Lampard Comes out of the Closet…

As a Tory. Today Chelsea’s Frank Lampard declared that he’s a Tory supporter and would like David Cameron to win the election. He told the Daily Mail: “I had a really good chat with David. As a footballer I don’t want to get involved with the campaigning thing but I am a Tory and I really like David Cameron.” Good for him. [grudging respect] As you might imagine, I am not Frank Lampard’s greatest fan after his derogatory comments about West Ham, but he can’t be all bad, I suppose [/grudging respect]. Sorry, I take that back. He’s still a tosser.


33 Responses to Lampard Comes out of the Closet…

  1. paul bailey says:

    I knew he reminded me of someone but couldn’t remember. Now i know its ” Tory boy” from the Harry Enfield series.
    I bet his dad never voted Tory he was a good working class boy from London. But see how earning 100k and living in chelsea a can even change you into even liking Cameron.

  2. Ady says:

    Really? Fat ‘Public schoolboy’ Lumpalard a Tory, what a suprise!

  3. headmaster1 says:

    What you have to remember, Iain, is that for every blog reader that your post appeals to in terms of political allegiance, there will probably be an equal number for whom this merely confirms what they already thought about old Frankie boy!

  4. Tim B Leweed says:

    Tumbleweed – West Ham is not for your politics or Frank Lampard’s as much as you may want to push it… so just turn it in…

  5. new york says:

    yes, i couldn t help but notice that little tidbit in teh evening papers. there s a lot i dislike about lampard ,but i won t fault him for taking an interest in politics ,which ever party it is ,so long as it s a legitimate one . wed probably struggle to find 10 premiership players with any interest in politics , so for perhaps the only time in my life, i ll give the man credit for something.

  6. Prince H says:

    Well, for me it just says all about tories. Once again. West Ham is a working class team from the poorer parts of London and no wonder the tory guy Lampard left for Chelski. I can understand that you involve politrics on your site, but please beware – don’t do it too much, cause most west ham fans are not right wingers and will never be. So please stick to team Q:s. Good luck!

  7. Sirtrev says:

    Oh dear. Says it all I’m afraid. Spoilt little rich kid, pampered and nursed through his nice public school ecucation until he finally makes it big. Does he grow up with some sense of humility, respect for others or for those who got him to where he is today? Does he understand that even though he has had it easy, there are a lot of people out there who struggle every day in the kind of hardship that he can barely dream of? Does he really know what it’s like to have very little or nothing and to be in a position where you can only dream of earning enough to pay 40% tax? Well believe it or not, some people with a similar background to him have managed it, but not our Frank. Arrogant, conceited, blinkered and puffed up with self importance…and a Tory.

  8. David Keane says:

    You know, I didn’t think he could sink any lower in my esteem for him. But there we go!

  9. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    I shouldn’t generalise but the expression ‘Public School Twat’ comes to mind.
    So Fat Frank advocates flogging-off school playing fields & depriving kids of their morning milk (ie, Thatcher). My mistake, Fatty went to a public school so his playtime and nutrition are taken care of with a lovely big field to run around in and a wet-nurse’s ample bosom to nourish him.

  10. Plaistow54 says:

    Thank god for those last four words Mr.Dale, you scared me.

  11. TB says:

    David Cameron is very clearly just “Tony Blair without the integrity”.

    Of course Lampard likes him.

  12. redkipper says:

    Fat boy a Tory – no !!! He also can’t understand why WH and England fans boo him ,he should think why Cottee and Rio always get a cheer by our fans – that’ll give him a headacahe!

  13. leo says:

    Makes me laugh to think that his dad was brought up in a working class family and as soon as little frank gets rich. He starts to think he is middle class and forgets about his roots. My personal view is that i hate David Cameron my the man is an idoit and that just tell the story nice and sweet so two the two idots should go F*** them selfs, Fatty Lampard and the Great Pretender piss off.

  14. When is it an advantage to be a Tory? Unless it’s jobs for the boys…
    Come to think of it, when is it really an advantage in this day and age to be linked with any of the gravy train bunch who populate the political landscape on both sides of the ideological fence – not that this seems to divide them anyway…

  15. anyotherbizniz says:

    Not so much ToryBoy. More Loadsamoney I would have thought.

  16. dvotee says:

    ha ha!!! Lampard > Loadsamoney – thats sooo funny.

  17. Stelios J says:

    So, Fat Lampard has no redeeming factor whatsover…quelle surprise!

  18. WestHamForever says:

    Personally i couldn’t give a monkeys who lampard votes for!
    And can we just get over the whole thing! He left west ham, let’s move on. Could we really expect a talent like him to stay at a time when the club’s board showed no ambition. We sold Rio to Leeds and used the money to build a stand instead of buying players! The fans were narked off with the club at the time, so it makes sense that some of the players were too.
    Don’t care what he does for chelsea but i do care how he performs for England. And how’s he supposed to recapture his old England form with his own fans booing him??!!
    When it comes to footballers we should only care what they do on the pitch. I’m never gonna cross paths with lampard in everyday life so what he says or does off the pitch is irrelevent to me!!

