The Rumour Mill is in Full Swing

So, Bobby Zamora is off to Fulham, Derby, Reading or Sunderland for £5 million. Curbs wants to get rid of Davenport, Quashie and Pantsil. Stephen Carr is on his way to Upton Park. And many more.

So what do we think? In this thread let’s talk about outgoings – who should West Ham consider selling in the January transfer window. We have a huge squad and it needs trimming. Don’t talk about players you’d like us to sign – we’ll do that tomorrow.

Personally, I’d sell Christian Dailly and Nigel Quashie. And that’s it. We need to remember that we actually only forked out a net £7 million the summer.


52 Responses to The Rumour Mill is in Full Swing

  1. Soldier hammer says:

    I agree with you for a change, Quashie came in and did what was asked, and for loyal service, Daily should be allowed to leave on a free. Pantsil is the only other I’d look at letting go.

  2. SamHam says:

    Iain I agree, dont think we should sell Pantsill or Zamora, just Quashie and Dailly.
    If people like Faubert peform well when they are fit, plus Deono coming back in I think we will have a strong squad . I was impressed with Parker on Saturday who I think will be a real asset as Upson has become.

  3. CL says:

    I think if we can actually get £5mill for Zamora we should take it.

  4. jon l.colney says:

    pants and sqaush should be aloud to go +davenport doesnt seem to be in curbs plans.
    Daisy looks likey to go south so thats the outs .

    please whowever has a route to the top in west ham get the message over…..

    keep the zd man !!!!!!!!
    keep mullins !!!!!!!

  5. Mike Tricker says:

    Quashie, Daiily, paintsil and Daveport to go. Yes please.
    The Z-Man. He just needs a run in the side and is a better player than Cole.
    If we do offload all these then we need to replace them with better than them.

    These players were and are squad fillers. God only knows what would happen if we ever saw a back line of of those three with qaushie as the holding midfeild role…

    Sell em to derby… They like players that are almost good enough for the prem…

    But Bobby, Curb’s needs to give him a chance. He will score more goals than cole.

  6. ironsmith says:

    Quashie, davenport, pantsil, dailly, etherington(not good or brave enough for me) and zamorra for a start! there are others that depend on replacements!

  7. Gareth says:

    why oh why are we signing stephen carr??????? he is so bad he came on as a sub for the toon and got taken off, we do not need another right back, we have neill, solano can play there, faubert when he returns from injury can play there,

    we need cover for left back, and maybe another central midfielder.

  8. John J says:

    I’d be disappointed if Bobby Z left. I know it’s going to be difficult and can understand his frustration, but I’d rather he stayed and fought for a place as Carlton Cole has. Who amongst us will ever forget his goal in Cardiff to secure promotion or his run of form with Tevez last season. He’s been an important player for us in the past and I’m sure we could use his services in the future.

  9. DevoDevo says:

    I’m going to be a little more ruthless;

    Dailly, Pantsil, Quashie, Davenport should all go. Dailly has been a great servant to all of his clubs but we have plenty of cover at the back now. Pantsil is unfortunate, bought as a rb, he is better playing further forward, unfortunately for him, we have enough midfielders. Quashie and Davenport are just not up to premiership standard.

    More controversially, I would also offload Ljunberg. Bought as a panic buy for Faubert (who is now close to comeback), he has had his best days. His wage bill must be astronomical for the number of games he is likely to play.

    The one player I would be annoyed to see let go is Bobby Z. A great attitude and no small amount of skill, Bobby has never let the club down and gives us another option up front. My only worry is his injury – which we never seem to hear about anymore. Is he finished? I hope not.

  10. Darren Hodsoll says:

    Am i the only one that wants Spector to go as well!!!!

  11. Dave from Finland says:

    I´m even more ruthless, a big clearout:

    Daily, Paintsil, Quashie, Davenport, Cole, Zamora (if £5m), Mullins and Camara. After that we could start to think about new signings!!

  12. Johnny says:

    I’m another who would be really sad to see Bobby Z go. WHU through and through. Goals in Cardiff to get us into Prem, goals at Ipswich to get us to Cardiff in the first place. Then goals at Arsenal etc. to keep us up last season. We do owe him. My only worry is that he seems to me to be a confidence player, perhaps more so than most. Would that be knocked if he is squad player and not first choice?

