Johnny Pantsil: Legend


I was just emailed this. Not sure who did it originally, but it’s great!


25 Responses to Johnny Pantsil: Legend

  1. Stu B says:

    Why is Pantsil a legend? I know his opportunities have been limited but he’s contributed very little, if not nothing to the side so far. Leg-end perhaps?

  2. pee wee says:

    you’ve spelt pantsil wrong – and you nicked it off i-ron. but it does look better than his effort to be fair.

    He comes from Af-ri-ka
    He’s better than Kaka

  3. i-Ron says:

    Nice one – I come up with this originally – or is it a case of ‘great minds’….?

    Anyway, you’ve spelt his name wrong!

  4. Iron Squaddie says:

    He’s certainly fit and game enough, but as we progress and with the size of the squad .. will he still be there next season. I feel he will depart in the summer with a number of others but hey, good luck in the African cup.

  5. Vince Tanti says:

    I have to admit I was not a big fan of John Panstil, but he has showed the same determination as Mark Noble to the West Ham Colours, and that is enough for me! More opportunities, and he really might become a legend.
    On a different note, I am displeased Curbs let Ephraim go to QPR Am I the only one here with this sentiment?
    Up the Hammers, from one of the most loyal West Ham Supporters in Malta!

  6. anyotherbizniz says:

    He was ferociously beautiful when he came on against ManUre. A little bit of Mad Dog Allen a little bit of Paulo Wanchope. Love him and hope he starts the next game.

    As to the spelling, apparently West Ham misspelt his name on his registration – so his shirt is incorrect. It should be Paintsil not Pantsil.

  7. mac says:

    Pantsil. Legend. Mutually exclusive aren’t they…?

    Nice drop of graphics though.

  8. Rooster says:

    Another Player that may never had the chance to show his true colours if it hadnt been for so many Injuries, wouldnt quite say hes a legend yet, but maybe on his way!.
    Ashton also could be a Legend if he just tried a bit harder, he looked lost in the Gooners game.

  9. Hotmort says:

    I thought that Ashton, when he eventually came on, was one of the few W. Ham players who was actually running into spaces and looking for the ball. My own feeling was that most of the rest of the team were not inclined to pass it to him. Any one else get that impression?

  10. Raz says:

    Great! The Arsenal game was one of the first when Curbs gave players the motivation to play well: playing Pantsil after the Man U game. Finally!
    Anyway, love the poster.

  11. The Headmaster says:

    his cameo against Manu was outstanding, although I have to say something of a revelation and a surprise!
    The task for all of us – players and fans – is not just to raise our game for the big teams, commendable though that was, but to do it on a regular basis.

  12. Kiwi says:

    He would have been a legend if the bicycle kick went in.

    I thought the team played well against the Arse. We missed some good chances but then Adebayor goes and scores with no angle from the bye line. I still haven’t worked out how that went in?

    With league fixtures coming up against Citeh and Liverpool, the next one at home against Fulham is a must-winner.

  13. Lew says:

    Pantsil is clearly the best player to ever don the claret and blue



  14. Frank Rotterdam says:

    Did we enjoy him vs. the mancs!! It’s already been mentioned, obviously, but what the f*cks wrong with the geezers name? Paintsil became Pantsil, to end up in Panstil. Unlucky eh. But if he becomes a true legend he will also be remembered by his 3 names. Who can say that?

  15. LondonLaurie says:

    Luis Boa Morte has three names.

    Love the poster but the jury is out on the boy… though the way the treatment room is at the moment it might not have to be out for long. We could do with a legend. I for one have had a bellyful of tragedy farce and comedy.

    Half expecting one of our keepers to play outfield in the Cup.


  16. Cocky Boy says:




  17. SerbianHammer says:

    come one…wtf…pantsil…i mean…COME ON…what he has showed to us!!! Zman Legend…Noble legend…upson,gabidon( bad defenders…really bad)!!! Get branislav ivanovic or coloccini…STEVAN JOVETIC(WONDERKID) !!!!! i mean come on you guys,he’s nothing better than others !!! COME ON YOU IRONS

  18. englands number 6 says:

    the reason no one passed to him is because he was running around like a headless chicken, he is too fat and looks like he has the raving hump all the time, dont be supprised to see him go in the window, i wouldnt be sorry to loose him, hes like a fat johnny hartson. AND AS FOR PANTSIL like all the really annoying songs at the emmirates, he average at best, a squad player. Better than kaka! the kak bit is right, just..

  19. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I like Paintsil, imo he should be given a chance playing at right back, Neill is relatively slow and frequently caught out of position. I think if Paintsil had ever been given an extended run at right back he may prove himself. For those that criticise him lets see how he does in the African Cup of Nations when he does have a chance hopefully for a regular place and to gain some match fitness.

  20. Biffo the bear says:

    Irrespective of how his name is spelt he will be forever known as Johnny Pants. Many cries of ‘GO ON JOHNNY PANTS’ were to be heard at the Man U game, better as a winger than a defender in my opinion. ” we’ve got johnny johnny johnny johnny pa-ants on the wing on the wing… johnny, johnny pa-ants johnny pa-ants on the wing” I reckon he deserves a chance, seemed well game to me.

  21. Rooster says:

    Iain, i found this website, you may know the guy! read the article, theres a mention on there about the hammers.
    I found him very childish, but then, he is a politician, so its expected.

  22. Rooster says:

    Its ok Iain, I can see this guy already knows you, for some reason his blog is not accepting comments, you have probably already read remarks made about you.

  23. Yeah it’s good to see Pantsil playing again. I remember being quite excited by him when we signed him after Ghana had that surprisingly good world cup, but then after a row of poor performances resulting in a defeat at Chesterfield and Pardew completely re-shuffled the squad and John was nowhere to be seen.

    Anyway, it’s good to see him back in action. He looks ready for it this time.. maybe it was just a matter of settling in. I’m not sure about right-back, I know that’s his proper position and if he slots in there and does well then he probably should replace Neill (I think he’s been one of our weaker players this season) but for the time being he’s been doing well in midfield, so surely that’s where we should continue playing him?

    Anyway, great poster, and yeah he’s definitely better than Kaka.

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