Everton (non) Match report

I couldn’t go to the game today. I could tell you why, but I’d have to shoot you. So, tell me how terrible it was…


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  1. EFC1878 says:

    Everton scored, West Ham didn’t. Not terrible at all.

  2. Col says:

    Ashton needs time but he was woeful today. The injury list and constant changing first 11 is taking it’s toll, there is only so much Curbs can do with a constantly changing injuy list.

    Everton were by far the better team. We looked at times uncomfortable and weary. I fear the rest of the season could result in us being dragged into another relegation battle.

  3. Jaime says:

    West Ham started brightly………..

  4. Kevin says:

    Terrible is not the word. A total disaster, they have no backbone a team of big names but no direction. Everton went out for one thing and one thing only that was to attack and win. West ham were useless the strikers were bad midfield did not connect and the defense was average. We need strikers in Jan one that will not be injured every five minutes. Playing at home with the crowed behind us but cannot even give a decent display maybe we need to think of a foreign Manager. Curb has been lucky with some results. Everton are an average team that we should be beating at home.

  5. history is dead says:

    so that s how u celebrate ,8.07 pm?

    guess that s you done with your xmas shopping ,then 1878,so you couldn t come up with a better way to spend your time. or that shopping list isn t very long. or both.

  6. new york says:

    what was disturbing was that we learned seemingly nothing from wednesday. The two players who delivered subpar performances wednesday,ashton and ljungberg, did so again today. With Boa Morte out and Cole playing through an injury,the former had to play 90 minutes ,even though he s nowhere near ready to do so. Ljungberg is another matter. We had another option,in Noble, which we didn t use until the 70th minute or so. I had hoped Solano wud make a difference,and in the first half ,it s fair to say we did look better in attack compared to wednesday. But in the absence of Etherington,Bowyer and Boa Morte we lack width ,and Ljungberg is not the answer.

    this was a game that demanded a result,perhaps more than a performance ,and we got neither ,although certain indiviudals ,like Parker and Upson ,worked their arses off,and on the whole were a credit to themselves. Why is it that the moment we go behind ,or concede an equalizer,we stop passing and just go route1 ? The long balls invariably come straight back to us ,as a result of us committing fouls or the opposition heading them away easily.

    It is plain as day. when we go the aerial route ,we play poorly. when we keep it on the ground , and pass and move, we get results. but of course ,to pass the ball around well, and to play with some tempo ,you need players like Mark Noble on the pitch.
    For 90 minutes ,not 20. And you need Solano on the pitch, not Kyle Reid,who may be quick, but is too inexperienced.

    Obviously ,the injury list seems to get longer and that isn t helping. but you can t continually rely on that as an excuse. the manager has to make the best use of the resources we have available ,and his team selection today did not do that . It s clear we need to buy a quality striker in January, as we are thin to the bone. i had hoped camara cud be relied on, but on this eveidence all he has to offer is pace, and little else.

    the atmosphere, with 35 k, compared to 28 k during the week, was poor. about as bad as i ve seen it ,and that includes the seasons in the championship. the feeling at the ground ,in my view ,is one of real malaise. we had been on a good run prior to wednesday s defeat,yet by the sound of our support you d have thought that we were in a relegation battle,doomed to failure. this is not a coincidence that our home form is as poor as it is – and though it will irk some people i ll say it anyway . our home form is suffering because our home support is subpar. even blackburn fans , who can t fill up their ground ,manage to sing and support their team. we fill the ground up, but so what ? what s the point of illing the ground if there is absolutely zero enthusiasm shown by the fans. this club cud easily have been playing in the championship this season. we cusd easily be in the relegation zone right now with all these injuries .
    AND WE STILL DON T SING. it s a disgrace

  7. SuperHammer06 says:

    Piss off you twat. With an injury crisis like we have, we still managed to push you to the limit on both occassions. If we were at full strength, I think the scorelines would have been very different in our favour. Now go back to your own blogs and enjoy your fruitful result why you are still full of it. It won’t last.


  8. ironsmith says:

    Not so terrible Iain,if you are satisfied with the notion that we are well suited to mid table after this and like most other fans I am not!. If we had taken our chances it could have been 3-0 at half time.In fairness to curbs he just does not have the options at present through injuries,however, to compete effectively with a team of the quality of everton we need a new top draw player in each of the 3 outfield positions-striker, midfield, central defence. Dean Ashton is still a good few games short of his best and he will make all the difference when he gets there. Scott Parker was magnificent but Mullins and Upson are just not good enough against top half teams. I trust that curbs will try and remedy this and we can all look forward to the new year!

