Eggert Out!

The Independent reports HERE this morning that Eggert Magnusson will today step down as Non Executive Chairman of West Ham and the owner of the club, Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson, will take over. Over the last six months there have been tensions between the two, which, I am told have resulted in Magnusson only being allowed into the club on match days.

The Independent takes the line that this is a mark of Gudmundsson’s ambition for the club. I hope they are right, but there are rumours that all is not well behind the scenes at West Ham in terms of the off the pitch management.

Eggert Magnusson deserves all our thanks for leading the club through a very turbulent year. He achieved that rare thing – being a chairman popular with the fans. He wore his heart on his sleeve during games and gave us all hope when there appeared to be none. We will miss him.

I know that Eggert Magnusson reads this blog, so do feel free to pay your tribute to him in the comments.


33 Responses to Eggert Out!

  1. Prince H says:

    If this is true, it’s a sad day. Eggert will be surely missed. I think it’s of great importance to have a chairman that really have a huge heart for the club, the fans and football in general. Eggert Magnusson knows football (maybe too much for Gudmundsson?) and was a great link between the fans and the board.
    As it seems to be, we will end up like any other modern rich football club…. just big bizznizz (?)

    We still want you here Eggert!

    Swedish hammer

  2. Kevin D says:

    thanks Eggy for all you did for man

  3. Texas Hammer says:

    Eggert deserves more than just our thanks, he deserves our respect and admiration as well. At our darkest hour last season, he stood tallest and defied the odds and insisted we would not go down. As much as I had given up at that point, I admired his strength and resilence to the cause. Eventually, that belief spread throughout the club and we pulled off the seemingly “impossible”.

    As for his handling of the “Tevez Affair” again he was strong, determined and yet dignified compared his counterparts who came across as whining, ranting and desperate. It would have understandable and easy to fight back through the media as they were doing but he held his ground and came out of it with even more respect than we had for him already.

    Mr. Magnusson, as a supporter of 32 years, it was a joy to see you at the helm leading us last season. Thank you very much, you will be a Hammer for life!!!

  4. edi hammer says:

    Eggert has been a superstar… brought the Hammers back from the brink of madness at times. I think he will be a great loss for all concerned at WHU FC

  5. new york says:

    as you say, i think it s unusual for a chairman to show the kind of passion that eggert did,and to establish rapport with supporters in the way he did. Look at the difference between how he conducted himself and how levy at spurs acts. i haven t always agreedwith eggert s words, or actions, most notably with his description of pardew as a cancer that had to be eliminated, but on the whole i think he s done right by the club, and his intentions for the club have been positive. and he s made terry brown look like the miserable fodder that he is. eggert has personality in a sport that is fast losing it- he will be missed.

  6. new york says:

    well stated texas, re his dogged determination duting the relegation battle, and the legal battle that followed.

  7. supernumbersix says:

    Very sorry to hear that Mr Magnusson is ‘stepping down’. I for one, would like to say thanks for helping our club push the door open to a new era. I was hoping that he would be there to lead us onwards and upwards. It was good to have someone at the helm with some charisma, ambition (further than the next set of accounts) and seemingly true affection and passion for The Irons and the game generally. Regardless of the inevitable cynicism from certain quarters, he made attempts to ‘mix it’ with the fans. By doing so, he began to heal the gaping wound, that was the relationship between the supporters and the previous ‘regime’.
    I would welcome Mr & Mrs M back to the Boleyn anytime. Thank you once again.

  8. devo says:


  9. bryan says:

    what a nice change at west ham to have a loved chairman after the imbeciles we have had in control at west ham for many many years.
    eggert was a breath of fresh air around the club and got rid of loads of dead wood and hangers on and pro-brown/cearns loyalists.
    what eggert has done for our beloved club will ALWAYS be remembered and egg will always be a true hammer from my point of view and many west ham fans.
    his love for football, west ham and our well being and happiness was second to none and i will never forget his reaction when carlos scored the winner at OT in may…THERES ONLY ONE EGGERT!!…COME ON U IRONS

  10. vdm says:

    I’ll miss that shot of him at home games..sitting next to his wife, leaning on his hands on the shelf in front of his seat.. a real fans look on his face. He was a rock last year..his comments re Pardew are maybe truer than we know and he had the balls to do something about it.. then back his man through really tough times..always dignified, always strong.
    We can only hope things behind the scenes are OK

  11. Jaime says:

    I’ll never forget leaving the JJB stadium last year after that 3-0 win at Wigan and seeing Eggy running around the stadium outside like a madman!! He got absolutely mobbed by the West Ham fans and loved every second…..

