My West Ham: Nigel Morris

Nigel Morris is Home Affairs Editor of The Independent and is married to Radio 4’s Carolynn Quinn, who I have also asked to do us the honour…

How did you become a Hammer?
There was no choice growing up in Brentwood a few years after we’d won the World Cup! I got Geoff Hurst’s autograph when I was seven and that was that.

Your first game?
Although he was born in West Ham, my Dad is a life-long Arsenal fan and took me to see Arsenal v West Ham at Highbury in the early 70s. West Ham lost 3-0, but it was too late: I was already claret and blue through and through.

How many games do you get to?
There’s group of four of us who have season tickets together in the Upper East stand. We also get to a few away games a year – I have seen WHU at most Premiership grounds.

Most memorable moment?
Loads! There was nothing to match the thrill of the play-off win against Preston at Cardiff. Apart, that is, of the amazing feeling of winning at Old Trafford last year to stay up. A personal favourite was a fantastic goal scored by Liam Brady at the old Baseball Ground.

Have you met any Hammers players?
A handful over the years: Trevor Brooking gave me a lift to the station in his car after I interviewed him for my student paper!

Favourite current player?
Last season it would have been between Yossi Benayoun and Carlos Tevez as I love the flair players. I have high hopes of Julien Faubert once he plays. So far this season I would pick George McCartney who has really blossomed.

Describe last season. How did it affect you?
Agony and ecstasy. There’s rarely a dull season supporting West Ham, but last year was nuts even by our surreal standards. As we sat in freezing stands at Bolton flattered by a 4-0 defeat it was unthinkable we’d end up doing the double over Arsenal and Man Utd.

What are your hopes for this season?
A top half finish will do me just fine (I have had enough of rollercoaster seasons for the moment) and then a push towards a European place in 2008-09.

Choose your all time Hammers XI
Robert Green
Julian Dicks
Ray Stewart
Rio Ferdinand
Billy Bonds
Bobby Moore
Joe Cole
Alan Devonshire
Trevor Brooking
Paolo Di Canio
Geoff Hurst

Subs: Phil Parkes, Slaven Bilic, Alvin Martin, Yossi Benyanoun, Frank McAvennie

What do your colleagues make of your support for West Ham?
One supports Spurs, another Preston and another Rochdale, so they’ve got no grounds to mock.


3 Responses to My West Ham: Nigel Morris

  1. WHU Kim says:

    Top responses Nigel, good to see you were not lured over to the Library.

  2. Plaistow54 says:

    Nigel, glad to see you didn’t follow dad & made the Boleyn your home ground. Good decision. I remember Liam Brady. He was a touch player so finely balanced you only had to breathe on him to throw him off. Superb player. Your all time Hammers is spot on & i think European qualification is a real proposition next year. We are on the up, brick by brick.

  3. ironsmith says:

    I have to say Nigel I really admire your courage for telling us about your arsenal supporting father, the important issue here, of course, is that you made your own choice in supporting the greatest football club on this or any other planet!!In my case I have never had the courage to tell anybody that my father and all his family were Millwall fans for fear of a short lifetime(oops there it goes!)He took me to the southbank to watch west ham v huddersfield (including denis law) in an fa cup replay in january 1960 which we lost 1-5 (i think). I was 9 years old and when i questioned my father as to why he never took me to the den his reply was ” you are too middle class son you will be happier here.” How right he was!!!!

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