’d rather ‘languish’ mid table than have him back. Long may he continue to play for England I love watching him getting in everyone’s way, cluttering up the midfield. Gareth Barry p!sses all over him. He was upset that his dad was treated badly BY THE CLUB. The fans had nothing to do with FL senior going and I’ll bet there are very few who wanted him gone. So little Frankie sulked and couldn’t deal with the MINORITY of fans who were on his back for being out having it large with Rio and the other boys, when they should have been concentrating on their football. I never agreed with slating him when he was at UP and for years after he went ,despite his slagging of ALL WHU fans as well as the club. Now I don’t give a monkey’s about him and COSTAHAMMER is spot on with what he says about him. Joey Cole on the other hand is a diamond, taken too much for granted by England, you are very lucky to have him.

  20. Matt says:

    Rob – you are so deluded and off the mark. Why is that Lampard is now being targeted by England fans too? Why are’nt they doing the same to Ferdinand, Cole or even Heskey instead? Purely, as ‘New York’ says, because Lampard has no class or humility.

    His father was fired from his job like many managers and assistants are. Get over it. He couldn’t though so WH sold him because of this and their position of having financial problems that goes with relegation. Instead of moving on Lampard made antagonisitc comments aimed at WH and it’s fans which shows what a badly educated and mannered young man he is. Since then he has never apologised or even been close to attempting to patch things up but continues to try and rub WH fans, and now England fans, up the wrong way. Fickle we may all be at toimes but not stupid.

    He fails to admit or acknowledge where he came from and forgets his roots. His lack of class and passion shows for England when he is out of the foreign legion he is surrounded by at Chelsea.

    And just like Chelsea’s now plastic fanbase that is more akin to a rugby game (have you ever experienced a quieter away crowd when they come to Upton Park?) he forgets to acknowledge and remember where he came from, who is responsible for his rise to fame and success and the people that once paid his way to get there.

    Chelsea were no different to WH several years ago during their yo yo years and only the intervention of serious money changed that yet Chelsea ‘fans’ carry on as if they are something special. Looks to me like Lampard and Chelsea were made for one another.

  21. stamford fridge says:

    as for attitudinal rubbish,stamford, look no further than your esteemed DOGBA,who despite being a great player,dives and goes to ground more than anyone in the league.
    which is ashame because it makes a mockery of the game ,and detracts from his obvious talent.

    and then that fine stamford tradition of crowding around the referee everytime a decision goes against you,so much so that the league continues to fine your for it.

    stick the platitudes about attitude with the blue flag,prima donna

  22. west london spoon of silver says:

    how many goals have you scored for chelsea damien?
    are you even good enough to play for a sunday league or pub side damien?
    could you even run a mile ,without collapsing in a heap and being carted off to a and e ,damien? (what an unlucky name,666)

    11 million quid in 2001? great price to receive.

    7 million to pay for glen johnson in 2003? waste of money and time.

    found the cure for aids or cancer yet damien?
    accomplished anything in your life of note?
    risked life and limb in afganistan or basra have you?
    what exactly have you done with your life damien?

    find time to argue the toss on another club s blog which nobody asked you or obliged you to particpate on.

    frank lampard gets paid 135,000 grand a week. at that price he can afford to keep his mouth shut ,and focus on his day job,and act with some humility,as opposed to year in a year out ,feud with west ham fans.

    part and parcel of getting paid a king s ransom is to be mature enough to not get rattled by comments from supporters of england or of other premiership clubs.
    but as fat frank s bank account is he still hasn t mastered that one. and he never will

  23. russian lack of revolution says:

    another in a long back catalogue of moronic comments from the guy who thought 3,000 deaths in the world trade center was amusing. it isn t just sky who pays lampard and everyone else s wages. it s the FANS who shell out 40 to 70 quid a match ,on top of spending money on merchandise ,food and drink etc. for a man not short on calories, lampard finds it too easy to forget which side of his bread is buttered. and who butters it.

  24. Kim says:

    Yes we are just fans Frank, and you’re just a shining example of money not being able to buy class or respect. It’s not important how people view you as a footballer, it’s how they view you as a man and no matter how many times he feels the need to portray himself as some kind of victim he’ll always be viewd by his own (and whether he likes it or not he can’t change where he came from) as an arrogant spoilt little brat. I’m not bothered whether Lampard acknowledges West Ham at all, compared to the great players we have seen play for us Lampard jnr is a nonentity both on and off the field.