  13. geoff says:

    Not too ruthless, Good call. I’d go further and say letty Bobbby Z go. The reason being, we need to step up now. Zamora has done ok, and at times a lot more than that, but if we are serious about improving the whole set up we have to replace players in that mould with a better class of player otherwise we will progress too slowly, which means still sitting behind clubs like Portsmouth, Everton, Aston Villa etc. Let’s go for it, show our intentions. Some players have done a really good job for us, but, if we are to be winners, we will have to offload them as well. Sad in a way, but wouldn’t it be great for West Ham to be up with the big boys (which IS possible) and next season will be the most important in the clubs history.

  14. Chrissy says:

    I agree with Darren Hodsall.. Spector has to GO!!! He has to be the worst player ever to put on a West Ham United shirt. Everytime they bring him on my heart sinks. He wouldn’t get in the first team squad at any other prem club, but for some reason I just can’t fathem Curbs picks him.

  15. The Academy says:

    I would keep Bobby. He wasoutstanding last season and is a danger off the bench. He hasn’t had a chance this year due to injury. But we seemed to have signed many injury prone players, and as a result need a large squad to cope with the injury crisis.
    Christian should go and with our blessing, for free with huge thanks for his loyalty and work. He may not be the favourite or that great, but he possesses qualities you can’t buy in many players, heart and loyalty. You wouldn’t get him slagging off the Hammers or anyone else.
    Pantsil can go, not sure why he came really as he hasn’t ever forged a role for himself. When that happens, 2 managers/coaches can’t be wrong. Even Spector got a chance in midfield. Doesn’t say much for Mr Pantsil.
    Davenport is a tricky one. If we have quality in the young players, as is indicated, I would let him leave for the right fee.
    Quashie can go. We have enough cover there and he doesn’t add to the team in my opinion. No sentimentality here, unlike for Dailly…..

  16. Kim says:

    I agree about Bobby Z. He was our highest goal scorer last season and he was not playing at his best (along with a lot of the squad). We have invested time and money in getting Cole’s confidence back – surely Zamora has earned the same and more if that is the problem.

    I know that I have said it before but I am just so fed up that he doesn’t even get mentioned in despatches from Curbs any more. He told us in September that Bobby was having his knee washed out to get rid of the ongoing trouble he had. Since then not a word!

    A keep Bobby Z petition anybody?

  17. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    Here’s a controversial one. I would listen to offers for Ferdinand. We look so much more solid without him. Quashie, Davenport, Pantsil, Dailly,Zamora, Spector can all pack their bags too. Would definitely keep Mullins.

  18. Sauerland Tom says:

    Zamora is a Hammer, he is one of the best striker. If he is not injured, he makes his goals for us.

    Quashie, Dailly, Pantsil, Davenport and Spector are not good enough for the PL.
    If they go we can buy 1 or 2 players.

  19. Greg says:

    Definately Don’t Think We Should Get Rid Of Z-man .. I’d Probably Keep On To Painsil Seems Like A Versatile Squad Player And Doesn’t Seem To Kick Up A Fuss In The Reserves .. Davenport Can’t Cut It In The Prem By The Looks Of It, Quashie Was Basically A Temp Buy Anyway But Still Did The Job, Dailly Is A Legend But He’s Still On Reasonably High Wages For A Player Who Isn’t Gunna Get A Sniff .. And Spector Shouldn’t Go He’s Nowt Special But He’s Always Steady .. Up The Irons And Hold On To Bobby!

  20. new york says:

    i admit that zamora started this season poorly ,but i d prefer he be given a chance to fight for his place upon returning from injury. he d be fourth in the pecking order of strikers ,ahead of camara ,at the moment ,and not including people such as boa morte ,dyer and ljungberg who cud play up front if absolutely necesary. given fixture congestion ,a possibility of decent cup runs , and the fact that our best 2,ashton and bellamy are injury prone, i think zamora still has a role to play. i d prefer to give him the shot for rest of this season, and reassess come may. i realize waiting that long wud rule out the potential 5 mil the press are saying he wud fetch now. the price tag is to me the only justification for selling him now , as 5 mil sounds a lot for him, but the question remains ,who wud we be able to replace him with? we can t afford to be any shorter strikers .

    as for davenport and quashie yes, i agree, they were emergency buys ,and worth selling as it doesn t seem likely either will play even as subs now. i don t agree with the criticism of spector ,and i think given that we have no cover for mccartney ,it wud be unwise to sell spector. i agree that spector is not a “first choice ” defender ,when u have the likes of Collins available on the bench once fit,but i do think spector plays a role and gives us cover. i also think his work-rate is excellent, he does give away needless free kicks at times. those faulting him shud recall teh recent bolton match ,which we may not have even taken a point from if spector had not cleared one off the line.

