Hammers to get a Brazilian?

The Sun reports that West Ham are to make a £5 million move for Brazilian star Marcelo, currently with Panathinaikos. They reckon we’ll sell Hayden Mullins to fund the deal. Call me old fashioned, but I doubt whether old Hayden is in the £5 million bracket. He won’t need a work permit as he holds an Italian passport. The fly in the ointment? His adviser is our old friend Kia Joorabchian. Oh well, nice thought while it lasted.


23 Responses to Hammers to get a Brazilian?

  1. jon l.colney says:

    kia never did buy a club did he!!! all mouth as usuall.

    mullins cant leave,he’s far to important as a squad player !!!

  2. Andy john says:

    The start of November and already the January transfer rumour mill is grinding out all sorts of rubbish….but…I love it !!! Except, for the re-emergence of the Nicky Shorey rumours……i really hope that is not on the agenda for Curbshley as McCartney is in great form and more importantly doesnt seem to get injured !

  3. new york says:

    agree that selling mullins is senseless. good squad player in a midfield that shows no sign of recovering from injuries any time soon

    as for joorbachian, i wouldn t want the player if he gave us the player for free. that agent belongs in a cesspool or in prison.

  4. hammered says:

    Why does the club seem intent on selling Mullins? he has been great for us this year. Solid, hard working and contnent to just get on with his game and not mouth off. Players like him are hard to come by in these money grabbing days.
    I admit that i thought he was one that could have gone last summer but he has changed my mind now. I put him in the same bracket as Danny Gabidon, both hard working team players that will do a good job when called upon.

  5. Stuart says:

    I didn’t know that Mullins had an Italian passport and Kia was his advisor – wow, all news to me.

  6. Mike - Hornchurch says:

    Why would we need to sell to finance a £5m transfer? Thought we were in big spending league now!

    Agree with Andy john about Shorey rumours. I was all for this in the summer but MACCA has to be number one now. He has got my hammer of the year vote already. We need to buy cover for him not use him as cover for someone else.

    When will new ground announcement be made?

  7. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    This one smells a bit cos I doubt if we’re #1 of Joorabchian’s Christmas card list.
    We’ve the busiest physio in the league so what crock of crap is Marcie gonna bring to the Surgery Waiting Room?

  8. new york says:

    with noble out now for 3 weeks ,having had a “double hernia”, it begs teh question , do we not seem to have a number of players with this same type of injury(bellamy and others) ? what is it in teh training regime that is contributing to all this?

    agree on comments regarding shorey. mccartney has done very well- do we really need to spend the cash on shorey ,other than for insurance in case of injury to mccartney? it wud seem the money wud be better spent on a top drawer striker, if we can find one.

  9. hammer time says:

    we need mullins

  10. Betfair Kid says:

    I was also wondering about the training regime with all these injuries. Who knows what is going on. There is no doubt that there some sort of rubbish warm-up lead to Dyer’s injury.

    Andy, I can’t believe the rumour mill is opening already either. The Shorey rumours were bound to come up. He can’t be doing all that well this season though can he? Reading have conceded 26 goals in 12 games!

    As for Mullins, I think without injuries he could be worth £5mil but I don’t think any club would be prepared to pay that much for him, and so we would not receive enough money to buy someone of similar ability.

    It’s nice to see the Adriano one popping up though. Even if we don’t actually sign him, at least it’s nice to be linked with big name players and not the likes of Paolo Wanchope.

  11. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, Mullins has worked hard. Business is business but would be sad to see him get traded. Marcello is a good player. So is Adriano. A few problems but maybe too much time on his hands contributes to that. We are starting to talk about some big players now. I hope Curbs can pull off a big signing, possible. I am starting to get excited about the window. We are headed in the right direction. As much as i like english players, if we want to go to Europe then we need to sign players who have experience in Europe. It is the next step.

