Oh What Fun it is to See West Ham Win Away

5-0! Can you believe that!!!??? With THAT team???!!! Just imagine if we had Bellamy and Ashton back? Let’s give credit to Lee Bowyer. He took his chances and was on a hattrick. You can’t ask for more than that. I listened to the radio commentary but it was difficult to work out who the real stars were. Gutted for George McCartney. Hope it isn’t too serious.

So, if you were there, tell us more!!


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  1. colin says:

    hi mate, watched the game live on tv in saudi arabia. to be honest the whole team played well. bowyer was great as was the whole defence. carton coleis like a different player. all looking good for now, but were west ham so who knows.

  2. Brooking always knows best! says:

    Great result, great game! I though that some of the tackles was a bit tasty in the first half.
    Louis Boa Mortes best game for us by far! I also thought Bowyer also was very good, both not the crowds favourites so deserve a mention.
    A nice way to sign of for the break, hopefully we might get a decent few players back from injury during the course of it.

  3. new york says:

    After losing mccartney from an already injury-depleted side ,this could have easily become a mare. but it didn t . one proper striker, a midfield containing a defender ,yet not only do we get the job done,we were rampant. i don t care that they are bottom of the premiership. we were away from home, putting out what could almost be called a reserve side, and they had all to play for, as a win wud have seen them out of the drop zone.

    two weeks in a row ,wise-rear pundits predicted us to lose and two weeks in a row they got it wrong. wake up lawrenson- we re going to keep making foolish until you learn.
    that d be in time for the 2012 olympics then won t it MOTD, before you admit you re wrong.

    well done carlton. keep shoving it right up the rectum of the abusers and racists.

  4. Painter says:

    shame about McCartney – really hit form this season, (has made not signing shorey in the summer a moot point, mccartney is better). why do we keep losing our best players through injury? it is really getting creepy now, how much bad luck can one club have?

    but i think that just highlights what a great result it was today, fantastic performance by the players and massive thumbs up for curbishly.

  5. RIchard says:

    Watched the game live in New Zealand. We were excellent with Bowyer having his best game for the club. Boa Morte looked better in a more familiar position just behind Cole but the overall play, especially in the second half, just oozed confidence. Just the type of result we need going into the International break and with our next game at home to the Totts and with players ready to return it’s looking good.

  6. Plaistow54 says:

    NY pretty much said it. Great to see Cole playing well. Boa Morte back in his normal position. Get well soon George & Lee Bowyers Op. Despite the injuries we have cemented ourselves in the four just outside European places. Happy birthday next week Curbs. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it’s just a great day.

  7. Andrew Woodman says:

    You didn’t beat much Iain. I was horrified when I saw Edworthy and Moore were our central defenders. That is barely championship standard. Still I don’t want to dwell on Derby’s failings. West ham looked decent and should be round the UEFA cups spots this year.

  8. ironsmith says:

    It has to said that poor derby were not even championship level today and were utterly outclassed as i watched the whole match live here in thailand. For me it was a case of every player raised it to achieve this brilliant performance and solano with his poise, experience, immaculate passing and inspirational free kicks the major difference today. The confidence and spirit running through the side was almost tangible with carlton cole wearing a big smile up front. Well done indeed and curbs’ YOU ARE THE MAN’

  9. west ham johnny says:

    before we scored i was sayin this formation aint workin and i dont think it was till the 2nd half when it was a gem… cole held things up layed em off and we atacked great. i must admit i’ve slagged of spector in the past but he seems good in that position in midfield which also helps bowyer goin forward. me personaly i love bowyer, he’s a west ham boy through n through and always gives 100% the thing is b4 this season he’s been played out of position and now in that forward midfeild roll he’s back to he’s best and scorein goals, outwide he aint got much pace so never looks as good.

    so iain what ya think of boa morte today as i no u dont seem to like him much but take it from me he was on form today.

