Paolo Di Canio in GQ

Flicking through December’s issue of GQ (as you do) what do I find but a seven page feature interview with my all time West Ham favourite Paolo Di Canio! It’s a pity it isn’t online anywhere, as it’s a fantastic read. Anyway, here are three choice quotes for your delight and delectation.

On the aftermath of the Paul Alcock incident

One second, Winterburn is barking at me like a dog. The next he is wetting his pants. All I did was look at him.

To A C Milan Manager, Fabio Capello

F*** yourself. Who are you to talk to me like this. He took a step back and fell over a kit bag.

On English football

England is the perfect place to play for a footballer. There is education and there is passion. I love English supporters and I love English people… What I love about England is that it is 90 minutes of battle…run, fight. English football is my favourite football.

On doping

Doping in English football is restricted to lager and baked beans with sausages. After which the players take to the field belching and farting.

On Francesco Totti

Totti had said that he wouldn;t sit at the same table and have dinner with me. I said that was no great loss, because if you tell Totti that there are tensions in the Middle East, he’ll think that a fight has broken our on the right side of midfield.

I was particularly stuck by his answer to a question of whether he would like to manage Lazio. Immediately he replied…

Or West Ham United.

Now that would be a roller coaster!


27 Responses to Paolo Di Canio in GQ

  1. Bill Richards, Cape Town says:

    Why not scan and show us the entire article?

  2. richard avenell says:

    I have just asked the wife to make sure she purchases the magazine first thing tomorrow. The Totti comment is the mark of a comic genius.much man love Paolo.

  3. West Ham Fan No32 says:

    The man is a legend, the most skillful player ever to play at our club ! If only he learn’t when to release a pass 🙂

  4. ex -prague hammer says:

    Paolo with Bonzo as his number two …you can only imagine those two trying to out do each other running laps around chadwell heath !!

  5. DevoDevo says:

    Funniest thing I ever saw at Up[ton Park was when he refused to let fat Frank take a penalty.

  6. Haha Devo, that was brilliant.

    Di Canio as manager! Haha. I can’t even imagine what it would be like… I assume he’d want a player/manager role though so he can start himself up-front.

    He had so many moments of brilliance it’s hard to pinpoint why I personally love him so much, though the Barthez moment and the goal against Wimbledon will live with me forever.

  7. Plaistow54 says:

    Remember when he caught the ball because an opposing player was down injured. He would have scored too. A true gentleman. Will never forget him. Bellissimo Paulo.

  8. Gee says:

    I read it on Holiday. I think you got the best quotes there.

    I think Paolo is a troubled man and I don’t think he would last more than 5 minutes as manager at West Ham. He would make the special one look like a boring manager.

  9. Ian the Hammer says:

    Proper legend! And despite his obvious footballing ability, I don’t think I every saw a striker work so hard all over the pitch. Many thanks, Paolo

  10. jon l.colney says:


  11. new york says:

    in teh 11 years i ve been in the uk ,for me he s been far and away the most intriguing player, and to his credit , he had a sense of fair play as he showed that day at chelsea.
    the only disappointment i have about the man is his alleged connection to exetremist politics in italy ,although it s difficult to know how much of that is real and ho wmuch of that is media fabrication.

  12. jon l.colney says:

    subject change

    just read on a toon site “ashton to toon”

    Now thats probably geordie beer talking but it also mentioned the lack of celebration from deano ! plus theres all this talk ov a rift between curbs and him 4 not getting a start .

    i dont want to set panik in but it did seem to me a bit lack luster in the jumpin up n down stakes when he scored?

    any truth in these stories?

  13. new york says:

    almost more so than the relegation in 2003 itself, what to this day still irks me about roeder was how he let his disagreement with di canio get in the way of our premiership survival. i still feel strongly that had roeder been more of an adult , and figured out a way to put to one side his conflict with di canio, we wud have survived. to have fought tooth and nail , and come so close to pulling it off in 2003 ,it was sheer madness to not have made use of the ability of a di canio until brooking took over. and the ultimate price was paid by teh supporters, whose interest roeder was supposed to be looking after.

  14. Devoid says:

    I’f only Tevez winded up being half as honourable.


  15. new york says:

    my own view on this latest ashton story is that it has no substance. As was the case with speculation on zamora ,and on the england job, i think curbishley has tried to clarify the situation in the media by openly discussing it. given that ashton has had on again/off again problems with injury , i think it makes sense that curbishley hasn t rushed him back. we can t afford a relapse, especially with zamora and bellamy still out , and with fixtures like everton and man utd this month. even ashton himself in the post blackburn press conference seemed relaxed, and certainly not discontent. i m sure the player is anxious to be in matches fo rthe 90 minutes , and may feel a bit frustrated – but i don t think its so much frustration with curbishley,as it is frustration with his own fitness situation. he desperately want s to play, but h ehimself knows he has to be careful not to overdo it these first few games back. especially given that he may well start both times vs everton- taking that into account, perhaps there was sense in NOT starting him at ewood park.

    the othjer thing is , why wud he want to go to newcastle? i m not outting newcastle down in saying that, but it wud be a lateral move . and with viduka ,martens and owen , wud he be assured a place? Or wud he be experiencing what defoe goes thru at spurs?
    The guy is vital to west ham , and much respected by everyone connecte to the club- why wud he want to leave? also, newcastle appear to be going through issues of their own- their manager came close to losing his job only one week ago. to me there is no chance of lsoing hom to newcastle. given that we re improving i see little danger of losing him full stop. but if that became a risk, it wud be the risk of lsoing him to a club much further up the table than newcastle

  16. Mr Moon says:

    Not sure about Paolo managing us.

