Man City Preview

I suspect I was not alone in expecting us to wipe the floor with Man City on the opening day of the season. Boy were we in for a surprise. We weren’t at the races. Sven had marshalled his odd assortment of imports into a formidable attacking side. Elano was wondrous in the skills he put on display. We’d better be better today, otherwise our cup run will have finished before it has started.

I also suspect I am not alone in feeling rather flat after the Arsenal game, after the exhilaration of the Man U victory. We need to recover quickly from that. It seems that Bowyer and Etherington are back in contention, and if fit, I’d stick both in. I’m not sure if Scotty Parker is fit again, or Nobby. I got the team right against Arsenal, so let’s have another stab now.


We need to attack from the off otherwise they’ll not allow us to get into our rhythm. Let’s get at ’em!


9 Responses to Man City Preview

  1. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    We have hit some kind of form and they have stumbled of late, this should be enough to guarantee us at least a draw, but that wont be enough – that West Ham ROAR should be the difference!!! West Ham with our world class supporters will take us into the 4th round!

  2. Wavid says:

    I think you are right with your team selection, it is a shame we do not have anyone else who can play wide to compliment Ethers – but then again, he will need to get match fit before he becomes effective. Saying, Bowyer, who tends to cover ground and move across the pitch, can also go wide and whip in a few good crosses – again match fitness will be an issue. Our success against Man U, though, was down to the whole team approach and not giving their players time on the ball, but also not panicing when going 1-0 down. And – the five across mid-field was an excellent tatic with just Cole up front – it did not go un-noticed how we changed this during the game there was a real confidence there,I feel. I did notice the atmosphere was excellent that day, and as I have said before, if we raise our game as fans the players will too! If we can support the team and create a proper cup atmosphere, we can beat any team – even without our full squad of senior players! Saying that, the game against Arsenal was perhaps one game too many over a busy Christmas period with the limited squad we have right now. But todays cup game – well just remember the atmosphere against Man U. COYIs

  3. Keith R, Aylesbury Hammer says:

    It’s Ashton’s opportunity to work up a sweat for sure…

  4. Prince H says:

    I think that first eleven is pretty much the same that will have a go, but maybe it’s better to stick with Pantsil, who can put good crosses and give energy to the TWO (!) players up front!
    It would be nice to see us having two wingers for the first time in years…! (and Bowyer ain’t one)

  5. crazyhorse says:

    Not relevant to this subject,but just listened to the puppets on sky,and paul walsh comes out with a load of old tosh saying west ham will find it hard to attract players because some players at the club are on 70,000 a week and others are not.Is this bloke a court jester or has he got the brains of a donkey

  6. frank clarke's guitar tutor says:

    Going to be a tough game today and will be more than happy to sneak a draw to get you irons back at eastlands. City are really flying at the moment. Unlucky only to draw with blackburn, creditable draw with Liverpool and an excellent away win at Newcastle, added with our new signing Nery Castillo and the return to form of Elano and I think we can get at least a draw. Total respect for West Ham as a football club. Like City, Passionate fans, loads of history and been through plenty of rough times with some managers and directors who couldn’t run a bath let alone a football club.

  7. Prince H says:

    Well, I was right:
    Neill, Ferdinand, Upson, Linda,
    Pantsil, Noble, Mullins, Ethers,
    Cole och Ashton.
    Bänken. Wright, Spector, Collins, Reid och Bowyer.

    Now we just has to do the bizznizz….

  8. marcb33 says:

    I was at the game today and we had nothing up top .We couldnt create clear chances and ashton sad to say it looked really poor. Also the atomsphere wasnt the same a the usual upton park roar either .

  9. Wavid says:

    I was talking today to my friend after the game and we felt that after last year when we splashed the cash a bit to try and avoid relegation we were considered a team who would spend big due to the knew owners, and so paid a lot for players. In the summer, if you think about the balance of the books, we only spent a bit and perhaps it was to counter the notion that we are a big spending club. But, we will not attract quality players after only just avoiding relegation on the last day of the season. If we finishi mid to upper table, then we have a better chance of attracting quality players. Curbs says he wants to see some of the players he bought playing in the first team, which is like having new signings! I think we have a better chance of attracting quality players in the summer, maybe we just need a decent(ish) striker on loan until th eteam settles. By the way, todays game was a bit typical premiership and didn’t feel like a third round cup game at all! I would have enjoyed it more it we had played someone like Coventry, then we could have seen a better game of footy.

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