Spurs: Afterthoughts

Well that was a bit of a corker, wasn’t it? Our matches with them usually are. In the end, I have to admit that a draw was a fair result. While we played well for some periods of the match, so did they, and if anything they had more of those periods than we did. But the result really hung on some controversial decisions by referee Mike Riley, in what was a fairly shambolic refereeing performance.

Their non penalty was a bang-on penalty, although the linesman had already missed the offside, so justice was done in a perverse sort of way. He also missed a blatant handball by Carlton Cole in the penalty area in the second half. Their actual penalty was about the only thing he got right all game. Apparently we committed 33 fouls and they only committed nine, yet we got three yellow cards and they got four. Work that one out.

My man of the match was Carlton Cole. He ran his socks off and was unlucky not to have had more than one goal. Lucas Neill actually got the MoM award from Sky I think, but did he really deserve it when he gave away a penalty? Admittedly, he was due a good performance and today we got one from him. Upson was also very strong and came to the rescue on a couple of occasions.

Now I hope you are sitting down, but I am also going to say a good word about Boa Morte, who I thought gave his best performance in a Hammers shirt today. He was instrumental in our goal, charging down a terrible clearance from Haboul and then running with the ball, before passing it to Solano, who instead of having a go himself, crossed it for Cole to sidefoot in.

And so to the marks

Green 7 Flapping all over the place for their goal but otherwise imperious
McCartney 6 Quiet game
Upson 8 Best performance yet
Gabbidon 7 Played through an injury. Looked solid
Neill 8 Best performance for many games
Solano 7 Getting better with every game
Noble 6 Anonymous for large periods
Mullins 6 Solid
Etherington 7 A few good runs down the left
Boa Morte 8 Battled hard and instrumental in the goal
Cole 8 Ran himself into the ground


34 Responses to Spurs: Afterthoughts

  1. George Georgiou says:

    Was a cracking match. As a Spurs fan (please don’t shoot me on that), I honestly didn’t think Keanes was a penalty, nor was Defoes. Good report there, glad to see a non biased one.

  2. appyhammer says:

    agree with most of wot you say, apart that it was not a pen for defoe, good to see some more players are coming back. won’t to see faubert come back but i don’t think it will be this season as he should be a diamond according to a friend he is lighting!!

  3. new york says:

    agree on cole,neill,boa morte and upson. the latter two in particular have improved the last couple matches noticeably. we needed a better game from neill and we got it. to avoid handing spurs 3 points at the death ,in contrast to last season ,was magnificent.even if it took a great save froim green, we kept a point and denied them two ,which will do all connected with the club a world of good

  4. carlton kicked your arse again says:

    to the mug who can t hold his hands up and unreservedly admit he got wrong about carlton cole, your tired rear is going to be taken to school yet again. and don t go hiding behind fanzines to try to justify your wholly inaccurrate “opinion” about carlton cole.

    1. cole IS cutting the mustard for us. so if your opinjion is that he isn t you re either blind,mindnumbingly dumb or worse. and if your opinion is that wrong, amazing as it may seem to you ,most people are NOT INTERESTED in your opinion. I know that s hard for you to cope with,your ego being so out of control.

    2. nobody has suggested that EVERY negative comment fired off at cole is racist .What HAS been suggested ,quite clearly, is that a lot of the negative comments made to him and about him , have been abusive ,hypercritical and not in any way constructive. Constructive criticism is one thing -abusive ,counterprosuctive criticism which helps neither the club nor the player is something else. And unfortunately , SOME ,but not necesarily the majority of the abusive commentary about cole , has been either explicitly or implicitly racist. thankfully the tide does seem to be truning with each game as people recognize his contribution.

    3. the “delusional ones”(or one in particular) is the muppet who can t distinguish cheap shots from expensive shots. the one who cries foul because he can dish out cheap shots ,including counterproductive ,negative commentary on carlton cole ,but can t take the abuse he invites in return.

    WELL GUESS WHAT MUPPET, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. you have been caught out,not for the first time. nobody claims carlton is henry or messi or rooney. but those of us who staunchly back him do so because this term , his work rate is second to none,he plays despite injuries, he scores goals, he holds the ball up well ,and he creates chances for other players. none of us ever claimed ,nor claim now ,that he sthe next michael owen. but he puts ina damned good shift and has made a serious contribution to WHU this term. The one who s taking delusional cheap shots is the one who refers to him as “championship level”, “not premiership level”, “below average” or even “average.” If he s average then why the funk are we in 10 th place on 19 points ,despite a cascade of injuries??

    in your arrogant ,egotistical opinion he may not be excellent or very good ,good or even decent . even in my fiercest defense of the man i wouldn t rate him as excelelnt yet ,but the minimum rating would be decent ,and probably somewhere between decent and very good.

