One Carlos Tevez…

There’s only one Carlos Tevez
One Carlos Tevez
There’s only one Carlos Tevez

Just in case you have forgotten the lyrics…


10 Responses to One Carlos Tevez…

  1. Westham Wayno says:

    LEGEND !!!!!!! Come on boys lets give Carlos a Home coming welcome he deserves !!!

  2. plamen says:

    welcome carlos

  3. Kim says:

    Hey Westham Wayno – are us women not allowed to welcome back the mighty one? My dream result would be 2-1 to us with CT to score their goal. Well – I can dream can’t I?

  4. crazyhorse says:

    Don’t mind giving the fella a warm welcome he deserves it,but lets also concentrate on getting behind our team,we need to raise the roof at this game and turn things around

  5. Rich WHUFC says:

    erm let’s think about maybe singing a few songs for West Ham before we worry about United, Carlos will of course get a great reception but I hope once the game starts we remember who we are supporting!

  6. Kiwi Iron says:

    I have mixed feelings about the return of Carlos> Yes he scored that goal on the last day of the season and we stayed up but the next day he was off and only ever saw us as a stepping stone to a “proper” club. He now says he cannot forgive West Ham for trying to keep him. We took him and Mascher when no other club would touch them with a bargepole and they had no club at all, Carlos didn’t score for 16 games, that’s a lot of bedding in! maybe if he had scored a few before then we wouldn’t have been in the situation wew were in. Their arrival certainly upset the Hammers cart and it all went pear shaped from there on in. So whilst I give him a clap on his return I think his sour grapes at our attempts to hold on to him shows his true attitude to West Ham, he used us, got what he wanted and p**sed off as soon as he could. I hopw we stuff Man U and he knows at the end he left a proper club that will win things in the future through hard work, skill and good management not because you can just go out and buy all the best players and stick them in the reserves so other clubs can’t have them. My sour grapes? YES, the same way I feel about all the other great West Ham players that bugger off when the going gets tough. Stick it to them West Ham and their prawn sandwich eating, bandwagon jumping fickle fans.

  7. NunheadHammer says:

    A true legend …. tis Carlos…
    Last season we had the brains (Tevez, Benajoun, Mascher…), this season we have swapped brains for brawn – no thinking creative playmaker.
    When I read that we desparately need Zamora back on other fan sites to remedy this, is he really that creative? It makes me laugh when I think of the postings over the past few years that ridiculed him for not having the quality.
    I think when we have Faubert and Bellamy back, we will be a different outfit. Especially so if we can sign someone up front who is fast and does not get injured often (which has been the problem with the new signings – and was debated by many)

  8. Biffo the bear says:

    Great day all round. Only slight disappointment was that Spuds won as well. Tevez got the welcome he deserved. Reading his comments before the game I got the feeling he’ll never ever forget the fans but was a bit pissed off at the way the board treated him after they knew he was going. I read that they packed all his stuff and moved him out of the flat they’d given him while he was on holiday… Anyway, we gave him the best welcome anyone’s had on their return in another teams colours, plus a standing ovation when he was subbed. More to the point, we played well all over the park, including the subs, Johhny Pants being the surprise highlight for me. Anton will be pleased and Rio’s phone will probably be off for a couple of days (hope he hasn’t got a drug test). Upson was superb as was Spector. Best we’ve played at home all season and an atmosphere to match, let’s hope there’s more of the same to come. COME ON YOU IRONS!

  9. WHU Kim says:

    Fantastic reception for Carlos, I think it affected him as he played poorly lol! I did laugh watching the sports journos on Sky Sports this morning claiming it was bizarre that we cheer Carlos and boo Fat Frank. How can that be bizarre: one a world class talent showing respect to his former club, the other a midfield plodder slagging the club off at every opportinuty

  10. Red Devil says:

    Yes it was a great reception by the hammers fans. The mutual respect was plain to see!!!

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