    i understand that some people are “looking ahead” to what hopefully will be a better future , and as such those people feel we need to “raise the standard of player” to get to that next level. but i think the process of doing that needs to be gradual,not hasty. and i think we need to be careful about not being too quick to discard players who we may not regard as “first choice”. look at the contribution that the following players have made thus far this term,none of whom wud have been classed as “first team” players” by some at the start of the season.

    mullins,cole,mccartney,boa morte,etherington,spector,bowyer. all these guys have helped us to a tenth place position, which is a big improvemnt on last year ,even more so taking into account the injuries. and mccartney in particular has been outstanding.
    by the way j. colney ,i m not criticizing mullins here – i think the guy is a good player.

    finally pantsil is an unusual case- he wasnt one of curbishley s buys. in the last couple preseason matches i thought i saw some skill in him, but that was in midfield ,where we don t seem to be short of players,esepcially as injured ones gradually return. if he had had a run of games , say in the way that carlton cole has had, perhaps we wud have seen some of that skill. but he hasn t had a run in the side, perhaps through no fault of his own. rightly, or wrongly ,he hasn t seemed ” to fit in” so to speak at the club, and perhaps on that basis ,it makes sense to sell him. that may also be what s fairest for the player ,too, as with davenport and quashie

  21. new york says:

    by the way kim, i agree the lack of information on zamora is irritating. it didn t appear earlier in the season when he got injured that it was serious enuf to warrant being out for months. the lack of communication by the club on the status of his injury may even be feeding some of the media sepculation about his possible exit from the club.

  22. ourmanwhere says:

    Speaking from a Toon point of view – please sign Stephen Carr.

    Hopefully he’ll be our next crock unloaded to West Ham.

    The Godlike Nobby Solano, not included. Wish he was still on Tyneside.

    Any chance your lot would be stupid enough to spend big money on England’s Michael Owen?

  23. DevoDevo says:

    Chrissy – if you think Spector is the worst player to play for us, you must be very young!

    No one agree with me with regards Ljundberg?

  24. Da Don says:

    I think that at this stage, particularly given our injury record, we should only get rid of players who are either (a) utterly useless and/or (b)absolutely surplus to requirments. And they are only Dailly and Quashie. Davenport is a fine player, and even if he does have to go, he should be given a few games to push his price up. A fit Ljungberg would be an asset, but then again if he is unfit who will sign him? I’m afraid we’re stuck with him. Bobby Z should stay at least until the summer. I don’t agree that he’s a better player than Cole, he’s a different kind of striker. BZ is quicker, CC is much better in the air. They’re both good finishers, CC is better at holding the ball up and bringing other players in, BZ is a better runner off the ball and pulls defences around more. In fact it’d be interesting to see them together.

    Stephen Carr? Nooooooooooooooo!!

  25. new york says:

    hinsdale s suggestion is a good one. i d forgotten about ferdinand . altho the guy is young and cud get better ,i think he s more trouble than he s worth in terms of attitude and commitment. if the club really wants to make steps towards a consistent top 6/7 position ,i think it needs players with a more appropriate attitude than ferdinand. if we cud sell him for a good price that money cud be well used elsewhere.

    regarding devo s comment on ljungberg , i agree that the purchase of him was a mistake. i think most of curbishley s signings in the summer were useful,but ljungberg has disappointed. perhaps he s disappointed more in that he s injured so often,more than in what he s done on the pitch. but in his limited time on the pitch, i ve never felt that he looked all that interested . he s capable making a contribution, but for various reasons, including fitness, has not. it s difficult to see who wud want him though, given that he is so injury prone. but if we cud sell him ,even at a small loss ,it may be worthwhile.