    Grow up ? get the funk out of here ,muppet.

    MOVE ON. accept that carlton cole has progressed , and that he has moved above and beyond the abusive critics. he has kicked your arse soundly. and he ll keep doing it all season long. just like i ll keep kicking your arse all season long,pinprick.

    don t start talking tripe ,and distorting facts about race either. and don t start leveling false accusations either or i ll see your tired rear in court.

  5. Kim says:

    A bit off message but can somebody please let me know what is happening with Bobby Z. He is not mentioned in the injury list any more and it is like he has ceased to exist. I want him back!!!

  6. under the bridge says:

    your comments are welcome george – glad to see that some of you can conduct yourselves in a civilized manner,as opposed to marco, who somehow passed through the moderator function.

  7. Iain Dale says:

    I retrospectively deleted the comment by Marco, which I had not picked up in moderation.

  8. new york says:

    kim, couldn t agree with you more…
    we need him back…..

  9. new york says:

    well done on teh retrospective deletion.

  10. NunheadHammer says:

    A good game – hard working performances all round, and agree with Iain’s comments. Thought Green fluffed for their goal, but made up for it at the end. Cole had a fantastic game, and Boa Morte did well, showed strength in possession. Ashton looked off the pace, so did Noble. But I liked what I saw of Scott Parker, and think we will see much more of him. The ref had a mare of a game, and I thought Spurs players went to ground all too easily when tackled, with Riley constantly stopping the game for fouls on them.

  11. ironsmith says:

    Yet another fascinating match with our neighbours and another milestone for WHU as we matched what for me is a very good side indeed and if we finish above spurs curbishley would have been successful again this year. The belief in this squad is almost tangible and and that confidence has certainly rubbed off on all concerned but particularly cole who was excellent again and a real handful. I can not wait to play chelsea next week as I am convinced we can win there. It could have quite easily gone either way but both sides could finish top six.

  12. Ian the Hammer says:

    Quite pleased at the end of it all, think McCartney deserved a 8 as he kept Lennon quiet untill Ramos changed there system & then he kept him quiet. Didnt think either was a pen but deff handball by Cole, I would have been screaming for that one.

  13. new york says:

    agree with ironsmith that we are capable of coming away from the bridge with something. obviously they re still an excellent side ,but they don t appear as formidable as they had been. won t hurt that mikel was red carded at derby either . never a good time to play them, but one wud imagine neither terry nor ashley cole will be quite back to 100 pct match fitness either ,so that cud help.

    one thing that concerns is that in 3 of the last 4 matches we ve allowed ourselves to get into a spot of bother right at the death. i hope curbishley will work on this urgently- the ability for us to shut up shop in the last minutes of a match. obviously it isn t easy when a team puts 3 upfront towards the end as spurs did ,but w eve got to come up with a way of coping better. may mean our substitutions need to be changed slightly ,in terms of both timing and personnel. but if you look at it, we nearly spunked
    2 points combined vs pompey and spurs. and we did spunk 2 points vs bolton . so that s 2 points this ha scost, and we re lucky it hasn t cost us 4. if we can sort this, then top 7 seems realistic, maybe even top 6 once bodies return. if we don t sort it, tenth place is about as good as it will get .

  14. redkipper says:

    Agree Cole really has inproved and is now a handful for any defense. I’m also impressed with Nobby, after missing those 2 headers I thought he may be over the top but he now looks A1, great also that at long last we have someone who can take a free kick!
    Green does have a problem with high kicks as we have seen in several matches, this is the only thing that stops him being Number 1 england keeper.

  15. new york says:

    spot on redkipper about solano and free kicks. what a difference , as now we actually pose a threat when we get a free kick. part of the problem last year was that tevez seemed to be the only one we cud rely on to take one. which means that teams are going to start paying a price for playing “kick,bite and bollock ” against before. they cud get away with it previously as they had little to fear from conceding a free kick. not now. agree that if green can sort out these situations where he seems unsure about coming off his line, and then comes out marginally late ,without being able to properly punch it away ,then the guy is on his way to being a truly remarkable keeper.