  26. Akshay N R says:

    I think you are someone who missed out on every goal that Lampard score or set up……
    Because if u have indeed watched him play then you wouldnt be saying things like that….
    And nobody gets picked from West Ham to play for Chelsea if he is just average….

    Check out his timely hat-trick against Leicester City-now u cant say that was just because he is in a great team! Look at the team-they let in 3 goals! And still Frankie stood out!
    He is not just a good player…he is a great player!

  27. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    It’s so easy to say all that in your cozy little world.
    Chelsea are where they are because a dodgy Russian billionaire injected millions and they bought success. If it wasn’t for him you would be in the First Division without all your bandwagon fans. I remember watching Chesea when they nearly went under in the eighties playing to empty stadiums. Where was all the support then? Funny I don’t recall knowing any Chelsea fans back then. Now I know plenty.
    Anyway, the point is Chelsea have not been able to develop their own players since the 1970’s and probably never will again. Chelsea, along with the other “big” clubs are killing the English game and none of them give a s***.(Lampard:”The England THING is not important to me at the moment”)
    So, WH may be languishing mid table but we are proud of our tradition and contribution to the English game. Something you can’t buy.

  28. Rob says:

    Fair enough, guys. It must be the players around him, and the injury list, and oh wait we don’t have any money, and he’s fat, and blah blah blah fucking blah until everyone has torn their own earlobes off in sheer boredom.

    I’ll end with a quote from, I think, Platoon.

    Excuses are like arseholes. Everyone’s got one. Except in West Ham’s case,… at every home game, they have 25,000/

  29. West_Ham says:

    I agree that FL is not world class. He has good points to his game and bad points. But people are always too busy highlighting the good that they miss his inconsistency and his complete reliance on the hard work and service of the players around him. This enables him to advance forward and get the goals, gladly lapping up the glory in the process and pointing to a God he doesn’t believe in because he saw Ronaldinho do it and he thinks it might up his own profile.

    After FL left West Ham I remember games against Chelsea where Carrick played him off the pitch. Ask me now which of the two I would rather have and I know what my answer is.

    It’s all very well saying that the fans didn’t treat FL well but he knows what West Ham fans are like and he knows the do’s and don’ts. He grew up in the east end.

    But because he handled it like the brat he is, looking down his nose at West Ham, he has turned the minority of West Ham fans hating him into a majority. I had nothing against him until he left and got the hump. So he’s brought alot of this stick on himself IMV.

  30. joe says:

    Slag frank off all you like the fact is you where booing him when he was one of one your own , he’s quite right in what he says , who gives a toss what anyone says as long as he’s doing it for chelsea.
    and can i just add 11million?got to be bargain of the century , he’s not just a world class player he’s a now a chelsea LEGEND , the fact of the matter is you wanted him out he left and the rest is history as is the battle of parsons green.

  31. Damien says:

    After reading all of these replies, what is clear to me is that Frank Lampard still makes Hammers fans give a passionate opinion.

    Frank Lampard lacks class and respect? Have you listened to an interview of his? have you seen how he conducts himself? does he rashly challenge people and get red cards all the time?

    Look at the facts…

    1. he makes Chelsea tick and has scored over 60 goals in 3 seasons, only 1 player in the league can match that and hes now gone to Barca.
    2. He covers more blades of grass than anyone… and also holds th record for longest run of games without missing one (164). Not bad for a fat bloke!
    3. Barca want him (cant be a crap player if they want him in the glory team of the decade)
    4. Everyone in the game bar the players who he makes look average thinks he is world class… Gerrard hates him cos he knows he is not as good as him… put Lampard alongside Barry and watch the goals and the team play well…
    5. Take Frank out of team and look, England dont qualify for Euros…

    Just face it, you hate him cos he is just that DAMN GOOD.

  32. Damien says:

    West Hams Reply btw… what a joke, Frank Lampard, inconsistent? you are really ‘avin a Larf!

