It’s the first of ESPN’s West Ham HAPPY ENDINGS tonight at 11pm, where last year’s final game of the season is analysed by various pundits, including little old moi. I think it’s on Sky Channel 442.


10 Responses to ESPN 11pm TONIGHT!

  1. Nik says:

    Thanks Ian. Look forward to seeing you there!

  2. DevoDevo says:

    Saw you on BBC 24 News last night. Loved the way you disguised your cockney accent! 😉

  3. nathan bird says:

    i looked at the broadcasts on espn, espn 2, and fox soccer channel for this show (in the us) and don’t see it listed. Do you know if it’s airing in the us, and if so, what time and channel? Thanks in advance. COYI

  4. WHU Kim says:

    Thanks for the heads up Iain, this looks like an enjoyable series and shall look out for other programmes. You and Steve Bacon made a knowledgable pair if I may say so!

    Great seeing the Bradford game again, bit of deja vu for poor Steve Bywater with all those goals going in then and also this season at Derby. I miss PDC and the other special players we had then.

  5. maureen says:

    I couldn’t find it in the US either, if you hear of it being aired over here please post,
    Thanks, Maureen COYI

  6. paul says:

    word to the wise-

    for anyone ever considering purchasing west ham tickets to a fixture against one of the top clubs, via a “ticket broker” in the event of the match being sold out,be extremely careful who you purchase from. a vendor that advertises on a legitimate web site, even if the vendor itself also has its own seemingly legitimate web site,may not be genuine or trustworthy. doing the transaction by credit card and getting a receipt via email may not be enough to protect you. you are at risk to paying considerably above face value for tickets meant to be in the home section ,only to end up with tickets in the away section,literally 10 minutes prior to kickoff, not 5 days prior as intended. be particularly wary of anyone wishing to bill you in foreign currency ,and not sterling, even if you ultimately do pay in pounds. you may get your tickets. but that doesn t mean you will get what you asked for. especially if they don t offer you a bodyguard to sit with you in the man u end at upton park.

  7. Doc H Ball says:

    I’m new to this site and have enjoyed flicking through the contributors’ comments on past subjects. However, it does seem to be a bit of a vehicle for your political ambitions Mr Dale. I was taught from a very early age never to trust a politician (especially a Tory) and the My Hammers History category about sums that up – editors and writers for right wing papers talking about their passing interest in the game and coming down the east end once a decade to mix with the working classes.

    Does anyone else remember the NF selling their rags outside the supporters club in the 80s and recruiting from footie grounds? Is this the modern equivalent? Stick to the football Mr Dale…

    On a happier note I met North Bank Norman (aka Steve Rapport the editor of the old Fortunes fanzine) at the Manure game. Now there was mag with real clout!

  8. tom says:

    doc h ball-

    whilst i can appreciate your concerns , the game and politics don t exist in a vacuum, and provided the political supplements to a blog like this are not excessive or too “in your face” , i think the periodic inclusion of a political element is not necesarily a bad thing in terms of keeping a blog interesting . With respect to your comment on the NF, that particular part of your response resonates with me more than your first paragraph.

    as we approach 2008 ,there is still an element of west ham support ,which when confronted with anything having to do with spurs, such as the groundshare issue at present, sees fit to indulge in racist commentary/stereotypes. I m less bothered by the inclusion of “political ” items on this blog than i am by the owners s periodic oversight ,or unwillingness or inability to sufficiently vet racist comments before they appear on the sight. doing so 48 hours ,or one week after the fact is better than nothing,but the fact is ,such comments have no excuse for appearing on here in the first place.

  9. Great to see those games again, and it reminded me how good it was to be able to pitch up and get into the ground ‘on the day’ without any hassle (with the exception of cup semi-final and final, obviously). Even when big games were on you could go along to the Boleyn Ground and if you got there early enough you could ensure admission.

    Now the admission price is sky high and you have to pay to become a member to stand any chance of getting tix.

    I’m beginning to sound like my Grandad, now, so I’ll shove off before I start reminiscing about the two blokes on crutches and with an accordian who used to stand on the pavement and say ‘Have a good game, lads’ as you dropped a few bob in their hat.

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