  9. west ham johnny says:

    well before they scored it was all us i thought then they got that goal just before half time and soon as we go behind at home the team start to panic and struggle to play good the football we can play even before kick off at home this season we seem to play under presure, weather its us the fans expect to much or what i dont no but i’d rather the good away form than the home form cos hopefuly it’ll be easier to change the home form.

  10. I didn’t go either, though I wouldn’t have to kill anyone if they wanted to know why..

    Saw Match of the Day, which may not be the best thing to go off, but my assumption seemed to me that we just lacked the stubborn defending that we have been so used to in recent weeks. I’ve always been a fan of Collins, I just wonder if him replacing Gabbs today has affected this at all? Can anyone clarify?

    We were wide open at times, but seemed to play some decent attacking football too. Freddie might have put us ahead early on and had some other half chances but other than that we didn’t seem to trouble Everton.

    Disappointed, especially to lose to them twice in a week. They’re a good side but if we’re talking a top half finish we need to be beating them, especially at home.

  11. Wavid says:

    Saturday was a terrible game for lots of reasons. The overall performance and attitude was very disappointing. I was hoping that after Wednesday, the players would have been up for a re-match and wanting to make amends. In reality, the team showed a shocking disregard for the basics – what happened to passing the ball to someone in your own team? Collins, although improved with his defensive heading throughout, constantly thumped the ball up field. Both Cole and Ashton struggled to control these balls. I know that neither Ljunberg or Solano are wingers, but we needed width and to work the ball into spaces – they constantly ran inside and we were easily caught out. And, two of the worst aspects of last season returned on Saturday – when we had the ball, no one was running to create space. When the other team had the ball, we gave them plenty of space! Finally, why on earth do the team walk up field, with their backs to the keeper when Greenie is waiting to kick the ball out? What is all that about? I don’t even see my kids team do that on a Sunday afternoon! It is no time to panic, and many will call for Curbs to go, but this week we saw two poor performances. Everton are a team in form, but at least give them a good game!

  12. HammerRon says:

    WHUFC man of the match was Scott Parker

  13. NunheadHammer says:

    The game was pretty depressing. We lacked quality in the final third and created little. Everton scored a soft goal and then defended well – we offered nothing in return. Scott Parker played well; I thought James Collins stood out; while Deano looked well off the pace. We just couldn’t attack with pace and whenever we broke in the second half, rather than put a quick ball forward, we hung onto the ball letting Everton mass back. We definitely need Bellamy back, and more width in attack – Faubert?
    One thing this season is the lack of atmosphere in the ground – what’s happened?

  14. Rooster says:

    You didnt miss much Iain, it was humiliating to say the least, Collins was awful, Parker and Solano played brilliant. a Brief summary is on my blog.
    I am now having flashbacks of last season 😦

  15. hammer says:

    We were poor, no doubt, especially in the second half. I think if we (Ljungberg) had scored we might have found some belief but to concede on half time was a killer. The team is looking what it is, a patched up, unfit group of players. Personally i think Curbs. & the team are doing well under the circumstances especially away from home where we can afford to defend with 11 and work at grafting out a point. The team needs width, as we can see and with a fit Ashton and Bellamy back we will look a different side, as we just have no pace at the moment.
    I think alot of people underestimated Everton. They are a strong hard working outfit with a good amount of quality, I think even with or full strength side we would do well to get a result against them.
    As for the Atmosphere, or lack of it, it’s been like it for years now, it gets embarrassing. We used to create one of the best atmospheres in the country but we just sing when we’re winning these days, if at all.

  16. Gaz says:

    This isn’t a bias view from an Everton fan, but my opinion of the 2 games that i’ve seen is that you are missing a lot of players of quality. However, you still should have had enough at home to cause us more problems than we faced against you. The only clear chance you had yesterday was Ljungberg’s shot and subsequent save by Howard.

    Everton looked far more threatening going forward, passing and moving with pace, whereas your forwards looked devoid of any real threat and vigour. Defensively, Collins had a nightmare, and strengthening in that department will be needed if you are to challenge for europe.

    Parker was class and probably the best player in the first half, but then fatigued as the game went on. However, all of the other players apart from maybe Solano let the Hammers down. Everton’s success has come because we consistently work hard as a team, not as individuals, and it can clearly be shown in the 2 matches that we have played you in.

    Bellamy is the only striker that poses a real goalscoring threat for your team, and i wouldn’t consider any of your other attacking players good enough for Everton’s team at present.

    Good luck in the future….