  26. west ham johnny says:

    if we were selling a striker it wouldnt be bobby z, even though he has played well lately and worked his socks off i’d rather see carlton cole leave as he is our weakest striker. i’d sell quasie, pantsil and most of all i’d sell anton now so we could get a decent price for him as i cant see him gettin back in the side and i dont think he is any better than upson, gabbidon or collins

  27. Robbin says:


    PANTSIL: not premiership class plus have cover in Neil, Spector
    DAILLY: too old
    QUASHIE: bottom third of prem/championship player
    DAVENPORT: will not get a game; our defemce is too good with lots of versatility and cover plus we have Tomkins for future.

    money in approx £10 M

    (Must consider possibility of europe in season 2008/2009 so will have to have a squad of european quality)

    MULLINS: had a good season but is he a top 7 player? stock high so get a good fee
    ZAMORA: keep until summer. get a good price for him while his stock is also high and then strenghten up front
    CAMARA: send him back
    WRIGHT: Jimmy Walkers better, plus start to blood Marek Štěch
    REID and other youths: question mark on quality compared to previous hammers youths. cash in.
    ASHTON: just kidding! rather sell myself.

    money in approx £12-15 M

  28. I agree with some other comments that Zamora should be offloaded if we receive £5mil. If the injury is as serious as it is starting to seem, then clubs are going to be less willing to cash out for him. His work rate is always good and it would be disappointing to see him leave, after all he does love the club. His performances on days though are simply frustrating.

    I hope Curbs isn’t too ruthless, for example getting rid of Davenport. We do have a lot of players, but with the injury situation at the moment we need to keep as many as possible. If it got worse and we had sold 4-5 players, we could be left in a sticky situation.

    I also agree with a comment further up, that Ljungberg was a panic buy more than anything after Faubert got injured. Freddie too has had his injury difficulties however and I think if he were to be played week in week out we would see better performances. Of course when he is back I would like to see Faubert playing instead of him.

  29. bloody limey says:

    Squad changes…

    hmmm, can someone please take Luis Boa Mortes Claret & Blue shirt away from him and never let him put it on again!

    Davenport can go, so can Camara, whilst I´ve always liked Dailly for his attitude and commitment, he´s unlikely to figure, so if someone will take his wages, then he should go.

    Keep Zamora, his loyalty and passion is vital.

    Keep Pantsil, but don´t ever let him play at right back.

    Spector is starting to look like another Fergeson reject who looks like he´s been coached by my grans one-eyed cat!

  30. Winchester Hammer says:

    Davenport, Daily and Spector to go. Bobby Z should stay. He’s on Facebook and I’ve already sent him a message pleading with him to stay. Those that are likeminded should do the same. He won’t reply, but he might realise that a lot of us appreciate his commitment to the shirt (something of a rarity these days). I’d really like to see Matty Taylor coming in and Darren Fletcher. These are guys with solid Premier League experience and not “will they, won’t they make it” imports. I’m still not sure about Curbs long term, but his strategy of bringing this kind of player to stabilise the club in the Premier League (Bellamy, Boa Morte, Ljunberg, Neil, Upson etc. has been a good one.

  31. With the amount of injuries we’ve had in the last few months, I don’t think we should be selling any players. Imagine if we’d sold Carlton Cole in the close season? We’d now be back in the relegation zone!

  32. Brooking always knows best! says:

    if there is going to be another influx of players in January and the summer, we will have to let a few more players go who at the moment I wouldnt want to see go. We do need another striker of the Ashton and Bellamy quality. Where would that leave Cole or Bobby Z? We also could do with real quality on the left side of midfield. Ethers has done reasonably well but is not consistant. We should certainly have a cull of the squad to allow room for real quality. Saying that, I think we have 14 or 15 players that when all fit, can take us to a top 6 spot anyway
    Up the Hammers!

  33. Drestyle says:

    Not only is Carr dreadful, but he is also another ex Tott scum and has one of the worst injury records out there over recent years. I guess thats why he is being looked at by Curbs. Let me guess, Ledley King next!!

    Its a disgrace to consider letting Bobby go, He may not be the best striker in the world, but he is a more than fair sub who loves this club nd that is priceless.

    Gotta agree about Spector though, we look so much weaker even when he is just warming up on the sidelines. Its like watching a car crash in slow motion he has to go

  34. Wave bye-bye to Spector (committed, but it’s not enough to cover a basic lack of ability), Dailly, Quashie (both players who never seem to do anything), Davenport, Ferdinand (if we could get £5M for him, we’d be laughing…vastly overrated IMO), Etherington (far too unreliable and lightweight) Camara and Cole (who has done well but will always be second choice)

    Keep Bobby; mainly for sentimental reason, but also because he does have real ability.
    Keep Ljungberg, cos a replacement for Faubert will be needed if (when!) said frenchman gets himself injured again. Plus old head, etc.

