Arsenal: A Point Would Be a Result

So, can lightning strike twice in the same place? We remain the only team to have beaten Arsenal at the Emirates. Somehow I just don’t think we will repeat the feat this afternoon, but if we can haul a point, it would be a real bonus I reckon. Injuries have again ravaged the side and it’s difficult to predict the starting lineup. I imagine we will again play 4-5-1 and flood the midfield, with a goal hopefully coming on the break. It’s not easy to stop Arsenal playing but not impossible. If Middlesbrough did it, so can we. Anyway, for what it’s worth, this is my guess at the starting lineup.



7 Responses to Arsenal: A Point Would Be a Result

  1. Biffo the bear says:

    I read somewhere on t’internet that after the Man U game, Curbs turned to some of the players on the bench, presumably those who hadn’t heard it before, and said “that’s the West Ham noise”. This season we hadn’t really acheived the mixture of on-field performance and crowd support that makes the mixture ‘just right’ when the players get the crowd going and the crowd get the players going which gets the crowd going which gets the players going etc. That happened on Saturday. Last season at the emirates, we were lucky in many respects ‘one shot, we’ve only had one shot’ was the cry as Arsenal missed what seemed like their four hundredth chance. I’m not sure that the managers ethos had really sunk in last year but this year seems different. Playing Mullins and Parker in front of the back four with Noble Solano and Ljungberg in the middle, things like that can only work if the players don’t just wander ‘off message’ and chase forward spurred on by the crowd. So, it seems, a balance is being struck between the players will to win and ‘feed’ the roar and the managers tactics, which also understand what that roar can do for a team. Lot’s of people at lots of clubs talk about the crowd being the ‘twelfth man’ but at Upton Park and away from home, we are not the twelfth man, as has been shown last Saturday, the players, the manager, his staff and the fans… WE ARE WEST HAM’S CLARET AND BLUE ARMY!

  2. Megalosaurus says:

    With such a depleted team I thought we did really well today. The team worked their nuts off under very difficult curcumstances and never let their heads drop. Well done lads, well done Curbs you can hold your heads up high. Any one remember the result on this day last season?

  3. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    A fully fit Hammers outfit would have beaten them! All this tells me (and the recent results) is that we will win silverware soon….maybe even be a big club (sic) one day!

  4. Chris says:

    I agree with the above. Noticeable, again, that the fans kept singing right to the end and the team seemed to respond. If only we can consistently create this atmosphere at UP week in week out, as we did against Man U.

    Radio 5 Live this morning were pointing out that Everton and Villa are now coming good – looking as though they will consistently challenge for Europe but ….. it’s taken a bit of time to get there – two to three years in both cases.

    We need to be realistic at how quickly we can go from staying up by the skin of our teeth last year to being consistent European hopefuls. It doesn’t happen overnight. The injection of money and new players helps – but we’re not the only ones doing that and the collective bar has been raised across almost the entire league as lots of new cash comes in elsewhere.

    Given the injuries we’ve had and the time it takes players to get fully fit when they come back from injury (Deano being a current good example), what we’ve achieved so far this season is impressive. As Curbishley said after the match yesterday, he still doesn’t know what he’s got as his probable first team hasn’t been able to play together once, let alone across a decent run of games. Wenger was commenting yesterday on how he has NO major injury worries at the moment – it shows.

    Am I the only one who thinks Curbs simply isn’t getting the credit he deserves. I thought his tactical play against Man U – 4-5-1 – was a masterstroke and prevented them playing their usual expansive game. An off day for them maybe, but what made them have the off day – our players and tactics.

    Don’t we all know need to get behind the team and the manager all the time. It’s great to want high standards (including playing the expansive West Ham way); yes the team are frustratingly inconsistent at times; but there’s more than enough evidence to show that they play their best when we’re behind them.

    And if you want a living example of that look at Carlton Cole – took time to find his touch because he hadn’t played a lot; got booed; lacked confidence; got a few games under his belt; started getting the fans behind him; made some great assists; scored some great goals and now leads the line with real menace and threat, as we saw against Man U. Yes he’s not Didier Drogba but he’s doing a great job for us and did even better when we got behind him.

    United (with full and wholehearted commitment) we stand; divided (including whingeing on the basis of unrealistic expectation) we fall.

  5. Kent says:

    Hey Iain (and others). Irons fan from the West Coast of USA. Great to have news on the club in this format. I look forward to participating when I have a chance.

  6. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    The fact that we are without 13 first team players and we are still putting in performances is credit to Curbs. I really think he can take us on to better days and real success. He’s a bit like Cloughie was in that he is his own man and gets the best out of players. Paintsil for example has played out of his skin in midfield. Who’d have thought we’d be saying that at the beginning of the season. Curbs is not impressed with the “i’m a star so I have to be playing” kind of player and I like that. My only question mark with Curbs is his skill in the transfer market. I would never have bought Dyer or Ljunberg simply because they are always on the treatment table. Everyone knew it before they came and that’s why Arsenal and Newcastle were happy to offload. It may be a very costly lesson for us.

  7. Upton Spark says:

    Hi Ian; Tried to leave messages on here but don’t seem to get anywhere. Can you tell me why please?

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