    onwards n upwards

  10. new york says:

    good to see boa morte having a much better game-this was more what he s really capable of. til today i hadn t been aware of bowyer s upcoming operation. this is now what,14 people injured after mccartney coming off ? to be sitting in 9th place, with a game in hand ,despite the injuries is amazing. a point was made on another site which i thought was worthy. derby had 32,000 there for the game, when other clubs like bolton,blackburn and wigan for example can t get near that amount,or can t fill their stadiums. derby s supporters are loyal to their club regardless of league position,which they deserve credit for

  11. Kim says:

    First off good to see the tribute for our fallen heros so well observed by both sets of supporters, the whole stadium rose in applause. Gutted to see George go off, and at one point it looked like Matty was heading that way too but luckily his knock was not too serious. Fairly even first off but as the game went on you could see that we were getting on top. With Derby having a makeshift defence it was always going to be difficult for them and to honest I was never a fan of Mears so not surprised he was very average. Although the defending was all over the place, Bowyer’s completely unchecked run for his second goal being a case in point, we still had to finish the chances we had and this game we did for once. Cole was so hard working and it was a good team display. I hope Spector gets his goal, I’m sure Lewis wont want it as an OG! What do we think about Barnes? I know we were interested in him. He looked to be one of their better players.

  12. Swiss Hammer says:

    It was a great all-round performance. Nobby looked a lot more confident. I remember the misses in the game recently and he always looked nervous then. Seems to have a good understanding with Boa morte and Bowyer. Happy Days!!!!

  13. crazyhorse says:

    Fine display by West Ham,and with a team with so many injuries.Imagine what we can do when the squad is at full strength.On another note i hear Fabregas has opened his gob and said we are a boring team.The man is a plank and yet another sad case of fame going to an idiots head.

  14. Woking Hammer says:

    I notice a lot of these comments are from people who watched the game live on the tv. Now I appreciate that you get a different perspective of the game on tv to being at the match, which I was, but I think we may have been watching a different game.

    The first 30 minutes we were woeful, passes going all over the place, players getting in each others way, first touch and control non-existent. Thankfully we were playing the worse team I have seen us play against in the Premiership, if we were playing any other team in the Prem we would of found ourselves a goal or two down at half time.

    Yes we scored 5 goals which is commendable, but we should have had more against a defence/midfield that were just not there. I think we need a bit of a reality check, we will have to play a lot better than that against better organised and more skilful teams.

    Cole – Did have a good game, he battles hard and tries to do the right thing all the time. I thought he had a better game at Portsmouth where he was up against Prem class defenders and ran them ragged. The Derby defence is know where near that quality and I feel he could of got a bit more out of the game.

    Boa Morte – Sorry I can’t agree that he had a good game, and I think judging from the comments around me at the game I am not alone in that opinion. It may be he is trying to hard, I don’t know, but when everyone is back fit I would be surprised if he makes the Subs bench.

    Spector – Is another who will not make the bench when everyone is fit, how Curbs can think he can play the holding role in midfield I have know idea, it was almost like were playing with 10 men. I finding it hard to put a positive spin on his performance as there was not one.

    Pantsil – Well just Pants to start with was atrocious in all areas, got better as the game went on but only as the opposition got worse. Refused to push forward when Curbs brought Ginger on so effectively playing with a back 5 when we were 5 – 0 up!!

    Bowyer – Does look a better player with the central forward midfield role, he had a good game.

    Upson – Just a quick word on him, he done well Kenny Miller is there best player by a mile and likes to take his shots early which it looked like Upson knew about as he was on him as soon as he got the ball.

    Solano – Just a quick word on Nobby I hope when everyone is fit Curbs finds a place for him, he is the most intelligent player we have always trying to create and be inventive, just needs players around him on the same wave length.

    As for the rest done ok but nothing special, then again they didn’t need to.