  17. new york says:

    Everton work hard ,and are about as well organized an outfit as you will find in the league. Coompared to April, they are a better side obviously with Cahill ,and even more so with Peinar. Havung said, that ,and even taking into account injuries, west ham shud have been able to get something out of the second match. With Solano and Noble available,we had the ability to change personnell and tactics compared to the cup game. But the manager chose to not change much, and as a consequence ,the result was similar to the previous match. Playing at home ,simply put,West Ham shud at a minimum be able to take a point from every team outside the “big 4.” Everton are industrious ,but they are not worldbeaters, and despite looking efficient, Everton didn t show me that much as an attacking force over the two matches. I think what Everton are really good is what i call predator football- and that s not an insult at all. They make very few mistakes, and if you make a mistake ,they generally punish you for it.
    Compare that to a team like Arsenal, who though above them in the table, often play really pretty stuff and create chances for fun, but don t always punish teams for their mistakes. take our fixture at the emirates last april- they shud have ten goals, yet they failed to score. Everton are never going to light up the board with creativity, and some ways remind me of a slightly upmarket version of bolton in their style, but everton will punish you rearly every time if you are untidy. no coinicidennce that this was the case wednedsay and saturday .

    i think the comment from the poster on players having their back turned to rob green as he takes a goal kick is spot on. why do we take the lazy route and expect the keeper to just hoof it, as opposed to giving him other options?

    very disspiriting, but there is a lot that can be done about it. players will coming back and obviously the window opens in a couple weeks. but quite frankly we do have options even right now, despite the injuries, if the manager is man enough to admit he s made some errors recently in selection. and if he s man enough to tackle head on the problem of failing to pass efficiently. the players involved this past week are capable of passing the ball much better than they did-the manager needs to deal with why thy didn t . now we re going to find out what he s made of us a manager.

    because with a potential midfield of parker,solano,noble and mullins ,there is no reason why west ham ,in mid-december 2007 ,can t pass properly. sure we re missing quality players ,but we re capable of playing much better than this,even now. you know it, i know it, we all know it.

  18. new york says:

    ref wavid s comment at 7.02 ,in which he mentioned that our players walk upfield without looking at green as he is preparing to kick.

    compare this to how alumnia handles it vs chelsea. and this is not a dig at green- it s directed at curbishley and the other 10 west ham players. more often than not, rather than hoof it upfield, alumnia wud let his back 4 take it upfield. net result? arsenal wud maintain possession, and not just gift the ball straight back to chelsea. curbishley needs to deal with this , and quickly. as wavid mentioned, this idea of kicking the ball 60 off yards upfield to nobody in particular,because our players can t be bothered to find space so that green has other options ,is non-sense. it s championship ,second division stuff. as manager, this one of tho things curbishley is meant to sort out.
    this was part of our horribly ineffective passing this week. we either get this sorted,or we ll struggle to get 42 points,forget about 52. you can bet santa s toys on it.

    it s only one league loss you re telling me, right? nothing to get “panicked about “.
    “too early to get worried about”.

    too early my rear. this is how bad runs get started. and you either nip them in the bud ,or you pay the price.

    if it was a one-off it wouldn t bother me. but it wasn t . it was twice in three days.

    just like 0-2 at home to wigan ,followed by 4-0 away to bolton in 2006. and you all know what happened after that . sure,the scorelines weren t nearly as bad, and nor were the “overall ” performances. but ASPECTS of the performance were that dire.

    get it sorted now, alan and iceland….

  19. vdm says:

    Been saying for weeks we lack both genuine width and genuine pace in the team – we’re too one paced right through the team – Faubert, Bellamy would help.
    Injuries are obviously a problem but if you sign ‘injury prone ‘ players can you be surprised. Personally I don’t think we’ll ever see the likes of Bellamy, Dyer, Bowyer and Ashton together in the team over a sustained period of time – one or two of them will always be injured or recovering!

  20. the grinch who stole xmas says:

    spot on vdm

  21. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, you are all pretty right. I’ve been one of the faithful all year. Always looking on the bright side of life, saying things such as, don’t panic, injuries, we’ll get better, it’s just one game. Well, it was two games at home against a side we should have at least beat once. Moyes has been at Everton for three or four years but they are not that good to beat us twice at home. Parker was the one shining light. Long balls again, can’t string passes together, missing goal opportunities. We were utter rubbish. Curbs said a couple of weeks ago that we weren’t going to spend much in the window. Well you can forget that. He & Gudmunsson had better have some names penciled in i think because there are teams behind us who are not going to want to stay where they are now. We play better away from home but if our style of play does not win home games then we need to change it when at home & the players to facilitate that. That means hand into pocket.

  22. nr2iron says:

    Discounting our injuries i feel few of Curbs signings have performed to the level we all thought we were heading and to me Lungberg is a joke and not a very funny one at that.