    Hope Curbs doesn’t look anywhere near Steve Carr; aside from being a disciplinary liability, (always getting booked and apparently wants to get himself sent off) he’s just not a very good player. Looked okay at spurs but has looked awful at newcastle. He made bramble look good some weeks 😉

  35. Plaistow54 says:

    A quick one, no time, it looks like we are going in for Shunsuke Nakamura at Celtic. He is 29 a left footed right midfielder believe it or not. Good free kick taker & has played & scored in Champions league. Celtic payed about one & half mill for him two years ago. Also Benni McCarthy looks to be unhappy but he will be about 10 mill i reckon.

  36. Sactown hammer says:

    Why so much hate on Spector? He might not be first team, but the times I have watched him he works his ass off. Perhaps its the fact he’s American. His game is built for English Football, physical. Dailly and Quashie both look like crap and should be let go.

  37. Plaistow54 says:

    I think most here have pretty much got it figured out. Goodbye Dailly, thanks, served us well but it’s been on the cards for a while. Quashie,Davenport,Pantsil & Spector i’d sell. They are just not up to the side we want to be. I’d sell Camera, we can do better. Ljundberg keep till the end of the season. He can add something & we are stuck with him anyway. Now Zamora. Wow, i’d hate to sell him. He is West Ham through & through. His injury is a concern & he is unpredictable on the field. I’d take the risk. Keep him, give him time. Ferdinand is young yet & has a future however i don’t know that he fits in now that we’ve had a minor clean out. If we can get serious money, flog him off. Keep Mullins & for heavens sake don’t buy Carr. I can’t believe it. A barcodes supporter must have started that. The silly season, i love it.

  38. new york says:

    very good point by lindsay. given the injuries we ve suffered , if you d have told me that we d be sitting in 10 th place on dec 7th , i d have said you were on drugs. i d have predicted we wud be in a relegation scrap ,unable to score goals. but that hasn t happened,in part because we weren t too hasty to part with players. i agree that guys who have absolutely no chance of playing, come hell or highwater,shud go, such as quashie , as that s fair to both them and to the club. but players for whom it s not so clearcut , we re best off giving the benefit of the doubt til the end of the season. i also , think zamora is a special case because it s so clear that the guy bleeds for the shirt, which is a rarity these days as has been mentioned- what makes it tricky is the potential 5 million price tag. i hadn t thought he cud go for that much money.

  39. jon l.colney says:

    one minute were all saying how well we played against chelski and the next minute some people are saying get rid ov mullins?

    brain f4rt ladies ?

    excuse me but check the team sheet and i think youll find a certain mr H.Mullins on it.

    i admit hes not ever gona be world class but you dont have great teams with 11 players in a squad.

  40. Rob Pratt says:

    I cannot disagree. What I would add is that we should all remember what a superb effort Bobby Zamora made at the end of last season to help keep us up. He was definitely one of our ‘Hammers Heroes’ and his mature performance on the last day at old Trafford was admirable. Bobby has always given everything to the club and we should all wish him every success. I think we should take £5 million, if we can get it.

    Still need more top quality players to compete at the highest level – but I’m sure Curbs knows that

  41. nr2iron says:

    I along with a few others seem to want the usual suspects out,Pantzil,Quasie,Davenport and Dailly but i would also out-Spector and Ferdinand and i do wonder when all are fit will Mullins get anywhere near a place and to me Lungberg has been average at best and Boa Morte awful but obviously Curbs rates them.

  42. Soldier hammer says:

    I started the comments on this blog ….. and just read what some muppets have been sayaing. Lundberg to go, and Spectre is naff hmmmmm …. you lot obviously know you’re footie. Guys let get real, like Deano, Lundberg is a high calibre player who needs games to get up to the standards he sets himself, and Spectre like Bowyer cole and others has come in, played out of position and done his job, maybe one or two of you ought to get to a game and watch these boys instead of sitting in comfy armchairs.

  43. DevoDevo says:

    Soldier – I played at a higher standard than you are ever likely to achieve – a forum is for people to offer opinions not to be called childish names – You can’t even spell Spector’s name correctly.

    Make your point without resorting to name calling, even if they are wrong.

  44. West_Ham says:

    I would be sad to see Zamora, Paintsil, Davenport and especially Dailly leave. Dailly has been with us through thick and thin and never lost heart even though the fans gave him stick at times. He has never been the most silky player in the world but he never pretended to be. He just gave 100% in whatever position the manager put him and never complained. He has been through relegation, promotion, dressing room bust ups and about 5 managers with us. He’s been winded scoring vital winners and lost teeth fighting for the cause. If he does go then let’s at least show him some respect and give him a good send off, like we did with Repka. Just my opinion.

