Another Glimpse of Roeder’s Motivational Skills

After Norwich’s 3-1 defeat to Watford yesterday, Glenn Roeder put on display his infamous man-management skills at the post-match presser…

“Players are given instructions on who to pick up at set pieces and when they don’t do that it is very disappointing. One particular player had let us down badly and that is just not acceptable. He knows who he is.”

What a guy.


42 Responses to Another Glimpse of Roeder’s Motivational Skills

  1. new york says:

    exactly right. what good does it do to publicly humilliate a player?

    but that s glenn roeder. always airing his dirty laundry in public.

    always carrying on as if the world owes him something.

    grow up glenn, and learn how to treat people properly before your descent into league one accelerates.

  2. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Iain, how about moving on from the Rodent, please …and big ourselves up a bit – perhaps by congratulating George McCartney on his top goal last Sunday

  3. jimwhu says:

    not quite the new brian clough is he ian more worrying how can we allow tottenham toshare our ground does the board not know that we hate them can you remember the state of the pitch when we shared with charlton let em play on hackney marshes or even share with orient

  4. West_Ham says:

    When GR was interviewed after being appointed at Norwich he said he has been in these difficult positions before and always got out of it. He has managed 4 clubs before Norwich and relegated three of them. Each one he managed for two seasons, finished 7th the first season and relegated the second. Except NUFC where he finished 7th the first season and was sacked just before the second season ended, but still didn’t take them anywhere.

    So when exactly has he got a club out of such a position? Looks to me like he is building towards adding to that unbelievable record with yet another relegation.

  5. teenage killers get lifw with no parole says:

    perfectly current and newsworthy item.

    thanks for posting it

  6. jon l.colney says:





  7. EastHammer says:

    Erm…why are we talking about “has beens” Iain? Roeder is History as is Lampard, I’d rather we fill the blog with things that matter and what matters is WHUFC. Lets not talk about people who were a disservice to us, they dont deserve our time.

  8. Glenn Roeder says:

    Pleased to see you have felt the need to comment on us again.

    However, I can gladly report that despite losing 3-1 at home, Norwich fans did not chant “tumour boy” at me or put in my car windows.

    Very decent of them I thought.

  9. discodaleg says:

    It’s a bit pathetic how you Westam supporters get so worked up and obsessed with particular issues that really don’t affect your club.

    Maybe you should be more worried about your star striker’s inabilty to ever be fit?

    Or the fact that your disgraceful “supporters” are well known for being the most vile people related to football anywhere in the world.

    You seem to get rather worked up about a “small” club like Norwich who only get crowds of 24,000 and have never “won a World Cup”.

    Grow up….please do.

  10. The Headmaster says:

    Roeder’s body language should be used in a motivational training course for the section entitled ‘how not to do it’. Folded arms, no eye contact with the interviewer, tight lipped, mealy mouthed, negative, monotonous delivery; textbook.

    I have nothing against the Canaries but I really do believe they are in big trub now.

  11. teenage killers get life with no parole says:

    bad manners and bitter herbs will only lead you the way of leeds united, oh wise and polite ones of norwich

    come to grips with your fate and stop pretending that the world owes you anything.

    even southend turned your sorry rears over . 3-1 and you mucked it up at roots hall,with your obnoxious support and all

  12. paul jewell says:

    glenn, you bring on all the abuse that you receive.

    if you had an ounce of dignity , you wouldn t heap misery upon yourself

    get pyschiatric help, those ” supporters” of norwich who have nothing better to do than waste their own and other people s time.

    arrogant ,with nothing to be arrogant about. roeder and his newfound “polite” canary

    you don t like it?

    shut up and shove it up ,pinpricks

    act like a criminal you get treated like one. pretty damn straightforward.