    Just to give you a clue… a team is the sum of its components… so therefore, for people to play well, the players around them need to play well. Very few people can do stuff with a ball with 4 players around them. In fact, Ronaldinho and Zizou are the only 2 i can think of who do it effortlessly.

  33. Shawn says:

    fact is, when you had him, you took the piss, and abused him, now that he has left and gone to bigger and better things, you are like spurned lovers that can’t let go…..Boo Him all you want he thrives on it , especially coming from Hammers fans. The funny thing is, he loved West ham, was was a hammer through and through and you lot booed him, just cause his uncle was the manager and you were going through a rough patch, not realising that the whole team were under performing not just Frank
    ….Chelsea fans treated him with respect from day one…maybe you should learn to
    do the same with your future players….twats

  34. Swearry Thierry says:

    I think this is a fascinating thread, full of properly considered and well articulated comment. May I add my own contribution? Frank Lampard is a fat, whingeing cunt. “Hi! Just got back from playing like a complete twat at the world cup. Here’s my book…”

  35. Lampard performances for England agreeably is not as great as his performances for when he were at chelsea and west ham. Regardless of what you believe in him as a person “sensitive”, “whingy” etc which i would not argue with you, this booing thing is not beneificial for england. Sometimes he is not even the worst player on the pitch, there may b others who have played crap, yet he still gets the pantomime treatment. If a big prt of a football plyrs game is confidence, then plp should b more encouraging then perhaps we can get alot of goals?????

  36. Pablito says:

    There are very few WHU fans who will say Lampard isn’t a top class player and they wished he was still with the Irons. His father was treated poorly by the club, but he was in so tight with Harry that he had to go at the same time. Harry’s dealings in the transfer market were questionable at best and there were so many reasons he had to go that most of us will never come to know the full extent. The problem that the WHU fans have with Frank Jr. is the ungracious and petulant way in which he chose to conduct himself after leaving the club. If he had chose to carry himself with dignity and thank the fans who supported, worshipped him through his WHU upbringing (and paid his wages), he would be held in great esteem to this day. You don’t see Joe Cole, Rio ferdinand or Michael Carrick pilloried by the fans when they play against West Ham, but there is a consistent message to the Paul Ince’s and the Frank Lampard’s who choose to bite the hand that fed them….. you will always be welcomed back…. the East End way.

  37. Westhammike says:

    One day all the Chelsea fans having a go at us will have a go at BFF when he leaves them. How can the son of Frank Senior been brought up to think we are “just fans”. OK so we dont all have model girlfriends who we have impregnated, drive Hummers and wear bling, but surely his dad played in an era where players respected the fans who gave them the privileges they deserved. So BFF learn a lesson, treat fans with respect or in time it will be the Chelsea boys booing you as well.

  38. I’m pleased to see chelsea’s crowds have improved since the 80’s when they regularly attracted the pathetic total of 6000 fans or the 90’s when they reached the heady heights of 14,000.That’s why nobody takes their fickle supporters seriously.Frank lampard junior is a cretinous individual who needs to get over west ham and move on.

  39. chelsea lack class says:

    you can have lampard and the boring,soulless football you play.

    money can t buy love and your day in the sun ended the moment mourinho saw sense and left your club.

    we don t envy you for having lampard nor do we regret his departure from west ham.

    west ham and its supporters have moved on.
    lampard has not moved on ,and hasn t matured or learned a thing from his mistakes.

    nobody obligated frank to play football. nobody promised he would be loved or respected.
    respect is earned ,and it doesn t just come with automatically with a 100 grand paycheck per week .

    most hammers,myself included ,don t question his ability. we acknowledge his talent,although there are varying opinions on whether that means he s good, very good, or exceptional.

    what west ham fans ,myself included,do object to though are his attitude over many years,which has included stoking confrontations with all different people. with west ham supporters,with england supporters,with american citizens who are offended by his making jokes about the september 11 terrorist incidents. you name it- lampard has been very successful at alienating a lot of people ,the world over. it is not just west ham supporters he has alienated. he s worth a lot of money, and he had a comfortable ,privileged education and upbringing. but he lacks class,manners and basic human decency . always has and always will. pretty hollow life really,no matter how much silverware is in his house.