    You’re right Iain…..Chairmans popular with the fans are extremely rare, particularly in the Premiership. But he is West Ham through and through and shows it every inch…..sad loss.

    My pride possesion is a t-shirt with Eggy’s face on it and underneath the comment “i’ve seen Eggy naked”

    Thanks for everything Eggy…..i love you!!! x

  12. Brian Sains says:

    Hi Iain, i read the link you provided, and from rreading that i feel it is only good vibes coming from BG. As one the worlds 800 wealtiest men, and his son who is even more wealthier, i feel the future of the club is in good hands. The Egg has been great, and we thank him. But, can BG’s expectation’s include Curb’s as manager ?? Can Curb’s actually take us to the next level ??

  13. Ben says:

    Thank you Eggy for all that you have done for this great club. I hope the rumour is not true that your leaving. I have followed this club since I was a school boy (more years than I care to remember) and I have had some great times – few- and some bad times – too often but I have always loved the club. I just want to say thank you for making us feel as if we can at last become one of the big clubs in the premiership and Europe. Seeing you at games and on television made me proud to be associated with the club and I really hope you will stay attached to the club in some way. I wish you the very best in whatever it is you are about to do and I would be very proud if someday we meet and have a good natter about this great club of OURS. The best of luck and a happy Christmas to you and your family. Thank you again

  14. hammerron says:

    Please stay Eggert, we need you at the club!!!!

  15. Rooster says:

    This day has been coming for quite a while, but Iain, i do belive you are wrong by thinking there is a rift between Eggert and Bjorg, they are very very close freinds and always will be, Eggert has served the club well, and proved to be a popular figure, not only at West Ham, but also in the whole of the English league, and yes, he will be missed, but always a part of Hammers history now.
    I think you will find that Eggert has plans to move to the States (USA) and help with the hammers team out there, He has no intention on selling his 5% shares that are truly an amazing investment in the years to come.
    And i do know that Eggert reads this Blog, So Eggert, from the Rooster at .. I wish you luck with your new post in the USA, and dont forget to send us guys a card ok!!

  16. […] , Hammers History , director , eggert , iceland , usa , west ham , whufc I was reading on West Ham Till I Die, that Eggert was leaving West […]

  17. Rooster says:

    My Apologies Iain, obviously i need to do my homework.

  18. Rooster says:

    As a result of being wrong, i deleted the post on my Blog.
    i was very amused though Iain as to how quick you are to moderate a comment, when it suits you.

  19. Nails says:

    I would begin to get a bit worried if I was uncle Alan, beacuse it would seem that the only person in control here is BG he got rid of AP, he’s pushed EM and if things dont turn round for Alan then it would seem very likey that he will be gone soon! Thanks Mr Magnusson – Happy Christmas & New Year!

  20. new york says:

    regarding nails comment , i think in fairness curbishley has had a good period from march rite thru december to date. i don t think curbishley needs to “turn things around.” i think its safe to say he ,and teh players ,turned things around frommarch thru may, and have carried on from august thru decmber. and amidst difficult circumstances like legal battles and extensive injuries. i think even teh new chairman wud have to admit that .

    now were things to tail off from here, yes i agree that curbishley wud soon find himself under pressure. it does not seem right or fair, and it does not seem to be “the west ham way” ,but in era in which foreign investment is dominating the game ,those foreign investors want success, and they want it fast. and that does not apply solely to the big 4. it applies to villa ,to man city ,to us and possibly to a few others,even those domestically backed like toon. even the new manager of birmingham,should there long rumored takeover finally happen ,could find himself under teh cosh quite quickly if he dosn t deliver. it s sad, but unfortunately it is the new reality, and it doen t look likely to change anytime soon