  23. Rooster says:

    Well said VDM. I hope we get through this season clear of the relegation zone, I bet BG is getting worried, especialy when hes paying Ljungberg £5.5 million a year to score goals.
    The next 3 weeks will give us some idea about what direction where heading in.

  24. Robbin says:

    After the BLACKBURN game most of us were getting happy. In fact, some of us started saying how wrong we were to criticise CURBISHLEY at the start of the season. I stated then that we should be careful because we were very lucky against BLACKBURN to come away with three points. This luck ran out against EVERTON. I’m afraid to say that CURBISHLEY can only take us so far. These are the headlines from the club site for the last three games. Does anyone see a pattern?

    10 Dec Blackburn – News Manager on Monday Alan Curbishley was full of praise for his hard-working team

    12 Dec Everton – News Curbs reflects on cup exit Despite the pain of defeat, Alan Curbishley commended his side’s commitment

    16 Dec Everton – Curbishley cannot fault effort
    The West Ham United manager had full praise for the commitment shown on Saturday

    EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES. He almost works the cameras as well as smiley face McClaren. I don’t think Gudmundssons the type who takes prisoners. He was probably behind Pardews sacking because days before Eggert was backing Pardew but then all of a sudden he was gone. We really need a better manager otherwise its mid table for the next 15 years.

    My choice would be SLAVEN BILIC….the guy is too cool for school. Ex-hammer, so we’ll have no objection from the “we need an ex-hammer” brigade (a lot of good its done us with CURBISHLEY and DAY!), hes done very well with CROATIA and wants to work in the premiership.

    We’ll see the stars Sven attracts in January to City….it will show what a big name manager can do for a club.

  25. plaistow54 says:

    Yes nr2, Freddie’s corners are flat to the near post, no variation, looking for something, i don’t know what. Solano is much much better. Fred is not surplus to requirements yet, but not far off it. The jinking runs are not coming off any more. Great player once but past his prime.

  26. new york says:

    i think plaistow and nr2 are on the money in comparing the quality of solano s corners to what lungberg provided. a guy who sits nextto me at the ground summed it well i thought last wednesday ,when he looked at me, and said, “how can a premier league player, especially who s been in the champions league ,deliver such poor corners again and again? ” i couldn t disagree with him. i wud think that for a midfield player,taking a corner competently wud be a basic requirement ,certainly for any starting midfielder.

    in terms of what robbin posted, i have mixed feelings about it. i was annoyed that solano was taken of so early , and i was equally annoyed that he left it so late to bring on noble. i also thought that the ineffectiveness of our second half on wednesday shud have resulted in a reassessment of tactics by curbishley for saturday. and in fairness, in the first half ,we did get it down and pass it on saturday. what really got to me though ,was that in teh second half on saturday ,we absolutely DID NOT get it down and pass it , hence the inability to find an equalizer. obviously no carlton in the second half didn t help, nor did an early exit for solano. but it does beg the question- what in gods name did curbishley talk to the players about at half time? because in the second half it was an all long-ball fiesta ,except teh drinks had no punch , and were like watered down squash. at this stage in teh season, and injuries are no excuse here, it shud be clear beyond a doubt that we are not a long ball side. we are not a bolton- this is not our game. we are effective when we pass efficiently and when we play with tempo/width. just because etherington, bowyer and boa morte were not available does not mean we can t play with width or tempo. and therein lies my extreme disappointment with the way curbishley and the players approached teh game. this is not rocket science. we have seen it time and time again- when we allow ourselves to get congested ,we fail.

    now partly offsetting all this ,is that i think ,on teh whole, over teh course of the season to date, curbishley has done well ,taking into account the long injury list. but i also think you can t use the injury list as an excuse forever. yes, we ve had a worse time of it with injuries than many other clubs, but to a degree ,it s fact of life in the modern game. every club ,to a certain degree ,has to cope wih it . and some clubs,like pompey will have to cope with teh exit of players for teh african nations cup. so there is a limit to how much u can use injuries as an excuse. to me teh acid test is this run of fixtures ,from boro right the way thru arsenal. how much has curbishley learned from these 2 everton fixtures, and what is his capacity to address what went wrong ,and get the players to take on board what needs to be changed. if you want to talk about respect in the dressing room, and man-management skills etc. , the degree to which he can communicate to the players effectively what needs to be done in response to these 2 defeats will determine not only the “tone” for the rest of the season ,but quite possibly , how secure his job is. because , as one recent poster mentioned , the current owner will not be patient- that much u can be sure of. and to a certain degree ,why shud the owner be overly patient? not when u have players the likes of mark noble and nobby solano at your disposal ,even with an injury list a mile long.