  40. face the facts says:

    you go onto westham blogs ,although you are chelsea supporters,because you have nothing better to do, because you are in low paying jobs or unemployed and therefore have a lot of time on your hands ,and you hurl inane insults, often with bad spelling and grammar,because you don t have real friends to spend time with in life. instead you choose to get into immature verbals from behind a screen ,with full anonymity,because you lack the courage to do it face to face.

    nobody asked you to appear here. if you don t like the point of views expressed here,then stick to your own blue flag blogs.

    what do you accvomplish apart from showing yourselves up, showing up chelsea supporters and chelsea football club, and show up football supporters as a whole by conducting yourselves like rude ,arrogant ,obnoxious people? to the chelsea supporters who made reasonable responses,without petty insults ,this does not apply.

  41. devo says:

    i just think he eats too many pies

  42. Chelsea till i Die says:

    Lampard averages 20 goals a season, over 15 assists a season, tracks back and defends all game long (please dont comment on his defensive qualities if you dont watch him week in week out like us), 11 million pound a bargain, England fans player of the year twice in a row, runner up to ronaldinho in world footballer of the year, football writers player of the year, masses of charity work outside of football (mock that if you like, but how much do any of you lot do?)

    Basically, whatever he does will never be enough for the sad west hams fans who cannot stomach that they are a second rate club with thick thugs for fans and bleat on about how ‘we won the world cup’ back in 66. What have you won since?

    And to the guy that spoke about our russian billions, football is full of money, only team not to have won by spending were UTD with their youngsters and fair play I would have loved to have done it that way, but hey we didnt and what you fail to realise i we dont care what you think,we were there when we were shit, there when we were good, and if we go back to being shit, at least we will ditch the hangers on that cropped up when we started winning. Most of the proper fans wouldnt mind us a dropping down a bit anyway.Be the like the old days. Crumbling stadium, shit football ahhh happy days!

    And the guy saying he’d prefer foubert and noble.behave yourself please!

  43. cyclepromo says:

    If the England thing is not important for you Frankie just step aside. Please. Let someone else who’ll do the shirt proud take your place.

  44. Frank ‘Frankie’ Lampard talking to the Daily Star! What will SUPER GOALS think! Fair play to him though, he knows a good deflection when he sees one. I’m just a fan, and i’d have never seen those several dozen he saw, and attempted to pick out, during the World Cup finals in 2006. You can’t win ’em all though, ‘lamps.

    I personally think Frank Lampard Jnr. is an excuse making, average performing player who isn’t fit to lace John Doolan’s boots. He just happens to have a bit of talent somewhere which occasionally makes an appearance. When he flashes some talent, the sports media purr over it – he is a talent which makes money and should therefore be pushed. He won back-to-back league titles so he’s obviously no mug, and those stats of his are impressive, but like “Stevie G” at Liverpool, its all talk and little product most of the time.

    I must go and increase his weight on Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and make him a little rounder… Childish but funny 🙂 Booing at Wembley isn’t funny though, that’s sad.

  45. London_Lad says:

    Just remember that Russians millions got you out of the financial mire when he bought Lampard, Cole and Johnson.

    You can say what you like but without him you WHU fans might not have had a club to support!

  46. corina1307 says:

    Lampard?, who is Lampard?

  47. HammerRon says:

    One man couldnt carry ,couldnt carry Lumpard, one man and his forklift truck couldnt carry Lampard,
    Two man couldnt carry, couldnt carry Lamp………………………………..

    He just cant be playing for the mighty Hammers anymore, our shirts is just XL;-)

    West Ham til i die

  48. Englishhammer says:

    he’s still fat

  49. totts says:

    well im westham till i die lv them 2 death cmon the hammers kick them bolton asses tommorow.

  50. Plaistow54 says:

    Ah, the illustrious Frank Lampard Jnr. I have feelings for Chelsea, if only you knew, but Being Frank keeps spouting his mouth off. Do you think we are pussies Frank ? Nah. Just a fan Frank. We pay your wages. The ordinary man who goes to work forty, fifty , sixty hours a week with three kids & nagging wife who goes to the football to see his team win & feel good pays your wages. I watched Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, George Best, Peter Osgood, Jimmy Greaves play. Just a fan Frank ? You don’t even play for England very well any more. Take a leaf from your Dad & your Uncles book. Don’t slag the club who you served your apprenticeship with. Show some respect.