    Curbs – I am starting to worry about him, can he possibly get any more negative. His team selections and substitutions do defy logic. I know we are down to bare bones but at a Derby team who were so poor surly he has to go two up top rather then playing Spector in midfield, Camara must be wondering what he has to do to get on the park, then when you have a team at your mercy why replace Bowyer with another defender!! Bowyer was injured we could all see that, but with Ljunberg on the bench why not a straight swap. Derby had there best spell of the game after that as are back six was getting in each others way.
    I know a lot of this sounds negative and it’s not intended to be, but I think we need to keep our feet on the ground. Still it was a great result and an enjoyable day, the West Ham faithful were, as ever, on top form the Spuds in two weeks, with players back from the treatment room should be another 3 points.

  15. new york says:

    funny how things can change .during this horror run of injuries ,bowyer has had a lot to do with why we ve kept picking up points, and not just because of his goals. i wouldn t have predicted that after the season opener in which he was dreadful, but ever since then he s gotten steadily better and better . he s stepped up to the plate big time,which has been vital, as has cole. it will be difficult to leave either player out now -other players are going to have to earn their way back into the side as and when they return from injury . and on current form ,the guys coming back from injury will hav e their work cut out for them,no matter what their salary or reputation is.

  16. NunheadHammer says:

    Iain, fantastic result and watched MOTD – just one way traffic –
    why is it that the Guardian and Telegraph give negative reports of West Ham – Guardian says we will be scraping bottom half of table while Telegraph reports racist singing by Irons fans at Derby – sounds like total bolloxs to me

  17. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    It was a priveledge to see it live …in bloody Derby. 2.45 pm and I managed to get two together, from their ticket office, in our bit of the ground. Christmas! Matty was down too long for comfort – but great to see him take his goal so well. Why does LBM draw the booing from our support?

  18. Betfair Kid says:

    Happy days indeed!

    Thought we played brilliant today, though Derby did make it look easy for us. Kim, I’m interested in what everyone thinks of Barnes too.

    I think it helps having a decent set piece taker and Solano is definitely proving to be a good buy. It’ll be interesting to see how Curbs handles things when some players start return from injury.

    Has there been any more on McCartney yet? Do you think Pantsil will start there against Spurs if he is still out? (It’s good to see them hitting form just before they play us!)

  19. new york says:

    agreed that though boa morte at times can disappoint,it is totally counterproductive for people to be booing him. you d think our away support, bound to be the most fanatical of all, would know better. how any proper west ham fan cud be booing any member of this club, especially as we ve taken 18 from 36 points playing a quasi-reserve side for much of the season ,is beyond belief.

    it s a pretty damned simple equation. if we support these players properly,without insults ,boos and such ,the results will tend to get better. you don t need a degree in science or psychiatry to see that cole is playing better now that he s getting some encouragement from fans,rather than a barracking.

    agree with nunhead ,that whether we win or lose, there are sections of the media who seem hellbent on slagging us off for one bogus reason or another. which is why a number of west ham supporters ,myself included ,hold the media ,by and large ,in permanent contempt.

    as for fabregas , another one who like lampard, shud focus on his football ,shut his trap ,and let his feet do the talking ,as opposed to his mouth. boring football? whatever.
    we took 6 points off his rear last season. and it s only courtesy of a poor refereeing decision that they scraped to a 1-0 nil win at UP recently. When Fabregas wins 3 league titles , 3 FA cups, or accomplishes one tenth of what thieery henry did at arsenal then he can first be in a position to start shooting his mouth off. Until then he s just another talented young foreigner playing in the English Premiership ,earning a king s ransom, with it all to prove still . As hargreaves recently said ,arsenal can effectively shove their “so-called pretty football” up their local civic amenity site.

    fabregas,the guardian,the telegraph- keep talking tripe while we keep proving you wrong,with almost a reserve side, at the moment.