  21. RMR says:

    I think we ought to be a little wary given this news….all the signs are that this was a falling out between Eggy and BG. And we don’t know why or what that means to the future of the club. Maybe it was as simple as BG being upset that Eggy was too much in the press. Maybe BG was upset at the wage packets Eggy agreed to in the summer… we don’t know. What we do know is the public face of the consortium, the man responsible for the public articulation of the owning groups ambition has left, in circumstances that look like he was sacked.

  22. Rooster says:

    We know the likes of the Big 4 will always be in the top 6 all season, but as for the 5 teams behind them, nothing is secure and we are only 1/2 way through the season, they could drop as quick as they climbed, and i have said many times, i cant see Curbs being her after this season.

  23. claire says:

    I wish we’d known last night at the Everton game – I for one would have liked to have shown our appreciation to Eggy – a genuine football man from what I can gather. One thing not mentioned by previous posters is the generous gesture he made of inviting Bonds and Mrs Bobby Moore to UP as his personal guests.
    Thanks, Mr Magnusson, and all the best to you.

  24. Iron57 says:

    I’m very sad. Thanks Eggy & good luck with whatever you do from here – except if you take over at Spurs of course.

  25. nr2iron says:

    I hope i am wrong but i feel this is the beggining of the end for the West Ham United we have all loved for the past 112 years and on to the new West Ham United of which i doubt we will get half the pleasure and will no doubt end up paying through the nose for it as well.

    Eggy in my opinion has brought joy to us suffering irons after the previous regime had done the utmost to destroy our club and for this i will always hold him in the highest of esteem and hope that one day he will be back.

  26. Darren says:

    I’ve passed Eggert on the stairs at the ground a few times and he has always had time for a nod, a smile or a quick chat – he’s a true gentleman as well as a strong man who has seen us through our darkest hours. I just hope he’s not been edged out by a man with money who wants the glory now the shitty bit is out of the way (or looks to be). Eggy is a true football man, and he was an asset to us on a par with any player or manager – please God he is around to offer a steadying hand if the going gets tough. Life’s complicated enough already. Thanks Eggert, for the most ridiculous, most unpleasant, most exciting, best, worst, funniest, most desperate 12 months we’ve ever had…

  27. DevoDevo says:

    Despite such a brief reign as Chairman of West Ham, Eggert will be remembered with as much affection as Carlos Tevez. Two characters that played such a large part in our survival last year.

    The one thing with Mr Magnusson, was that he was a true football man and had a genuine respect for the history of West Ham.

    I hope Mr Gudmundsson is cut from the same cloth.

  28. WHU Kim says:

    I hope we still see Eggert and his wife at Upton Park, he has done so much for the club.
    He certainly has my gratitude. All the best mate!

  29. Plaistow54 says:

    Mr.Magnusson, as you know West Ham supporters are among the most loyal, passionate & knowledgable in the world. It was a pleasure to have someone who loves football as much as you obviously do, at the club. I am sad to see you leave & there would not be one true West Ham fan in the world who would not wish you every continued success. Think of us fondly. Good luck Sir.

  30. new york says:

    agree with claire- it wud have been nice to be able to acknowledge the man s support properly at the wednesday everton match

  31. Ian the Hammer says:

    Cheers Eggy, all the very best for the future. Have a great christams & new year

  32. Dave King says:

    Very sorry to see him go. Very few people have such an impact on West Ham fans so quickly as Eggert did. I loved seeing him and his wife in the directors box belting out Bubbles at the start of the game and he will be forever in my memories along with other Greats. Good Luck Eggert and many thanks.

  33. jon l.colney says:

    ok , we now have a huge gap at the top end as we are still in the hunt for a director ov football and now the chairman has gone 2!

    may i just say that egg has helped change west ham for ever and put us in a position to move onwards and upwards.

    The biggest thankyou goes to a true gentleman and hammer 4 life.

    all the best egg.

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