  51. 3kun says:

    Japan will stun England in next world cup. Group stage, 2-0.

  52. Hammerithome says:

    Damien; Some of your points I agree with,but to say West Ham fans hate him cos he’s too Damn Good is way off the mark mate.
    Just to fill you in with the datails,Frank started the whole thing off by saying he was leaving the club that gave him his first chance for personal reasons that were connected to his Dad getting the boot.
    Then,later that year he said he would be the man to put the nail in West Ham’s coffin to send them down,and as you can imagine,it didn’t go down that well.
    He then went on to Chelsea fans website and said he was glad to at last be playing for a decent team and that he had learnt more at Chelsea than he ever did at his previous club. That also did not go down well.
    So to sum up Damien,if Frank was to keep his trap shut then the West Ham fans would not have been so nasty to him,but I’m afraid to say he has put the boot in and he must face the consequences! Nuff said I think. By the way,I neither hate him or love him,but I just needed to put you in the picture after your rant.

  53. DaDon says:

    There are many reasons we hate Fat Frank but I have no intention of explaining myself to Chelsea fans. The only thing I will attest to is that I don’t know ONE West Ham fan who would have him back. Yeah he scores lots of goals, yeah he’s probably a Chelsea legend but you’re welcome to him. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

    Jealous? Yeah right. I’d rather have had the £11m any day.

  54. Celery says:

    You west Ham fans make me laugh, Lampard is class, just look at the amount of assists and goals he’s got for Chelsea, especially over the past 4 seasons. Give it up, he left ages ago and you treated him like shite when he played for you, so why get so angry all the time, small club, small brains. You are so average now that all your best players leave, will be the same for a long time.

  55. Colby says:

    England have been a better side without lumplard. He may wonder why WHU fans think he is a tosser.

    Its simple he is shit.

    during the last world cup he showed to the whole world what us HAMMERS fans had to suffer week in week out. If you look at the players we sold and was told we could sign any two back I would be shocked if any said that prick give me Cole and I would even choose Defoe over him.

  56. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Fatty who..?

  57. Sir Cecil says:

    Does anyone care what West Ham fans think about anything? LOL! They haven’t even participated in a single Champions League game! NOT EVEN PARTICIPATED IN A GAME! Unable to even qualify to enter a competion LOL!!!!
    West Ham fans opinions to Chelsea fans are as important as York fans’ opinions are to West Ham fans. Nothing more, nothing less. West Ham makes up the numbers in the PL, like second-rate fighters are fed to good boxers for easy paydays. When it comes to REAL competition, it’s betwwen the big boys, not the likes of West Ham. Lampard must give thanks each day that he got out of there when he did.

  58. ramble on rose says:

    lampard couldn t take the heat . so he got out of the kitchen. he can dish it out with ease ,but he can t endure it like an adult.

    very childish. not the character or behavior of a real winner,to be getting into endless verbals with west ham and other supporters all across england ,years agao, and still at it today.

    if lampard was as good as he thinks he is , and as good as some chelsea supporters think he is, he s let his efforts on the pitch do the talking. but he can t do that,he doesn t do that ,nor do many chelsea supporters do that .

    where s the champions league trophy then? where s a european championship or a world cup for england then, or even something close to that ?

    where is england qualification for 2008 then?

    100 goals for chelsea? so what .

    a little less talk and a bit more in terms of results for england.

    if you re good enough, you keep your trap shut , and you just play on.
    period. end of.

  59. ramble on rose says:

    there s more to a football team than individual goal scoring stats. which might explain why ,despite spending a ton of money, chelsea s short-lived time at the very top of the english league looks to have passed,.

    it s convenient for west london to point out the goals that lampard scores for chelsea. rather all too easy for west london to gloss over the goals he DOESN T score for england.

    we ll how much lampard s goals against worldbeaters leicester matter when it comes to choose between him and hargreaves or barry.