  20. new york says:

    the last international break for this calendar year – thank god for that – one more of these would absolutely do my head in . though from an injury point of view ,perhaps this break cud prove useful to us ,to get players available again.

    not a bad time to take stock. with 18 points , we re on course to finish with 57 points ,just above the total reached 2 seasons ago. with 13 to 14 first team players injured. if you had told me that we d have this many players injured by november 11th at the start of the season, i d have expected us to have collected 10-11 points and to be sitting 15th or so waiting and praying for people to heal. a lot to be happy about ,especially in comparison to the last time we were preparing to play the
    so-called, legends in their own minds , ” big club” in north london.

  21. Woking Hammer says:

    Where do these reports of racist singing come from? There was no racist singing that I could hear and I was fairly much in the middle of the West Ham support. As for booing Boa Morta there was none, as in every West Ham away game I have been too, apart from one, the West Ham support is 100% behind the boys, who can forget the atmosphere at Old Trafford when we got beat 6 – 0 you would have thought we were the team 6 up. It was only at Charlton last season that it went all pear shaped and the crowd turned on the team, you had to have been there to see how bad it was.

  22. DevoDevo says:

    Can’t get too carried away against such a poor side but here are the positives as far as I could see;

    A few weeks ago I criticised Upson – the last 3 games he has looked pretty solid alongside gabby – perhaps they are beginning to forge an understanding.

    Gabbidon looks like the player of two years ago and with Collins back fit, we look strong in defence. Cover is still needed for the excellent McCartney (let’s hope he is fit to play Spuds.

    Solano – great buy. Producing the quality that we have missed when Benayoun was at his best.

    Bowyer – looks average on the right but stick him in the middle and he is a different player. Would like to see him alongside Noble in future.

    Boa Morte – Still think he is best as an ‘impact’ player off the bench, but had his best game.

    Cole – Still needs to improve his first touch, but no doubting he has got his head down and worked his socks off. Gaining confidence, but would still be my 4th choice.

    All in all, given the number of injuries we have had, we are in a decent position to press on when Deano, Bellamy and the rest make it back.

    Well done boys.

  23. Stuart says:

    Well done curbs on another solid performance with minimal resources!

  24. Rooster says:

    after last weeks game we needed a little boost like a 5-0. Derby have some major problems like we had last season, but thats life it seems they only have half decent player and thats Miller, and that bad header in front of goal is what sealed their fate for the game.
    Most of the game was quite enjoyable, but i doubt if we will get that much freedom to score when we play the Spuds on the 25th, hopefully we will have 2 or 3 of out 1st team players back by then.
    Other than that 5-0 to us hammers is great, and we will take the points aswell as the goal difference boost and another nice 2 week break.
    MOTM was Solano his beckham like free kicks will scare the likes of manure, spuds & Liverpool, Solano and Cole in my eyes deserve to be in our 1st team for the moment. not sure about Boa Morte though.

  25. West_Ham says:

    Just a good result churned out against a lower side, who we might normally struggle against, with a reserve squad.

    As for Fabregas well he is looking at a much depleted side and is yet to see us at our best. So his comments have a timely inaccuracy,

    Even though we are winning some games at the moment I can see that we are far from the finished article and a working progress. Even just getting all our injured players back would see us becaome a far better team and would even give Arsenal a run for their money.

    I would like to see how well Arsenal would play with 14 first team players injured.

  26. The Headmaster says:

    It was an astonishing performance from where I saw it ( live on the internet as it goes!).
    The fluidity of movement and inter-passing was, at times, poetic. The ‘ole’s from the Irons supporters were clearly audible during the purple patch in the second half. A fabulous, fabulous day.
    Big-up from The Headmaster to Carlton Cole. His work rate has never been in doubt. His commitment to the cause is exemplary. What he lacks in quality he certainly compensates for in endeavour.
    I hear what several of you are saying in respect of Carlton and am happy to be proven wrong in the longer term. My contention is that he doesnt ultimately have what it takes to make a decent Premiership striker. It is interesting that, on a day when we were scoring for fun, he bagged another duck. There will be many more to come I fear.
    I would hope that this lack of faith in Carlton’s ability is not interpreted as in any way racist by anyone; it is most certainly not intended to be, nor motivated by such.