  19. APPY HAMMER says:

    yeah at least cameron is a lot better than Gordon Monkey boy Brown…he is a complete tosser – tax this tax that, his focused in our education and so much so that our kids can’t even read, and don’t even get me started on the state of the NHS…it takes one to go to hosital when ill and once there you catch something else…this country is messed up, I think it’s about time we had a change! I’m with Ian on this…

  20. BAC says:

    Frank Lampard is entitled to his political opinions, the same as everybody else, and he gets one vote every now and again, the same as everybody else.

    I don’t think his politics are relevant to his qualities as a footballer, any more, say, than Paulo Di Canio’s ‘Ultra’ politics were to his qualities as a footballer. Paulo’s views didn’t stop the Upton Park faithful from singing his praises at the top of their voices, and if Frank hadn’t gone out of his way to rubbish the club and its supporters, I’d bet he’d still be popular with them, regardless of his political opinions.

    I don’t believe all West Ham fans are Labour Party supporters, anyway. Given the way the Government has scuppered people’s pensions, lumbered our kids with tuition fees and student loans, sent our troops to war under false pretences, sold off honours to their sponsors, soaked us with stealth taxes, eroded civil liberties, kept petrol prices sky high, cocked up the NHS and education, etc., etc., people would have to be total mugs to still trust them.

  21. new york says:

    interesting comment by appy hammer re NHS. Having been in an NHS hospital a couple times recently ,regardless of one s political affiliation ,the state of the NHS is scary. whats confounding is that a lot of money has been put into it in recent years. if it was a case of chronic underinvestment , i could undertsand it ,but serious cash HAS
    been put into it. Appears not have been used very efficiently ,unfortunately . bit off teh football track,but topic was interesting

  22. Cottee Potty says:

    Of course Lampard is entitled to his opinion on politics. Though ‘I think Dave Cameron is a nice guy ‘ is’nt an vote winner for me , Tony Blair was a nice guy .
    I know that all Hammers are not labour supporters . I for one will never vote Tory and I never voted for Labour at last election on principal of the war ( something I never agreed with from the very beginning , unlike most people). All the things that Labour have got wrong will all be done just the same by the Tories if they get in. I am glad the Tories are getting stronger though as we need strong opposition to prevent the government running roughshod . As long as they stay in opposition I’m happy.

  23. dR jOnEs says:

    Here guys i have a few points to make!tell me if you yourselves would support these reforms if i was in power:

    -Abolition of unemployment benefit for able bodied citizens without household duty.

    – Substantial increase in working family tax credits

    -Rape problem? Castration 🙂

    -Crime and anti-social behaviour among serious youth offenders; sent into army camps for a period of time!!

    Just to mention a few

  24. devo says:

    i don’t care about pieface he’s history

  25. Lee says:

    Ow dear who would have thought that the most overrated football player in the england team has overrated a delinquent such as David Cameron. Next it’ll be David Beckham being quoted ‘That Mr Bush guy is a nice fellow’ utter blasphemy .

  26. jose mourinho says:

    the policies on a number of things need significant changing,i.e. NHS,escalating teenage murder rate,the ease with which terrorist sympathizers enter and remain in the UK etc. as to whether the tories wud do better on these issues is of course endlessly debatable. but it s beyond dispute that the policies on these issues in recent years have been ineffective- and we re paying a huge price for that now.

  27. avfc456 says:

    The guy has an opinion on politics, so what, fair play I say, I’d rather read about that than some sex scandel many footballers get involved in today

  28. hard luck says:

    spot on avfc

  29. West_Ham says:

    As a working class West Ham supporter I, naturally, vote Labour. I do so not on current affairs or events. Not even because I am a political person. But because historically they stand for the working man and prevent rich fat cat leaders from giving to the rich what they rob from the poor. Yes, I remember the last Tory reign.

    So as Lampard has a bigotted, bureaucratic and blinkered outlook on most things, and he plays for the ‘Tory Boys’, it’s no surprise to me that he has taken what he thinks is the fashionable route in politics and voted Tory.

    Ian, you seem like a reasonable chap but I think you have got this one wrong mate. You need to see the light and vote for the working man instead of the capitalists. 😉

    Didn’t the Tories recently suggest that the public should run their own public services? In other words if we don’t like our local school we can ‘create another one’. OMG what planet do these people live on? Do they really think this will win over some votes from us ‘thick poor people’?

    What would happen if it worked and we voted them in? They would either do the usual trick of ignoring their promise or they would implement this farcical idea and fund it by closing down twice as many other services as they needed to.

    Rant over.

  30. opengoal says:

    Suits him don’t you think?

    (Apologies if this message is considered a spam. It’s not – we just hoped it would make you laugh!)

  31. new york says:

    cameron has some legitimate and reasonable criticisms to make of the incumbent government. where cameron needs to improve dramatically is to come up with realistic ways of improving what he criticizes in labor. he s not wrong to find fault on a number of issues . but finding fault is not in and of itself enough. concrete plans to make things better ,within realistic financial parameters are the more important step. he hasn t made that step yet.

  32. Brian Sains says:

    Ofcourse Lampard is a Tory, Iain. Only people has filthy rich as him could afford houses if the Tories get in again and interest rates go up to 15% AGAIN !!!!!

  33. Shammer says:

    Oh and this wonderful,corrupt government has done so much for the people in this country hasn’t it?.labour as bad as it’s always been.

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