  16. Gil says:

    Can I ask everyone that said boa morte had a good game to please watch the game again and tell me what he did well? I agree that he did do well on the goal build up, but I feel that was more down to Nobby’s excellent run that made Boa Morte’s mind up for him. But apart from this good play he did not contribute anything when on the ball, and lost possession on lots of occasions. He did do well at closing and chasing down, but anyone can do that, and he is supposed to be in the team for his ability on the ball/creativity.

    Not questioning his commitment, just that he is simply not good enough, and for this reason I question how anone can think he had a good game for us?

  17. West_Ham says:

    Just thought I would get my tupence worth.

    Keane’s penalty claim was a dive all day and it was a bit cheeky of him to shout so vehemently about it. He was offisde (by a pinch), dove the opposite way to Green (so where’s the contact?) and only decided to go down after he realised the ball was going wide. Personally I think it’s about time refs DIDN’T give award penalties for these challenges. If I were a Spurms fans I would be disappointed that he concentrated on winning the penalty and not enough on scoring.

    I haven’t seen any comments anywhere except here mentioning a Cole handball. If it did happen then it certainly didn’t stand out in the match.

    Defoe’s penalty was a very soft challenge and not one player shouted for it. Green said after the game that everyone thought he awarded a free kick for a dive. Justice was certainly served with the save.

    I know I am bias but this is how I genuinely saw each incident.

  18. nr2iron says:

    The first time in a longwhile that i enjoyed a game of football and the nuetral’s must have loved it as it had everything,also the worst performance from a referee i have seen and he very nearly cost us the game as i am not sure any of the penalty incidents actually were penalties but i have to admit they played well and looked a decent side with Bale outstanding,CFC was motm and i for one hold my hands up as one who wanted him gone long ago and with players coming back perhaps we can now push on for a top 6 place and european football again.

  19. DevoDevo says:

    I thought the game was a bit of an anti-climax – poor technique and everybody playing at 100mph. Having said that, a draw was fair result. Suds had the possession but we had the better chances. Keane was offside and dived, Neill again, let himself and the team down only for green to come to his rescue. If Bent had taken the penalty we would have lost.

    My biggest concern at the moment is our inability to string 3 passes together. Ashton should have come on with Parker (who looked impressive). On the plus side, players are returning from injury and our bench is looking stronger and stronger. Upson is getting better and better in every game (I was his biggest critic) – just goes to show what a run in the team does (ask Carlton) and hayden was better than Noble (who isn’t firing this season).

    Shame about Greenies misjudgement as I couldn’t see Spuds scoring.

  20. bibs says:

    I must admit Tottenham looked a different side on sunday and I think they are turning the corner under Ramos. Let’s hope we can beat em at the lane with a strengthened squad but credit where credit is due for the Spuds. If only we could have faced them 5 games ago… we would have destroyed them. It was a good game that could have gone either way and we could have finished em off earlier on if we had got the 2nd. Anyway viva the hammers!

  21. new york says:

    think west_ham s description of what keane did and how he handled it is spot on. i think it s worth noting that keane seems to make a habit these days of vehemently protesting to referees in these situations, as if his mother had just been deported from the country for truancy. it strikes me as a bit pathetic- a player always going hand in cap to the referee looking for a donation.

    as for gil s comment on boa morte, i felt that boa morte and carlton cole passed well to each other , and that the 2 of them together did cause some problems for the spurs defense. i also felt that boa morte put in some decent tackles. i agree that at times boa perhaps takes a touch too many, or sometimes passes up taking a shot on goal when it s plain as day he shud be testing the keeper, but i do think he made a reasonable contribution on sunday .

  22. Stuart says:

    Keane dived – Greeno may have caught him a little with his following foot, but keane felt the knudge and took the opportunity to dive for a pen. Disgraceful act and disgraceful response. He should have been booked for unsporting behaviour.

    Defoe felt a tug on his shirt and collapsed for his pen. He must practice this in training. He’s honed his drop to the ground response into a reflex action whenever he feels a tug on his shirt. Typical of this player – basically a cheat to the core (ask his bird).

