A Post A Day Keeps the Readers at Bay

One thing that has come across loud and clear from you in the survey is that you want more regular posts. I’m going to make a New Year’s Resolution to post at least once every day. I’m also thinking of getting someone to co-author the blog with me. It might make it a little less personal to me, but if it’s the right person who has a similar take on things I think it could work. What do you all think?


11 Responses to A Post A Day Keeps the Readers at Bay

  1. Biffo the bear says:

    I enjoy the posts, if you need to get someone to help then go for it mate

  2. ironsmith says:

    I agree entirely Iain, delegation, or if you like, taking on extra help can only help to make the site both more efficient and interesting although it is great just as it is right now but good luck in whatever you do and you can rely on some fantastic support from all of us just like the team itself!

  3. Kent says:

    I’m new and probably not properly seasoned by the standards of the readers here…and that’s perfectly fair, perfectly true. But, maybe some more regular posts on what a crap gaffer Curbs is and how indefensible his signings have been.

    …there, that’s how I’ve been feeling…

  4. you could also use occasional contributors – guest bloggers


  5. Rooster says:

    Good point Iain, always remember, the blog is just a hobby, dont let it become personal, Get a co-ed, somebody that can laugh at the face of discontent.
    But to be honest Iain, after a few days, all this will blow over, your a well liked guy on the Hammers scene.
    C’Mon Yu Irons! lets see a good result today… 3-1 to the Irons.

  6. Wavid says:

    I think you are right with your team selection, it is a shame we do not have anyone else who can play wide to compliment Ethers today – but then again, he will need to get match fit before he becomes effective. Saying that, Bowyer, who tends to cover ground and move across the pitch, can also go wide and whip in a few good crosses – again match fitness will be an issue. Our success against Man U, though, was down to the whole team approach and not giving their players time on the ball, but also not panicing when going 1-0 down. And – five across mid-field was an excellent tactic with just Cole up front – it did not go un-noticed how we changed this during the game and there was a real confidence, I feel. I did notice the atmosphere was excellent that day, and as I have said before, if we raise our game as fans the players will too! If we can support the team and create a proper cup atmosphere, we can beat any team – even without our full squad of senior players! Saying that, the game against Arsenal was perhaps one game too many over a busy Christmas period with the limited squad we have right now. But todays cup game – well just remember the atmosphere against Man U. COYIs

  7. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    A ‘team-play’ idea, Iain …it’s what being a Hammer is all about: Nice one and go for it

  8. Northwest Hammer says:

    I like Dereks’ idea of “guest” bloggers, could make it interesting

  9. NunheadHammer says:

    yes, good idea for guest bloggers – perhaps ask for short submissions based around a theme –

  10. Wavid says:

    Sorry my previous post above was an error – apologies!

    I like the idea of guest bloggers – but could be harder work than it sounds perhaps some of the interesting people who are West Ham fans you highlight from time to time could do it? Worth and ask I suppose.

  11. claire says:

    Iain, you have a variety of takes on life and WHU. Some of the rest of us could be grinding one particular axe all the time and that’d be boring.
    So, I’d go for guest bloggers, and I like the idea of asking the “celeb” fans to contribute. And, while I’m on, did you know that Roger Protz, the beer writer and once the editor of the Good Beer Guide, is a fan?
    Also, Smiffy (Sergeant Smith in TV’s “The Bill”) is a fan – at least he’s often seen on screen drinking tea from a WHU mug. I don’t suppose the mug would have a lot to contribute to a blog, though..

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