Reader Poll: Transfer Targets & Player Ratings

As 2008 beckons and the transfer window opens I’ve opened a new poll, in which you’re asked…

For your player ratings so far this season
To pick your West Ham first eleven
Which positions in the squad need strengthening
Who you think Curbishley should sell in January
Who you think he should buy
For your inside leg measurement (just my little joke!)

Click HERE to take part in the poll. I’ll post the results in a few days.

Another reminder to watch ESPN Classics at 11pm tonight when they’ll be showing two more programmes in their West Ham Happy Endings series.


7 Responses to Reader Poll: Transfer Targets & Player Ratings

  1. MC HAMMER says:

    Changing the subject very slightly. Does anyone know who bought the number plate WE57 HAM for £55,000 in the recent DVLA auction? I saw it on a Silver Bentley in the WHU car park on Boxing Day.

  2. Baffled says:

    Kieran Dyer’s favourite position is CENTRAL Midfield.

    So why could I only pick him on the right-wing??

  3. Rooster says:

    Dont think we should sell anyone, but we are buying Bent for around 10Mill. thats the only deals we will be doing come Jan sales, we already have virtualy a new team waithing to come out the Med Centre.
    Happy & prosperous 2008 to All, especialy my Blog Readers.
    Arsenal 1-2 West Ham Tomorrow
    CYI and well done for a so far this season. 12 points from safety with 19 games to go is fantastic.. Still think Curbs is gone after this season tho!! lol

  4. happy hammer 123 says:

    Hi I’m Jason i bought that number plate its nice aint it. BIG UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!

  5. anyotherbizniz says:

    This is not a very good poll. Some of the choices are very limited – why couldn’t I pick Dyer in the middle, and why was there such a limited and very unattractive list of people we might want to buy. Wouldn’t particularly want to see any of them at UP.

  6. JACK says:

    Well i think that Spector should go, hes done nothing to help the club progress and i think Mcartney derseves to stay as he has shown his ability and i think the Bent deal will go through but hopefully it wont i dont rate Bent i think he is rubbish, i dont think we need any more players as the players have shown they can cope with the Premiership, I just hope that if we buy and we sell, we buy the right footballers and sell the footballers who dont deserve to be in the team.
    P.S. I also think that we need a new Striker, i mean we dont play well with one upfront and no affence to Deano but hes not fit just yet and Kamra doesnt get played so bring in a new, strong determend stiker that brings and scores goals.

  7. luke says:

    Well heres sumit I heard which might stun some of you. Ashton could be on his way out after a falling out between him an Curbs about him just being used as a sub. Curbs is also suppose to believe that Ashton has lost his special something since his ankle break and is willing to let him go for the right price. I can’t see Mcartney going anywhere but we do need back up for this position incase of injury or for rest reasons. I hope nothing comes of this Ashton rumour but I think Zamora will go to make way for another striker, an Im with Jack Im not sure if Bent is the one to go for. We should go for Barnes as well.

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