Groundshare Survey Results

Do you think West Ham should allow Spurs to play at Upton Park in 2009?

Yes 50.5%
No 49.5%

Do you think the idea of a permanent groundshare should be explored between the two clubs?

Over my dead body 79%
In certain citcumstances 9%
Yes, if it means better players etc 12%



10 Responses to Groundshare Survey Results

  1. Andrew says:

    I think a temporary ground share would not only be healthy for our finances (not that we really need a boost) but would also be healthy for a relationhip between the two clubs. It’s fun to jeer the opposition and have friendly banter but when people use violence over football teams it gets stupid. Maybe this will make us a little less alienated from our neighbours. A permanent ground share would be wrong as we are different clubs and after all, have our own personalities and style within our communities!

  2. Ironman says:

    Money for the Irons can only be a good thing. I don’t like the idea of turning up to a game against the Spuds as an away fan but hey, if we are going to leave the old home anyway what’s the problem? Can the pitch and other infrastructure take the additional traffic? If the board says yes then lets go for it…after all, Terrence Brown is gone so we can have at least some confidence that they know what they are doing. The thought of taking money from Spuds? Nice!

  3. Brian Sains says:

    I think a bad idea. The local’s will go ballistic !!!! The infrastructure around Upton Park is at breaking point, let the Spuds go to their nearest and dearest Arsenal !!!!

  4. says:

    As an avid Spurs hater, I woupd prefer to see them ground share with a team from Baghdad or Palestine, however, from a financial viewpoint, surely it makes sense to share a ground on a temp basis, given the financial aspects AND what happens if we ever need a place to play for a season……?

    I really don’t see the issue with long term ground sharing anyway, works in Milan and Rome. The sharing of a 5 Star facility with decent transport links etc to compete with Chels and Arse can’t be all bad?

    It would also consolidate the view of many fans that Tottscum are West Hams closest rivals in terms of fanbase etc.

  5. Chingford Iron says:

    Let the spuds share our ground for the reputed £20 million, then when we move to our new stadium they can then buy UP from us. What a sight for the spuds travlling past our 60,000 stadium on the district line to their new stadium!!!!!

  6. Ironworker says:

    The Thought of sharing the boleyn with Tottenham… personally disgusts me, as it does MANY a TRUE west ham fan, this is not about making money, this is about pride, i personally would be against this “offensive” idea, let them go share with arsenal… they are NOT wanted here .. and i have heard about many a protest/demonstration in the pipeline if this was ever to be “confirmed” in the media … i can see nothing but trouble coming out of such a moronic disgusting idea

  7. Plaistow54 says:

    Hang on a minute fella’s. Before we start supporting this, lets have a think about it. “Groundshare” is becoming a common term in football these days. Halves the cost. Inter & AC Milan, Liverpool & Everton, Hibs & Hearts. 20 Mill for two years is peanuts when you consider what Spurs are going to gain out of this. Look at the cost of the new Liverpool ground. 300 to 400 mill & unconfirmed reports that that has blown out to 700 mill. Look what happened to Wembly. What builder can stick to a price ? That is a lot of money to borrow in todays market. What happens at the end of two years if it goes pear shaped ? Are we going to kick them out ? What about the tube station ? Not real big is it. How about the traffic ? Does this include training facilities ? What if, heaven forbid, Spurs get into Europe ? We ground shared before with Charlton in 91-92 & we have no rivalry with Charlton. They came in August 91 & went in Dec. 92. What happened in the 91-92 season ? We were relegated, dead last. Isn’t the Emirates closer, why us ? Now i am not saying these two incidents are related at all but this issue has been raised at the same time Eggy goes. He knew the fans. I wonder what he thought ? The permanent share according to Iain’s poll was soundly defeated & the temporary two? year share was close enough to be a split decision. That means it isn’t that popular. Personally i think that we & the district can do without the pressure for the sake of 20 mill. Let them sing in their own pubs.

  8. Brooking always knows best! says:

    If we agree to groundshare on a temporary basis, what makes anyone think that in two years time, it might not become pernament. If money is all that matters, then sharing the cost of a new ground would make sense to the money men at the two clubs.
    As a supporter, I would hate the idea even on the shortest temporary basis.

  9. West Ham Dave says:

    Only just heard of this “poll” so surprised it has closed already.

    Also “percentage” figures do not show a true representation of the feeling, i.e. 50.5% of “for example” ten votes cast, is no where near the same depth of feeling as if 10000 votes had been cast.

    Just in case anybody is interested I am totally against it, the billionaire owners should run OUR club for the benefit of the West Ham supporters, and not subject us to the inevitable “work place/pub/meeting anywhere” jibes we would have to endure from the Spuds if it went ahead.

  10. derek zoolander says:

    no way. end of discussion. with our new billionaire owner we shouldnt need the money we’d get from it anyway. On the west ham vs tottenham match days i could see there being a fair bit of bother. Especially if it means that on Spurs home fixture they get priority use of facilities around the ground!? For example, the Boleyn pub.

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