Green’s Omission is Staggering

Can anyone please explain to me Robert Green of this parish has again not been included in the England squad? Even the stats show he should be in. Goals conceded in the Premier League:

Robert Green 10
Scott Carson 13
David James 13
Paul Robinson (ahem) 24



30 Responses to Green’s Omission is Staggering

  1. SamHam says:

    Agree with you 100 percent. Greeny’s miles better than Robinson or James at the moment. I hope when Mclaren loses his job the new coach wont be so blinkered and will see what a gteat keeper we have!!!

  2. new york says:

    this set of statistics is all one needs to see to determine that this manager should be fired at the earlies opportunity.

    the players of england are good enough to compete with teh best (barring the moronic ommission of green).

    it is to a large extent ,down to inferior management ,that this set of players has not come close to their potential in recent years, particularly the last 15 months.

  3. Col says:

    I find it extremely hard to believe that he has once again been overlooked. What more can Greenie do to impress the useless management team. This is surely one more nail in the coffin for Mclaren and co.

    On the other hand, from a West Ham perspective it is good news. It means that Greeno won’t be getting injured for England and he won’t be getting too tired from extra games not forgetting that England won’t qualify anyway so the downer of him being in goal when we get defeated in either of the remaining games and/or the reality that England won’t be qualifying even if we win both games won’t affect his game at all.

    I had this feeling that if he were picked to play then England and England lose, he would get the brunt of it.

    Best off out of it in my opinion. He´ll get his chance once Mclaren gets the boot.

  4. SuperHammer06 says:

    Yet another mistake by McClaren ‘jump on the Beckham Bandwagon’ tosser. How the hell can Green be pushed aside by an incompetent Robinson, and 2 other under-achievers??? Admittedly, Carson and James are both good on their day, but they are both bloody calamitous, whereas Robinson is a f***ing joke. And I don’t mean funny ha ha!!
    Green has been consistent this season and last. His main problems have been the back four, which he has managed to deal with quite admirably, by pulling off some fantastic saves.
    If McClaren had any clue about football, Green would be Number 1 every time.
    F**k ’em, he’s our keeper and he’ll prove that he’s the best every game he pull’s on the claret and blue!! COYI

  5. Pete says:

    First time I’ve ever agreed with anything that’s been posted on a WH fan site.

    What irritates me is that if he were to move to a bigger club and there was a squad announced within a day of the move, he’d get picked.

  6. Pete says:

    Btw I mean I agree that Green’s omission is a surprise. I’m not on the ‘fire the manager’ bandwagon (with the same people who’ve probably called for the sacking of every England manager in living memory).

  7. BamaBrit says:

    I think its more of a case of. These players got us in this bind so let them be there at the end. Still don’t put all the blame on McLaren we still have a lot of highly touted overpaid under achievers in the England setup. I’m gonna start a Keep Green out of England set up campaign. Plus all the other west ham players. Just the mere mention that one of our boys is in or about to make an international squad seems to be a curse to our players. Leave them alone PLEASE.

  8. Burnhammer says:

    McClaren is blinkered and does not have a clue. He brings in the same faces no matter what form they are in. It does seem that if your face fits you are in; if it doesn’t ,no matter how good you are , you will be overlooked. I only hope that Greenie does not think he needs to move to one of the big four before he is recognised. Keep it up Rob, we need you. When England fail to qualify and MCClueless gets the boot, you will in there in a new look team.

  9. jon l.colney says:

    never trust a ginger!!!

    why does it happen every time a bloke is named as manager of our country?

    they sudenly loose there spines !!!
    i hate the idea of us playing a keeper that every other team must look at and think “have a pop from 50 yards”

    where is the confidence in the back 4 looking at robinson ?
    i 2 think green should wait for the call from mc muffin and then tell him hes far to busy keeping for west ham and shove your england job up your arsenal!!!!

  10. new york says:

    it s ashame to feel this away about the national team manager, but one can only regard mcclaren with utter contempt.

    Col is correct- once mcclaren gets the inevitable sack, green will at a minimum be included in the squad. this is stubbornness beyond belief on the manager s part. the guy simply cannot hold his hand up and admit he got it wrong. even with beckham, he relented months too late. it s gotten to the point where it s an embarrasment for the not only the FA, but for supporters as well.

    where Col really has it right,is that in the end west ham win from this unfortunate outcome. we don t risk green getting injured, het gets a chnace to rest and/or improve fitness if he chooses. mcclaren wants to be a stubborn mule? let him- he s going down as one of the worst managers of an england side in history, possibly THE worst.

  11. Da Don says:

    Frankly I’m happy as in IMHO there’s a real danger that Green might suffer an attack of nerves playing for England and he comes back to us a lesser keeper…it’s the position where confidence is most important. I’m happy for him to be overlooked as long if he keeps doing what he’s doing. Whether McLaren notices or not I couldn’t care less.

  12. Hammerithome says:

    It’s not what you know Ian;


    Obviously not picked on talent then?

  13. DevoidSoul says:

    spot on SuperHammer, f-in spot on m8.

  14. Prince H says:

    McClaren should really have to answer this omission. He’s a joke and should take over Burnley instead of having the job he has.