    Our next manager WILL BE Slavan Billic. May be in a couple of seasons, may be not for 10 years but he is the best manager that used to be a West Ham player.

  17. West_Ham says:

    As far as I know PDC is a self proclaimed fascist but not a racist. Obviously the Italian culture goes some way towards influencing PDC in this direction and we should consider this before judging him. But it would certainly make for some controversy if he did ever manage in this country, football and PC being as sensitive as it is nowadays. The main thing with PDC is that he was a world class footballer so let’s just remember him for that.

    As for Ashton to NUFC I am not worried. That rumour emerges every transfer window. I think Ashton’s subdued celebration could be down to many things, a reluctance to injure himself again through over zealous celebrating being just one. Watch his post match interviews on my site and it’s clear to see that underneath he is determined to rediscover his form. The rumour of a rift IMV was born simply because AC came out and denied there same rumours about Zamora. So the press will pick on Ashton instead.

  18. Chris, Malaga says:

    Have to agree with the comments “new York Says” but with one more point. In the year we were relegated Roeder also got himself involved in a “personality clash” with Sebastion Schemmel, and never gave a start. It never occured to his dick-brain that the previous year, he (Schemmel) was voted Hammer of the Year. My point is this….Roeder should never be allowed to practice his man-management skills??? anywhere near a football field.

  19. new york says:

    if thats the case ,that di canio, is a self-proclaimed fascist as suggsted by one responder here,and that the link to fascism is not some media creation, it becomes difficult to focus solely on the man s footballing prowess. from where i sit theres not much difference between fascism and racism . i admire the man s footballing talent ,but i d be lying if i said i didn t feel let down by teh association with facism. all one can hope for is that the 21 st century version of italian facism is not the murderous type of mussolini ,but i wouldn t be getting my hopes up.

  20. fieryjack says:

    Yeah, He said pretty much the same about Celtic when he left us to go to Sheffield Wednesday, long before he went to WH. He’s a great player no doubt, but don’t underestimate his ability to manuipulate the press and fans.

    We had De Canio, Van Hoidoonk and Mark Viduka (he was Marco when he arrived in Scotland) long before any English premiership club notoced them. And I think if you look at all three of them, you can say one thing about them – self centred.

    Time England started developing it’s own home gown talent and stop importing over paid average palyers (not that I include DeCanio in the avereage category!)

    Fiery Jack

  21. new york says:

    here s a question for fiery jack

    i assume he s your player and not rangers ,correct me if i m wrong,
    but has there been rumblings in the scottish press about nakemura leaving the SPL in the transfer window?

  22. fieryjack says:

    I think that’s pretty much a given. Players of that quality don’t last long up here -Larrson apart. However, heard today that Boruc said today that he was looking to get away at the end of the season with still a year to run on his contract.

    He’ll be a snip for any Premiership club, and a hero to boot.

    And yes he is our player, only two Rangers players to move to better things were Gattuso and Van Bronkhorst. Not my words but David Murrays.

    Fiery Jack

  23. vdm says:

    Anyone else think of Di Canio on Sunday when Carlton ran in on goal after the Blackburn player pulled up? I was at the Everton game when PDC caught the ball – did he not get a UEFA award for that? A man of many contrasts!

  24. new york says:

    think vdm s descripton is a good one-

  25. The Academy says:

    Paolo was a man of passion, skill and honour. He walked the thin line but the quote says that all genius unpredictable. His goals (Wimbledon and Man U) will always make him the legend. I read his book and it makes often disturning, yet entertaining reading. I do not like to judge a man’s politics and will not here. Paolo will forever be a hero to us. All hail the master.

  26. killahbeast says:

    Hi , Im a big fan of West Ham and Paolo too. Im from Hungary,so its very very hard to find a GQ magazine lol.
    Please can somebody scan or type the whole interview and publish it to somewhere on the web or just send the whole interview via e-mail for me?
    It would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks in advance.


  27. Andy C says:

    New York –

    It’s an interesting article and gives you more of an insight about Italian fascism than you might think. I don’t think Paolo is a racist, but he is a facist, and you have to look at fascism as a social movement in Italy, not a political one (although, granted there are overtones and racist elements associated with that).

    If you spend time in Italy and start to understand both fascism and communism as social forces and not a simple right/left statement, you get where paulo comes from. He’s no different from a john terry, a jamie carragher or a rio ferdinand – simply representing the people he grew up with on the football pitch.

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