Hammers Xmas Party

OMFG. The Sun Bizarre Column has a report from the Hammers Christmas Party, where the players all dressed up as people from different sports. Click HERE to read the story, but make sure you click on the slideshow. Is there something James Collins wants to tell us? It looks to have been a rather more, er, sedate event than the Man U equivalent do… The prize for the best outfit surely had to go to Robert Green.


26 Responses to Hammers Xmas Party

  1. new york says:

    thought bowyer s was pretty amusing…

  2. jon l.colney says:

    they look sober? ide av benn hanging if i had to dress up like them!!!!

  3. plaistow54 says:

    It looks like they would have had a good night. Collins scrubs up well on a night out but may be a little flat chested for me. Ashton forgot his top plate & Bowyer with the horses head at the front waist may also be trying to send a message.

  4. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    James Collins is my winner.

  5. Rooster says:

    Looks like a good night out, id rather see the Wags tho!!!
    Collins looked a bit like Zamora’s wife.

  6. new york says:

    slitely off topic, but here goes….

    i ll preface this by saying that i think since march curbishley has done a good job,and it s really only the last 2 fixtures where i think he s fallen short. he s become a more outspoken man in recent months, which i actually respect. he s had an opinion to share on a number of issues affecting the game, including the position of england manager ,the impact of foreign ownership on the game etc. To a certain extent ,he s basically said “this is who i am. this is what i think. if u don t like it, that s too bad.” and i admire him for it. nonetheless,his outspokenness ,shud our results falter,could ultimately cost him. The owner has shown himself very quick to make changes,with little room for sentiment or sympathy. i don t envy curbishley ,as he has his work cut out for him keeping this owner happy.

    so….. if a chnage were to be made down the road, would stuart pearce be up to the task? perhaps more controversial, wud someone like aidy boothroyd be up to it?

  7. hammerron says:

    James Collins or Anna Kournikova ?

  8. Brooking always knows best! says:

    New york, give it a rest, Good party by all accounts and for a change, no scandal. Curbs must be getting something right!

  9. Dan says:

    Aidy Boothroyd?! No way! That would be taking a MASSIVE step back for us. I wouldn’t mind seeing Psycho get the job but i’ve got a feeling that if Curbishley did ever get the boot (i hope he doesn’t) that they’d put a foreigner in charge. McClaren is still unemployed….

  10. WHU Kim says:

    New York, you’ll be recommending Howard Wilkinson next 🙂

    Anyway, looks like the lads had a good time. Collins is the winner for me, I bet he used to watch Blue Peter as a kid as his outfit took a bit of imagination and has a home made look about it, the others have just bought outfits off the shelf.

  11. ironsmith says:

    The xmas party West Ham STYLE compared to the whoring red devils is simply a reflecion of the two managers characters. Ferguson with his almost yobbish features, ugly gum chewing, cursing and appalling touchline behaviour and our Curbs who apart from chucking a plastic water bottle on the pitch has been a wonderful role model with his professionalism, calmness, leadership and absolute dignity even in adversity. I am not concerned about Ginge or his outfit but I am seriously worried about whoever took the lovely lady home!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!

  12. new york says:

    as i said ,brooking,i personally think bar the last 2 fixtures ,he s done a decent job.
    my concern is that the owner of the club may not agree with that ,or may be quick to make a change if progress does not come fast enough.

    if you don t like it,lump it.

  13. new york says:

    cheers dan for a genuine response ,in contrast to Mr. Fantasy,aka Legend in His Own Mind,who “always knows best.” think u may be right,that if a change were to be made,it wud be a foreigner. Ironic, in that curbishley recently complained that the managers of the top 4 clubs are all foreign,which means english managers don t get the chance to get experience managing in europe.

  14. JackHammer says:

    Deano best for me, Bowyer a head behind!
    The lads had a good night out, and got plenty of positive publicity for the club

  15. new york says:

    i hope curbishley stays kim, as ironsmith says ,the man conducts himself like a gentleman in contrast to a number of other managers. but i m realistic enuf to know that he is on a tightrope ,and i m not overly optimistic about the owner giving him the benefit of the doubt, based on recent evidence, so i m not “recommending ” anyone per se. i hope we collect enuf points over the xmas period so that curbishley is given some breathing space. as for wilkinson, not this lifetime, not even in gest…

  16. soul salvation says:

    This is a good blog ,but it does get let down by the odd twat ,who when faced with a point of view he disagrees with, resorts to insults or comments like “give it a rest.” I ve commented on it before ,as has devo and headmaster,yet it s amazing,even days before xmas ,somebody can t grasp the concept. if you don t agree with an idea put forth on here,that is your right, but go about it with some manners ,not an arrogant gum-chewing alec ferguson, childish so and so. how many times do you need to be told?? It does not require more than a minimum of intelliegence and common courtesy. if taking the mick is what you get off on, then bugger off to an away supporters pub on barking road, or somewhere else. leave this blog to people who can exchnage points of view, whether its on teh trivial or the more serious ,without insults.


    the great thing about trevor brooking was that as good a player as he was , he wasn t arrogant . he was clever and humble enough to know that he didn t “always know best.”
    smart arses get found out eventually.

    to the majority of people who make useful contributions to this blog ,helping make it better than most,thank you and happy holidays.

  17. mood detector says:

    ooooh dear Brooking knows best. Do not upset New York – he’ll bite yer ankles!

  18. new york says:

    if u act like a civilized person, i treat u accordingly.

    if u act like an arse , i also treat u accordingly.

    shouldn t be too hard for someone of your above average intelligence to figure out ,
    “mood swing knows best”

  19. ironsmith says:

    I was under the distinct impression that we were invited to comment on the wonderful xmas party celebrations of our team and have justifiably reflected the current football news and paid tribute to our manager. No offence meant!

  20. Brooking always knows best! says:

    Yeah well NY has a point, I didnt agree but if he would like to see Boothroyd take over, who am I to tell him he is a muppet. I should let everyone make up there own minds.

    On top of that I seem to be on the recieving end of some blasting of a religous twat who thinks his a can save all our souls. Hmm Ok I take the point but dont need to be preached at! COYI

  21. Rapidhammer says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Austria!
    Thank you very much for your blog which is always worth to read!

  22. soul salvation says:

    there you go again “always knows best and showing yourself up most”. learn from your mistakes and to keep your mouth shut.

    just because your opinion is different to someone else s ,does not give you teh right to call them a muppet. you do need to be preached at, because you conduct yourself like a rude,ill-mannered bore. if you want to disagree ,thats your right- just don t be a pratt about it. or act like you know it all ,and your view is the only one that counts.

    is that the best you can do? reduce yourself ,in public, to referring to people whose opinion differs from yours ,as muppets ,and losing your temper??

  23. did you rent your ID from tesco s ? says:

    the ultimate muppet ,is he who can t stop himself from calling another person a muppet.

  24. Brooking always knows best! says:

    And your so right Soul Saver! If your arguments involves calling me names then that makes you so much better then I does it? Practice what you preach and others may listen is the sermon for today

    No offence was ment to anyone!

  25. paul says:

    shut it “brookside”. learn to admit you were wrong, stop calling people muppets
    and stop thinking you know better than the rest of us

  26. Bobbo says:

    I like the muppets actually and I reckon Kermit will be extremely offended to be dissed in this manner. Happy New Year to everyone.

    I thought it was great to see the daily rags take to the positive sides of the players Christmas party. It seems as though the boys “done good”

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