  60. nocturnal says:

    Never have given a fu(k about Jnr since he showed his character in a bar just after 9/11, that episode showed me that West Ham are better off without him.
    As for all these plastics coming here saying how great he is, fine when he moves, and he will just like dogbreath, shovemoremoneyko et all, then we will come to your boards and take the piss as you all cry in the knowledge that Chelsea’s days have ended as all teams fortunes change i.e. Liverpool’s reign during the 70’s to 80’s, and all you plastics crawl away back into your sad unimportant life’s

  61. sad but true says:

    how pathetic is that ?

    does it get any more pathetic than west london having nothing better to do than make idiots of themselves on an east london blog, on a weekend?

    do you have nothing better to do with your dull, lives?
    obviously not.

    and your even your insults are subpar.

    stay in west london, where your toffiness belongs.

    accept it- west ham fans don t give a toss about lampard or west london.
    assists and goals my rear.

    the man is a walking disgrace to professional sport.

  62. sure ditch says:

    are you that braindead ,those of you supposed chelsea”supporters” who came on here to hurl insults.not even good insults at that , that you can t grasp the fact that you
    make yourselves look like absolute total morons ,by picking fights with people you don t even know and never will know?

    stop, for a moment, and acknowledge what complete losers you prove yourself to be by carrying on this way.

    feel good about it? feel proud of yourselves? feel productive and like you ve achieved something?

    or do you feel like a complete fool?

  63. totts says:

    im 15 just come bk from hammers they let goal in last minute im so gutted thought we was gonna win arrrrrrr

  64. jon l.colney says:

    i would like to say sorry for bringing so many scum bags on to this blogg.

    get off and go n play in the kings road,in the middle under a bus would be nice!!!

  65. West_Ham says:

    Damien, your response is typically blinkered and I think you miss my point.

    I never said that Lampard is a bad player, simply that he is not as good as everyone makes out.

    As you see fit to measure his playing ability in goals scored consider the fact that he scored last Wednesday for the first time since August. Do you call that consistent? I don’t.

    Before we look to any West Ham players who have a worse record than that remember the accolade that Lampard gets. No West Ham player gets that level of praise.

    The fact remains he is far too heavily praised, he wouldn’t get the same number of goals if he played for a team without the same midfield support (because he wouldn’t be able to get forward as much, just look at the mess he and Gerrard get into for England) and it is because of his attitude that West Ham fans don’t like him. Nothing else.

    Personaly I think Gerrard is a better player and I don’t like Liverpool that much. His finishing is more crisp and certainly more powerful. Also £11m back when we sold Lampard surely has to be a good deal for us for a player who doesn’t want to stay and isn’t liked!!

  66. new york says:

    spot on west _ham.
    clear ,sensible,well stated points

  67. Chelsea till i die says:

    Can someone tell me what Gerrard has done for England? 2 goals against andorra and apart from that? Overated in my humble opinion. Yeah he drives liverpool on, but has never been the same for england. If you have a holding player and one going forward for england its would lampard everytime. He would have scored that chance against russia that stevie “its ok when i dive” gerrard missed. Fair play lampard has’nt really been too good for england recently but still rather have him in than not.

    Easy to make Lmpard a scapegoat.How many other england players have perfomed better than him? Its mainly west ham fans that slag him off. You say you’d never have him back and that you dont miss him but the fact is you are all obsessed with him.Slightly sad really seeing as he left years ago.

    Anyway its good to see out of all you on here only tott went to your home game. loyal supporters to a man.

    Cheers for the 6 points in advance.

  68. West_Ham says:

    Chelsea TilI Die, I can disagree with the stuff about Gerrard Vs Lampard. I don’t really like either of them but if pushed I would say that Gerrard is the better player. Just my opinion. But the important thing is that Chelsea are boring and Liverpool are boring cheats. Add to that the fact that I am not an England fan and it’s clear that I don’t really care what happens to either of them.

    As for being obesssed with Lampard you are way off the mark. West Ham fans only get annoyed with him when he says something stupid, like in this post. he rest of the time he is not thought about. But he knows this so this is why he says these things because he likes to wind us West Ham fans up. That’s how sad he is.

    Again your comments on loyalty are way off the mark. Upton Park only has a capacity of about 35,000 and it’s always full so tickets are like gold dust. That’s why we have plans to build a new stadium. Plus many of us who post here do so because we live far away and it’s our best means of keeping in touch with our club and other fans.

    So try and make your comments a little less shallow next time eh. There’s a good chap.

