Two Games from Wembley

Exciting isn’t it? But let’s not get carried away. I hope there’s a full house tonight – it’s rather worrying that tickets were still on sale at the weekend. Bearing in mind this match isn’t on TV you’d have thought a cuo quarter final would have sold out long ago.

There will be a few changes tonight. Solano is cup tied so Freddie Ljungberg is expected to replace him – injuries and migraines permitting. Richard Wright will also play, and I wonder if James Collins might get a runout too. If I were Curbs I’d also replace Mullins with Noble just to see how he and Scott Parker play together. I’m already licking my lips.

Everton and West Ham seem to be two well matched teams, so I reckon it could be quite tight. Let’s hope our defensive record is maintained. Prediction? Hammers to win a by a single goal.


12 Responses to Two Games from Wembley

  1. jon l.colney says:

    ian, cant see why curbs would want to change 2 much.this ,in his and the clubs eyes is a massive chance of silver .any news on matty’s crutch?bellamy pasted all over the place today saying he could be out for 2 months!!!

  2. Andy says:

    I think it’s three games from Wembley? SF is 2 legs.

  3. Damien says:

    3 games from Wembley mate…

  4. new york says:

    think th ecomment on noble is spot on. great chnace to see how he and parker work together. and great chnace for collins to show, yet again, what he can do. altho it mite seem unfair to wright, i d prefer to see green in goal , as we re within touching distance of wembley. curbishley is serious about this cup, which is why i m surprised he s not playing green. green cud be the diffeence , as he may well have been at ewood park.

    it is a worrying sign for the sport in general as you say ,that the match is not sold out, despite tickets being cheaper than normal (for season ticket holders in any case) and despite not being on sky. one wonders if ,had it been sold out, wud it have been televised,as the 2 two teams seem evenly matched and are in decent form.

    reminds me of our fa cup replay vs bolton 2 seasons ago, justprior to the qrtr final at man city. we only had about 23,000 for that fixture, despite it being a cracker. perhaps this will make the icelanders reassess their view that the average salary of season ticketholders is as much as 60k.

    hopefully , even if less than full house ,atmosphere for nitetime 1/4 final shud be good.
    hard call this one. we re certainly more than capable of winning it ,but suspect it will not be easy.

  5. Plaistow54 says:

    Iain, this has the makings of a very, very good game. Considering the position both teams are in, both would be keen to win this & a continued chance at winning the league cup & a psychological edge for saturday. Everton drew with Chelsea at the Bridge & we were unlucky not to draw, so we are pretty even. I think we can win both games at home but this is where we see just how good our defence really is. Everton have some good, in form strikers. I reckon that we will feel each other out for the first half & the second half is going to be a cracker of a game. Lets hope no early goals unless we score them. I’d start Mullins but & bring Noble on the last half hour. Yes there is only a goal in this. It’s live on Foxsports. Lucky me.

  6. new york says:

    have seen everton play a couple times this season on the box in the uefa cup,and it s difficult to know what to expect from them. i ve seen them look very ragged defensively at times, but then again i ve seen them play some very good stuff ,both home and away. imagine bookies will struggle with this one. am inclined to think it s the tight low scoring affair that we ve been invloved in with teams of this caliber recently(pompey,blackburn) ,but can t say d be entirely surprised if it turned into a goal fest either.

  7. ironsmith says:

    Iain, I am more nervous these days about games like this than I ever was!However, under the lights at home for a close call cup tie we do have a tradition here and I hope that this counts for something tonight. If anything they probably have the edge on form but only just and I think one of the strikers present will have to show his class to win the game. For me ashton is a class above yakubu! Fingers crossed!!

  8. HermitRoadHarry says:

    Anyone remember the 1991 FA Cup QF v Everton? Bit of a legendary night, that one – and repeat scoreline would be nice. Danny Gabbidon (the new Colin Foster) for first goalscorer!

  9. SerbianHammer says:


  10. Plaistow54 says:

    It looked like both sides were thinking about saturday. A match that didn’t really live up to the promise, & a bad result. Gabbidon didn’t do anything wrong until Everton’s second goal & then to be honest Yakubu was sweating on him & the ball had no pace on it, it bobbled up & Green had come out so he tried to head it to him from 4 feet away. Yakubu was straight round the back & on to it. Neither side stretched themselves & it was going to be whoever came up with the lucky break. Cole chased everything as usual & Pantsil for him with twenty minutes to go didn’t add to the game. Boa Morte had a couple of wild shots & good to see Kyel Reid get on for him late. Ashton looked tired towards the end but the full game will help him. Saturday will be a much better game. Pity it ended like that but i’m not distraught about it personally.

  11. new york says:

    think plaistow s assessment a fair one- yes it wud have been nice to make it to the next round ,but i m more inetrested in our league position, especially as the festive season has tended to not bring out our best in recent years. if we can geta result on saturday vs. everton, i think to a certain extent ,wednesday s events will be quickly forgotten. As for Pantsil, i think its difficult for the lad ,in that he so rarely ever gets a run out- i actually thought he didn t do badly.

  12. WHU Kim says:

    Oh well, only 6 games from Wembley next season.

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