Redknapp & Storrie: What Are We To Make Of It?

Readers of the Harry Monk column in Over Land And Sea will recall a regular feature where Harry Monk would ring Peter Storrie about, say, the fact that interest rates had gone up to 10% and Peter Storrie would reply: “This has absolutely nothing to do with me”.

So we have to ask, what have Redknapp’s and Storrie’s arrests got to do with West Ham. Seeing as the ex Portsmouth chairman and one of their ex players has been arrested too it is clear that it is player transactions at Portsmouth which are under investigation. However, it cannot be too long before player deals during their tenure at West Ham will come under the spotlight. I think in particular of Titi Camara’s transfer from Liverpool for £2.5 million. But there were plenty of others which some of us questioned at the time.

I always really liked Harry Redknapp and wish he had been able to stay longer in many ways, but we all have to admit that there were plenty of rumours going round at the time about some of his wheeling and dealing.

I’d love to think that there was nothing to yesterday’s events and that no charges will be laid. But in general the Police do not make such arrests without being fairly sure of their ground. The Hamilton rape case was an exception and I hope this one is too.

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27 Responses to Redknapp & Storrie: What Are We To Make Of It?

  1. Aphammer says:

    Yeah agree. I hope that no charges are brought against Harry. Nevertheless we will be dragged into it one way or another. But in the main it is a Portsmouth issue and we have nothing to do with it, thank God. After last summer and the Tevez saga, we do not need anymore skeletons to come out of the cupboard.

  2. Nails says:

    This interesting!!! No Comments!! Do I deduce from this that no can comment as they either cant say anything (as would be negative) or that the comments are not passing your strict and understandable moderation!

    Shame, a real shame Harry!

  3. LaurieDLaz says:

    This is a pity.
    I like Harry and when he managed West Ham he sure was passionate about it and always had the best interest of the team at heart. I occasionally wonder how he would fare under the new regime. Interesting!!

  4. Johnny says:

    I’ve nothing against Harry, like you I always liked him. However, I am worried that something will come out of the woodwork. The reasons given for his dismissal at the time were unconvincing, and the use of made of the Rio funds did raise a few eyebrows, including all of mine. He is quoted on the BBC webiste this morning saying that the police had to arrest him in order to question him in a police station. I have never heard of that, unless he refused until arrested? Hmmmm All very strange and unsettling.

    BTW I like your site. some sites are like arguing outside at closing time. this is like a civilised, rational chat with the first pint while the pub is still quiet.

  5. jon l.colney says:

    harry has allways been known by the media as a wheeler dealer type so theres no smoke without fire as they say !!
    hope he has done it the right way though,top geeza and deep respect .

  6. tcv says:

    This isn’t just the police, its the City of London police (taller, meaner and more professional) and it’s a fraud investigation. This is only the tip of the iceberg and I expect this to open football up and (hopefully) end up with closer regulation and more discipline. It may even lead to the end of the FA.

    People may think that this is an over reaction but the same thing happened in Italy 10-15 years ago when the Sky money had riven the game with fraud and corruption. In the end, the troops were sent to camp out in stadiums and Fiorentina were wound up.

    The FA is clearly powerless against the big clubs and agents. A recent attempt by the FA to tighten the rules on agents and stop them acting for both parties in a transfer was met by the 5 leading agents threatening to sue for ‘restraint of trade’. This is institutionalized fraud and the fact that agents feel they can mount such a challenge is an affront to legality. They probably do not even recognize the irony of defending a position of monopoly on the basis that breaking it up would be a ‘restraint of trade’.

  7. new york says:

    regardless of what the outcome of the investigation is ,one result wud seem to be that may have lost his chance to manage england. even if he is found to be fully innocent ,one can t imagine the FA being willing to take a chance now. which, assuming he were to be found innocent,wud be ashame , in that he seems to be on eof the best available candidates, and certainly the best available english candidate.

    it does strike me as a bit odd that these investigations pertain to events dating back to 2003. it s nearly 2008- if there was an urgency about this , why has it taken so long to bring forth a case? is there an element of trying to scaremonger, or make an example out of someone here? is there an element of trying to shut the stable long after the horse has bolted? Even if you exclude tevez, i can think of other people who wud seem to warrant more immediate investigation, such as joorbachian.

  8. Fish says:

    I would have liked to have seen Harry get the England job and i think quite a few of us would have found his honesty with the press and the public much more appealing than the usual political spin. There’s no way this will happen now with this cloud hanging over his head regardless of the outcome as so many people at the FA and elsewhere will have made their minds up as to his guilt or public perceived damage to his reputation. We liked Harry so much at West Ham because of his wheeler dealer reputation. He had little in the way of funds compared to some, and so, generated money himself by buying some players to showcase their potential. More times than not this worked well. However the whole business now seems a bit of a minefield these days. I do really think the whole thing is a real pity.