  27. claire says:

    I was there too, and it confirmed my view that Cole is a real asset to us. And at last, Bowyer is worth his wages. LBM? I’m not sure. I still think he can cut it, but we can’t take the risk. Anyway, we have a “reserve” team of real talent- who will keep their places when fully fit? A real challenge for AC and one I’m not sure he’ll meet; I don’t have a lot of faith in his team selection. And his subs – why not bring Ljungberg on? Agree with Wokinghammer that in the first half we were pretty rubbish.
    As a footnote – sad to see Bywater concede another truckload of goals. I remember when he stepped bravely into the shoes of David James when he departed so rapidly – it was at Shefiield Utd away, and we greeted him with chants of “England’s number 1” which of course he was- for the Under 23’s- at the time…

  28. astro turf says:

    shake it all over!!

  29. new york says:

    agree claire on bywater- wud have been nicer had the goals come against someone else…as green took the heat for our new year s fiasco,undoubtedly bywater will for last saturday ,when in fact there s little he cvud have done for 3 or 4 of the goals .

    as for cole, the bottom line is he is getting results , and the club is getting results by playing him. although i m one of his staunchest defenders , i don t contend that he possesses now ,or will possess in the future ,the skill of the “big name” strikers. but it s performances and results that ultimately matter , and he is delivering. i think “decent” is exactly the CORRECT word to describe him as a striker,in more ways than one. good in the air, holds the ball up well,is working his socks off, capable of some clever passes and periodic well taken goals. On the first touch question- no argument- it is not his forte ,and likley won t ever bem although he is making progress even on that score.

    when i look at strikers who have let us down in recent years , even stretching as far back as Di Canio , who let his feud with roeder get in teh way of our fight for survival,i feel extremely pleased with what cole has produced this season. Harewood let us down big time last year , more so with his attitude than anything else. David Connolly coud have been successful at West Ham, but he spent a lot of time whinging. Defoe buggered off at the easrliest possible moment. Kanoute always got injured. Camara so far hasn t really impressed though in fairness i ll try to give him the benefit of the doubt. and the list goes on. cole cost 2 million pounds ,not 10 or 15. he wasn t bought with the intent to being a starter . so given how little he cost , how could we realistically have expected the world from him?the problem was that because he was purchased from chelsea teh big spenders, we perhaps has very high expectations of the lad.

    the larger issue with teh treatment of cole has been more so the abuse or excessive, counter-productive type of criticism, or simply put , the boos,which mercifullyu seem to be stopping as sense prevails. the racist angle has been there at times,a si ve heard it often enough at the ground,but that s been less prevalent than the booing . if you compare the way cole has handled the situation to coker,it s night and day . within a matter of weeks cole has turned it round with teh fans,something coker failed to do all last season. additionally, cole cud have made reference to the racist angle,but he didn t – unlike coker ,who accurately or in accurately chose to bring that to light. cole hasn t taken teh easy way out ,or run and hidden . based on that ,combined with the goods he is delivering us, i wud ask those of you remain hesitant to try to give the man the benefit of the doubt ,and not regret that we don t have a more “high profile ” name at this moment.