  13. coalmine canary says:

    to the mugs from norwich who insist on coming on here to talk tripe,what excatly is your function?

    are you employed?do u not have somthing better to do with your time than exposing yourself as rude,impolite dregs of society?

    by coming on here ,exactly how many points have you earned for norwich city in your quest to avoid pegged to the bottom of the championship like silly putty?

    nice use of your time,glenn

  14. Rapidhammer says:

    Curbs’ comments after the draw against Bolton weren’t very nice either. (Though he was right!) Hope the West Ham manager has the motivational skills to cheer up his team for Saturday’s game after having accused them of unprofessionalism last Sunday.

  15. discodaleg says:

    Exactly how many points have you earned in your quest for an Inter-Toto Cup place by pursuing a pathetic vendatta against a former manager of yours?

    And yes most of us are employed as farmers, pulling up carrotts early every morning and milking the cows. Ohh arr.

  16. new york says:

    good point rapid. i was a bit concerned that our players might not take too kindly to that . kind of thing that shud be said behind closed doors ,not publicly.

  17. coalmine canary says:

    do u have a life disco-moron , or do uou take pride in being one of the biggest wastes of space in the history of the internet.

    find something to do with your life and stop being a sore losing whinge-bag.

    shut up and shove it up, pinprick

  18. ipswich town says:

    gotten a payrise ,a promotion ,or anything contructive in teh last decade disco dolly?

    then stop showing yourself up 24/7 in public

    you just prove it more and more to the world that you are one of life s losers.
    nice PR job, punkwit

  19. Glenn Roeder says:

    Coalmine Canary said: “to the mugs from Norwich who insist on coming on here to talk tripe, what exactly is your function?”

    I think you will find the author of this blog started this by taking TWO swipes at our new manager within a week.

    Seems to me this site is just about Lampard and Roeder.

    And for the record, good old Frank, I love it when he rubs West Ham’s grubby little nose in it each season.

    Still, he’d of being better off staying at your place wouldn’t he? Seeing as you’ve won a major trophy less recently than us!

    Still, Champions League soon eh? Wow.


  20. ipswich town says:

    disco died in teh 80 s ,comquat.

    you re even more backwards than farmer john

    most inane moniker ever.

  21. Glenn Roeder says:

    A more truthful summary of Roeder, from sports writer Mick Dennis’ column today:

    “At West Ham, he followed Harry Redknapp – and it is this episode of his life which has been subject to an almost Stalinist revision by biased critics. West Ham fans have persuaded themselves that Roeder blew Redknapp’s legacy and took a good team down from the Premiership.

    It was not like that at all. Redknapp had filled the club with renegades and rebels, as he often does. There was also a sprinkling of expensive mistakes on the books and the graph of West Ham’s performances was on a downward slope when Redknapp was sacked. In his last season, they finished 15th in the Premiership.

    Roeder took over, had some battles with Paulo Di Canio and others, and finished seventh.

    The following year, the West Ham board refused to invest as much in new players as Roeder told them was necessary. Goalkeeper David James missed a couple of months though injury and West Ham struggled.

    In the spring, Roeder suffered a brain aneurysm. He was still recovering from the surgery which saved his life when West Ham were relegated with 42 points (a total which would have been sufficient for safety every subsequent season).

    The board sold several players in the summer. Roeder bravely returned to work for pre-season training but was sacked three games into the season.”

  22. Philip says:

    I’m sorry. I’m coming to this late, but how thick are you New York? A manager goes out of his way NOT to mention a player’s name, yet you berate him for publicly humiliating the (I’ll use capitals for emphasis) UNNAMED player. I may be from Norfolk, but that doesn’t strike me as being either public or humiliating…

  23. new york says:

    phillip then you re even dumber than you sound .
    who gives a toss that the player was UNNAMED schmuck??
    anyone involved with the match would have known precisely which player involved failed egregiously in marking hsi man on set pieces

    you may be froim norfolk but that s no excuse.

    not public- then its private then airring it out in teh tabloids and on television?

  24. harry redknapp says:

    glenn , carry on living your life making excuses .

    you failed, in every job you ve had.

    you ve alienated people everywhere you went.

    and you ll do teh same at norwich. enjoy each other.


