Credit to our Defenders

Did you know that outside the Big Four of Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool we have the best defensive record in the Premier League?

Man U 11
Liverpool 12
Chelsea 15
Arsenal 16
West Ham 17
Portsmouth 20
Everton 22
Man C 22
Blackburn 27
Newcastle 31
Tottenham 36
Reading 43

However, in the goalscoring charts we are way behind in 14th place, having only scored 25 goals.


9 Responses to Credit to our Defenders

  1. David Meagher says:

    Yes indeed, and that’s despite constant shffling of our injury prone centre backs. Full credit to our full backs who have been rock-like at the back while both pushing forward at every opportunity. We paid for Lucas Neill’s obvious class but Georgie McCartney has been a revelation. I was a big fan of Paul Konchesky but comparing his stuttering performances at Fulham with Mr McCartney reassures me that Curbishley is an astute judge of quality.

  2. Steve says:

    It was Awesome Wonderful Fantastic, Curbs got it spot on Great

  3. i agree but the biggest factor is green, possibly best goalie we have had, better than parkees? the othe factor is we defend from the front – all players in midfield and attack are fighting for balls and unsettling good teams like man u and chelsea

  4. Biggest surprise was the contribution of John Pantsil. I thought his introduction at 1-0 down was a negative move by Curbs but he ended up drawing the two fouls which led to the two goals. A good result but not every team that comes to Upton Park is going to be looking for all 3 points and we have to find a way of beating teams that are prepared to sit deep and hit us on the break and at set pieces.

  5. Biffo the bear says:

    I remember, during the ‘Roeder Years’ falling out with a fella in the Bobby Lower ‘We want George Graham’ he shouted. Having suitably questioned the parentage of the man who had managed our well respected north london rivals, I pointed out that whilst it is indeed important not to concede goals we at West Ham want more, we want someone in charge who understands how football should be played, pass the ball around midfield, not be scared to go for the win, give the crowd their moneys worth. Credit to our defenders? Certainly, another revelation in recent weeks has been Spector in the centre back role, Mullins has been excellent in front of the back four, Noble too, Scotty Parker is showing us what all the fuss was about when he went to Chelsea. And what about Johhny Pants??? Supersub! Our decimated squad has done fantastically well to get us where we are. So, we should surely have to say, credit to our manager. Mr Curbishley is winning me over, his stamp is slowly coming through. Tony Cottee answered my ‘what went wrong?’ question after losing to Palace in Cardiff ‘we need a West Ham man in charge’ he’s right. Last season’s 4-3 defeat at home to spurs was typical of how we used to be, the last two games are, I hope, typical of how we are going to be, tactics were spot on. Well done Curbs. COME ON YOU IRONS!

  6. Freddie says:

    According to many newspapers Man U dominated the game but, at the same time had an off day, and it was only due to the fact that they were cruelly deprived of the presence of a sick Rooney that they lost. Poor old Fergie he had to call in the likes of Giggs and Tevez to aid his injury ravaged side. Even then scorn was poured on the WHU defence by at least one of the hacks. However what was trully irritating was the fact that this was called a “shock” result. Where have those reporters been? We all know that WHU will often be rubbish against mediocre teams (sorry Reading fans) but will turn it on against the press’s glamour clubs. In fact only debatable offside decisions cost us against both Arsenal and Chelsea (what another one at Stamford Bridge yesterday? What a surprise).
    The fact is that, with the exception of Ronaldo, every Man U player was outplayed by his WHU counterpart and, however much the press refuses to admit it the better team won.

  7. helen says:

    andrew longmore of the sunday times:

    cole the player with highest rating on the day, 8 out of 10

    “Cole has been a revelation this season,his cinfidence boosted by a prolonged run in the side.”

    well stated andrew ,in contrast to one middle-aged scribbler(and he knows who he is)
    who insists ,even now on taking the odd “cheap shot” at Carlton.

    going to have a “whinge ” this time,middle aged scribbler,that Cole s headed effort didn t find the back of the net? go on then, whinge if that floats your boat. but the facts are ,we won the match,with Cole on the pitch for 90 minutes, and Cole held the ball up better than anyone on either team. which might have something to do with why we beat the best team in the division- it wasn t solely down to the goals or to Noble s great crosses.

    you thought you got away with it. you didn t . you got found out ,yet again. stick that in your syallabus and read it

  8. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Biffo the Bear and Freddie …you are both so right.
    Meanwhile, should we submit a bid for Berbatov who wants away from the spuds and play for a better club. (How pleasing that is to learn, eh!)

  9. anna says:

    maybe the pseudo-hack who thinks he s clever referring to s-p-e-c-t–o-r as spectator should pay a bit of attention to this thread. even with the hand ball saturday ,we ve taken 7 points from 9 with SPECTOR in the line-up,both in central defense ,and in midfield in an emergency. the lad is 20/21 years old, not 30/31 ,and will no doubt improve. how many points did we take from the last matches in which gabbidon and collins last appeared? exactly. I m not pretending that Spector is a potential starter,but as a squad player who does a good job filling in, and plays his heart out,he deserves respect.

    taking the mick with his name isn t cool. it isn t clever. and it isn t even funny. it s effing stchoopid.

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