  30. Plaistow54 says:

    Most hammers on the blog seem to be happy with the performance. Me too. As much as Derby will not survive the season, i wouldn’t think, don’t forget Villa only put two goals passed them the week before at Villa Park. I hear what you say Working Hammer, we won’t compete with teams around us on that performance. We have to improve & we will. We did what was needed. Cole is on the improve & even you named three or four players who you thought played well. I said weeks ago, Cole is a fine player when most were slagging him. He will be a great backup. He isn’t a frontline striker, he plays behind & assists & he does it well. Curbishley is a good manager. I don’t always agree with his decisions but he has lots of experience & he makes his own mind up. We are not in such a bad position & he is the manager for this season. Pity about Bolton, we went to sleep for a couple of minutes & would be two points better off. The old arch enemy next. In fact i reckon the next four games are important. We need i reckon to take at least six out of twelve points to stay in touch just off UEFA places & some hard games too. We need to beat Spurs. A point is no good & they will get better, as much as i hate to say it. I believe we will get better & i will back Curbs until May then see how i feel. One thing is for sure, we won’t be in a relegation battle this year & i remember the last three or four years only too well.

  31. new york says:

    here s a question for you…

    ask 100 whu fans their opinion on curbishley and u will get 100 different answers. i began detesting the guy because i was upset at the way in which pardew was thrown out , and i was peeved at how poorly we performed after that draw away to fulham last season. but like a lot of people ,the way the club averted relegation , and the way we ve started this term ,despite massive injuries, eased my anger and made me reassess.
    i can t take away from the guy what he s achieved since march. yet i can t deny that i still have some misgivings about his man management . presently, for example i can t help but notice the comments that have been going back and forth between him and noble in the media in recent months. most recent,the comemnt that noble was “naive” about not coming forward sooner about his injury. Naive? Maybe,maybe not. But i m sure noble didn t particularly appreciate that being communicated to the media.

    so.IF a management change were to be made at some point in the future, for those who aren t satisfied with curbishley as manager ,who are you proposing as a replacement,who would be as good or better? be realistic please in terms of who we might me able to attract and afford. i m struggling to think of even 3 who would be suitable ,if indeed available. the only one who comes to mind immediately fo rme wud be stuart pearce. but we he necesarily achieve any more than curbishley? i don t know. he seems to get on well with the under 21 s and he seems to command a ceratin amount of respect , and he s certainly passionate as hell about the game. so from a man management point of view he might be an improvemnt , though from a strategy or tactical point of view i don t know. it s a tough call. iy s easy to be dissatisfied with curbishley and i ll be the first to admit that even now ,from time to time he irks me, but let s be honest . what manager wouldn t hack you off from time to time? and is there necesarily anyone out there,who realsitically we cud get our hands on, who s any better?

  32. headmaster1 says:

    Many of us were calling for a steady, if unspectacular season after last years weekly nightmares. To date we look to be at the very least assured of that and, possibly, a little more.
    The crunch comes during next close season for me. Will the club be attractive enough for the two or three big signings that it will surely need in order to step up to the next level? Curbs’ credibility is a big factor here. I think that, at the moment, it will not help in these terms. That could begin to change over the next two – three seasons but will he be given the time by the board? I have my doubts. I hope I’m wrong because the West Ham way is loyalty, perseverence, principles. I am just not sure that our current board really empathises with the West Ham way.

  33. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes, i share you sentiments exactly New York. West Ham are traditionally loyal to their managers. We have had what? Eleven or twelve in our history? Curbs is an old school type manager. Not the flavour of some. Can he attract the big players? Remains to be seen. However, it would be highly unsettling to change managers at this stage of of the season & you are right, for whom? He who wears the crown, sleeps uneasy. Being a football club manager can be a very temporary type position. I won’t critisize till i see how he goes with a full squad. He deserves that. Look at the side we have with with a full complement of players. Faubert, Solano, Dyer, Noble, Ljundberg. Wow! What a midfield. Faubert looks the goods. Rumours of Cisse who says he has something to prove. I just think that come the last quarter of the season we are going to have some side & being a bit of a punter i’ll take the risk with the way things are going. The season unfolds & i reckon much will be revealed in the Spurs game.