  25. league one bound says:

    gee ,that wud be really tough to figure out who that was then phillip,wouldn t it?

    useless pinprick . need CSI NORWICH to figure that one out ,tosswipe

  26. league one bound says:

    with norwich supporters like these on here, they deserve all teh misery that s coming to them . bitter and twisted mugs who get wound up about comments that aren t even on a norwich blog.


  27. astro turf says:

    ls=osing 6-0 to fulham when your premiership survival depended on it.
    thats s what norwich city has accomplished in the 21 st century
    unproud and undignified

  28. Philip says:

    Little ones, little ones. Why so stressed? You’re absolutely right to point out that it would not have been hard to figure it out who the culprit was. It was obvious to all who saw the game. Which by my reckoning wouldn’t have been any of you wise arses. If anything Roeder’s decency held him back in his criticism: there was a whole lot more that needed saying. And let’s make one thing clear – there’s no bitterness from Norwich fans: we’re quite happy with our lot: we’ve still got our own club. And since when do you have to be a West Ham fan to comment on here? I like West Ham, always have. Norwich and West Ham go back a long way – Ken Brown, Martin Peters etc – but that shouldn’t prevent me from commenting when you slag off a manager who left your club in the back of an ambulance….

  29. hard luck says:

    who are you?

    you re 24th place,rooted to the bottom of the coca cola chanpionship like bubble gum to pavement.

    you ve been as close to winning an FA cup final as you ve been to landing on mars for decades now.

    shut the funk up and start supporting your team properly,on your own funking blog,instead of making a cow s rear of yourselves for 4 days running.

    funk off

  30. bad history says:

    the point isn t so much someone from norwich coming on here,as the manner in which you do so.

    to come on here ,like a pratt, and say “how thick are you” ,because you re opinion differs,not only makes you look foolish ,but proves that you are.

    the point wasn t so much whether the player wqs actually named or not- roeder didn t leave much to the imagination in the wqy he handled it, and i can assure that the player involved,and probably most norwich players,would not have appreciated the way it was handled. it should be beyond doubt that handling the mistakes behind closed doors would have been the more sensible option.

    to keep banging on about roeder s illness clarifies nothing either. yes it s unfortunate what happened to him ,but that is completely seperate from the issue that he was ineffective as a manager at west ham(and elsewhere ).

    his illness also does not excuse him returning to upton park and deliberately antagonizng west ham fans. most west ham fans will agree that it was totally unacceptable for people to yell “tumour boy ” at him.

    but ,most west ham fans will agree that there was absolutely nothing wrong with saying “you re the one who took us down.” because he did. that s the fact.
    singl;ehandedly? no , of course not. the west ham board had a lot to answer for ,as did a bad run of injuries,but roeder had a major role in the relegation. his inability to sort out differences between him and the best player at the club at the time,Di Canio ,cost the club dearly.

    a lot of the criticism leveled at roeder is deserved. note the word criticism ,as compared to the word abuse.

    i don t go onto other clubs blogs- never felt the desire or need to. but if i did ,it certainly wouldn t be to take thick mick with phrases like “how thick are you”.
    you come on to this site like that, and u deservedly invite all the abuse you get.

    have an opinion ,fine. but don t express it like an effing canute

  31. West_Ham says:

    I think Glenn Roeder’s post above is a bit off beam.

    Just so we are clear on what happened with GR at West Ham. Redknapp finished 15th and then the following season was sacked mid way through the season. Roeder came in, spent about £12m on three players (James, Repka and Hutchison) even though Hislop was doing fine in goal and we finished 7th. He did this on the back of Redknapp’s reign, with Redknapp’s players still playing the way they always had because of Roeder’s inept ability to enforce his own methods.

