Snatch of the Day

Just watched the coverage of our match on Match of the Day. I suppose it was predictable but the whole analysis centred on Man U having had an off day, rather than the fact that at times we played them off the park. That buffoon Lawrenson couldn’t even bring himself to say anything about our performance and wittered on about how Sir Alex would just treat it as an off day and move on to the next match. Nothing about us winning despite going a goal down and two players going off injured. No word about Cole or Solano. And this is what we pay our licence fee for. If you’re not one of the big four you just don’t count. Now I know what it is to be a Liberal Democrat!


11 Responses to Snatch of the Day

  1. west ham johnny says:

    well just heard SIR alex say they were beat by the better team so thats good enough for me. fuck mark lawrenson he is a total fucking wanker and aint got a clue about football, this is someone who played for ireland yet says we this we that when watching england so he doesnt no where he belongs the silly prick. fucking great result today we never gave up and thats what we want to c at upton park.

  2. Hawthorne says:

    Stop grinding your axe. Shearer and Lineker were both complementary about us. And it didn’t just centre around Man Utd.

  3. Painter says:

    lineker was the first to suggest man u will treat it as a one-off and move on ‘funny things happen at this time of year’- well how about twice last year and the cup game before that. i wonder if it will be another ‘blip’ when we beat arsenal next week?

    we never get any credit from them. lawrenson is a sleazy, smug little tosser, if they spoke objectively and without bias people would have respect for them instead of seeing them as pretentious, sycophantic shitheads.

    there… got that off my chest, sorry about the cursing but i’m so upset.

  4. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Motson was dismissive or us …again with a focus on Manure being off-form, etc. If he really was any good he’d be on radio since the bits I heard on BBC Five Live were more objective.

  5. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Thank God we don’t get Mark Lawrenson in Australia, but we do get other pricks that don’t even know West Ham exists! Off day my arse – we were better than them all over the park and on the terraces – what an atmosphere!

  6. Megalosaurus says:

    Calm down chaps! We beat manure and as Sir Alex said we deserved it.

    They can have all the ‘off days’ they like as long as its against us.

    Don’t be so sensitive……….

  7. DevoDevo says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much, Sky are exactly the same. The Premiership only exists for the Big 4,

  8. vdm says:

    The big problem with Motd is that they don’t have any alternative views on the punditry – all you get is the old pro’s view of things – what about journalists, ref’s even reps from supporters clubs. I remember a couple of years ago reading an article about Michael Robinson who is the ‘ Gary Lineker’ of spanish Motd and is acclaimed for the show he runs as it has a range of views, he was very critical of the BBC – the BBC approach is very old fashioned and ‘narrow’

  9. LiberalHammer says:


    As a Hammer and LibDem I’m used to it! Typical MoTD superficial ‘analysis’ (see how no mention was made of comments made by ‘friends of Shearer’ in the papers that day) focussing on Big 4 teams only.

    Agree with other posters that MoTD only ever has comments by ex players. In Hansen’s case this is good. For the others, bad. Shearer might as well be renamed ‘Beige’ and Ian Wright is a dribbling moron.

    Yummyoo irons for 2008!

  10. tom says:

    “calm down ” yourself

    and watch your langauage, stereotype boy

  11. supernumbersix says:

    Enough with all the ‘calm down’ nonsense. I hate tuning into that shit programme but sometimes have to so I was f***ing livid when I heard we were second billing on Motd. Don’t care how many goals featured in the game between Spuds (crap defense) and Reading (crap defense). We beat one of the two most on form teams fairly and squarely – even their manager said so. Then to have to sit through the mostly crap analysis which went on about Manures ‘off day’ just made my blood boil. And as for that tosser Motson……

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