Graham Paddon Has Died

Seventies Hammers midfielder Graham Paddon has died suddenly at the age of 57. The former Norwich midfield ace joined West Ham in 1973 and played in the 1975 cup final winning team. He rejoined Norwich a year later, having been part of the Cup Winners Cup final team. He played 147 games for the Hammers, scoring 15 goals. Many of them were memorable long distance efforts. What a shame for him to die at such a young age. More HERE.


17 Responses to Graham Paddon Has Died

  1. derekthehammer says:

    part of possibly the best ever midfield we had –


  2. geoff says:

    Graham Paddon was part of the best midfield West Ham ever had, alongside Brooking and Bonds, they really could have been the England midfield. I hope we will show respect for him with a minutes applause on Sunday. Such a young age to die, I’m sure all football fans send their condolences to his family and friends.

  3. supernumbersix says:

    As a very young WHU fan he was one of my heroes. Never forget bearded Lampard Senior, Graham Paddon and Billy Bonds lining up in the Claret and Blue, seem to recall they were known as the three musketeers.
    Under rated but good player. RIP.

  4. Stephen says:

    I am to young to have seen him play but I know that when ever I watched old videos of the Hammers I always thought he looked a good player. Probably an unsung hero next to sir trev and Bonzo. Lets hope we can send him a victory by beating the spuds on sunday

  5. Mike - Hornchurch says:

    Very sad news. Have great memories of him with Brooking and Bonds in mid field. Now that was true talent. What a dream midfield and what great football that mid 70’s team was capable of! Makes you realise how mediocre, overated and overpaid todays footballers really are!

    RIP Graham. Thanks for the memories.

  6. Hammerithome says:

    What a fantastic talent he was and well underated. His shot was dynamite and he could pick a pass from 30 yards. A truly nice man too. very sad news. RIP.

  7. Phil says:

    Great Player -cracking shot on him too. Part of a Hammers team to have some success in the Cup followed by a good run in Europe.

    Cant quite remember if he’s shot set up one of the goals for Alsn Taylor in th 75 Cup final.

  8. new york says:

    spot on stephen and mike

  9. DevoDevo says:

    I was extremely saddened to hear this sad news. Graham Paddon was one of my favourite West Ham players – I was only talking to my Dad about him last week.

    A cultured player, he gave great balance to the West ham side and had a fantastic shot on him. Such was the impact he made at the club, I couldn’t believe he only spent 3 seasons with us.

    RIP, Graham and thanks for the memories.

  10. malcolm connolly says:

    An unstinting servant to the beautiful game and we will all be the poorer for the untimely passing of Graham Paddon. Loved and revered by us more senior Pompey supporters, we are proud, and indeed honoured, to have had Graham linked to our club. I know I speak for many of our supporters when I pass on sincere condolences to his family and fellow supporters of football.
    Graham…thanks for the memories and take care mate – wherever you are.

  11. HammerRon says:

    RIP, He was a great player

  12. Mac says:

    Always remember his unique hop as he prepared for one of those left-foot belters that were his trademark. Was at the 75 final as a twelve year old and I’m sure it was his shot that Mellor spilled for Sparrow to stab home.

    RIP Graham and thanks.

  13. Megalosaurus says:

    R.I.P. Graham. A great (underrated) Hammern from those happy days.

    PS. You are correct Mac. see.

  14. vdm says:

    73-76 were my formative years as a young hammer and he was a special part of a great midfield. He always stuck with me and my mates because of a commentary by Brian Moore – it was a home game , not sure who against but we got a free kick on the edge of the box – Brooking Paddon and Lampard were over it and Brian Moore said ‘so it’s a free kick to West Ham , there’s a few players over it but ‘I fancy Paddon’ to which he ran up and smacked it in the net – not only was it a great goal but as stupid school boys we went on for weeks about Brian Morre fancying Graham Paddon!

  15. mac says:

    VDM, I don’t suppose you can remember who it was against? I have a vague memory of a Paddon free-kick goal v Boro at home in the 74 season which could have been it. Seem to recall we thrashed Wolves that year 5-2 at home as well so could well have been that one..

  16. vdm says:

    I thought it maybe was the Wolves game – it was on the Big Match on Sunday afternoon. It’s on one of the West Ham history Videos – in the loft somewhere

  17. mac says:

    Thanks vdm I remember Bobby Gould doing The Face now after he’d scored his third(?)

    Thanks also Megalosaurus for the Final link; salad days eh? Still have the claret & blue Rubettes hat I proudly wore there…!

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