  27. jon l.colney says:

    hang on ! this was against a side thats 12 games un beaten and we are without a fully fit striker !
    what happened to gabbs? was he injured or dropped?

    there is a consistant problem with players coming back in to the side and needing several games to get going.even parker struggled for the first couple of games.

    upson again looked short against a top striker.he just cant handle class.i think theres a big decision from curbs coming up.what to do with anton? is he in or out?

    i cant help thinking in times like these that bobby z would be perfect up front.

  28. jon l.colney says:

    NIGEL REO-COKER wants to break into the England squad under Fabio Capello.

    The Italian takes charge in the New Year and has told everyone they have a fresh chance to impress.

    And Aston Villa star Reo-Coker, who cost £7.5million from West Ham in the summer, is desperate to gain full honours after captaining the Under-21 side.

    He said: “My Christmas wish would have to be an England call-up.

    “I would love to make my England debut and I would be very happy if I got that opportunity.

    “I still do want to play for my country and I hope I don’t get overlooked and people don’t forget about me


  29. new york says:

    fair kop jon, that this was against an in form everton side, and indeed ,u cud argue that we didn t actually have ONE fully fit striker (i m not even going to include camara ).
    but it wasn t so much the results, as the way in which we got there,especially on saturday. if we had made an attempt to pass it properly in the second half,instead of consistently going for the long ball to nobody,i wouldn t have been so critical. if we had had some reasonable attempts on goal on saturday ,i wouldn t be so negative about it.
    in periods like this ,where we are clearly short upfront ,we need the midfield to step up to the plate to compensate. mullins at times ,tried to do this- but he needs to do it more, i.e. he needs to take more shots from the area ,because he DOES get himself into space. but it s also down to the manager to put players on the pitch in midfield who have the capacity to score,which to me means solano and noble ,especially when sevral other key midfielders are out. as for zamora, i agree on that – the sooner ,the better . no, he s not wayne rooney, but so what ? he ll have something to prove and provide us with a fresher set of legs ,which is important while ashton regains fitness and so that cole doesn t burn out amidst a heavy xmas fixture list

  30. new york says:

    regarding gabbidon, curbishley s post match comments suggest that he must have picked up some kind of knock wednesday ,and that was why he was not involved saturday ,contrary to what a lot of us must have thought (that he may have been dropped for wednesday s error).

  31. jon l.colney says:

    i think ive got far to much time on me hands but new york seems to love a ramble or what!!!!!

  32. Rooster says:

    RE JL colney: Parker & Nobel has 10 times more chance at getting to play for England then NRC.
    RE Robbin: I agree alot of what you said, but theres no way i want Bilic as manager for us Hammers, even though he probably is betting than Curbs.
    Curbs has promised us a win at Boro, We have to start winning again, we still have a good chance of making it in the top 6, especialy if we win our game in hand against Liverpool, that will put us 8 points behind the top 4, we havent got Tevez to make miracles happen, but we do have a good squad, if we play like we did passing wise in the first 20 minutes in the last everton game, Solano & Parker could make it happen for us. I dunno maybe im just daydreaming!!.
    Without doubt, we do need a quality striker in January, but not 1 that has a record of injuries please.

  33. vdm says:

    I don’t think Curbs is a bad manager-my worry is that we end up like Charlton – not particularly attractive to watch, unable to string a good run together and never doing anything in the cups. I don’t expect we’ll ever go down with Curbs but neither am I convinced that we’ll make significant progress – mid table mediocrity at best. However having said all that, changing your manager every 5 minutes is not the answer (see Newcastle) and you have to give him 2-3 seasons at least to see if progress can be made.
    How many of us said a quiet season in mid table with no crises would do us after last year?

  34. Brooking always knows best! says:

    I think some of the comments about Saturdays performance is a little harsh. Everton are very nearly a top four team. They are not pretty but pick a settled side, are hard working and well organized. We matched them for 95% of the time in both games. I dont like excuses but hey, we do have lots of talent on the sick note list!

    I think we was unfortunate to play both games at home. I’ve been to quite a few games away and have to say the support we give away from home is 100% better then what it is at home? i cant give a reson why that is, can you? We do seem to be a better away team this season.

    I think Europe is out this year but it does make you wonder how far or well we would have got if we had even a tad of luck with the injury situation. Typical, being a Hammer now for 34 years, i wonder how many times I said “If only!”