  9. kevin mousley says:

    football used to be a bit like a market transactions only. Then along came the premier league and it morphed into a superstore but the cultural mores of the market stall remained. Just because the finanical circumstances of football may have changed, it’ll be years, if ever ,before the opaque informality that’s underpinned player transfers changes- if ever. However while we may all smile at the antics of the cheeky chappie wheeler dealers remember if they are playing fast and loose with anyone’s money it’s the fans’- we always end up footing the bill.

  10. Hammerithome says:

    Harry really is a decent fella and I hope he can keep out of trouble as he is undoubtably a footie man through and through.
    Passionate and caring towards the game we all love,but is he honest?
    I really do hope so.
    As I have mentioned before,I once had the priveledge of meeting him and buying him a drink in a pub and he and his wife were magnificent.
    Yes he is a wheeler dealer type of guy,but he is still a loveable man too.
    Good luck to him.

  11. The man from del Monte says:

    I wish to point out that as Peter Storrie left West Ham in 1999, he was not there to be involved in the sale of Rio Ferdinand to Leeds in November 2000 and out of the proceeds the purchase of players like like Titi Camera, Rigobert Song, Todorov and Dailly etc.

  12. Plaistow54 says:

    Oh, deary me, just when we,d forgotten the Stevens inquiry, which investigated 17 clubs & found no impropriety, are still reeling over our lose in the Euro Championship & watching the riots in Italy, along comes this. As tcv says why is it the police & not the F.A. bringing this up. In fact how was it able to occur at all ? I always believed that the association bore a major part of the responsibility in the Tevez affair & that Eggy & the club acted with due honesty & dignity. I find it hard to believe that with the money that comes from t.v. rights & sponsorship that the association does not have the resources to be involved in & able to ratify every part of transfer deals. If Harry is indeed innocent as he says, why do they choose now to knock on his door, years after the event ? I don’t know about you, i smell a rat, but i can’t see it yet.

  13. Plaistow54 says:

    Here’s a good article on it.,,2218734,00.html

  14. new york says:

    plaistow s comment that one would think the FA wud be doing the investigating ,not the police ,is an interesting one. if nothing else, perhaps this cud be a wake-up call to the premier league ,that if they don t make more of an effort to create transparency in the transfer market ,then the police will do it for them. Which of course wud only serve to embarrass the premiership and hurt it from a marketing perspective. not easy to market a product on a global scale, no matter how much advertising money u have behind u , and no matter how many ronaldos and rooneys you ve got, if there is the constant whiff of investigation about.

    is it that difficult to create a proper and watertight set of transparent rules in the handling of transfers in the 21st century? it shouldn t be

  15. Da Don says:

    Certain people have been notorious inside football for their shady practices for many years and it’s only since Mike Newell (who turned out to be a less than reliable witness) put his head above the parapet that anything remotely visible has been put in motion to examine this. It surely comes as no surprise to anyone who remembers the Storrie/Redknapp era at West Ham that they should be invited to contribute to this investigation. The finger has been pointed at Harry many times (not least by the BBC which is why you never see Harry on MOTD). There are a lot of people who know the truth about this (I have spoken to quite a few of them) – I wonder how many of them will stand up and tell it?

  16. Ironman says:

    Gary Charles…need I say more. Pursue a player not wanted by his club or anyone else and then wait three days for him when he doesn’t turn up to a meeting because he’s on a bender? There is no explanation other than ‘special circumstances’ surounding the deal. Statistcially, it would interesting to see how many players that H has signed multiple times…same reason. I blame H along with the idiot Brown for the sale of Rio Ferinand, a move that put the club back 15 years.

  17. whufc4eva says:

    i do like harry but when he left us for portsmouth and you see the amount of players that went from westham to portsmouth etc todorov it does make me wonder. also im sure hes son was in charge of transfers at westahm so something could have happened their. anyways hope he is innocent and westham are in no trouble!!!!

  18. MUGABE says:

    The Rigobert Song purchase was very smelly with Harrys son , Jamie , providing a link and the news that the guy was totally useless but going for a price that everyone could make some money from. Doesnt Harry have another son who , at the time , was involved with trading footballers ???.
    Agents are total parasites. The FA shows its compliance with their distasteful trade as they both feed off the fans at the end of the day.