  69. chealsea s already dead says:

    moron, you don t 6 points. you need 60 by the looks of it.

    lampard never does it when it really matters does he? when the pressure s on , he can t raise it.

    leave the bitter herbs in chealsea.

    sad sack 4 days later still going to the trouble of finding another club s blog.
    have you no job, no pride, no dignity

    how much do do u want to wager that u don t get 6 points off us punk rear witch?.

    half empty stadium for a cjampions league fixture.

    you re boring , your soulless, and yourt descent has started.

    you don t like it? come and find me pinprick. so i can toss your west london reear in the nic

  70. i imprison chelsky criminal canutes says:

    1 billion pounds later and you still don t sing.

    london despises you.
    the football league despises you.
    teh entire country despises you.

    you re millwall ,with a siberian ,stolen oil added in.

    good luck getting your unemployment benefit

  71. i imprison chelsky criminal canutes says:

    lampard can rot on the bench

    gareth barry and hargeaves over him EVRY time

    lamapard had his chance at west ham. he didn t get the job done on the pitch. that s his resposnibility and nobody else s . blaming it on all and sundry is just the usual
    fulham road “everyone owes me a living ” mentailty.

    there s more to life than spening silly money on trash on the kings toad.

    and there s more to football than bitter frank lampard.

    approaching 30 ,with a fat current account, but woefully short of maturity .

    there s more to life than fat rear current accounts.

  72. indigo says:

    where were you , when you were excrement?

    sipping overpriced cocktails on the fulham road trying to get chasing boring,frigid toffs?


  73. monterrey pop says:

    chelsea- how many days does it take to dawn on you that you re just showing yourself up, on a worldwide scale? are you that dense?

  74. jose mourinho says:

    where were you goals in austria then,frank?

    easy against lie-cester . not so easy against real competition.

    that s what happens to trash talking west london tripe


  75. jose mourinho says:


    answers on a post card P.A.B.

  76. monterrey pop says:

    how many goals for lampard then against shalke ,pinprick?
    the DONUT

    yet gerrard managed to score to help prevent liverpool being knocked out.

    take your lie-cester goals and stick them with your blue flag, west london tosh.

  77. shut the funk up says:

    west londoin tossrags – still sending hatemail and making deaththreats to avram grant, niow that you re unbeaten in 8, despite a mediocre draw in austria???

    racist pinpricks . you re an embarrasment to london and an embarrassment to football.
    and your hooligans are weak chested punkwits.

  78. funk rock says:

    where were you against everton then, frank??

  79. punk rock says:

    coul dn t raise it against cahill could you ,frank?

    clamp your trap ,wide boy, and start getting results instead of blasting off rubbish to the press.

  80. tripe monger says:

    stick those 2 dropped points with yoor blue flag , west london.

  81. new york says:

    do your job, for once in your international career ,lampard.

  82. west london toff biter says:

    nice job chelsea. you singlehandedly knocked england out of the european championships

    player ratings vs croatia on scal eof 1 to 10

    bridge- 2 absolutely out of his depth.

    SWP- 3 lazy,loafing waste of space, always too many touches, never
    tracking back.

    Lamaprd- 4 apart from the penalty ,well taken under extreme pressure ,totally
    anonymous ,with no value added . another lazy jogger.

    Joe Cole -4 plenty of effort but no end product . at all

    absolute disgrace. shame on you

  83. HISTORY? – “super super frank” , you wouldn t know what history was if you studied it for the next 100 years.

    half empty ground for a champions league match at stamford bridge- that sums up the qaulity of chelsea support.

    and as for chelsea remaining in the top 4 , lots of luck . england cudn t even qua;ify with your mob. you re on borrowed time and borrowed money .

    lampard gets abused for teh same reason you do- because you , him ,and many chelsea “supporters” are rude,ill-mannered ,humorless and arrogant with precious little to be arrogant about

  84. your on 5 to 10 times our budget west london, and u limp to a 1-0 nil win ,courtesy of a dubious refereeing decision – that s the best u can do ?

    funk u

  85. terry cloth robe says:

    great example you set for youngsters there john. grabbing luis boa morte by the throat.
    is that how they taught you to defend on your council estate ? and is that the same council estate where they taught you how to drink too much alcohol and then vomit in pubs ? captain of england? the only thing you re captain of is a ship that sank.

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