  12. new york says:

    short and sweet hammer time.
    and 100 pct accurate- nice one

  13. The Headmaster says:

    My God, a string of posts where we are all actually in agreement! Frame this one, Iain.

    Andy John has it spot on for me. It is actually quite boring, not to say frustrating and a form of self delusion and masochism, to start this endless speculation about which particular superstar we are supposedly interested in when (and its 8 weeks off) the transfer window opens.
    I for one found the whole tortuous business during August almost unbearable, and climaxing in the whimper of Solano and Camera on 31st August at about 11.53pm if memory serves. I refuse to even take any rumour from here on in seriously, just to attempt to hold on to the last threads of the sanity that I do possess. 😉

  14. ironsmith says:

    like most other west ham fans i am so excited about the future of our great club and particularly with the transfer window looming. I hope curbs has a successful january and brings in some real quality foreign or otherwise as it is blatantly clear that with the amount of injuries sustained we have been reduced to a lower level despite the praiseworthy efforts of the squad. In addition a mid table position may prove more attractive to a better player than 18, 19, 20. At some point we will make the breakthrough with a top draw signing- maybe adriano and after that it will be a case of ‘fasten your seatbelts- it will be one hell of a ride’

  15. new york says:

    regarding the window,it does get almost boring hearing about links 90 pct of which are utter nonsense. i d be happier if we get one top drawer player, a forward,rather than 3
    satisfactory ones. one irony is that ,at the price, nobster is starting to look like the best piece of business we did in the entire previous window,even taking into account bellamy s positive contribution .

  16. Nails says:

    I think that whufc fans will be in for a similar transfer window as in August, NO ONE DECENT WANTS TO COME AND PLAY FOR UNCLE ALAN!

    If Arsenal win a trphy this year and god forbid Spurs turn up a shock in the UEAFA I wonder the pressure will make the egg crack, we will not attract CL players whilst Alans there.

    Also Mullins he’s ok but can you see him doing the business against the likes of european
    competion. Lets loose the empathetic sad loyalty for an average player. West ham menatality lives on.

  17. Padrecoffey says:

    Really interesting thread. Highlights for me:

    + Everyone has the same injuries. I, for one, am suspicious of this. Lets hope there is some analysis of what/when/how they happened. I’d hate for us to blight the season with avoidable and unecessary injuries.

    + The rumour mill throwing up exotic and unobtainable players. I’d hate us to mirror Spurs’ behaviour of a few years ago and pitch in for every big name regardless. We’ll be a laughing stock (as they were/are).

    + McCartney is our best player thus far (Mullins not far behind frankly!) He has responded to the challenge and played out of his skin. We do need cover and I expect a signing in Jan but I think £5m for Shorey is beyound whats required – I wonder if a 6 month loan or free transfer until next summer might tide us over.

    + One last thing – Ashton contract situation. I don’t recall what length of contract he is on and I do remember he was quick to say he’d leave if we went down last year. Any thoughts on when/if we cash in on him (assuming he doesn’t sign an extension)?

  18. jon l.colney says:

    no green in the england squad !!!

    thats what you get with a ginger pratt in charge ov england.

    keep the faith greeny !!!

  19. Hammerithome says:

    On Sky today Reading Boss Steve Coppell said he is not expecting Shorey to stay on after January as he is very ambitious. Sounded to me as if West Ham have already done the deal on Shorey so watch this space as they say.
    I personally think McCartney has done nothing wrong,but given our injury list which is a joke,I would sign him quick!
    Shorey is slightly better than McCartney so it must be a good deal in my oppinion.

  20. Tallboy says:

    Barnes in for January. Maybe loaned back to Derby till end of season.

  21. Nomad says:

    Cisse linked with us now. Would be a brilliant purchase. Pacy and a real handful up front. COYI

  22. new york says:

    agree on cisse-

  23. Hammerithome says:

    My sister in law has got a “brazilian”,so she tell me anyway!

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