And in News from Wales…

West Ham reserve team captain Jack Collison has been selected for Wales Under 21s.He qualifies because his grandfather was born in Bedwelty! Everything I hear about Jack indicates he could well be our next homegrown star.

Also, Craig Bellamy has been named Welsh Footballer of the Year.It says something that we have more Welshmen in our squad than Wenger has got from the four home countries put together.


19 Responses to And in News from Wales…

  1. jon l.colney says:

    perhaps green has got a welsh relative? he can play for the taffs instead and make england and there stupid manager look real plumbs.

  2. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Well done to both Colli and Bella’s
    Meanwhile, we’re happy that Welsh teams and their boyos play in the English league. Let’s not talk about money and money-boy glitz – but Wenger is to English football as tofu is to pub grub. (Sssh …mustn’t wake the dead at Le Ar5e but we’d welcome Walcott, eh!)

  3. new york says:

    good to see that noble was not the last one out of the stable.

    if wenger chooses to play mainly european players with a small number of africans, then why doesn t he manage in france? what is the point of him managing in england?
    even more the case as he s stated he has no interest in ever manging the england national team. then why not bugger of to lyon, or some other top french side?
    or is it solely about the money….

  4. BAC says:

    Our Welsh contingent is doing very well, and good for them. With all the media speculation about quotas of ‘home grown’ players, though, would they (and Scots and Ulstermen) be counted as ‘foreign imports’ I wonder? After all, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own national set ups, like, for example, France, and are probably physically further away from London than France. I can just hear Monsieur Wenger complaining that Bellamy is no more English than he is …

  5. HammerRon says:

    But Arsenal have a few Europeans, dont they? 😉

  6. Footblogger says:

    “It says something that we have more Welshmen in our squad than Wenger has got from the four home countries put together.”

    Yes, it says we’re not as good as them:)

  7. jon l.colney says:

    Tottenham coach Juande Ramos wants to bring Michael Carrick back to White Hart Lane in the January transfer window.

    England midfielder Carrick is one of the players Ramos has targeted to provide the creative spark that the Spurs side are currently lacking to turn their season around.

    anyone need proof that the daily mail is full of crap then there you go !!!!

  8. Brooking always knows best! says:

    I guess what we would prefer is a lot of England players, but even then they would not be top draw!

  9. new york says:

    agree on the daily mail. perhaps the single element of the media most guilty of printing outright lies about west ham, as well as gratuitously negative articles on us. and loads of innaccurate nonsense about various other aspects of football.

    carrick looks set to become another one who thought the grass was greener,just like defoe, who now looks set to struggle to get a game at man utd. perhaps it s worth it if it s the money that you re after, but if you care about playing first team football ,how much sense is there in going to “the big four” and sitting on the bench?

  10. new york says:

    one very lucky man , steve mcclaren. for a few days at least ,anyway.

  11. Brooking always knows best! says:

    What a laugh, the sweaties getting beat at home and Russia getting spanked! Err yeah Wales, who gives a crap… lol

  12. Rooster says:

    I was baffled to see that there is 23 Republic of Ireland players in the premiership Academies. and that includes us hammers.
    Sooner or later they gotta all be playing for Sunderland.

  13. Rooster says:

    Iain, whats your view on West Ham building a club in the USA, what advantages will it have to us?. Check this out

  14. It’s good to see more players coming up through the ranks. I know James Tomkins is highly rated, anyone any news on how he is coming along?

    Could have guessed that was from the Mail.. Carrick back at Spurs!

  15. jon l.colney says:

    i want a picture !!!!

  16. Plaistow54 says:

    When you think of some of the players that have come through the West Ham Academy it reads like a who’s who of football. Just some that i can think of & there would be heaps more, Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Alvin Martin, Rio Ferdinand,Joe Cole,Michael Carrick,Frank Lampard & John Terry i think too was ours.As you would have guessed i am an ex patriate West Ham living in OZ. I’m off to see Beckham on Tuesday night here. I’m going to presume Iain does not mind me saying that. England to win & qualify, if not see ya later Steve.

  17. new york says:

    interesting speculation building that with mcclaren out ,and curbishley considered a candidate , bilic now being linked to club …

  18. shut down romford says:

    one lucky man anton ferdinand .

    what does he have? the OJ Simpson touch?
    He s on video throwing a punch. why is the crumbbucket acquiited.

    sell this punkwit in january. undisciplined ,arrogant numbnut who gets mugged off on th e pitch and off it.

    stop embarrrassing our club u muppet ferdinand

  19. luck ran out says:

    still think you re clever not picking green then, McNumbnut?
    get funked .you waste of space. you let your personal grudge against green just cost england a place in EURO 2008.

    feel proud about that McClaren? you pinprick

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