Spurs Preview

Gutted that I can’t go to the Spurs game tomorrow. Thank God it’s on Sky. It seems ages since the last game and it’s difficult to keep track of who’s back, who’s still injured and who’s suspended. As far as I can make out, Lee Bowyer is suspended but Ashton, Collins, Parker and Ljungberg are all available again. Craig Bellamy is still injured. Mark Noble and Hayden Mullins are both in full training again, but may not feature.George McCartney is also back in training.

If we win tomorrow we will be unbeaten in six. We do need the three points with the two clubs immediately above us winning well today. Pity that Everton are coming into form with us playing them twice in a few days soon.

I’m loath to guess the lineup against Spurs, but I suppose I’ll have to get some egg on my face…


Bet I’m wrong.


12 Responses to Spurs Preview

  1. Grimes1102 says:

    Gutted you can’t go??? On holiday??? Or just remembering last season???


    The team you’ve highlighted looks decent enough to beat spuds tomorrow and I think it’ll be a good game. The spuds also have their fare share of injuries too and they will probably have to play a make shift kind of team tomorrow whilst we have players coming back. It’s good to see the likes of Mullins – Noble and Parker back, I think that Collins should be played more often, he was great for us last season and is such a threat in the air on corners. I hope that Ashton gets on the score sheet and I hope that Cole has a great game, he seems to be growing in confidence.

    Changing the subject a little – but I can’t believe Rob Green wasn’t considered for England, what a nightmare game for Carson, makes you wonder what the result may have been if Green was playing against Croatia…

  3. dave says:

    noble 4 etherington , but matty to figure late on and replace parker. 2 – 1 the irons..

  4. Plaistow54 says:

    Actually Iain, apart from Faubert for Spector & Bellamy for Cole, that’s a side i’d like to see a lot of. This is going to be a great game of football. Two open sides & both want to attack. I reckon 3-1 or 3-2 us, i hope. Spurs are missing a couple of players i think. They bagged us a bit before the start of the season & after the Bent thing there will be a bit of passion in the game. It would be good to keep in the top ten as the league seems to be dividing into a top & bottom ten.Offtopic, did you see the Craig Johnstone interview on Skysports.

  5. new york says:

    it s completely disorientating the way the internationals break up the league season. they d be better off simply having one long break in october and playing 3 or 4 matches then, rather then breaking up in both october and november .Difficult to know who s fit for us and who will be in the side,and difficult to have any sense of how either team will respond to coming back from the 2 week break. doesn t make me overly optimistic as the result seems a lottery. finally ,the media punkwits who ve been predicting us to lose the last couple weeks are predicting a draw. let s hope that s not the kiss of death

  6. new york says:

    couldn t happen to a nicer failure than jermaine defoe. blow a penalty 4 days after doing absolutely nothing nothing to help england v croatia. overrated,arrogant player, who despite sitting on the bench ,still needs taking down a peg or down or three.

    well done irons ,keeping those mugs within a whiff of the basement.

  7. claire says:

    Agree with Plaistow54 – We’ve a nice little “reserve” side now, as well as the “official” one – i.e. the ones who are injured. Admittedly I’ve been at the game today, but if we can’t have Bellamy, then Cole looks good. Pity that Ashton still looks a bit stiff, he and Cole would be great together.
    And how, how sweet to see Green save that penalty from you-know-who.

  8. Gio says:

    Well Claire, Lovely to see that you think keeping us within a few points of the bottom is your priority over your own clubs ambitions. At the end of the day, you see a point at home against us as a good result while we see a point at Upton Park or WHL as 2 points lost. Says it all.

  9. bakewll tart says:

    what says it all gio, is that you have nothing better to do on a sunday nite than scribble abuse on another club s blog. were teh spurs blogs to boring for you?

    ambition? what the funk wud u know about ambition? you don t buy ambition punkwit, with 50 million one summer or 750 million over 15 years. you earn it . and you have earned anything apart from an inferior points total and an inferior position in the league table.

    ambition. thats why you fired jol thne is it , pinprick?

  10. unfashionable eurotrash name says:

    that s why the wek before an FA cup final we still saw fit to dump your tired rear out of a potential champion s league place. where was your ambition then ,rearwipe?

  11. time warp says:

    oh really rearhole?

    then why did u drop 3 points at the boleyn when u desperately needed them to avoid being mugged off by teh Arse?

    and the season prior that why did u drop 3 points at UP even tho we were relegated.

    you re near the bottom because the league tables don t lie.

    your chairman is crumb.
    your supporters like you are arrogant,ill mannered tramps.
    and youre players are overpaid overrated mugs like the 2 losers who cud only muster one shot on goal between them vs, croatia.

    england werefcaing being knocked out of teh european 2008 championships and what do the 2 toffenham snotspur muppets do? ONE shot on goal.
    waste of effing space.

    and then the loser misisng a penalty. no guts . no ability to handle pressure . even lampard managed to score a penalty. but your mupper defoe? fires blanks .

  12. what does north london have to offer? says:

    absolutely nothing but a sanctuary for terrorist sympathizers .

    you were retrocatively deleted,rubbed out, eliminated marco. like a rollin stone ,a complete unknown ,without a home,except for blight hart lane

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