    Paintsil and Davenport haven’t really been given enough first team chances to prove themselves. I think both are capable of playing at this level but need the correct nurturing and match time. Competition for their positions is too tough for them to get it at West Ham. As for Zamora we just don’t know what the problem is yet. Could be injury or could be a bust up. Either way there will be a void left in the team without him.

    I won’t be sorry to see Quashie leave and Mullins too if we can sign good cover for Parker. Both of them have been good and served their prupose but we are ready to move onto bigger and better things and they are not good enough to to play at the next level.

    I would like to see our central midfield revamped so that we are left with the choice of Parker, Noble, Bowyer and two new signings of quality. One holding and one attacking.

    But this can only happen if both Quashie and Mullins depart.

  45. new york says:

    i agree with soldier that people appear unnecesarily harsh on spector. one way of maing th epoint is as follows- even though ferdinand may be the nore athletic of the 2,i prefer spector s workrate and tenacity any day to ferdinand s unreliability and immaturity.

    colney made a good point, which is that teh squad needs to be deep. it needs to go well beyond the ideal first choice eleven ,yet remain within realsitic confines of what we can afford ,even with the additional money being put into the club by the icelanders.
    not every member of a pool of 20 or so players needs to be “world class” ,especially given we cannot spend what the big 4 can. which is why if we were to ship out certain players who have performed their roles as “squad players” very well this season, such as cole,mullins,spector and etherington, we wud do so at our peril.

    As for Ljungberg, i appreciate that he WAS world class. what he is now is another matter. sure, he s got experience ,but if he s continually going to get injured, when is he ever going to get the run of games required to see him perform to his potential. buying him was a big gamble, and on the evidence thus far ,it hasn t paid off .

  46. soul sacrifice says:

    absolutely brilliant devo devo. perfectly stated.

    opinions should be able to be expressed here without being subject to insult. it s reasonable and makes for an interesting blog for people to have different opinions ,provided people can disagree in a civilized manner. we all support the same club ,even when our opinions differ.

  47. new york says:

    fair comment west_ham on dailly. there may no longer be a spot for him at the club ,but you are right. he s been with us through thick and thin ,including some very nasty moments in the period immediately following our 2003 relegation. a very loyal servant to the club, who though never one to set the world alight, gave everything ,and periodically made key contributions. i accept that it s time for him to move on, but i m sorry that the time has arrived.

  48. Plaistow54 says:

    I’m with NY & Devo on the window i reckon. We should hang on to Spector. We can’t ship out too many players we need some depth. I’d keep Mullins too. The news on Zamora’s injury is positive i read. He’ll be back, no way we’ll sell him. I don’t believe it. Ferdinand got warned by Curbs to cut out the playboy thing & get back to football. So unless Anton is brain dead we might start to see something & he is a good player when he wants to be. He’ll stay. I agree Freddie isn’t earning his wages & there are about three other players, maybe four, we could cull. When we get everybody fit, we are going to have quite some midfield.

  49. ironsmith says:

    I am flabbergated to hear that we have been linked with stephen carr!! I am so concerned in fact that if we sign him I am going to get on the district line at elm park travel to upton park and walk down to the ground where I will strip outside the gates and do the hokey cokey in the nude as a protest until mr plod arrests me!!

  50. The Headmaster says:

    Nice one Soul Sacrifice / Devo;
    As someone that has been the victim of some pretty harsh words on this blog, I am pleased to see that others share my view that – whatever an opinion about our great club might be – we all share the same basic loyalty. People might question how that is displayed in terms of their perceived overt criticism of players or whatever, and I can to a point see where they are coming from. However, if we all simply come on here and agree with each other, then the threads are going to be pretty dull aren’t they.

  51. ironsmith says:

    My dear fellow west ham fans regarding my recent post which was far too hastily composed and sent can i reassure you that i will be doing no such thing whoever we may sign. Furthermore, I am more than happy with Curbs as manager and he knows better than me. In any case being disabled from a major stroke 6 years ago I am not sure if “my whole self in” would be possible anyway. I look forward to making further appropriate posts in the near future.

  52. soul salvation says:

    it s a two way responsibility. people should be able to express opinions ,in a reasonable fashion ,without unncesarily hacking other people off, and without being insulted in return. but part of that responsibility includes trying to avoid making incendiary comments,or making comments in an incendiary manner in the first place.
    think before you write, as a lack of thought invites abuse . sometimes it isn t the opinion itself, but the manner in which the opinion is offered

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