    Robinson pulled off 3 or 4 superb saves. Jenas cleared a Macca header off the line. By comparison Greeno had little to do (other than gift them a goal and save a pen). So, although Tottenham played well for periods and at times dominated the midfield, they were ineffectual in attack. West Ham on the other hand could have won 4 – 1 if Robba wasn’t in such good form for spurs.


  23. The Headmaster says:

    To the gentleman who hides behind the name ‘Carlton kicked your arse again’ (as opposed to the fanzine article with the email address at the end of it), did you ever consider that it might be reasonable to take issue with a viewpoint without resorting to insults and slurs?
    I have made my views known on CC on several occasions for sure. Equally, along with vast swathes of the support, I am coming as close to admitting as it is possible for my – as you rightly say – vast ego to do so, that I just may have gotten this one at least partially wrong.
    In terms of growing up, I would suggest that to talk of litigation is quite the most absurd contribution to a blog site that I have seen in many a long day.

  24. master of nothing says:

    what s absurd muppet, is that you still can t fully admit you got ittotally wrong on carlton cole. insults and abuse are exactly what you do deserve because you conduct your “business ” in an insulting ,abusive manner.

    who the funk are you to be speaking derogatorily of carlton cole? if you don t like him as a player , that s your business , but don t portray him as substandard , or not good enough ,when that isn t the case . you ve been proven wrong again and again. next time if u want to publicly slate a west ham player , keep it to yourself and do it on your own time. if you don t have constructive criticisim to make of the player , as oppposed to complteletly negative,purposeless criticism , then keep it to yourself.

    you rceived abuse because you deserved it. you don t deserve to be treated civilly because you don t act civilly. stop moanin and GET ON WITH IT .

  25. hammer to the core says:

    no “headmaster” , the most absurd “contribution ” , certainly on this blog , is your slagging off of carlton cole. if you treat one of our players with contempt ,then you should not be surprised to be greeted with contempt in return.

    it is just the content of what you say, but how you say it. and when we had all the injured strikers ,who did you propose to play in carlton s place? did you prefer to get ian pearce on loan from fulham to play upfront again as he did in 2002? exactly what good came of your extremely derogatory comments on carlton cole? did you make west ham supporters feel any better about the player , and make it less likely that people barracked him at the matches? did you make the player feel any better or improve his confidence? N0. Exactly what did you hope to accomplish by referring to the guy as substandard ? you cast the first stone. and now stones are coming back at you. if you choose to criticize a player ,that s your choice, but have the common sense and common decency to do it in a civilized manner. and for once, just once, simply admit YOU GOT IT WRONG . not one quarter wrong, not half wrong,not partially wrong,
    plain and fully wrong .

  26. headmaster1 says:

    The banning of criticism of one of our own players, eh? Now, there’s an interesting new twist to the world of fanzines and blog sites. LOL

    And there was me thinking that it is actually one of the core purposes of aites such as this to provoke debate, disagreement, argument and opinion.

    Incidentally, the guy who doesnt appear interested in my opinions did a pretty good job of quoting my last olas article. šŸ˜‰

  27. dense fog says:

    how thick are you headmaster?

    it isn t necesarily the criticism itself- it s the manner in which it s rendered.

    to CONTRUCTIVELY criticize a player is distinct from slagging him off.

    and because an opinion is printed in olas still doesn t necesarily make it right , or accurate.

  28. The Headmaster says:

    Tell me, what exactly is the point in putting on contribution after contribution using a new name each time? Is it that you are trying to leave the impression that there is a whole group of people who each think in the same way? If so, it isn’t working.

    My opinion is my opinion. Quite right, it is not the opinion of olas. I never said it was. However, my opinion it is and my opinion it remains. Deal with it. If it is worthless and meaningless, don’t comment on it. By so doing, you vault it to a higher plane than you would think it deserves I would have thought.

    I reckon that a year or two ago we might have been having the same exchange about Marlon Harewood, whom I am also on record as not rating. My bet is that there are now not too many Hammers who would dispute that, tho they would have done back then.

    Interesting that my detractor (S?) seems bent on focussing on what they deem to be negative and counter-productive without recognising the positives I have stated about Carlton. In the last olas article, for example, I made very favourable comparisons between Cole and Harewood (in Cole’s favour) and stated that his work rate and commitment to the cause is absolutley undeniable.
    However, do I think he will hit the onion bag on too many occasions this year – no. Am I about to apologise for that – no. If I am wrong and CC hits 12 + goals by the end of the season, will I have been proved wrong – yes.