  34. Hammerithome says:

    I think,like a lot of others have said in the past that we need to give any manager time to settle into the job and we can’t expect instant results as things do take time.
    I do get a little frustrated with Curbs at times and I think some of his signings could have been better thought of as we seem to have other people’s injury prone players now and they are all laughing all the way to the bank!
    That said,I do like Curbs in funny sort of way,despite his annoying habits,and he does have West Ham running through his veins,so that can’t be bad.
    As for a replacement; I would love someone like Billy Bonds to come back one day with perhaps someone like Pop Robson as his number 2.
    I’ve only suggested these as they are my two favourite players and I know they love West Ham as much as we do.

  35. Woking Hammer says:

    Well I will throw a name in the hat for you New York I wont give my reasons for now but lets see who else gets mentioned.

    Slaven Bilic

  36. new york says:

    cheers lads. the sentiment expressed by a few people here,that for better or worse, curbishley needs to be allowed a proper chance, makes sense to me . i fear that too many managerial changes too quickly cud be counter-productive. i guess it s a balancing act . clearly curbishley does feel something for the club, and thank god, he s looking a bit more animated these days, but i can understand that some people may question his ability to attract players in the way that the high profile managers can.
    having said that , is it fair to place that kind of burden or expectation on him? difficult call. it s only very recently that the club, for the first time in its history ,is now able to compete more effectively from a financial point of view, so it fair to hold it against curbishley that he doesn thave the pedigree of managers who have had big financial backing , like wenger and ferguson? he llnever tick all the boxes for me as a manager, but i d still prefer to see him given a fair chance to move the club forward, provided in the process we don t have a brush with relegation again. if the best he can do , after a reasonable ,but not endless period of time ,is midtable, then perhaps at that point a chnage wud make sense. to go from sititng in 20th place last a numbe rof months agao, to now potentially finishing in 6th or 7th if we get people back fit is a pretty amazing swing of the pendulum. i don t envy the man. it s almost as if nothing will be good enough unless he/we dramatically exceed expectations. talk about pressure…

  37. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    Under Curbishley you are not going to see the open, free flowing football that we are accustomed to at Upton Park. I think it is for that reason he draws so much criticism. It reminds me a lot of when he was playing for us. A good player but the chicken run were always on his back. I, for one, think the guy was the right choice and still is.
    The one statistic we all need to focus on is GOALS AGAINST. Despite everything, we have one of the best defensive records in the league, equal to Arsenal and only bettered by Man U. All good teams are built on not conceding goals and that’s the first thing Curbishley has tightened up. Now he has the foundation on which to build. Just wait and watch us progrees under him over the next couple of years and let the guy do his job.

  38. DevoDevo says:

    I think most of us have reservations with Curbs, although, in fairness, he has got a few things right this season. I agree that his main problem seems to be man management. There is no doubt that, with a full squad fit we have enough to be in the top 6. Attracting players shouldn’t be a problem, but managing them might. I wouldn’t want Cisse anywhere near the club by the way.

    I agree with Woking, Bilic is just the kind of manager for us. Loved his time at the club, highly rated by the supporters and doing a fine job with croatia.

  39. west ham johnny says:


    i cant believe theres so much talk about curbs as a manager at the end of the day we r mid table with the worst injury crises in the league so where doin well considering. at the end of the day curbs is west ham through and through and u can see his emotion on the touch line when things aint right and thats what i like to see. u cant blame curbs for last season we had masive problems behind the scenes and when he took over it was always goin to take him time to sort out the good and the bad and i think he has done that now so lets get behind him and the team and be the best supporters we say we r.

  40. Brooking always knows best! says:

    We win 5-0 and some use that as an escuse to have a dig at Curbs. I wish some off you would give it a rest!

    coyi! Curbishleys claret blue army!

  41. Plaistow54 says:

    Woking Hammer, Luiz Scolari. He is contracted till the end of Euro 2008 & would be availible for the start of the season. ???

