West Ham Classics on ESPN Over Xmas

Regualr readers will remember THIS post where I explained I had just been interviewed by ESPN where I gave them my views on some memorable West Ham matches. The series is called HAPPY ENDINGS and will be broadcast between Christmas and the New Year. Here are the dates and timings…

Manchester 0 United West Ham 1 30/12/2007 11pm
West Ham 5 Bradford City 4 30/12/2007 11.30pm
West Ham 4 Aston Villa 0 31/12/2007 11pm
Arsenal 0 West Ham 1 31/12/2007 11.30pm
Fulham 0 West Ham 2 01/01/2008 11pm
West Ham 1 Arsenal 0 01/01/2008 11pm


5 Responses to West Ham Classics on ESPN Over Xmas

  1. new york says:


  2. Rooster says:

    Sounds fantabulous, cant wait!! 🙂

  3. Mac says:

    Would have been good to have seen some games from the 70s or 80s in there, but guess that ESPN buy all the games off Sky(?) which rules that one out.

    Remember the Bradford game vividly, only because my wife was in hospital just about to give birth. I nipped out to check the score, (at an appropriate moment naturally), heard we were 4-2 down and assumed it was going to be a horrible defeat. Nearly dropped the baby when I found out we’d won…

  4. jordan says:

    i have been watching happy endings on espn and am glad to hear west ham are going to be on it

  5. plaistow54 says:

    Thank you Iain. Thank you ESPN. Yes the Bradford game is a pearler. A few years ago but one of those that stick in the memory. We had the likes of Di Canio, Cole & Lampard in happier days. Mac is right, we looked gone & came back in the last 10 or 15 minutes. Di Canio, he was some player for us.

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