    Then he was given no more money (probably due to the way he spent the last lot) and in his first full season he got us relegated. We saw fights amongst players and fans. PDC negotiating with GR on the touch line about whether he should be substituted or not, Repka attacking West Ham fans and Ian Pearce and Joe Cole getting into fights after the Bolton game because they had no idea how to handle Bolton’s physical spoiling tactics. We also saw Ian Pearce playing as a striker!!

    All this because there was no authoruty in place from the manager and no strategy issued from him to the players about how to approach each game. To say he is inept is an understatement. The corrupt board at West Ham at the time carries the can for alot and so they should. But GR will always be responsible for his part of failing to manage the team properly.

    I feel for Norwich because generally they are a good club and they have produced some good players and some memorable moments over the years. I just hope in the two years he is there he does less damage to them than he did us.

  32. Glenn Roeder says:

    West Ham. Lol.

  33. comquat eliminator says:

    when exactly is the last time you qualified for europe then ,PINPRICK??

  34. trash eliminator says:

    well stated west _ham , re the FACTS , rather than the distortions about roeder.

  35. Philip says:

    Fair points, bad history. The reason I felt that Roeder was reasonable in his comments on this occasion, was because the player in question – funnily enough, ex-West Ham – was out of the door the next day. In normal circumstances managers should not single out players for criticism, but, in his present condition, John Hartson aint a normal circumstance…

  36. questions still being asked? says:

    still think it was worth sacking nigel worthington?
    still think it was worth sacking peter grant?

    and still think roeder was an appropriate replacement?one point from nine.

    we ve expressed to you why west ham fans felt roeder was not
    going to help.

    but the more interesting question, across all leagues , is does it make sense to be sacking people so quickly and so frequently? does it really change anything?

  37. nr2iron says:

    In my 47 years of living in Norwich they have never been in this position but i fear they will be relegated this season because of a combination of errors,we unlike them got up and stayed in the big league and at last getting rid of the dead wood we had running(ahem) our club have moved on to the next level which is mid-table obscurity unless our manager performs miracles.Roader is unfortunatly a bad manager end of but i doubt without major financial backing they can avoid getting relegated and in my mind this time next season they will have sacked him and made another appointment of a mediocre former player.Football outside the big 4 is dead and buried and even after witnessing our 5-0 romp on saturday i am not convinced Curbs is much better than Roader and with the likes of Spector and Pantsil filling our squad the days of more cup finals still look a long way off.

  38. new york says:

    what is going on at norwich is scary in that it reflects what the previous post said, that “football outside the big 4 is dead.” the cost of getting relegated, and teh consequences ,seem to be getting more dire with each season. it seems inconceivable that 3 seasons ago norwich were in the premiership, and now they will have to fight to remauin in the championship. leeds perhaps a better example. how is it possible for these nasty declines to take place? Not just because of the ever increasing influence of money on teh game, but because of the inevitable hasty sacking of managers that is associated with that influence. you now not only have a huge gap between the top 4 and all else. you now have a widening gap between the mid-table sides in the premiership and those in the bottom 6. doesn t bode well for the prospect of interesting competition, or good football to watch.

  39. nr2iron says:

    I would bet my last pound that a majority of people that go to premiership matches go because they like the day out rather than the match,look how many people leave the game early and its staggering the amount especially if their team is losing,i go for the crack and meeting up with mates i have known pushing 30 years and as i get older that means more to me than the drabble we watch most weeks but the football is the common bond between us.I can see the day not too far away that grounds are more than half empty as you can only put up with so much and the tv moguls have an awful lot to answer for.

  40. u got mugged says:

    i never thought i d say this , but england v croatia proved that roeder is not the worst manager in english football. steve mcclaren is. and he smella like stinking bishop cheese to boot.

  41. who the funk are you says:

    still talking tripe glenn?

    still rooted at the bottom ? how s that relegation battle going you rude,ill mannered miserable excuse for a human being?

  42. NCFC fan says:

    I’d hit upon this thread by mistake, and found it quite amusing. Look at the table. We’re 13th, and unbeaten for 11 games, without speinding on new players. And it’t mostly down to Roeder.

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