  35. plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, i’ve read what Jon & BAKB have said & i feel a certain amount of remorse for being a bit critical. Everton are an up & coming side, Moyes is doing well with them. I don’t think Everton played as well as they can, it was Yakubu who was the difference. We sure do need another striker. We missed some good chances in the first half which would have made a difference. Things will come good but i have seen slumps start before. I don’t know about the home thing but i know that Curbs wasn’t a real popular choice in some circles. I have Liverpool mates who like West Ham & when Pardew went they said, should’ve kept him, better manager. I disagreed then & still do. An away game is a day out & people get more vocal maybe. Our defence is getting better but prone to cofusion. I wish Anton would stand up & although some don’t want us to buy Stephen Carr he is an older experienced player as Gary Neville is. Yes the Z man back would be a real bonus. Plenty of time left yet but i don’t want to start getting mixed in the bottom ten.

  36. new york says:

    re brooking s comment on home vs. away support (as opposed to form ,tho the 2 are related), i hope the club owners have taken note of it. it s a big issue , and it cannot be denied that it s affecting our performance. this is where the relationship bewteen the ownership and supporters comes into play. for various reasons,there is clearly a significant portion of the home support that either doesn t want to sing/cheer or can t be bothered to. the owner wud do well to ask himself why that is . is it possible that som esupporters, even those who continue to attend matches and buy season tickets are hacked off for various reasons?

    1- eggerts departure
    2- increase in cost of tickets,including cup matches
    3- the club s attitude towards non-official west ham publications/fanzines
    4- the club shop continuously running out of kit
    5- season ticket holders being bombarded with merchandising offers from WHU via email constantly.
    6- screw ups in tickets being arranged for cup fixtures
    7- 25-35 pound cost of beambacks that used to cost a fiver.
    8- inability of the club to acquire a striker at teh last deadeline, apart from am on-loan
    seemingly average henri camara who is now off to the african nations cup. this, knowing when we bot bellamy, that he is injury prone, and that ashton was not fully fit yet.

    and on and on. you add it all up ,and you get an e;ement of dissatisfaction amongst some supporters. that said, i still think teh crowd wud be better off singing and building an atmosphere to encourage teh team ,as opposed to having a sulk. but u can see why some people are choosing to have a sulk, or else losing interest and justgoing thru the motions

    re colney- its worse in december- markets get quieter , which means i am even more prone to the proverbial ramble than normal…

  37. jon l.colney says:

    vdm,curbs never had the chance to take charlton further coz there wasnt a penny in the bank !
    i just dont understand why people are getting the wobbles on curbs already?

    he had 15/17 wat ever years at charlton and performed miricles on 50 pence.


    i do wonder if all the neg heads are the suporters that only go to upton park?

    may i remind you that sir alex was nearly booted out ov utd in his first year?
    mr moyes is now cracking on in to a 4/5th year and is getting his hub cap knickers playing better than us.

    the geordies are living proof that you should change your manager as a last resort.

    if we are supporters THEN SUPPORT!

    the atmosphere at west ham sometimes makes me sick.it used to be a place teams hated coming to .
    bring back standing and knees up mother brown !!!

  38. new york says:

    jon- that wasn t a bad ramble there mate ,ha…

    i agree with you that it s almost painful to see how poor teh atmosphere at UP is now,
    i d go so far as to say it s almost like homefield DISADVANTAGE. Opponents and away supprters know that it is so easy to take west ham home supporters right out of the match. which drains teh confidence of our own players ,and boosts that of the opposition . it is an anti-fortress .

    as for curbishley ,though i was unhappy with his selection/tactics in the 2 everton matches , i think the point about him having little money at charlton is a fair one.

    how is he supposed to have made charlton any better than a midtable side if he didn t have two pennies to rub together? and how is he suppose dto have played “exciting football” at charlton with players bought /maintained on a shoe string budget.
    when u can afford ronaldo ,drogba,torres etc. it s easier to play entertaining football.
    mind you, we still shud be able to get it down and pass it with the players we ve got, as is the tradition of the club. but i think people should judge the man more by what he accomplishes, or not, at west ham ,rather than on what went on at charlton under very different financial circumstances.

  39. Rob Graham says:

    West Ham will be mid table this season under AC, we are having a rough spell though with injuries. I was there last Wed and thought it had extra time stamped all over it, one silly mistake and it was all over, but we did match them in every dept. up to that.
    The Home support is very twitchy at the moment and I think this transfers to some players. OK they should be able to handle it but they are only human after all.
    We just need 4 games in a row with the same players on the pitch. The players and AC have to be given time and ou full support.

