Green Streets Ahead in HOTY Poll (So Far)

The results of the Hammer of the Year Poll I posted on Sunday are unsurprising.

1. Rob Green 68%
2. George McCartney 22%
3. Carlton Cole 6%

Most of the other players on the list barely scored a single vote.


17 Responses to Green Streets Ahead in HOTY Poll (So Far)

  1. Iron Trigz says:

    A fair and just survey, just a shame the ex-management of our national side didn’t think like this, then maybe would be in the bloody euros!!! God Damn You McLaren!!

  2. new york says:

    hard to disagree with green as not only most of us, but many non-WHU supporters wud admit the guyt shud probably be england s number one.. that and the points he s earned us with his penalty saves.

    can t disagree with mccartney either- he s been brilliant , and incredibly consistent. interesting that 2 of the players chosen were players who were receiving heavy criticism early in the season. there were endless comments prior to the transfer window closing to the effect that we needed shorey because mccartney wasn t gud enuf.

    now look at it how its panned out – mccartney has been super reliable and carried on from where he left off last spring. and carlton cole, as suggested in the previous thread by someone is undoubtedly the most improved player.

    that s what happens when you support your players and give them encouragement , as opposed to harshly criticizing them or implying that they are not up to standard.
    and that s what haoppens when a player gets a run in the side, as opposed to just the odd cameo appearance. there is no question that carlton cole has responded well to the fcat that he s getting some positive feedback now. and the net result is that we sit in tenth place , when we cud easily be in the relegation zone based on injuries. well done the players , especially those who ve really stepped it up the last 2 months

  3. tony mcgrath says:

    what about MARKEY NOBLE?

  4. bazhammer says:

    My head says Green. With all his ‘Flappin’ at corners / crosses ( reminds me a bit of james), but my heart says Neill. That man was the unsung hero of last season, who pulled our defence into some kind of recognisable force. He hasn’t had the best of starts this year, but class always shows through in the end. He is strong and uncompromising in tackles and plays his heart out for the club. Green is an ‘A’ class shotstopper, who any premier club would want to own, and judging Englands current crop of goalkeeping contenders ( Carson ‘ no I’ve got it, oops no I haven’t’ and Robinson ‘ pass it back Gary I’ll clear it!! Oh f%*k where did that go?) He has got to be a close runner-up for this years HOTY. To me Neill, at this point in time , shades it.
    Then again Nobby, dead ball specialist, Deano, could go on to become a great player for us. Oh don’t ask me!!!!

  5. jimmmy jim says:

    well that was obvious really..
    if u ask me that was a stupid poll..
    there is never goin to be anyone else who is goin to get HOTY.
    but fair play to linda and cole for gettin 2nd and 3rd so far.

  6. cocknee' says:

    What a sight to see Robert green after the the penalty save against the yids, after listening to them sing englands number 6 right behind the goal, turn and punch the air and hold up 6 fingers to the front wheel skids. number six my arse

  7. kenningtonhammer says:

    couldn’t agree more with cocknee says about green giving back to the spuds after saving the pen. it felt like a victory. one player who always seems to fail to get a mention when it comes to these polls is mullins. i think he is a highly underrated player. ok, he is no midfield goal machine, but he does what he does to a high standard week in week out, his work rate is good, his tackling, more often than not, spot on and he provides good protection for the back 4. And we always seem to miss him when he is out of the team.

  8. Brian Sains says:

    Iain, i think the support for McCartney just goes to show how he has come on this year. He has been solid, but i do think we still need further cover at left back.

  9. The Headmaster says:

    Agree with all of the above.
    Anyone else worried about the possibility of losing Green in January?

  10. taylor says:

    got to admit new york that i was one of them who said we should get shorey, but now very glad we didnt, mccartney is twice the player shorey is. not sure i agree about cole tho, i spose he is the most improved but i still see him a long way behind ashton and bellamy – close between him and zamora really. i am looking forward to seeing kyle reid soon as well.

    rob green is an outstanding goalkeeper, by far the best weve had since ludo. i also like the other players mentioned, neill and noble – surely the foundation of any short-term success we might enjoy

  11. get rid of the tripe says:

    yes it was brilliant watching green shove it right down their throat . the most obnoxious set of supporters in football.

    but that doesn t excuse calling them “yids”. let s get something straight for the effing 99th time. they re “jewish people”, some of them.not all of them, not “yids”.

    keep the derogatory ,racist tripe where it belongs . i don t give a toss if they re muslim,jewish,catholic,bhuddist ,pink,purple or whatever. their religious or racial background is irrelevant. i hate them because of the way they carry on- rude, ill-mannered pompous rearwipes. but the religion has nothing to do with it. nor should it.
    using racist ,derogtaory terms like “yids” makes west ham and its supporters look like a bunch of effing ignorant muppets. and the fact that some moronic tottenham supporters use the term doesn t make it any better . in the same way that some black people using the “n” word doesn t make use of that word acceptable or excusable.