  42. Rooster says:

    Even if Curbs does get us through the season at 7th – Mid table, you can guarentee, the board will be looking for a more International manager for the future, in conjuction with playing in Europe and the new Stadium.
    Its quite obvious a majority of us have doubts about Curbs, when we should be praising him as a god like Chelski did with the special one, and Manure do with Fergy, so by us saying “Curbs is not bad” makes him really not good enough for us.
    Curbs, to me, is a Fizzy pop League manager, and great for teams striding for promotion.
    He should go freelance and earn 4 million a season, getting teams into promotion.

  43. new york says:

    think the point made on low number of goals conceded is a good one-has a lot to do with how we ve managed to weather the injury storm .it s the first piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

    on another topic, interesting to hear gerrard come out publicly with his view that ,for the benefit of the national side,there shud be a cap on foreign players in the premiership. although i appreciate that it is increasingly difficult for english players to get a game in the premiership, i have doubts about whether this cap idea is the answer. for a start,i can t help but think that mark noble, for example ,will become a better player by going against the best the premiership has to offer ,whether that s wayne rooney or whether that s didier drogba or cesc fabregas . From a marketing standpoint,part of what sells the Prem product is that it has so many “world class” players from literally all over the world – i don t know if the premier league wud accept such a cap without a massive battle in the courts. Also, if a cap were to exist, wud that apply all the way across europe, to all leagues, or for that matter , across the globe?Again ,a cap on foreign players in the english leagues wud certainly be challenged in the courts if european leagues weren t subject to the same.

    another angle is EU law. it might be possible to cap the number of NON-EU players in england , but legally , i t might be impossible to cap the number of EU players in england. Citizens of any EU country might be able to sue for restraint of free trade if they were prevented from playing in england by such a cap.

    all this side, i still don t think there is any shortage of english talent. when i look at who we ve got in the squad ,when most people are fit, to me it s a pretty impressive list of players, apart from the goalkeeper

  44. jon l.colney says:

    i 4 1 think curbs is doing ok. he does get the odd wrongun of his chest but then who doesnt? you ask all the manc’s or gooners and they all have some reservations about there respective managers so why should curbs be any different?

    i believe after christmas we will see a total change in the way we play if we are steeming past the 30 points barrier. the confidence will over flow and i can see a top 8 at least.thats if the injury list is a little shorter !!!

  45. jon l.colney says:

    new york,

    agree with most but theres is no point in having a nice long list of decent players if they dont get a game week in week out!!!!

  46. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, i’m happy with Curbs at this stage but i stress at this stage. I was worried that when he first came that he was a defensive minded manager & that he would change the style of West Ham as an attacking side. He made Charlton a very difficult side to score against because he didn’t have the quality of players to go out & score three or four goals. Considering the style of midfielders he is buying & looking to buy he seems to have adopted a more attack minded attitude at West Ham. The Derby game was our biggest away win since 1959. If we must get a new manager then it needs to be a high profile internationally experienced man from Europe. I believe that the quality of the game in England is deterioating. We are defence minded. Brazilian kids start practising with an orange or a tennis ball when they can walk. They develop ball skills. The coaching of our youth has not progressed in terms of ball skills or individual flair. Pass or kick it downfield. The Premier League i think is the most popular sporting event outside of the olympics & the world cup but that is because of the tradition, the passion & the atmosphere of the event. We need foreign players & managers in the English game. A quota would be detrimental to the progression of football in the U.K. We need to get more teams into Europe not just Manchester, Liverpool, Chelea & Arsenal all the time. If we don’t develop as the rest of the world does England will continue to underperform as a national squad.

  47. new york says:

    plaistow made an interesting point ,which is that despite having a reputation for charlton playing in a defensive ,non-attacking style when curbishley managed there,he
    does seem more attack-minded now that he s managing at west ham. maybe curbishley accepts that neither the fans nor the current owners would tolerate as defensive a style as charlton had. so in that sense ,i guess he deserves credit for being able to adapt. there are many managers who bounce from club to club, without being able to adapt, or to accomplish anything. early yet , but one has to give him the benefit of the doubt so far.

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