  40. plaistow54 says:

    Jon, i agree with your comments on Curbs & the lack of home support, I think that the atmosphere at Boleyn is what is affecting our teams performance there. I believe that the club should address this. NY, no i don’t think it involves ticket prices, merchandising or Eggy. Once you are in the door, no matter what you pay, you want to enjoy it. Too dear a ticket will cause people to simply not go. Human nature being what it is, people for some reason do not feel motivated to be vocal, the passion is not there. Why ? It could be numerous reasons or a combination. Some that could be: they find our style of play boring: as you say being seated: being middle of the table & not having some sort of fight on our hands: having no one to initiate singing etc: a belief that we are losing control having an overseas owner. Those are just could be’s off the top of my head & some can’t be changed but whatever it is, it needs to be talked about for the good of the club.

  41. new york says:

    with respect to plaistow s comments ,the one on the style of football being played makes a lot of sense. not so much “quality” per se, but the style, in the sense of a lack of proper passing in recent home fixtures ,gets people down. with respect to us sitting in midtable, and in essence not having anything to fight for ,so to speak , i m not sure i buy that one. people know that the points total we are on, given the injury list, is decent, and that were we to get a reasonable number of these injured players back by mid january , we wud have a realistic chance at grabbing a top 7 spot. people must also know that if it was not for the poor home form, we d basically be in that top 7 or knocking on the door. we all tend to agree that the atmosphere at home is hurting performances . so if supporters don t want to be bored with a midtable spot, they need to take on board ,pardun the pun, that creating a positive atmosphere at upton park would likely result in us moving closer to a top 7 spot, rather than meandering between 9th and 12th.

  42. jon l.colney says:

    ny trying to keep up mate.

    the lack of singing has got to be to do with the expectation levels being raised with all the money about.its like we expect to be winning now and as fans weve not taken on our part in making the oposeing team feel “f.me ” .the players at every club always say its the fans behind them that helps motivate and inspire so if theres bugger all at west ham then we have a problem.we need them but they also need us.

    i hate the damm things but some clubs av let in these muppets wiv drums.
    engalnd have the trumpet at footy and cricket !

    any thoughts? somethings gota change so maybe we need a discussion, ian any ideas?

  43. Hot Coffee says:

    It wasn’t a Policy Exchange secret crisis meeting, was it ?

    Looks like you jumped off that bus just in time, eh ??

  44. The Headmaster says:

    Agree with all who are worried by the lack of matchday atmosphere at the Boleyn ground these days. I started to wonder whether or not it was just me. You know, age / season ticket fatigue / loss of the old thrill because of the regularity of going every home match. But no, it seems that it isnt just me. The malaise is more widespread – the apathy almost touchable.
    I don’t know the answer. We are where we are. Whatever we feel, we’re not gonna return to the way things once were. So, as far as the rising tide of commercialism goes I guess we either get used to it or give up on it.
    Curbs and his style of play is an altogether different issue. Pumping long balls into a tiring Deano alongside the diminuitive Camera (especially having taken off Cole who can, at least, hold a ball up or win a flick in the air) made for a dismal spectacle against Everton.
    That having been said, we do all need to take some responsibility here. It’s like moaning all the time that people are being miserable. By moaning, they themselves are being miserable and helping to create the culture. The quicker every home supporter wakes up and realises its not someone else that has to start the singing, and that we all have a collective responsibility the better.

  45. vdm says:

    Please everyone stop going on about injuries – if you buy a car with a dodgy service history then you can’t complain if you have to keep taking it to the garage.
    What kind of medical did the likes of Bellamy, Dyer and Ljungberg (did he get migraines at Arsenal?)get when they signed on . In normal life an employer asks how many days you’ve had off sick before you get a job – a few basic questions such as these might have been relevant before we signed some of these players.

    Re the atmosphere – did anyone see the Stuttgart – Rangers game a few weeks ago. One section of the ground was standing and the fans were having a great time and the noise / atmosphere was great. Why can they have terraces in Germany but we can’t – there’s no question it would improve the atmosphere.

    Let’s face it very few homwe fans create an atmosphere these days – I went to Newcastle earlier in the season and I don’t think they sang one song all afternoon.

  46. new york says:

    jon s comment on the money the club has to spend having raised expectations is a good one in terms of explaining the bad atmosphere – people want progress the day before yesterday,but it is not as simple as that ,witness spurs.and i also think there is an element of truth in the “fatigue” or age factor for people who have been seasson ticket holders for a long time. Perhaps the perpetual selling on of our academy talent over the years has worn away at people s spirit. but the first step to solving,or attempting to solve the problem, is to acknowledge it. Acknowledging the problem isn t moaning in my book . And trying to add to awareness of the need for change isn t moaning either. i m sure there are more than a few people who attend games regularly ,and whose support at matches is quite vocal,some of whom participate on this blog. the collective responsibility does not include pretending the problem does not exist . and creating a better culture doesn t involve wearing a false smile and pretending that everything s groovy . because things aren t exactly groovy. the people who are vocal don t need the reminder- those that sit in silence do.