  19. steve says:

    I find it strange that these investigations take so long to come to the fore.Many West Ham supporters and indeed supporters from outside our club are well aware of the rumours going back to Harry’s tenure as manager of West Ham.Harry had/has a close friend and agent who was responsible for the majority of transfers that took place while he was West Ham’s manager.Terence Brown eventually audited the transfer activity,found the same agents name appearing over and over again and asked the question,WHY? Harry soon departed.On a more personal note.I’ve had a few drinks with Lampard Snr and he said Harry would buy players without seeing them play.He would look at a video tape and make a decision to buy!Maybe it was the commission and not the player he wanted !

  20. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes New York. I also find it hard to believe that these days is it that hard for the F.A. & the Premier League to monitor these deals more closely. Is it that hard to get access to personal details in the U.K. now ? I think not. Harry was with us a long time & to my recollection has never said a bad word about us. I hope he is innocent. He does seem like the sort of bloke who thinks on his feet & he would get the best deal possible,however until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, he is in the clear. There is a lot of money & a lot at stake in the game these days & this is another slur on the best game in the world. Harrys odds for England manager were starting to shorten & now he will never get that position. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you must, but the timing of this says something.

  21. new york says:

    whether the man is totally innocent as he is suggesting, or not , one does wonder why the need show up at his house at 6am? this is not a terrorist investigation ,after all.
    if all the police required was some information, was it necesary to handle it the way they did? or is there indeed ,something more to it than that ? Also ,would it have been worse if the police had shown up at portsmouth s training ground?

  22. KennyHammer says:

    What’s going on with all you hammers supporters? This is a fishing trip by the police targeting a high profile manager who has always been a wheeler dealer in the transfer market. Sure, not every player turns into a success, but no ones complaining about Hartson & Kitson or DiCanio. When you don’t have a board that will sanction big money signings you have to evaluate if a lesser player is value and can do a job for the team. Harry is good at that.
    Just remember what a good manager he was for wham, working with club directors who would not release the purse strings even after 18Mil for Rio.
    Good luck Harry, I truly hope that this does not detract from your chance to be the new England manager I think you are the best option available. From a hammers point of view the sooner we get you out of managing in the Premership the better it will be for us.

  23. redkipper says:

    Has a manager ever been brought to court? I seem to remember George Graham was sacked because of thousands of pound notes in his desk drawer but no conviction – I could be wrong!
    Anyway the rumours have often been around Harry’s deals but no actual substance brought forward to send hime to court. I suspect this latest ‘news’ may well go the same way.
    With so much money in footbal you can be sure that big money laundering goes on, no names of certain owners/chairmen to be quoted!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. BAC says:

    The incident the police are investigating has nothing to do with West Ham United, and nothing to do with anything Harry may have done whilst he was connected with the club, so let’s not worry about it, eh?

    There have been plenty of great managers allegedly involved with the ‘bung’ culture, including George Graham and Brian Clough. Didn’t do their clubs/teams much harm, did it?

  25. new york says:

    hadn t thought of it prior to plaistow mentioning it, but it is a bit strange that all this comes out again now, just as redknap s name was coming into the frame as a potential candidate. as if someone wanted to make well and truly sure that he is deemed “not establishment ” enough for the job. if there were questions to answer , why weren t they dealt with many many months ago when that program on Panorama was aired on alleged corruption in the game?

    the other thing is , do the police not have things higher on their priority list to sort out? we have across the UK, and in london in particular , rising teenage/youth gun crime , resulting in numerous murders. we still have a very credible terrorist threat in the uk. surely the police have more urgent things to attend to than to harry redknap.
    i m not suggesting that the issue of potential irregularities in the transfer market shud be brushed aside ,or swept under the carpet, but one wud have thought that the FA or Premier League itself wud be the starting point for investigating alleged irregularities.
    whether redknap is innocent or not , and i hope that he is innocent, i do think he has a point when he objects to the way it was handled . It seems like the intent was to achieve the maximum sensationalist effect. is sensationalizing the situation, which is what the police , wittingly or unwittingly, have done, really teh best way pursue justice?

  26. redkipper says:

    I watched Sky News late last night and was shocked to see apparently 28 police officers go to riad the Agents home.
    Seems way over the top to me and agree with previous comments above – many other crimes need investigating/preventing by the police before going so heavy handed to these minor crimes.
    Ian, I watched your comments on the Papers ————— very good! Do you ever get a chance to comment on football? If so in the future let us know before hand.

  27. Iain Dale says:

    Redkipper, I do try to do a footy story whenever possible. I reckon I manage to mention West Ham about every third time I do a paper review!

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