    Well, at least I can say two good things about this stupid man:
    1. He can’t and won’t get Green injured.
    2. I’m Swedish, so now we don’t have to deal with England next summer.

  15. In a way i,m glad green isn,t playing for england. He can,t ger injured playing for a team who arn,t going to qualify anyway.As for Mcclaren he,s only a stborn fool,so he,ll be out soon.
    All the Denis

  16. bad history says:

    it may not be solely mcclaren s fault what s happened to england,but the larger share of the blame is his and his alone. a couple of injuries haven t helped ,and one or two, like lampard,haven t played to their potential,but the tactics and team selection have been subpar from day one. even more importantly,the guy offers absolutely zero in terms of inspiration or as a motivator. quite the opposite in fact- fancy leaving sol campbell a message on his answering machine after 10 years of playing for england that his services weren t needed anymore , inferior man management.


    join the bandwagon and drag it up and down the entire uk.

  17. sick of it all says:

    why would you NOT want to sack a manager who is on the verge of leading us to the unpromised land of failing to qualify ?

    with a team littered with players good enough to start for almost any of the best clubs in europe ,how could you justify holding on to this guy?

  18. Kim says:

    Poor Robert, can’t do any more than he has done. England’s loss and McLaren’s job loss will soon follow.

  19. ironsmith says:

    After watching our world cup performance last year with sven and mummys’ boy in charge i had concluded that i had just witnessed the worst example of management in english football history. With the best midfield in the world coupled with one of the best squads ever they did not have a clue and in fact they betrayed their own players with their lack of ability. You did not have to be a qualified coach to assesss the problems here and likewise with the green omission, he will play his own players whether they are injured, crap or otherwise which is unfortunate for our man who is clearly the best goalkeeper in england.

  20. Plaistow54 says:

    The omission of Robert Green from the England squad has been going on for some time now. I,ve been sitting up late nights trying to puzzle it out like a rubiks cube. I believe that Steve McClaren of the McClaren clan is a scottish secret agent sent south to impersonate an englishman & become manager of England. Scotland believe that they can qualify & win it & see us as the main opposition. As Sherlock Holmes said “eliminate the obvious, & whatever is left is the answer.”

  21. Darren says:

    Look, the trap is set. The England set-up is a pile of steaming turd right now – and it’s all about to implode. Greeny is better off well away from it. We aren’t going to qualify, the tabloids will turn on McLaren, Beckham et al and the opportunity will come for a fresh start up the line. I know a player who is ambitious may not see it this way, but his best chance of a long and glorious England career is to be nowhere near this old boys network carve up when it all goes off. Don’t worry, Jose Mourinho will pick him…

  22. luke says:

    This is a disgrace, Green is by far the best English keeper at the mo, and jus goes to show that when Macca said the team was going to be picked by the performance of players in the league and not just picking the usual suspects, he was talking a load of bollox, This is a man who never accompolished much at league level so what chance does he have at world, get him out and be quick about it, I never wanted him and neither did many others in the first place.

  23. redkipper says:

    Of course Green should be at least in the squad but I agree that if played now and we lost he would get the blame. Better for him that he gets in the squad after the two next games then he can establish him self with out the imeadiate pressure of playing a a game that England must win or bust.
    He knows we the fans consider him the best keeper we had since Parks and he was a great keeper in every way.
    So keep going we’re right behind you!!

  24. West Ham Fan No32 says:

    McClaren has lost the plot, you only have to see those Gordon Brown like smiles he parades when he is being openly insulted by the media to realise he has no backbone and little intelligence. The FAPL is a cartel run by 4 clubs who dictate the national teams of various countries. It wouldn’t surprise me if we found out that officials from the top four were telling McClaren don’t pick Green no matter how well he plays, eventually he will come to the conclusion that unless he plays for a top four club he won’t get picked for England. Look at our previous players pudgy Lampard, Ferdinand, Defoe, Joe Cole, Carrick etc as soon as they left WHU they were put in the England team, although in Carrick’s case it was for that dodgy tourney in the states.

    Screw McClaren he is outta there next week anyway, people like Barwick should be sacked also for their idiot like idea that proven domestic failures like McClaren can be truested with the most important job in English football !

    I am pretty sure that RG knows McClaren is outta there as soon as Russia beat Israel so he is biding his time until the next manager.

    Good luck Robert and keep up the good performances !

  25. says:

    Totally absurd.

    But then again what should we expect from a guy who continues to select Phil Neville and former player David Beckham (Now a model/circus act/show pony in Hollywood)….

    Who will be the new England coach in January? Any thoughts?

  26. 7 hours says:

    If you are on Facebook, join this group to regsiter your outrage:

  27. new york says:

    fully agree ironsmith

  28. new york says:

    bring on jose- some brains,sense and personality- none of which mclaren has.

  29. mcnumbnut says:

    another clean sheet for green-
    any part of that u don t get, mcpunkwit?

    in yo face mcclaren

  30. Hammerithome says:

    Redkipper; Spot On mate. It certainly will do no harm to Green if he is left out of the current squad until we know England’s fate. Green can then be brought in and stay there till the next World Cup campaign and show the World what a great keeper he is.
    I personally don’t think McClaren will be around much longer so hopefully the new manager will know how good Green is and use his skills accordingly.

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