  47. Yeah terraces do definitely increase atmosphere. Doubt we’ll ever see them in England again.. too many risks and all that.

    Agree with vdm about home crowds though. You will always find away games are better for any travelling side’s fans. That’s because it’s the die-hards there, who actually want to go and watch and make it exciting. A lot of the time at home, a place you are used to, everyone is either too busy watching the match or slagging off the players!

    Have to admit though, last week’s performances didn’t really deserve singing and support.

  48. new york says:

    regarding jon s comment on the need for discussion and possible ideas for making the atmosphere at the ground better,perhaps one small step in the right direction wud be if those who read the blog who will be attending upcoming home matches try to make an extra effort to be vocal. that s not an attack on anyone,but rather a suggestion that those who use this blog cud potentially have a positive impact on the situation. the drums etc. that jon mentioned might annoy or not appeal to some (myself included) ,but that and any constructive idea should at least be considered by the board.

  49. plaistow54 says:

    Everyone seems to agree that lack of match atmosphere seems to contribute to our home form & that it may very well affect the players. It is also the way other teams play us. Defend & hit on the break, & it works. It seems a general malaise in the game, as Headmaster says, not just us i think. Headmaster & Ny are correct in that we are responsible for our own actions. The fans create the atmosphere. Sometimes but, people need to be pushed forward. Curbs would be no fool. He wouldn’t be where he is if he was & you don’t get a more local manager than him. Played for us & born in Forest Gate. If crowd participation affects results, maybe he needs to think about it. Maybe we need a local hero. Time for Mark Noble or Z man to step forward. Terraces would make a difference but not popular with the authorities. I still think we are headed upwards, maybe we’ve just reached a plateau before some action in the window. Perhaps we are getting to used to watching it mindlessly on t.v. & it translates to real life.

  50. jon l.colney says:

    “Because of this lack of bodies I have, somewhat bizarrely, played more training sessions with England at left-back than in goal.”

    rob green on his england experiences.


  51. new york says:

    think vdm s refernce to newcastle is interesting. very big ground with onviously a strong following. yet,and this relates to jon s point about unmet expectations,toon have spent a lot of money in recent years and not gotten much of a return from that.
    newcastle fans may be tired of feeling “this is finally going to be our year” without that ever really happening ,apart from a couple uefa cup runs. so to a degree ,u can understand a degree of apathy amongst their supporters.

    hadnt thought of this before, and it i snot an excuse, but it may have something to do with it. which is that if you look it ,we really have not had a ” normal”, bog standard average season in a long time ,datingback to 2001-2002. we ve been thru 2 relegation battles, 2 very fraught seasons in the championship ,and one FA cup run season. so to a degree , people may be a bit burnt out .

    in the category of ideas on trying to improve the situation wud fall all of us making an extra effort to avoid the temptation of “negative crowd noise” ,i.e. barracking when the ball is given away. it s obviously frustrating witnessing careless giving away of the ball 2 games on teh trot, and i m sure there is not a single supporter in the ground who hans t either barracked or been tempted to at times over the years . but to the extent that people can resist doing that,that will obviously help bolster what looks to be fragile confidence amongst the players at home.

  52. new york says:

    i think plaistow s comment on the “need for a local hero” is a good one, and the comment that relates to it about curbishley having grown up locally, and also him being smart enough to understand the impact the crowd has on home performances ,and hence our league position. so ,in accordance with all that ,I think on ability alone ,Noble warrants more time on the pitch- but when you factor in this issue it bolsters the argument for getting him out there more. obviously he s got to be up to the task when called upon, and altho he s had a couple games this season that are well below his best ,i think on the whole he gets the job done. one way of viewing it wud be that supporters might prefer noble to be given benefit of the doubt over someone like ljungberg – and based on recent performances especially,i don t think it wud be unreasonable for supporters to want that .

  53. The Headmaster says:

    I think NY might have something there with the reaction to an average season. Average for us in the last few years has been anything but. I had difficulty explaining to my now 10 year old that actually mate you don’t get to go to Cardiff every year – it’s supposed to be the exception rather than the rule!
    Don’t want to be pessimistic but too many more home performances like we witnessed last Saturday and maybe the noise levels will indeed rise again as we slip closer towards a relegation battle! (Only kidding………………………………………. hopefuly)

  54. new york says:

    this is the irony ,that headmaster referred to here. when our permiership survival is on the line , or when we were trying to claw our way out of the fizzy pop, the intensity was there all the time. or as one of the lads who sits next to me at the ground says, against the top clubs , and in derby situations (spurs obviously) ,there is no shortage of atmosphere.

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