    Moving on…….

  29. clear skies says:

    same old headmaster. always arguing the toss. never learn do you ?
    stop making excuses. you slagged cole off,dissed him full stop. bringing harewood into the equation won t change that.

    learn the lesson , once and for all:

    if u choose to criticize a west ham player do it in a constructive,civilized manner.
    don t do it an unnecesarily negative manner, as that s moronic.
    shame on you

  30. Rooster says:

    I dont think that match proved alot about Carlton, His goal was a great, but it was the combination of 2 other improving players skills too, solano & boa morte, I have been rating cole as a great potential player 1 day, and he is working hard towards that, The Headmaster always gives his view on a matter and always uses his Nickname, so we know its him, you dont have to agree with what he says as you dont have to agree with what New York says, but at least listen to another point of view, And as Headmaster stated, his theory about Cole is changing, because of his own mind, not beacuse a person who cant identify himself tries to pursuade you into thinking cole is god (A long way off that).
    As for Faubert, i wouldnt expect too much!! it seems the team is making it harder for injured players to fit back in, Faubert will find it hard to fit back in, Defensive/Midfield right is his strongest positions, great at running with ball , great pace, and loves a long shot. but as for tackling, nothing great about him. To be honest, im kinda surprised we bought him. lol

  31. astro turf says:

    nobody tried to persuade anybody that cole is “god”

    what was requested was that the needless insulting and derogatory commentary about cole stop. criticism is completely different from abuse or slagging off. the former is acceptable , whereas teh latter is not.

    and refrring to carlton cole as “substandard”, “a chmapionship player”, “not even decent”, ” not good enough to wear the shirt ” or the like crosses the line from criticism to insult,barracking or slagging off.

    not to mention that characterizing the player in terms like that , which is at the root of the difference of opinion from the start , is way off the mark. any west ham fan with even an iota of sense will acknowledge two things. one is that cole has improved . and two ,is that he has made a significant contribution to the team this year not only due to his workrate ,but due to skill.

    and acknowledging cole s contribution does not entail believing he s the next paolo di canio. but it does entail accepting that the barracking he received earlier in the season, both at the ground and to a degree in print and on blogs was inappropriate and not in the least bit helpful.

    common sense. and common decency really. if you re not satisfied with a player s performance ,that s your opinion , but provided the player in question is giving 100 pct ,any criticism he receives should not be insulting or abusive. under any circumstances.

  32. Gil says:

    New York, I think that’s what I’m trying to say, he made a reasonable contribution. But it’s just not good enough for a mid-table prem side, let alone one that ones to push on. I feel that anyone who is a fit, young person can run around and tackle, he simple has limited ability on the ball.

    watch either this game or the Chelsea game again, and you will see how many times he loses possession or makes the wrong decision resulting in breaking down are play, it really is quite amazing!

  33. new york says:

    hello gil. i presume it s boa morte you re referring to there in this case, not cole.
    yes i hear you on the issue of boa morte losing possession at times. it is a problem. having said that ,i think he is making a bit of progress in that area, but i acknowledge that he has work to do in that aspect of his game still. i have really mized feelings on boa morte because it s literally two sides of the same coin- he gets into scoring position so often, but yes ,some times he gives it away, seemingly cheaply. ironically , i actually think he s done better in this quasi-striker roole than he was doing for us in midfield. as for the issue of his role in teh squad, i agree i wud not want to see him be one of our regular pool of 4 , or even 5 strikers to choose from,partly because he s getting on in age and i m not sure he can handle 90 minutes ( or even 75/80) of that.
    but in an emergency situation, i think he s an asset to have around despite the frustrating apsect of his game . with bellamy and zamora out, with ashton not fully fit ,and with camara perhaps capable but so far not contributing too much ,i think this qualifies as an emergency situation. i see him as somewhat of a “selected sitaution ” player – whether that means coming on as a sub with 15.20 minutes left, getting the occassional start when our regulars are crocked ,or perhaps playing in certain cup ties when other guys need a rest ,but i agree that he s not one of a “core group” of players to move the team ahead with. but given the fixture congestion at certain stages, such as what we re going to experience in december, and given our terrible luck with injuries i think we can still get some benefit from boa morte .

  34. what exactly is your function? says:

    disappointed are you north london, that your obnoxious comments were kept off of here? frustrated that you weren t allowed to come on here and take the mick?

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