Who’s Your Hammer of the Season So Far?

Today’s game set me thinking about who my Hammer of the Season so far is. I reckon there are several possibles to choose from, but rather than influence your vote, I’ll stop there.

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19 Responses to Who’s Your Hammer of the Season So Far?

  1. new york says:

    carlton cole
    followed by nobby despite missing 2 sitters at pompey

  2. new york says:

    upon further review…

    1. green
    2. carlton
    3. nobster

  3. stuart says:

    englands number 1 rob green

  4. Terry says:

    rob green,carleton cole!!!!!

  5. Big Casino says:

    Upson…. Though Green, Cole, Solano, Macca, Bellamy, Noble and Ethers are all up there as well…..

    Neill has been the biggest under performer…. and Boa Morte has not been the greatest.

  6. Prince H says:

    Robert Green without doubt.
    But Im happy for four other players as well, which all have played far better than anyone expected:
    Noble – now able to make it on EVERY teamsheet.
    Linda – Should have been our achilles in the defense, but may have been our strongest defensive player so far, and are now even linkin up well with Etherington.
    Ethers – was to be sold, now one of our main contributors.
    Carlton Cole – was called a joke, was boooed (by stupid fans) but is now showing such strength. Today, gainst Tottscum he was best man on the field. Hurrah Carlton!

  7. Burnhammer says:

    It is fair to say it is a toss up between Rob Green and George mcCartney before todays match. Greenie just shades it after his penalty save today. It is very strange that after the Bolton game , the draw felt like defeat but after todays draw it felt like a victory especially as it was Judas’ miss. The match commentator even played ‘Bubbles’ after the match which is only usually after a victory.

  8. Oli says:

    it should be one of the 6 people

    1. Robert Green
    2. George McCartney
    3. Matthew Etherington
    4. Carlton Cole
    5. Nobby Solano
    6. Craig Bellamy

    Personally Id say Matt, hes been there all through the worst and best times, hes scored some blinders and done every west ham fan proud by hangin around and helping us be where we are today….and should be in the england squad!!!!

  9. crazyhorse says:

    It’s difficult to decide who was the top player today,but in my mind it was Carlton Cole.Just watch the game again and watch how he assisted in the many chances and his progressive work rate.Many supporters have to eat humble pie over their comments in the past over him,Curbs must have known something we didn’t see.Good call.

  10. HammerRon says:

    Rob Green -England no 1

  11. Hammerithome says:

    For me there is no question over who will be Hammer of the Year.
    This player overcame injury,he had to fight for his place in the starting 11 and he has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he deserves an England call up.
    The player of course is;


    Everyone else are just mere contenders stuggling to keep up with this man’s brilliance.
    Well done Robert.

  12. time warp says:

    rock on prince…

  13. new york says:

    think big casino s observation is an interesting one ,in terming neill the underperformer of the season. i think that s accurate,although the good news is that neill s performances in the most recent matches have improved. despite conceding the penalty,i felt overall neill had a good match .

    ironically ,i d have said last season s underperformer was also the captain ,Reo-Coker, tho Benayoun wud have been close second.

    perhaps it s coincidence ,or perhaps wearing the armband does take its toll on certain players’ performances. even looking at gerrard s recent performance in england shirt ,being captain doesn t seem to have helped.

    having said that ,even during his indifferenr start to this season, i never felt neill s workrate was lacking. he was making judgemental mistakes, but he never looked less than fully committed. and when i look at the group of players he still strikes me as worthy of being captain ,in that he s a fighter, he maintains a positive attitude ,and he displays leadership qualities. as irritating as his bad patch was earlier in the season ,i never had any doubt that he would come good again,as he s starting to now

  14. jon l.colney says:


    is it just me or does anyone else hate us playing the spuds?

    im a bag ov nerves b4 and during these games!!!
    the bragging rights are so important even more so than the west london money grabbers!!!

  15. new york says:

    slightly off topic, but as an idea for england manager, what about martin jol?
    forget about what happened at the start of this season ,as any manager wud have struggled to put up with what he had to put up with. on top of which jol didn t ask the club to spen dmoney on Bent. He wanted to strentghen other areas of the squad.

    the guy took his club up to 5th place 2 years running. he was well liked by most of his players . he understand the english media and the way englsih footballers play.

    in terms of WHO IS AVAILABLE REALISTICALLY, and i don t characterize o neill as realistically available ,is there anyone out there as good or better ,apart from Redknapp or Mourinho?

  16. WOODLEY IRON says:

    Robert Green …………. World class consistancy.

  17. new york says:

    had completely managed to forget mccartney somehow. as strong as green and cole s contributions have been, from purely a consistency point of view ,looking at the entire season so far, mccartney wud have to be right up there.

    i don t like us playing spurs either. instead of mutual respect it s just endless aggro between the supporters. they are as bad as any set of supporters in the premier league ,if not the worst set of supporters, which takes something away from the game itself. no other club seems to enrage our supporters ,myself included , as much as they do. i saw people sitting in teh relatively becalmed doctor maarten s lower who you normally wudn t hear a peep out of . screaming bile i didn t thinmk they were capable of
    (and with respect to defoe in all honesty i can t blame them).

  18. vdm says:

    Probably Rob Green for the penalty saves, just pips Linda – Carlton is most improved though.

  19. DevoDevo says:

    =1 Green
    =1 McCartney

    Other notables:

    Upson (much improved)
    Cole (for doggedness)

    If Ashton gets a run injury-free, then he has the CLASS to be HOTY.

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