  12. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, Robert Green is hard to go past on week in week out performances. His reaction saves are very good & better than when he has time to think about it sometimes. George has played well for us & Charlton Cole continued to make an effort even when he got booed by some, & that would have been difficult. I’ve often wondered whether or not i’d welcome Jermaine Dwarf back again but when he rushed up keen as mustard to take that penalty & how he looked when Green saved it, i wonder no more. We played really well the first half, very positive football from everyone, but in the end, happy we got the point. We meet that rubbish again in early march. Can’t wait. Beckham was alright but he’s a show pony now.

  13. new york says:

    think the post on mullins is a good one – he is valuable and so often i still hear him get slagged off, and teh section i sit in is certainly not one of the more aggressive stands at the ground. i think taylor s comment is a fair one, even thoi i take a somewhat more sympathetic view to cole . There s no question- there is a gulf between Cole and either Ashton or Bellamy- as optimistic as i am about Cole , i d never pretend otherwise. Having said that ,apart from filling in very well for us at a difficult time with respect to injuries, the fcat that he s been able to improve this much in a relatively short period of time suggests to me that he can/will improve further still. I also think it s vital to the club that Cole carries on improving because unfortunately i can t see us getting through the season without further injuries to either Ashton or Bellamy , and we ve got awhile yet til Dyer comes back.

    As for losing Green in the window i am worried about it . I wasn t but now that the talk is starting to crop up again ,it s hard to ignore it. I don t think the current owners are keen to sell , and i think that they are smart enough to see how important Green is to teh team. So from that point of view i m not concerned. But what about the player himself. He can see that Arsenal conceded 3 agaisnt Seville , and he knows lehmann is possibly on the way out, so he cud fancy his chnaces to unseat Almunia. There s a also teh issue of money- what if Arsenal are prepared to dramatically increase his wages? Ironically , i don t think the england issue is the real one. Robinson and Carson were able to get in teh side despite playing outside the top 4, so i don t buy that as an excuse. But the lure of competing in the Champions League cud prove irresistable to him. i can t imagine our owners want to sell- but will the player want to continue to play for us ,if he feels he s capable of doing it at Arsenal ,especially since he s getting so much positive press now? It s different to what i saw as glory hunting by benayoun. benayoun was never gong to start at liverpool, at least not consistently. green wud have a realistic chance now of starting at arsenal. thats why i m afraid we cud lose him. the guy is so important to west ham- he s one of a group of players you wud want to build a side around . I think he s the player we can least afford to lose right now – i hope the club do everything humanly possible to keep him

  14. devo says:

    at least it wasn’t graeme pol

  15. Steve says:

    yes green is the man to do the job may be now .

    Now i dont no how to start something new on this

    last night i was watching the footie on RTE and after the game there was chat about it when one of the puntits INSULTED west ham now the man who said it played in the third division at this point i turned the tv back to sky

  16. headmaster1 says:

    New York puts it very well. These are the concerns I guess many of us have about Green. I just hope that he hangs in at WHU for a while longer, to see in which direction things unfold. Hopefully, a decent top half finish and the prospect of squad strengthening plus other plans coming to the fore next summer will convince him that he really can achieve his potential at the club.
    If he goes, he will not be guaranteed a starting spot for sure – ask Lehman. Too many forays towards the penalty spot without claiming the ball will not prevent someone like Wenger from dropping him, i’ll wager. Greeny is an outstanding shot stopper, holds a great position inbetween the sticks and is charismatic. He does tho struggle at times to command his area and, in this regard, the finished article he maybe is not just yet. Let’s hope Wenger thinks so at any rate! Maybe he’ll then keep his hands off……

  17. new york says:

    green being a bit tentative at times in coming off his line, or at times simply getting to the ball late when he comes out ,is indeed what cud cost him dear if he went to arsenal. i hope that he considers that – that if he makes a couple mistakes ,such as the one he made vs spurs ,he cud find himself on the bench ,and not starting at a club like arsenal. i also agree that even in the best of circumstances ,he can t be assured of a starting role there. Alumnia may not seem to be a virtuoso ,but one can t argue with is results or Arsenal s results. which means Alumnia must be doing something right. it s hard enough to find quality strikers or midfielders ,even at a king s ransom these days. the thought of what we d have to do to replace green if he left is really unsettling. which makes this transfer window important in terms of adding to the squad ,so that a player like green can continue to think positively about the direction west ham is going in , and positively about his own future at the club. after the trauma of the legal wrangles of the summer, we have got a bit of momentum behind us now in terms of bringing in some decent signings. unfortunately ,we haven t seen the full benefit of those due to injury ,but if we can bring in at least one quality signing in janauary ,coupled with faubert coming back , and hopefully dyer coming back well before the season ends,hopefully this can help make green come to the conclusion that west ham is the right place for him. it s taken a lot to get to this point, where if we stay focused and play our cards right , we cud exceed a lot of people s expectations this season – it wud a be a huge step back, at the expense of the potential that lies ahead ,if we don t hold on to green.

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